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Heavy Duty Gym Equipment – Definitive FAQ Guide

Planning to open a commercial gym or a physical fitness training center of your own? 

Yes, you are in confusion which heavy duty gym equipment to buy and from which manufacturer. Buying heavy duty gym equipment needs huge investment and so, the actions need to be efficient.

This FAQ guide is helpful to decide upon the buying of heavy duty gym equipment.

So, let’s start!

Table of Contents

What is heavy duty gym equipment?

Heavy duty equipment is heavy weight machines used in a gym. Heavyweight gym equipment is suitable for beginners to advanced level trainees.

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Figure 1: Heavy Duty Gym Equipment

In a commercial gym or fitness training center, heavy duty equipment is popular. Trainees, both advance and amateurs find heavy duty gym equipment easy to handle and comfortable to hit their ultimate weight limit.

Among some popular heavy duty gym equipment are:

  • Bicep curl machine
  • Motorized treadmills
  • Leg extensions
  • Leg curl 
  • Should press
  • Chest press
  • Boxing smart sandbag
  • Multi power rack
  • Multifunctional smith machine and so on.

What are the types of heavy duty gym equipment?

Before starting your fitness center or making your gym more attractive for muscle builders, heavy duty equipment is necessary for your gym.

What type of heavy duty gym equipment is popular is a matter of investment. You need huge financial support to make your gym more suitable for weight trainees.

Heavy duty gym equipment is of several types based on the purpose of a specific part of the body exercises.

There are lots of heavy duty gym equipment you may have seen or told about. We have added some of them with pictures to know their functions as well.

Full Power Rack

The multipurpose full power rack is used as heavy duty gym equipment. It helps to do squats, bench presses, pull-ups and is also used as a dip station.  

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 15

Figure 2: Power Rack

Multipower rack holds considerable space in the gym, which is a piece of multi exercises.

Cable Crossover Smith Machine

Very smart heavy duty equipment; a smith machine is used as upper portion body exercises. Two columns have bearings on each side with a pulley system connected to a cable crossover.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 16

Figure 3: Smith Machine

Good gyms have two or more smith machines which render both advanced and beginners as fitness trainees.

Hammer Strength Machine

Well-designed commercial gyms usually have a hammer strength machine set up. This is bodily aligned heavy duty gym equipment.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 17

Figure 4: Hammer Strength Machine

Hammer strength machines are suitable to increase shoulder and arm strengths with both two and one-sided bodily movement.

Chest Press Machine

To build chest muscles, chest press machines are very popular among heavy duty gym equipment.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 18

Figure 5: Chest Press Machine

The design is a bit different but works as a bench press machine to build pectoral muscles.

Lat Pull-down Machines

A very effective heavy duty gym equipment to build both back and chest muscles are a lat pull-down machine.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 19

Figure 6: Lat Pulldown

It comes with a barbell with weights or a weight stack connected to the pull-up with the support of the attached pulley system. Your gym must have a lat pull-down machine for effective weight training.

Leg Press Machine

The leg press is used to hit the leg muscles to build your strength to take more weights and increase stamina.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 20

Figure 7: Leg Press Machine

Both inclined and straight positions are used to hit leg muscles by pushing the weight stacks.

Leg Extension Machine

The front thigh muscles, quadriceps are hit by a leg extension machine.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 21

Figure 8: Leg Extension Machine

Leg extensions as a heavy duty gym machine help build your thigh muscle, develop size and increase thigh strength.


To run or to walk with the speed limit, digital treadmills are effective for cardio development.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 22

Figure 9: Treadmills

From the local gym to home gym, treadmills are a much affordable option for cardio. It works with a rotating belt with the help of a motor. Before buying a treadmill, the specifications and durability must be checked.

There is other heavy duty gym equipment your commercial gym should have, such as elliptical bikes, leg curl machines, rowing machines for cardio, dumbbells for weight training, and so on.

Please have a visit to the official site of Yanre Fitness to find out more about heavy duty gym equipment for your commercial gym.

How is heavy duty gym equipment different from home gym equipment?

Commercial gym equipment is usually heavy duty gym equipment that is more expensive and costly to set up. On the other hand, home gym equipment is less costly with more availability from local stores.

Please have a clear understanding of the differences between heavy duty gym equipment and home gym equipment.

Heavy Duty Gym EquipmentHome Gym Equipment
The commercial heavy duty gym machines are more durable. This is to be used by more and more people.Home gym equipment is used by family members or less used comparatively.
For durability and more uses, heavy duty equipment cost is high.Less costly but durable used less frequently. 
Heavy duty gym equipment is suitable for a commercial gym that needs more space and maintenance.Home gym equipment needs little space and less maintenance.

Is heavy duty gym equipment a better option for your gym?

Yes, heavy duty gym equipment is a must for the commercial gym setup.

A commercial gym has lots of people using the gym equipment regularly and very frequently. The gym owners should ensure the durability and sustainability of the machines. This will minimize the cost of buying the same machines just after some use or repeatedly damaged.

Heavy duty gym machines are very durable, though costly. These are more technologically sound and with more effectiveness for exercises.

Also, weight training to the advanced level fitness trainees needs to have heavy duty equipment in the gym.

What is heavy duty gym equipment needed for your gym?

A commercial gym setup should have all the gym equipment facilities for the trainees. Fitness muscle building requires hitting all muscles and parts of the body.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 23

Figure 10: Gym Equipment

Each type of gym machine is required for particular exercises in the gym center. So, two or three kinds of same category muscle-building machines are set up in a commercial gym.

Usually, heavy duty gym machines such as:

  •  Treadmills
  • Weight benches or weights bench machines
  • Strength building machines like smith machine, hammer upper-press machines etc.
  • Elliptical  
  • Lower machines
  • Leg presses
  • Leg extension machine
  • Preacher bench
  • Pec deck machines
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Pull-up machines
  • Pull-downs
  • Kettlebells

Please find the quality fitness heavy duty gym equipment at Yanre Fitness.

How to choose the best heavy duty equipment for your gym?

Selecting the right set of heavy duty equipment for your commercial gym is daunting. It is a matter of enormous investment and the gym’s design to make it more lucrative and effective for fitness training.

Before buying heavy duty equipment for the commercial gym, below are the key considerations.

Budget Consideration

To set up a commercial gym, you need to think about the heavy duty equipment’s cost. Someone asks for bank loans or leases of heavy duty equipment because the cost is much higher.

So, before choosing the heavy machines for the gym, budget is a fact to identify. How much you can afford to invest in equipment.

Space Consideration

Space is a big concern for commercial gym owners.

If you have identified which heavy gym machines your gym will have, considerable space is needed to store and maintain them.

Gyms have to have open space after setting up the equipment in the gym.

Choosing the Best Manufacturer to Buy From

The most considerable confusion is from which manufacturer you should order heavy gym equipment.

Manufacturers sell to wholesalers or commercial gym owners with packages for complete gym setups at a bulk rate.  

You may find below a reputed manufacturer of gym equipment in China to choose from. From China to any part of the world, you can order wholesale from Yanre Fitness.

  • Johnson
  • Impulse
  • Yanre
  • WNQ
  • Relax
  • Shua

Safety of the Equipment

Manufacturers ensure the safety specification of the heavy duty gym equipment.

Proper instruction is given in the manuals to install the equipment properly to ensure safety issues. Manufacturers sometimes have instructors helping commercial gym trainers with the user manual.

Proper knowledge of the use of heavy gym machines prevents safety pitfalls for trainees.

How to maintain heavy duty gym equipment?

All the gym equipment needs to be appropriately cleaned and disinfected after use regularly.

Along with the machines for cardio and the weights, the counter, check-in places, fresh-rooms, and other places and materials that come under human touch need proper cleaning.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 24

Figure 11: Gym Equipment maintenance

So, proper maintenance, including cleanliness and fine-tuning of heavy duty equipment, is needed.

Find below tips for heavy duty gym equipment maintenance:

  • Maintain a regular cleaning program
  • Follow the manuals to get proper maintenance tips
  • Lubricate moving parts of the gym machines
  • Disinfecting the gym equipment regularly

Please follow this link to get a visual guide on the maintenance of gym equipment.

Is there any limitation of the heavy duty gym equipment?

To be straight, you cannot do without heavy duty gym equipment. The only limitation is to afford, which is a matter of massive investment on heavy machines.

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and durability of the heavy duty gym equipment.

What is the floor plan of your gym to keep the heavy duty gym equipment?

Space is a big concern for commercial gym owners.

If you have identified which heavy gym machines your gym will have, considerable space is needed to store and maintain them.

Gyms have to have open space after setting up the equipment in the gym.

Can the heavy duty gym equipment be customizable?

Yes, manufacturers customize the gym equipment as per wholesalers’ requirements.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment 25

Figure 12: Customized weights 

As a commercial gym owner, you can get custom-designed gym equipment. 

Also, you can have your gym name or your brand logo on the equipment. Besides, equipment colors, modified machines are supplied as per bulk order. 

How to import heavy duty gym equipment?

You can import heavy duty gym machines for your gym from Yanre Fitness to your destination.

Buying gym equipment at wholesale requires the use of freight forwarders to deliver to your destination. Gym equipment can be exported to your country for a minimum order quantity. The charge is paid to the fitness equipment manufacturer if freight service is given with the product together.

We recommend below simple steps to know the basics when you want to import gym equipment or any product from China to your country at a wholesale rate.

Identify the Gym Equipment to Import

As a wholesale business, you want to import several gym equipment together. This will help to minimize costs with less shipping charge and getting goods together. 

So, first of all, you need to identify which goods you want to import.

Finding Supplier / Manufacturer to Import or Buy

From which country or supplier, or manufacturer you want to purchase or import is a tough decision to make. 

You may find below suppliers or manufacturers to import from. They are quality manufacturers of gym equipment with a global reputation. 

  • Johnson
  • Impulse
  • Yanre
  • WNQ
  • Relax
  • Shua

Selecting Freight Forwarding Company

Freight forwarding companies support in-house goods to your warehouse or near your destination to a port. 

Some manufacturers or suppliers have their freight forwarding service, which is marginally cost-saving. You can get delivery from the manufacturer directly to your destination, which is a less costly way to import. 

Another common way is to contact the freight forwarders responsible for delivering the goods to your warehouse with all customs clearance issues. This is a bit more costly, but they are more professional and specialized in import/export.

Find the link of video instruction to follow simple tips to import gym equipment and any product from China to another country.

Follow this link to get your bulk package to import heavy gym equipment.

Can you find heavy duty gym equipment from a local sports shop?

No, it’s rare to get your required heavy duty gym equipment from a local sports or gym equipment selling store.

You need to contact the manufacturers for commercial buying of gym equipment. As listed above, some manufacturers of gym equipment you can choose from.

Can you get heavy duty equipment for a lease?

Yes, it is common to lease heavy duty gym equipment for commercial setups.

Gym owners may find investment shortage to purchase heavy duty equipment. So, they might go after leasing gym equipment.

But, in the long run, it is less wise to lease than to buy. Leasing needs monthly instalments to pay, this requires making down payments and more to pay than the actual price.

Leasing, in a sense, is a better option, whereas tuning, repairing, and maintenance is the leasing company’s responsibility.

Final Words

We hope that this FAQ guide has answered most of the required questions in your mind.

We set these questions which guide you to decide on purchasing heavy duty gym equipment that is proper for your gym or commercial use.

Please contact Yanre Fitness to get the best offer for your commercial gym equipment.

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