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For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Wholesale Foam Roller – Definitive FAQ Guide

This is the most comprehensive FAQ guide to the wholesale foam roller.

In this FAQ guide, you will get answers to all the questions that come into mind before buying a commercial foam roller.

You will also learn how to buy commercial foam rollers in bulk.

Let’s dive right in:

Table of Contents

1. What is a foam roller?

Foam roller is an exercise tool, made of a compressed foam, that is used for intense massage and fitness training. Its shape is just like a long cylinder that comes in different types, sizes, and textures. 

Foam roller increases flexibility, relieves tight body muscles (aka. trigger points), and accelerates muscle recovery. This process of healing sore areas and relieving tension is known as myofascial release.

Foam Roller 13

Fig 1 – Foam Rollers

2. How does a foam roller work?

A foam roller functions through the body’s natural response to pressure. As you roll over sore muscle tissues, your body feels good and relaxed. It is also called self-myofascial release. 

A foam roller is light in weight and considered an affordable way to get a deep tissue massage.

3. What are the benefits of a foam roller?

Foam rollers provide a range of benefits that are as under:

  • Better body balance and stability
  • An effective way of body warm-up or cool down
  • Soothe muscle tightness and inflammation
  • Increase joint range of motion
  • Speed up blood flow to the targeted body areas
  • Provide relaxation by releasing the body tension
  • Decrease body soreness and prevent injury
  • Make workouts more effective

4. What are different types of foam rollers?

There is an extensive range of foam rollers of all sizes and shapes available in the market. And you can choose as per your body needs. The most common types of foam rollers are:

  • Smooth Foam Rollers
  • Bumpy / Textured Foam Rollers
  • The Rumble Rollers
  • Foam Massage Sticks
Foam Roller 14

Fig 2 – Foam roller types and sizes

Smooth Foam Rollers

A smooth foam roller comes with a smooth and dense outer surface. These foam rollers are ideal for those who are new to foam rolling as the pressure is not as intense. 

Smooth rollers are too less in price as compared to textured foam rollers.

Foam Roller 15

Fig 3 – Smooth foam roller

Bumpy / Textured Foam Rollers

These kinds of foam rollers are made of EVA foam and have knobs and ridges on their surface. 

Bumpy foam rollers offer texture designing to provide immediate healing for trigger points and knots. That’s why they are also known as trigger point foam rollers. 

They significantly assist in providing consistent intensity into highly sensitive areas.

Foam Roller 16

Fig 4 – Bumpy foam roller

The Rumble Rollers

It is a tremendous textured foam roller that works just like a professional therapist. The roller bumps are flexible and firm, similar to the fingers of a masseuse. 

Due to its unique design, it glides over bones effortlessly and can target deep-seated muscle pain intelligently. 

You can either go for an extra-firm or medium-density option, depending on how much relief you require.

Foam Roller 17

Fig 5 – Rumblerroller

Foam Massage Sticks 

Foam covered massage sticks are portable devices that let you massage yourself conveniently anytime and anywhere. 

They can actually be used to deep-massage the upper back or legs. They are ideal for body muscle recovery as they can target overworked muscles and even prevent pain, injuries, and cramps. 

Furthermore, they can enhance flexibility, strength, and blood circulation.

Foam Roller 18

Fig 6 – Foam massage stick

5. What are different densities of a foam roller?

A foam roller usually comes with these three density types. 

  • Low-density Foam Rollers
  • Medium-density Foam Rollers
  • High-density Foam Rollers

Low-density Foam Rollers

Low-density foam rollers are the lightest ones that will give you a soothing feel when you sit on them. 

They are ideal to use at home or in exercise classes. Besides, you can use them when you have a heavy workout, and your body muscles are stressed.

Foam Roller 19

Fig 7 – Low density foam roller

Medium-density Foam Rollers

If you are confused between low-density and high-density foam rollers, pick up medium-density foam rollers. 

These foam rollers can help in various purposes no matter if you want to do some particular exercises or like to stretch your body.

Foam Roller 20

Fig 8 – Medium density foam roller

High-density Foam Rollers

These are the most rigid foam rollers that offer intense and concentrated myofascial release. And you will feel a stiff feeling when you sit on them.  

They usually come in black color. Due to stiff construction, these foam rollers offer deeper and intense muscle relaxation. 

Usually, athletes or bodybuilders at a gym use these foam rollers to enhance their mobility and overcome severe muscle pain. Not only this, these rollers are helpful for those with deep-seated pains.

Foam Roller 21

Fig 9 – High density foam roller

6. What is the difference between a foam roller and a muscle roller?

Foam rollers are usually confused with muscle rollers. However, there is a difference between these. 

Muscle Roller

  • target the specific parts of small muscles
  • comparatively thin and long
  • have handles at either side
  • used for residential purposes

Foam Roller

  • target overall and bigger muscles
  • large & lightweight
  • thick cylinders of foam
  • don’t have any handle
  • used for commercial purposes like in a gym. 
Foam Roller 22

Fig 10 – Foam rollers vs muscle rollers

7. Where to buy wholesale foam rollers?

You can buy foam rollers in bulk from Yanre Fitness. Just send us a quick enquiry with your total items.

8. What are the advantages of buying foam rollers in bulk?

When you get the foam rollers in bulk, you get the following advantages. 

  • Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper per unit.
  • Besides the lower prices, you can also get benefits from various exciting deals. 
  • You get rid of high shipping and transportation worries. 
  • You are rest assured about the quality of products you receive. 
  • Buying foam rollers in wholesale is also environment friendly as you are effectively using less packaging. 
  • Buying in bulk also saves time. You don’t need to frequently order your desired roller. 
Foam Roller 23

Fig 11 – foam rollers in bulk

9. What is the most widely used commercial foam roller?

The answer is the high quality TriggerPoint foam roller. 

These types of foam roller have an unfilled, plastic core with foam wrapping around it. This is why these types of foam rollers offer a much softer feel. The textured surface works better as compared to plain ones. 

You may find some variations in design depending on the brand and foam roller manufacturer. 

Foam Roller 24

Fig 12 – TriggerPoint foam roller

10. What things to consider while buying wholesale foam rollers?

It is crucial to get all your confusions cleared before you finalize your product.  You should look for information via various sources i.e. customer reviews, consumer forums, products buying guides, word-of-mouth, and more. 

And here are the most important considerations while buying wholesale foam rollers. 

  • Density: Firm-density foam rollers are usually used in the gyms for deep massage and soothe sensitive areas of the body. 
  • Surface texture: Surface structure is as necessary as density. If you are not sure which structure is best for your body, then you can check out the buying guides and helping tips. 
  • Type or Shape: Before buying foam rollers in bulk, it’s also necessary to check what kind of shape you will get. Foam rollers are available in a range of shapes and so it’s better to double check before placing the order. 
  • Size: Foam rollers are also available in many different sizes. For gym and fitness studios, standard size (6’’x36’’) is the most popular. 
  • Features: Don’t forget to check out the numerous features the product is offering. Usually branded foam rollers provide some unique features than the non-branded ones. 
  • Specs: Before placing the order in bulk, check out the specs twice to be sure that you are getting the right product with the right specifications. 
  • Quality: One of the most important things to consider. Always prefer quality over quantity. There are many low-quality foam rollers available that may offer lesser prices. So be aware!
  • Product reviews: Whenever you decide to buy foam roller in bulk, it’s also wise that you check out what customers are saying for that particular item. This can change your initial thoughts. Always go with the most positive reviews!
  • Ratings: Product ratings usually describe the evaluation through stars or points. Same as product reviews, it’s a quick way to check what product is most trustable.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: Almost all reputed vendors and suppliers usually provide warranty for the product. So, it’s also good to check out how much warranty you will get before going to order in bulk.
  • Price value: You can also check the estimated value of foam rollers to the customer rather than going to check the historical prices. This way, you will better evaluate the estimated prices in bulk.  

11. What material is used to construct a commercial foam roller?

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam is used in commercial grade foam rollers due to its low density and high firmness features. 

Foam Roller 25

Fig 13 – Showing EPP polypropylene structure

12. What is the total diameter of a commercial foam roller?

Most commercial level foam rollers come with a 6” (15 cm) diameter. 

Foam Roller 26

Fig 14 – Foam roller with 6_ diameter

13. What different lengths are available for commercial foam rollers?

Commercial grade foam rollers are usually come in 2 sizes: 

  • Standard size (6’’×36’’) 
  • Half size (6’’×18’’) 

A half-size roller is ideal for traveling. On the other side, a standard size (36-inch) foam roller is usually used for full bodywork. 

Foam Roller 27

Fig 15 – Sizes of foam rollers

14. What is the average weight of a commercial foam roller?

The weight will vary from type to type. Usually, a trigger point high density foam roller weighs around 1 pound. 

15. What are the dimensions of a commercial foam roller?

The average dimension of a commercial level foam roller is approx. 6’’x6’’x36’’. 

16. Is it possible to get custom foam rollers?

Yes, you can get custom foam rollers from Yanre Fitness. 

We offer these products in different shapes, sizes, and exciting colors that you can customize with your own foam roller logo. 

17. What is the wholesale price of a commercial foam roller?

You can purchase a single foam roller at as low as $1 when you buy in bulk. Whereas, the per-unit price of a good quality commercial foam roller starts from $30 and goes up to $60. 

18. What density foam rollers are ideal for the gym?

High-density or firm density foam rollers are usually used in the gyms for intense massage.

19. Why import foam rollers in bulk from China?

China is the biggest foam roller manufacturer in the world. Not only this, China is also one of the biggest foam roller suppliers that provide bulk foam rollers to other countries. 

Since china is the biggest foam roller manufacturer and supplier, you will get some great benefits when you purchase from China such as:

  • Lowest prices
  • Best quality products
  • Ultimate variety 
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Product guarantee
  • And more!

20. Final Words

We hope you got a lot of value out of this wholesale foam rollers FAQ guide.

If anything is still questionable, you can consult with us. 

So which way are you going to buy these effective foam rollers?

Will you prefer to buy them per unit?

Or interested to purchase in bulk?

Either way, contact Yanre Fitness to get a quick quote today. 

Don’t forget to customize them in your own way.