Quality is Our Pride

Due to the insistence on high quality and affordable pricing, Yanre Fitness stands out among manufacturers throughout China and worldwide.

It’s a reputation we are proud of.

Solid and Heavy Raw Materials

Our attention to production quality is second to none.

Our standards include using 3mm-thickness pipe, using the best component parts and applying the most efficient assembly process.

That’s why our products stand the test of time.

Advanced Production Technology

Yanre applies high-end machinery imported from Germany to ensure:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Consistent Quality

Various Awards for Premium Quality

We have received a number of awards for excellence of product quality (just list a few):

  • Award for excellence in public sports in China
  • Award for best enterprise
  • Award for excellence in public sports in Anhui


Structural Steel FrameworkLifetime
Rotary Bearings, Weight Stacks, Pulleys, Guide Rods, Structural Moving Parts2 Years
Cable, Linear Bearings, Springs1 Year
Upholstery, Handgrips, All Other Items Not Listed6 Months
Frame8 Years
Display Pcb2 Years
Key Pad1 Year
Motor Controller2 Years
Durable Wear Parts1 Year
Tv Monitor System1 Year
Treadmill Ac Motor4 Years
Treadmill Dc Motor1 Year
Generator /EMS/ECB Brake2 Years
Deck, Belt, Pedals, Hydraulic Cylinder1 Year
Dumbbell Set4 Years
Dumbbells, Rubber1 Year
Barbells5 Years
Olympic Plates5 Years
Olympic Bar5 Years
Power Bar5 Years
Gym Bar5 Years
Training Bar5 Years
Straight Curl Bar5 Years
Standard Curl Bar1 Year
Bumper5 Years
Kettlebells1 Year
Power Band90 Days
Collar, with Rubber Handle90 Days
Collar, Lock Jaw1 Year
Sandbell1 Year

Conditions and Restrictions:

  1. The warranty periods commence 60 days after leaving the factory.
  2. This warranty applies only against defects discovered within the warranty period, warranty claims need to be made within the warranty period.
  3. Parts repaired or replaced under the terms of warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty only.
  4. To claim under this warranty, the buyer must notify YANRE Fitness or their local YANRE dealer within thirty days after the date of discovery of the defect. The defective product must be made available for visual inspection by YANRE Fitness or a YANRE dealer; the unaltered serial tag must be shown along with the defective product.
  5. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, misuse, improper service or non-YANRE modification.
  6. Warranties outside the country of origin may vary, please contact your local dealer for details.
  7. You consent to be bound by the following warranty terms and conditions.

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