Gym Equipment Package & List

Installing your own gym and confused about where to begin?

No worries, because Yanre Fitness is here to help!

The commercial-grade gym equipment at Yanre Fitness is built to serve multiple users on a daily basis.

Our equipment packages will enable you to make the most of your available space, with a balanced combination of versatile machines and accessories used popularly by gym-goers.

Buy directly from Yanre for excellent prices!

We also offer fitness equipment at wholesale prices to gym machine dealers, distributors, and retailers.

Gym Equipment Packages & List

Our commercial gym packages will cover all that is required, with a wide range of equipment options for your brand new commercial gym. All our equipment packages include machines and accessories for:

  • strength training
  • cardio training
  • free weight exercises
  • general fitness workouts

Below are some of our bestselling sample fitness equipment packages that can fit well into a range of differently sized spaces. Go through these to see if any matches your requirements.

Benefits of Sample Gym Equipment Packages

  • Convenient for New Gym Owners

Starting with these sample packages is an excellent idea since it will let you know what’s best for different gym spaces, from limited space workout zones to large fitness centers. You can make them work for your facility to be customized according to your unique training and fitness needs.

  • Save Your Time

Each package is made to save time and maximize efficiency, making your workout a rewarding experience.

  • Personalize Your Own Package

Contact us directly to know more about customized packages tailored to your requirements. Our experts will help you create custom packages according to your budget and the space you have available. Our sales team specializes in setting up various fitness centers and can offer valuable advice based on their decades of experience. Together we can create a customized gym equipment package based on your specifications.

Whether you have visualized your gym space with a particular array of equipment, or you feel lost about the kind of machines to include in your studio, contact us to create a functional space through a personalized gym equipment package provided by us.

What Our Clients Say

Gym Equipment Packages 5

Blake Fisher

Gym Owner from Malaysia

The machines are arrived. We are really satisfied with them, they're look cool and such a good quality. We're 100% sure will order again. I'll send the new list soon.

Gym Equipment Packages 6

Jay Dang

Gym Owner from Australia

Our members love using this. Super strong with top engineering. Great quality at an affordable price. Smooth to operate, can handle big weights and hits the target muscle. We are very satisfied for these gym machines! We plan on opening another gym once the virus is over.

Gym Equipment Packages 7


Gym Owner from USA

Commercial quality. Well made. I feel it is just as good as the other top brand benches we have at our club eg Technogym, Matrix etc, but is so much more affordable. All of my order arrived on time and the sales manager was awesome to communicate with. Highly recommend!!!

Gym Equipment Packages 8


Distributor from Poland

The Quality is very nice, I really like them. All my clients are happy with my new equipment. I will work hard to promote them in Poland.

Why Choose Yanre Fitness?

Premium Quality

All our products are made from premium-quality materials and lasting components, ensuring ideal aesthetics and durability at the same time. Incorporating ergonomic features into the design of each piece of equipment that provides optimal biomechanics with every exercise movement, our products can transform any workout zone into a safe yet motivating space filled with possibilities. It’s also built to last, even with hundreds of uses each day.

Unique Design

Mainstream gym equipment manufacturers often claim that their machines are similar to those at every other gym in the region. Yanre gym equipment is self-designed in a modern style, setting it apart from usual fitness machines. Our state-of-the-art exercise units are eye-catching and impressive at first glance, drawing fitness enthusiasts to try them, and hence attracting more members to your gym.

Experienced Team

Having extensive practical knowledge based on decades of doing business in the industry, the Yanre team is used to coming up with ideal solutions for clients’ commercial gyms. Our Custom Gym Equipment Packages cater to the unique requests of every gym owner who wishes to set up something innovative yet functional.

Shipment Guarantee

Our warehouse and staff are fully equipped with efficient logistics operations & damage-proof packaging skills to prevent any damage or delays during shipment.