【2022】 Top 10 Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers in China


Importing gym equipment from China is something both commercial and private gym owners might consider. Before you make that first purchase, though, it’s important to ask yourself some key questions:

  1. Where can I buy gym equipment from in China?
  2. What are the best gym equipment brands in China?

Don’t’ worry. We’ve got all the answers you need right here.

We will reveal all you need to know in this ultimate guide to Chinese gym equipment manufacturers.


We have waded through the overwhelming range of China gym equipment suppliers to sort out the best from the rest.

Here you will find everything you need to know. We provide you with complete confidence in selecting the most suitable gym equipment manufacturer in China.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

1. Understanding Our Data

We used a range of different reliable and authoritative sources to ensure only the most accurate and relevant information to put together this guide. Our sources include:

  • China Customs
  • The Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce
  • The official websites of the fitness equipment companies covered
  • Interviews with experts in the field of fitness and exercise equipment
  • Interviews with customers across various countries
  • Interviews with salespeople from different fitness equipment companies.

2. Main Gym Equipment Industry Regions

Where do you start when looking for gym equipment in China? What areas are best known for producing quality gym and fitness equipment? It is important to understand the regions where you will find the best gym equipment and expert manufacturers.

The four provinces displayed on the map below are home to most of China’s commercial gym equipment manufacturers. They are:

  • Jiangsu
  • Guangdong
  • Zhejiang
  • Shandong

As you can see, each province has its specialties and recommendations for quality vs price.


3. A Quick Comparison of China’s Manufacturers

Before we get into the detail, this product comparison graph (3.1) compares the scale-growth rate, quality and price for the top ten companies.


  • The below graph focuses only on the commercial fitness equipment sector
  • The graph uses official data from the brand website, The Chinese State Industry and Commerce Bureau, and also interviews with experienced industry experts in exercise equipment

3.1 Product Comparison Graph


Take away note: The brands featured at the bottom right corner marked with cost-effective are the best ones on this graph. Johnson and Yanre Fitness provide better quality products than the other eight gym equipment manufacturers.

3.2 Market Comparison Graph


TTake away note: The brands in the upper right corner marked with leader are the best ones on this graph. Both Yanre and D.H.Z. are experiencing rapid growth.

4. Who is the Best Gym Equipment Manufacturer in China?

Here are the top 10 gym equipment manufacturers in China:

  1. Johnson | Health is Our Only Product
  2. Impulse | Your Wellness Solution Provider
  3. Yanre | The Best Buy the Best
  4. WNQ | The F1 in the Fitness Field
  5. DHZ | Just for Health
  6. Shua | Easy Way of Fitness
  7. Relax | High-end, Distinctive, Classic and Professional
  8. Body Strong | To Be Strong with Body Strong
  9. MBH | Mindfulness, Integrity, Altruism
  10. Orient | National Fitness Leader

Let’s explore each company, in turn, to understand their strengths better.

#1 Johnson | Health is Our Only Product

Brief Introduction

Taiwan-based Johnson Health Tech has been in business since 1975. Over its four decades, it has grown tremendously. The company has factories and research and development facilities in Taiwan, Shanghai and North America. Johnson Health Tech has the distinction of being the first gymnasium equipment manufacturer listed in China.

Johnson Health incorporates many well-known brands, including Matrix, Horizon, Tempo, and Vision. These brands are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide, catering to both the commercial and home gym markets. Johnson keeps going from strength to strength with a current growth rate of 30 percent.

Registration Information:


Factory: Taiwan & Shanghai

Johnson products are manufactured at facilities in Taiwan and Shanghai. Its Taiwan facility produces a limited range of high-end single products. The Shanghai factory manufactures a wide range of more economically priced products. Johnson has an established global warehousing network for worldwide distribution.

Key Products:

Johnson Health Tech produces the following five brands:

  • Matrix
  • Johnson
  • Horizon
  • Tempo
  • Vision

Matrix and Johnson are its commercial gym brands.

Johnson’s commercial treadmills have a reputation for superior performance. Their top-selling treadmills include:

  • T8000ei
  • T7000 Pro
  • T6000

JOHNSON commercial treadmills offer premium quality with an equally premium price point.

The MATRIX brand takes things a step further than Johnson regarding quality, build and functionality. With their higher price range, Matrix cardio and strength machines are designed for high-end gyms.

Blake Fisher 5

Top 5 Clients:

America9328 6805 QUEBEC INC

Source: China Customs


  • Johnson Health Tech is a well-established company with a worldwide reputation for delivering high-quality commercial gym equipment. However, it is the most expensive supplier on the market.

#2 Impulse | Your Wellness Solution Provider

Brief Introduction

Impulse is one of China’s leading health industry suppliers and gym equipment manufacturers. It has been operating since 1991. The company evolved from an Original Equipment Manufacturer to a brand in its own right. It still provides O.E.M. services to other manufacturers. However, most of its equipment is made fully in-house.

Impulse sells its products worldwide, supplying gyms, hotels, the military, and many other organizations.

Registration Information:


Note: the establishment date for one brand may vary because the data varies from the brand’s website and China Industry and Commerce Bureau.

Factory:Qingdao City, Shandong Province

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 1

Key Products:

Impulse is a supplier of the following premium categories of quality fitness equipment:

The market for Impulse equipment is upper mid-level. As a result, it is not as expensive as Johnson and Matrix.

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 2

Top 5 Clients:

United KingdomAB COASTER LLC


  • Impulse is a reputable and trusted company with a reputation for supplying high-quality equipment to the upper-mid level commercial gym market sector. This still makes their pricing quite high for the average gym customer.

#3 Yanre | The Best Buy the Best

Brief Introduction

YANRE, based in Wuhu, has been producing top-quality commercial gym equipment and fitness accessories for more than two decades. Established in 1997, Yanre Fitness has become one of China’s leading designers, testers, and commercial gym equipment manufacturers.

In addition to its factory in Wuhu, Yanre has a research and development facility in Beijing and a sales force based in Shanghai. Every product is designed in-house. The Yanre strategy of combining superior materials, premium ergonomic design, and advanced exercise physiology has pushed the company into the top three Chinese gym machine manufacturers and a one-stop gym accessory wholesaler in China.

Yanre proudly supplies elite athletes (including China’s Olympic canoeing team), university sports teams, government agencies, the U.S. Army and fitness centers worldwide.

Registration Information:


Factory:Wuhu City, Anhui Province (110,000 square meters)



Key Products:

Yanre has built a reputation for providing high-quality strength training equipment for commercial gyms, which can compete with international gym equipment manufacturers. Its most popular product lines are:

  • 61A series
  • 73 series

The 61A series is an extremely competitively priced strength training series. It is the preferred choice of leading fitness chains in China, including Lefit. The 61A series is popular across the globe.

The 73 series is a higher-end range that incorporates optimized movement angle and quality materials. This makes it competitive and comparable with iconic brands like Life and Technogym. The 73 series includes such unique exclusive designs as the Cross-Arm Trainer (7308), and the Upper/ Mid Ab Trainer (7318).

61A Series

73 Series

Main Markets:

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 7
Top 5 Clients:
AmericaTKO Strength & Performance Inc.


  • Yanre Fitness, among all the best gym equipment brands, is the ideal choice for top of the line commercial strength equipment at competitive, effective price points.

#4 WNQ | The F1 in the Fitness Field

Brief Introduction

W.N.Q. is the leading home gym equipment supplier in China. Based in Shanghai, the company has been manufacturing for 20 years and has a strong commercial fitness equipment line. W.N.Q. equipment is sold all over China as well as around the world.

Registration Information:


Key Products:

W.N.Q. supplies a full range of cardio and strength training commercial equipment. Its most popular brand is the F1 line of treadmills.

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 8

Main Markets:

top gym equipment manufacturer in China WNQ
Top 5 Clients:


  • W.N.Q. is the home fitness machine expert. Its commercial gear is expensive, and many pieces are not as effective as the competition for movement angles and positioning.

#5 DHZ | Just for Health

Brief Introduction:

Founded in 2002, D.H.Z. began by replicating designs and products from leading international brands like Precor and Technogym. However, it has evolved into a top Chinese fitness brand with its own research and development facilities and in-house designed product lines.

D.H.Z. combines Italian design and German technology in producing the 800 series. The company’s commitment to research and development means it remains a strong competitor in the marketplace.

Registration Information:


Factory:Dezhou City, Shandong Province (230,000 square meters)

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 10

Key Products

D.H.Z. mainly produces commercial cardio and strength equipment. Its most popular product line is the SN-D series.

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 11

Main Markets:

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 12

Top Clients:



  • D.H.Z. is recognized as a budget market supplier of commercial gym equipment. However, the products are not of the highest quality.

#6 Shua | Easy Way of Fitness

Brief Introduction

Shua has been in business since 1996. The company is one of the most diverse in the industry, with products in a wide range of categories, including:

  • home-use equipment
  • commercial-use equipment
  • outdoor fitness equipment
  • physiotherapy equipment
  • fitness accessories

Shua was established in China’s sporting capital of Jinjang. It has three factories in Jinjiang, Quanzhou and Shangqiu. There is also an operation center in Shanghai. Shua has almost a thousand sales outlets across China. It also has significant international reach, operating in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Registration Information:


Factory: Fujian Province and Henan Province

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 13

Key Products:

Shua’s product range covers home, commercial and outdoor gym gear. Its main commercial product line is the S.H. series, which includes both strength and cardio equipment.

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 14

Main Markets:

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 15

Top Clients:



  • Shua enjoys a large market share of the home and outdoor gym sectors. Their offering for the commercial market is limited mainly to the cardio sector, with just one strength training line.

#7 Relax | High-end, Distinctive, Classic and Professional

Brief Introduction

Relax has a 14-year history of supplying commercial fitness equipment in China. It began with basic home gym equipment before moving into self-designed commercial gym equipment. The company is based in Qingdao and Shandong Province. It has developed a reputation for upgrading its core products and constantly innovating its range, emphasizing ergonomic functionality.

Registration Information:


Key Products:

The Relax product line includes a full range of cardio and strength training equipment. It generally uses quality materials. However, the movement angles on many of its machines are less than ideal.

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 16

Top 5 Clients:



  • Relax produces durable equipment from quality materials. It has put a lot of focus on cardio equipment in recent years. Unfortunately, there have been no new innovations in their strength line for some time.

#8 Body Strong | To Be Strong with Body Strong

Brief Introduction

Body Strong is a Shandong Baodelong Fitness Co. subsidiary in operation since 2001. The company began by mimicking big-name international brands but soon moved into in-house designs. It now manufactures its own line of commercial gym gear, which it exports to over 100 countries.

Registration Information:


Factory:Dezhou City, Shandong Province (100,000 square meters)

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 17

Key Products:

Body Strong produces over 300 pieces of commercial equipment across the cardio and strength sectors. The most popular product lines are the BMW and B.N. series.

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 18

Main Markets:

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 19

Top Client:



  • Bodystrong offer competitively priced commercial gym equipment that generally performs well. However, the products lack some features, including well designed protective shields.

#9 MBH | Mindfulness, Integrity, Altruism

Brief Introduction

Founded in 2001, M.B.H. has developed a reputation for innovation and unique designs. It has 18 product lines with more than 430 individual products. M.B.H. has carved out a huge market share in China and sells its equipment in over 100 countries worldwide.

Interestingly, the founder of M.B.H. is the brother of the founder of Body Strong. The two companies compete for market share by beating the other’s quality and price.

Registration Information:


Factory: Dezhou City, Shandong Province

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 20

Key Products:

M.B.H. provide a full range of gym equipment, including:

  • Strength training equipment
  • Cardio equipment
  • Free weights
top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 21

Main Markets:

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 22
Top 5 Clients:


  • M.B.H. provide a full range of commercial workout equipment at competitive prices.

#10 Orient | National Fitness Leader

Brief Introduction

Orient is based in Changzhi in Shanxi Province. The company has been operating since 1991 and has been involved in many national government projects. It has also created a sizeable market share in China and is now focused on growing its share in overseas markets.

The company moved into the commercial market by imitating the Gym80 range and modifying its design. This did well internationally, but its international market share has since declined. The company now depends on Chinese government projects while trying to grow its global market share. It currently exports to over sixty countries.

Registration Information:


Key Products

Orient has a huge product range, with more than six hundred equipment categories.

top 10 gym equipment manufactures in china comparing the companies at a glance 23
Top Clients:
ArabiaGSW1490 E 3RD


  • Orient uses high-quality materials and applies well-designed movement angles. It does not have a very large export business and is pretty slow to bring out new lines.

5. Conclusion

We have highlighted the best gym equipment brands in China. There were also many others we considered, and three suppliers that nearly made the list are:

  • Huixiang
  • Ganas
  • B.F.T. Fitness

This guide should provide all the information you need to make a considered choice when buying commercial fitness equipment from China. We’ve explored all the leading commercial fitness equipment suppliers in China, but please comment below if you have more tips, companies to discuss, or any questions at all.

P.S.: This article is updated regularly to ensure you always have access to the latest info. Bookmark this article today, and be sure to check back frequently.

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