10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 1
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A barbell is among the most primary gym equipment. It is not just a metal bar, as you can perform a variety of extensive workouts with this piece of equipment. Hence, you can’t undermine its importance. 

A number of manufacturers offer their specifically designed barbells. Therefore, every barbell is not the same. So, choosing a perfect barbell might turn out to be tricky. 

This means you have to choose the best barbell manufacturer. Here, we have created a comprehensive list of top Chinese barbell manufacturers. 

But, before moving ahead, let’s discuss some factors to consider when buying the best barbell.

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1. Things to Consider When Buying the Best Barbell

Although the barbells look similar, there are key features that make them different. For instance, the build quality of a barbell determines how much weight it can support. 

So, take into account all those essential aspects that allow you to choose the best barbell. Listed below are a few of these.

1.1 Load Capacity

Load capacity depends on the diameter and sleeve length of the bar. Stronger the bar, the more weight it can support. 

Similarly, a bar with long sleeves can also withstand a much heavier load. When buying a barbell, make sure to look at its load-bearing capacity. 

1.2 Finish

You can judge the quality of a product by its finish. This rule is also applicable when you are going to buy a barbell. The finish of a barbell serves a variety of purposes. 

For instance, it gives a particular feel. A good quality finish offers a comfortable grip and protects against rust. Hence, it requires less maintenance.

1.3 Knurling

Knurling refers to diagonal grooves available on both sides of the barbell. This offers the required grip. The depth and width of knurling patterns may differ. Usually, aggressive knurling patterns are suitable for heavy deadlifts.

2. What are the Different Types of Barbells 

As the subheading suggests, there are three kinds of barbells. All these barbells are equally essential for a commercial gym setup. Normally, the best barbell manufacturer offers all these three kinds.  

Olympic Barbells: These barbells are for Olympic lifts. Olympic barbells are relatively smaller in diameter. This type of bar is more flexible. The markings are a few inches away from the center.

Power Barbells: Power bars are for bench press, squats, and heavy deadlifts. These are stiff and rigid bars, which don’t have elastic energy. The knurl markings are also different from Olympic bars.  

Dual-Marked/Hybrid Barbells: This type of barbell is a hybrid option. Therefore, it is quite popular these days. Besides, a dual-marked bar is a great choice for Functional Training and beginners.

3. Barbells for Men, Women, and Young Lifters

These bars are slightly different from each other. The major differences relate to the length, weight, and diameter of the shaft. 

Usually, men’s barbells start from 20 kg. However, a few manufacturers also offer a 20 kg women’s version. Commercial gym owners must try to look for a manufacturer offering all types of barbells. 

Discussed below are the specs for each type of barbell. 

Specifications for Men’s Barbell 

  • Weight: 20 kg or 44 pounds 
  • Shaft diameter: 28-29 mm
  • Length: 2.2 meters 

Specifications for Women’s Barbell

  • Weight: 15 kg or 33 pounds
  • Shaft diameter: 25 mm
  • Length: 2.01 meters

Specifications for Young Lifters

  • Weight: 10 kg or 22 pound
  • Shaft diameter of 25 mm
  • Length: 1.5 meters 

4. 10 Best Barbell Manufacturers

Listed below are the brands that offer top-notch gym equipment. Among these, you can find the best barbell manufacturer. So, let’s have a quick look. 

4.1 Yunfa Sports 

Quyang Yunfa Trading Co., Ltd. started its operation in 2012. Yunson is the trademark of this manufacturer. It’s a popular name among Chinese gym equipment manufacturers. 

When it comes to barbells, Yunfa offers some top-of-the-line options. The build quality of a Yunfa barbell is evident from the fact that it can support weight up to 1500lbs. 

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 2

Figure-2 Yunson Barbell

The 20 kg barbell belongs to the basic weight category. Asides, there are different finishes available. Yunfa uses high-carbon steel for manufacturing these barbells. Hence, you can rely on this commercial barbell brand.

4.2 Yanre Fitness 

With over 24 years of experience, Yanre is among the most reliable Chinese fitness brands. This company offers a wide range of gym equipment for commercial use. Asides, it also offers top-quality barbells. 

Barbells by Yanre Fitness are durable and sturdy. This is due to the use of heavy-duty raw materials. Hence, the barbells continue to serve for the years to come. The overall finish of these bars is amazing too.

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 3

Figure-3 Yanre Fitness Barbell

Yanre Fitness offers a variety of barbells depending on their size and shape. 

These include:

  • Trap bars
  • Straight bars
  • Curl bars
  • Swiss bars

All these bars are essential for different workouts. Therefore, gym owners need them to meet the varying requirements of their members.

Even with the innovative features, Yanre barbells are still affordable. So, if you are searching for the best barbell manufacturer, consider Yanre Fitness.  

4.3 OK Sporting 

OK Sporting is another Top-rated Chinese gym equipment brand. Apart from other equipment, this brand also offers high-quality barbells. The build quality is awesome, making each OK PRO bar an ideal option for commercial gyms.  

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 4

Figure-4 Ok Pro Barbell

You can choose between a variety of barbells depending on their design and specs. Usually, the entry-level Ok Sporting barbell weighs 20 kg. This is a popular category among gym users.

The average barbell by this manufacturer is 2.2 meters long. Besides, the diameter of most barbells is 28mm. As a whole, Ok Sporting produces some tough barbells for extreme gym environments.


LUXIAOJUN is a popular brand known as the best barbell manufacture. It is famous for its high-end Functional Training and weightlifting barbells. The innovative design of these bars makes them stand out among the rest.

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 5

Figure-5 LUXIAOJUN Barbell

These excellent quality barbells are available at a competitive price. LUXIAOJUN bars have a QPQ coating on the sleeves. It helps to resist corrosion. Besides, the knurl patterns assist advanced-level workouts. 

The stainless steel construction offers extended durability. Hence, these bars withstand the pressure of deadlift or power weightlifting.

4.5 Zibo Sudong

Zibo SuDong is a top-rated Chinese gym equipment manufacturer. It offers all types of commercial gym equipment. However, here we will talk about the SuDong barbells. 

These barbells have a sturdy construction and the latest design features. The rod is thicker and more durable. Hence, it would be a great option for commercial gyms. 

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 6

Figure-6 Zibo Sudong Barbell

Apart from this, the double safety nut is another unique feature of this brand. The length of these barbells ranges between 1.2m to 1.8m. The weight capacity also varies depending on the type of barbell.

The company offers barbells for both Functional Training and weightlifting training. If you need affordable yet high-quality barbells, you won’t regret relying on Zibo SuDong.  


Established in 2012, TOPKO is a leading manufacturer of innovative fitness products. This brand has launched a huge variety of barbell bars for commercial gyms. Hence, it is much popular among gym owners. 

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 7

Figure-7 TOPKO Barbell

You can choose between the 9 different variations depending on the variable sizes. The entry-level bar is 1.2m long and is capable of bearing 250lbs. of weight. 

Its 2.2m version is strong enough to bear 2000lbs. of weight. This brand ensures quality and durability. So, it can serve the purpose of commercial use. 

4.7 PROCIRCLE Fitness

PROCIRCLE is an emerging Chinese brand, which offers state-of-the-art gym equipment. Especially, it manufactures professional-grade barbells for athletes and weightlifters.

These bars are of high-quality aluminum, which makes them lightweight yet unbelievably durable. Besides, PROCIRCLE barbells are affordable too. 

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 8

Figure-8 PROCIRCLE Barbell

If you own a gym, this brand can be a suitable option due to its quality and performance. You can choose between different color options. Normally, this feature is not available with other brands.

These bars are safe to use even under tough gym conditions. This is possible, as the company follows strict safety standards.   

4.8 Everise Fitness

Everise Fitness specializes in fitness & gym equipment. This brand is manufacturing some next-level fitness products for the past 8 years. One of these products is the commercial-grade barbell. 

The top-quality barbells consist of industrial-grade material (Alloy Steel). In addition, the company follows strict safety standards when making the bars. The finish of each barbell speaks for its quality.

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 9

Figure-9 Everise Fitness Barbell

Most of these barbells can withstand a weight up to 1200lbs. Everise Fitness manufactures all types of barbells. Hence, this brand can meet the barbell-related needs of your commercial gym.   


If you are looking for the best barbell manufacturer, JOINFIT can be a viable option. This Chinese brand uses high-strength steel for the manufacturing of barbells. 

Therefore, these bars offer a weight-bearing capacity up to 1500lbs. To protect their equipment, JOINFIT relies on a high-tech electroplating process. It helps to introduce antirust properties to the metal. 

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 10

Figure-10 JOINFIT Barbell

These bars meet all safety standards. Hence, JOINFIT barbells are safe to use. Besides, the damping copper sleeve lowers the dropping impact. In short, JOINFIT bars offer all those features that you see in other expensive brands.   

4.10 Wanjia Fitness

Wanjia bars have a ceramic coating, which protects them from rust and corrosion. The length of these bars starts from 1.2m and goes up to 2.2m. Asides, there are four different finishes to choose from. 

This brand uses a variety of top-quality materials for manufacturing these bars. The most common of them include stainless steel, alloy steel, and spring steel.   

10 Best Chinese Barbell Manufacturers You Must Know 11

Figure-11Wanjia Barbell

Wanjia boasts the best knurl feel due to the Zinc oxidation finish of its bars. Apart from all these features, Wanjia barbells are quite affordable.

5. Final Words

Once you have gone through this guide, it would be a lot easier to choose the best barbell manufacturer. All the Chinese brands listed above are the leading manufacturers of gym equipment. 

Hence, they offer high-quality products. These bars meet the required durability and safety standards. Therefore, you won’t regret buying products from them. 

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