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Commercial Spin Bike – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Around the world, indoor cycling has grown into the desired exercise for all athletes.

Add value to your gym or fitness studio by securing the best quality commercial spin bikes.

Are you looking for a commercial spin bike supplier? One that can give you exceptional quality fitness equipment at the best price. Then look no further!

In this FAQ guide, we share everything you need to know about buying commercial spin bikes in bulk.

Table of Contents

1. What is a commercial spin bike?

Commercial spin bikes are indoor bikes. Custom designed to provide a realistic indoor cycling experience.

The unique design of a spin bike mirrors what you would experience if you were cycling on the road or track.

Spin bikes are a great choice if you want to bring an outdoor cycling experience into your gym.

No matter what your tastes are – at Yanre Fitness we have a commercial spin bike that will meet your exact needs.

Commercial Spin Bike 13

Figure 1: Commercial Spin Bike

2. What is the function of a spin bike?

Spin bikes are exercise equipment designed to give athletes a holistic exercise experience. It offers a unique combination of cardiovascular training and endurance training.

Spin bikes are very popular in anaerobic exercises because it pulls out reserve energy. This allows for the development and builds of muscle endurance and fitness over time. It is also a favorite fitness tool amongst aerobic athletes and physiotherapists.

There are several benefits to investing in a good quality commercial spin bike.

  • Takes up less space than other cardio gym equipment
  • Much quieter when in use than other commercial gym equipment
  • Designed to offer a full-body workout
  • Focusses on main muscle development
  • Great cardiovascular training tool
  • Great exercise tool for after injury muscle recovery and fitness
Commercial Spin Bike 14

Figure 2: Use of a Spin bike (Image src: Daily Burn)

3. What are the characteristics of a commercial spin bike?

Four main characteristics define a commercial spin bike. The Pedals, the flywheel, the resistance knob, and the body position.

Let us dig into what makes each of these characteristics so important.


Commercial spin bike pedals have toe straps and SPD cleats.

The toe straps allow athletes and users to fix their foot to the bike for a non-slip spin session and great grip experience. The SPD cleats on the commercial spin bike pedal is to fit the grips of specialist cycling shoes. For professional athletes, these fixtures help to secure an even better grip during a strenuous training session.

The toe straps and SPD cleat fittings also help users to train more muscles. It allows the user to train against larger resistance through better grip on the pull and push of the pedals. Both the toe straps and the SPD cleat fixtures allow users the ability to pull up and drive down harder. The push on the pedals can happen without the fear of losing foot grip. It allows for less focus on the equipment and more focus on the training outcomes.

The specialist pedal with toe strap and cleats increases the similarities between a road bike and an indoor cycling bike. It also seperates a commercial spin bike from any other regular indoor cycling bike.

Commercial Spin Bike 15

Figure 3: Commercial spin bike pedals (Image src: Exporters India)


Commercial spin bikes make use of an open-front, heavyweight flywheel.

The flywheel of the spin bike moves through the pull of the chain or belt. The wheel moves into momentum by the pushing down and pulling up of the pedals. This differs from the upright exercise or traditional recumbent bikes. Upright bikes make use of magnetic disks to create training resistance.

The flywheel on a commercial spin bike also has a flow-gear. This gear allows the wheel to continue spinning until it runs out of momentum, even after cycling. It cannot halt with immediate effect like the wheels on other stationary bikes.

The force from the pedals and the visible rotation of the wheel contribute to the feeling you would get when riding a road bike. This makes the commercial spin bike stand out from other indoor training bikes.

Commercial Spin Bike 16

Figure 4: Commercial Spin bike Flywheel

Resistance Knob

To increase or decrease resistance on a commercial spin bike you need only tighten or loosen the pad or chain by turning the resistance knob.

Different if compared to other indoor stationary bikes. Other indoor stationary bikes alter resistance through the push of electronic buttons.

The turning of the resistance knob adjusts the break on the pad that forms the resistance on the wheel. This in turn forces the user to apply more pressure to maintain their set speed. This feature creates the simulation of climbing, straights, and long stretches. The same as one would experience when cycling outside. It is another element that makes commercial cycling bikes so popular.

Commercial Spin Bike 17

Figure 5: commercial Spin Bike Resistance Knob (Image src: Exercise Bike Zone)

Body Position

Commercial spin bikes’ saddle and handlebar positioning offer the user the same low body profile that a road bike will offer.

The handlebars and saddle are almost at the same height. These mirror the position of the dropped-down handlebars on a regular road bike. And creates a low, streamlined body position.

Commercial spin bike handlebars can adjust to different positions. This allows for the training of different muscle groups. One can take up a seated, crouched, or standing position on a commercial cycling bike. This mirrors a regular road bike during outdoor cycling training.

Commercial Spin Bike 18

Figure 6: Commercial Spin Bike Body Position (Image src: Spinning)

4. What are the types of commercial spin bikes?

There are two main types of spinning bikes. They are, traditional resistance spinning bikes and magnetic flywheel resistance spinning bikes.

Traditional Resistance Spinning bikes


  • Has a belt or chain drive system that builds up momentum
  • Adjust resistance levels through electronic buttons
  • Less expensive than magnetic resistance and flywheel resistance spinning bikes


  • Chains and belts will wear down and break over time
  • Traditional resistance bikes have more wear and tear than magnetic resistance bikes
  • Traditional resistance bikes are noisier than magnetic resistance bikes
Commercial Spin Bike 19

Figure 7: Traditional Resistance Spin bike (Image src: IndiaMart)

Magnetic Resistance Spinning bikes


  • Magnetic resistance causes little to zero friction on the flywheel
  • Less wear and tear than a traditional resistance spinning bike
  • Smoother ride with little to zero noise
  • Very little to zero maintenance required due to low wear and tear
  • Last far longer than traditional resistance indoor bikes


  • More expensive than traditional resistance spinning bikes
Commercial Spin Bike 20

Figure 8: Magnetic resistance spin bike (Image src: FELASA)

5. What is the difference between a home spin bike and a commercial spin bike?

The main difference between a commercial spin bike and a home spin bike lies in the durability of the spin bike.

Commercial spin bikes should be able to endure heavy use and withstand around 8 hours of daily use. The design and manufacturing of home spin bikes only allow two to three hours of intensive use daily.

Commercial spin bikes differ from home spin bikes by their design. They also differ in the manufacturing materials used. Commercial cycling bikes have more durable frames, parts, and flywheels. This is to handle continuous use.

Home spin bikes come with a one-year warranty. Commercial spin bikes offer two or more years on a manufacturer’s warranty.

6. What is the difference between a recumbent bike and a commercial spin bike?

A recumbent bike offers more reclined seating. It also has more elevated handlebars than a spin bike.

Commercial Recumbent Bike

  • A larger, upright seat that cradles the body
  • With upper body and back support
  • Less stress on lower back and joints
  • Less neck and shoulder tension

Commercial Spin Bike

  • A smaller, flat seat for endurance positioning
  • No back or upper body support
  • More strenuous on back neck and shoulders
Commercial Spin Bike 21

Figure 9: Recumbent bike vs spin bike

7. What are the specifications of a quality commercial spin bike?

Yanre Fitness manufactures commercial spin bikes from high-quality materials. They use premium-grade metal, a-grade leather, and resilience foam.

At Yanre fitness we apply only the best materials. this is to ensure product durability and customer satisfaction. The unique ergonomic design ensures a smooth workout.

  • The mainframe adopts 40*80*3.0mm pipe
  • All pipes are Q235 qualified pipe
  • Hard chrome weight plate sleeve, to withstand heavyweight
  • The front flywheel is steel and weighs around 40 pounds
  • Superior durability and frame strength for added safety
  • Two-axis, double-track, and single-point design
  • The movement arm can move apart from the rest of the bike
  • Seat cushion filled with MC high resilience foam material
  • Seat cushion finished with high-grade PU leather surface
Commercial Spin Bike 22

Figure 10: Materials of a commercial spin bike (Image src: Yanre Fitness)

8. Is it easy to assemble a commercial spin bike?

Yes, it is an easy task to assemble a commercial spin bike.

The instruction manuals are set apart in an easy-to-read step-by-step guide. If you follow the instructions, it only takes a couple of minutes.

Commercial spin bike manufacturers pre-assemble some parts in the factory. This makes self- assembling in your gym less time-consuming.

9. How to assemble a commercial spin bike?

When you are assembling your commercial spin bikes there are a few important points that to note.

10. How does a commercial spin bike generate resistance?

Modern commercial spin bikes use the gravity of the flywheel to generate resistance.

A spin bike for a commercial gym should offer the user a complete full-body workout. It should also focus on the main muscles in the body. Through the weight and gravity pull of the flywheel, a spin bike offers greater intensity. This is great for cardiovascular and endurance training.

The resistance of a spin bike is unique. Because the weight of the flywheel itself offers the spinning resistance. The flywheel reacts to the power and speed of the pedals pulling at the belt. The weight of the flywheel adds to the different levels of resistance.

11. How to adjust resistance settings on a commercial spin bike?

Commercial spin bike’s resistance can adjust with the flick of the resistance knob.

12. How to adjust the saddle height on a commercial spin bike?

Adjusting the saddle height on a commercial spin bike is quick and easy.

  • First, stand alongside your bike
  • Bring the saddle up to align parallel with your hip bone
  • Next, sit on a spin bike in a riding position
  • Align one pedal to stand at three o’clock
  • The knee of that leg should be facing over the ball of the foot
  • Align the other pedal to stand at six o’clock
  • The knee of this leg should be straight and in line with the pedal
  • If your knee is not bent when the paddle stops at six o’clock, your saddle is the correct height

The height of the saddle on a commercial spin bike is of utmost importance. Having it too high can cause severe strain on the lower back, shoulders, and joints and may lead to injuries.

13. What are the flywheel weights of a commercial spin bike?

The heavyweight flywheel weighs in at 20-22 kgs, while the lightweight flywheel weighs 18-20 kgs.

The Heavyweight Flywheel

  • Smoother to operate than lightweight flywheels
  • Produces more power at a steady rate
  • Ensures safer movement due to its weight
  • More controlled, less jerky movements
  • Heavier to move around
  • Requires more momentum and power to get into motion
  • The heavier the flywheel the more expensive the spin bike

The Lightweight Flywheel

  • Requires minimal effort to get momentum
  • Less smooth in pedaling than the heavyweight flywheel spin bike
  • Produces less power than the heavyweight flywheel
  • Lighter and easier to move around
  • Can cause jerky and less smooth movements

The heavier the flywheel, the higher the momentum and resistance combination will be. A heavy flywheel generates more resistance during a workout.

14. How to care for a commercial spin bike?

Regular maintenance will ensure that a commercial spinning bike lasts in your gym.

  • Wipe down the bike at the end of each class to prevent rust and other forms of corrosion build-up
  • Do not use abrasive or oil-based cleaning liquids when wiping down the spin bike
  • Do not wipe down the chain or belt with a towel or soapy water
  • Clean chain or belt with a brush to remove buildup or dust
  • Release all the tension from the spin bike at the end of each spinning session.
  • Allow perspiration to evaporate
  • Allow for minimal pedal interchanges during sessions
  • Check pedals after each session to prevent damage and possible injury
  • Do not allow oversized bottles forced into water bottle cages
  • Check and tighten the screws to prevent damage

Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure longevity of your spinning bikes.

15. Can I customize a commercial spin bike?

Yes, Yanre Fitness can assist you with customizing your bulk order of spin bikes.

If there is a specific color request to match your studio logo or gym colors, speak to us right now.

16. What is the wholesale price of a commercial spin bike?

You can order your commercial spin bikes for as little as $540 per bike.

At Yanre Fitness we manufacture top-of-the-range, superior quality commercial spin bikes. Perfect for your gym or fitness studio.

Order your premium quality spin bikes in bulk now!

17. Final Words

China has some of the top manufacturers and best suppliers of fitness equipment.

We can ensure you of the best quality commercial spin bikes. And we offer the most affordable wholesale prices.

Want to import commercial grade spin bikes in bulk from China? Contact us Right now!