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R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Wholesale Resistance Bands – Definitive FAQ Guide

Resistance bands are one of the most effective fitness equipment for strength routine. If you are looking to offer additional training options for your athletes, the resistance bands are the ideal choice. 

You may have questions about resistance bands, so we prepared a FAQ guide for you, covering topics like resistance band wholesale options and purchasing resistance bands in bulk. Be sure to check it before making your decision on commercial resistance bands.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What are the common types of resistance bands used in the commercial gym?

There are two main types of resistance bands: flat bands and tube bands. 

Flat and tube elastic bands can come in different size, length and shape. For easier identification, each type is split up in subdivisions, as follows: 

Flat workout bands have a uniform surface and are made of a single piece of material. Flat bands have the following subdivisions:

  • Therapy Resistance Band
  • Mini loop resistance bands
  • Power resistance bands

Tube bands have tubular surfaces with hollow centers that allow wider resistance ranges. Tube bands have the following subdivisions:

  • Fit Tube Resistance Band
  • Ring Resistance Band
  • Figure-8 Resistance Band
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What are Therabands?

Therabands are a special resistance band that is mainly used in wound rehabilitation. These elastic bands guarantee soft care and light resistance, ideal for recovery of muscle injuries.

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Figure 3 Theraband shoulder rehabilitation

What is the material of the resistance bands?

Resistance band manufacturers normally use three materials to produce this fitness equipment: latex, TPE and fabric.

Latex: natural material with elastic properties, suitable for elastic workout bands. 

TPE: a synthetic material that can replace resistance bands made of latex.

Fabric: a mixture of artificial and latex material. 

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What is the difference between fabric, latex and TPE resistance bands?

The main difference between the three materials are the physical properties. Physical properties and finishes are specific to each production material and offer advantages and disadvantages during the workout routine. 

Fabric resistance bands:  

  • pleasant combination of colors
  • various levels of softness
  • provides a good slip resistance
  • non-aggressive for the skin
  • low elastic properties
  • good resistance during training

Latex resistance bands:

  • latex offers a wide range of resistance
  • most popular material for resistance bands
  • the highest elastic properties
  • suitable for all levels of fitness
  • easy to carry
  • comfortable usage 
  • 100 % eco-friendly
  • can cause allergy to rubber

TPE resistance bands: 

  • is delivered in different colors
  • natural rubber alternative
  • more durable than latex
  • less light- and water-sensitive
  • hard and long-lasting
  • practical and comfortable use

With these versatile physical properties, the resistance bands target both minor and major muscle formation. 

Is the material in the resistance band allergy-free?

No. You should be careful when selecting your resistance band if you have skin allergies. Latex can cause irritation and redness of the skin, so you should avoid any gym equipment made of latex.

In this case, you should choose fabric or TPE resistance bands for their allergy free properties.

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Figure 7 Skin allergies risks at resistance bands 

What is the size of the resistance bands?

Generally speaking, resistance bands measure between 1 – 8 feet ( 30 cm – 240 cm).

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Figure 8 Size chart of a resistance band

What is the diameter of the resistance bands?

Resistance bands have different thickness levels for each type:

  • Extra-light: 35 mm thick
  • Light: 55 mm thick
  • Medium: 75 mm thick 
  • Heavy: 85 mm thick 
  • Extra-heavy: 95 mm thick 
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Figure 9 The diameter of resistance bands

How does color indicate the level of the resistance bands?

Color-coded resistance bands are an indication of quality brands. Each color is suitable for a certain level of training, from beginner to advanced. 

Divided by the resistance range, the four main categories of resistance bands are: 

  • light 
  • medium 
  • heavy
  • extra-heavy

Yanre Fitness provides premium gym and fitness equipment and uses color code to show different resistance levels.

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Figure 10 Color – coded resistance bands example

What is the weight resistance of resistance bands?

  • Light resistance bands: usually offer about 2.5-3.5 kilograms of resistance.
  • Medium resistance bands: supply between 3.5 to 5.5 kilograms of resistance.
  • Heavy resistance bands: allow 6 kilograms or more of resistance.
  • Extra heavy resistance bands: offer over 13 kilograms of resistance during training.
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Figure 11 Resistance range of elastic bands 

How are the resistance bands made?

The most common methods of manufacturing resistance bands are: 

  • Layered construction
  • Tubular bands
  • Molded flat bands
  • Braided rubber bands 
  • Nylon covered bands

Yanre Fitness is a top quality manufacturer of bulk fitness bands with more than 23 years of experience. We have the know-how of the job and provide first-class resistance bands throughout China and internationally. 

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What is the difference between layer construction and molded resistance bands?

The difference is made by the bond process. While a layered construction band is realized through a continuous stratification process, the molded resistance band is paired.

Both processes have specific characteristics as follows: 

Layered resistance band:

  • pure latex in continuous layers
  • increased strength
  • maximum elasticity
  • greater sustainability in time
  • prevents damages and easy tearing

The molded resistance band:

  • liquid latex poured into molds
  • less expensive and faster
  • not so durable

Overall, due to the time and cost requirements, layered construction makes this resistance band about 30% more expensive than the others.

Are the resistance bands equipped with handles?

Yes. There are several types of handles available for the resistance bands to provide a good grip during exercise. These handles can be connected to a support for multiple training options. 

Handles often come in plastic or foam. The most common option are foam handles due to their superior quality and a better grip.

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Are the handles of resistance bands interchangeable?

Yes. You can buy interchangeable handles that can be taken off and on from resistance bands. 

Some handles may be too big for your resistance bands, so make sure you choose the right models. 

What to consider when buying wholesale resistance bands?

Here are some tips to take into account when selecting a supplier for your fitness equipment:

  • For safety reasons, ensure that the resistance bands are marked as snap-resistant.
  • To avoid any allergy problem, choose to buy TPE and fabric resistance bands.
  • Buy a color-coded system, which makes it easy to use.
  • Buy resistance bands in top material, without visible seams.

Yanre Fitness offers bulk fabric resistance bands, latex bands, flat or tube, at wholesale prices and quality manufacturing. With Yanre Fitness premium gym equipment supplier, you get resistance bands that are:

  • 100 % genuine, eco-friendly latex
  • SGS Certification
  • superior quality 
  • accessible prices
  • comfortable use
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Figure 16 Certified resistance bands

Resistance bands smell bad?

Yes. Resistance bands smell, but if they are cleaned properly, the smells are eliminated.

Also consider that natural rubber has a specific odor that may cause you inconvenience. Usually, this smell is more potent with new latex resistance bands, but it will fade over time. 

If you have odour sensitivity, make sure to choose synthetic rubber that is an excellent alternative to natural rubber.

How do I clean the resistance bands?

The recommended cleaning process is to immerse the strips in warm water and wash with a few drops of soap. Rinse the bands in warm water and allow them to dry. 

It is possible to dry resistance bands inside or outside, just make sure that exposure to sunlight does not harm the material.

Is it safe to use resistance bands?

It is relatively safe. Just as any gym equipment does when not properly used, the resistance bands also present risks. The most common hazards involved by the resistance band during training are the following:

Breaking of the band. Although it is less possible, the rupture could occur if the resistance bands are of low quality or damaged. 

Let go while under tension. If you decide to change the training equipment while using resistance bands, do not let go of the band under tension. It can cause serious injury to your body. First bring the band to normal, then change the gear.

How can resistance bands be prevented from breaking?

To prevent resistance bands from breaking, you can take simple measures:

  • inspect the bands often to look for cracks or weaknesses such as cuts, nicks or discolorations
  • encourage the use of non-abrasive sole shoes
  • instead of shortening the band, buy resistance bands of different levels
  • avoid overstretching 
  • store and clean the bands correctly to avoid early damage

How long does a resistance band last?

The average lifetime of exercise elastic bands is generally between 6 and 24 months. 

However, you  must pay attention to any signs of wear or tear and always replace them. 

It is recommended that the Therabands used for therapy sessions should be replaced every 2 months. Because gyms have an intense use, consider replacing resistance bands every 6 months. 

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Figure 17 Lifespan of a resistance band

Can I customize the resistance bands?

Yes. Yanre Fitness can customize all categories of resistance bands and any other fitness equipment.

How to find a reliable manufacturer of resistance bands in China?

China is the world’s number one exporter of gym equipment worldwide. Reliable resistance band manufacturers use color-coded systems and quality materials with greater functionality. 

Yanre Fitness provides wholesale resistance bands for a wide variety of sports centers, for all levels at affordable prices. Get in touch with our sales team immediately and check our latest offers.

What is the wholesale price of the resistance bands?

Wholesale resistance band prices start as low as 1 US $ per piece or $5 per set. But the price offer varies between brands, quantity and types of resistance bands.

For more information on products and suppliers, please contact us now.

Final words

I hope that the above guide has answered all the important questions about the resistance bands.

You can now complement your gym strength area with Yanre Fitness premium resistance bands.

Do you need to import wholesale resistance bands?  Contact us now and we will come back to you with a quick quote.