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Customer Case 01

How Yanre Helped Mr. Anson’s Fitness Distributor Company Achieve a 35% Sales Increase

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Customer Case 02

How Yanre Fitness Helped Primafit Overcome Gym Equipment Challenges

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Customer Case 03

Monkey Feet | Boosting Animal House Sales by 35%

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Customer Case 04

Yanre Fitness Boosts Ammar’s Gym Membership by 30%

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Customer Case 05

Citygympt Achieves 800 Memberships In Short Time

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Customer Case 06

Yanre Fitness Drives The GYM’s 1000+ Membership Growth

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The machines are arrived. We are really satisfied with them, they’re look cool and such a good quality. We’re 100% sure will order again. I’ll send the new list soon.
Blake Fisher 5

Blake Fisher

Gym Owner from Malaysia

Our members love using this. Super strong with top engineering. Great quality at an affordable price. Smooth to operate, can handle big weights and hits the target muscle. We are very satisfied for these gym machines! We plan on opening another gym once the virus is over.

Jay Dang 6

Jay Dang

Gym Owner from Australia

Commercial quality. Well made. I feel it is just as good as the other top brand benches we have at our club eg Technogym, Matrix etc, but is so much more affordable. All of my order arrived on time and the sales manager was awesome to communicate with. Highly recommend!!!

Steve 7


Gym Owner from USA

The Quality is very nice, I really like them. All my clients are happy with my new equipment. I will work hard to promote them in Poland.

Allan 8


Distributor from Poland