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Multipower Rack – Definitive FAQ Guide

Multipower racks have become very popular among gym owners. We’ve created this multipower rack buying guide to help you determine the right one for your gym.

As a gym owner, you’ll need to make sure you have the right multi power rack to meet your member’s needs. 

This FAQ guide will help you select the most suitable power rack while providing essential questions and answers related to this gym equipment. So, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

What is a multipower rack?

A multipower rack is a piece of gym equipment consisting of various exercising capacities. Weightlifters can do both the counterbalanced barbell and vertical movement.

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Figure-1: A multipower rack 

What are the functions of multipower racks?

Multipower racks are used in gyms to provide flexibility to perform various strength exercises such as:

  • Free barbell squats
  • Free barbell deadlift
  • Gravitational upward
  • Asuka training
  • Barrel training
  • Parallel bars training
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Figure-2: Functions of a multipower rack 

What are different types of multipower racks available?

Following multi power rack is now available in the market:

What is the weight of a multipower rack?

The weight of a multipower rack is usually 300-320 kg.

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Figure-3: Normal weight of a multipower rack 

How much weight can a multipower rack hold?

A multipower rack can hold a maximum weight of 300 kg. Following materials are used to make it strong, which helps to have a maximum weight capacity.

  • Douglas Fir or Equivalent Wood.
  • Flat Steel Ties 
  • Degree Steel Ties
  • Star Bit Wood Screws.
  • Star Bit Wood Screws.
  • Drill Bit For Pilot Holes.
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Figure-4: Showing the weight capacity of a multipower rack 

You can get your desired information from this tutorial. Here is the link. 

What are the dimensions of a multipower rack?

The dimensions tell about the total space a multipower rack will take. 

And the average size of a commercial-grade rack is around 230x120x110cm.

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Figure-5: Showing dimensions of a multipower rack 

How is a multipower rack different from a commercial power rack? 

Commercial Power Rack vs. Multi Power Rack 

The commercial power rack is used for the heavy lifting facility. It is safe for heavy weight lifting.

On the other hand, the multipower rack has multiple ways of doing exercise, which is way more diversified than the commercial power rack.

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How to assemble the multipower rack?

Gym owners often choose attachments on their multi-powerlifting racks. Three primary attachments are Step Platform, Core Plate, and Dip Attachment.

The multipower racks are adjustable, which brings comfort on functional training to the lifting zone. Other extra attachments are a flat row bench, grappler attachment, and medicine ball storage.

The following accessories need to slot smoothly into position:

  • Lat attachment 
  • Dip attachment 
  • Heavy-duty weight bench extra lift-offs

What type of benches should you use for multi power racks?

Multi-adjustable benches are best for use with multi power racks. It helps for training inside the rack.

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Figure-7: Showing the bench of a multipower rack 

How much space is needed for a multipower rack?

For a gym with a multipower rack, barbell, plates, and a bench, a minimum space of 7.5′ by 8′ is necessary. 

Comfortable and decent space next to the bar of a full-sized barbell is 9′ by 8′.

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 Figure-8: Showing a power rack in gym space

What are the features you should look for in a multipower rack for your gym?

You should consider the following features while deciding on purchasing a multipower rack:

  • Ability to anchor the multipower rack to the floor.
  • Strong welds and high-quality materials.
  • Flexible rack for adding resistance.
  • Safety spotter arm attachments.
  • Safety sling attachments.
  • Olympic weight storage. 
  • Safety bars with rubber-coated hooks.
  • Thick gauge steel construction.

What are things you should avoid while buying a multipower rack?

The market offers many different kinds of multipower racks. To choose the best one from the stack of multipower racks, you need to decide based on an educated guess. 

Here are some things which you need to avoid while choosing the best multi power rack for your gym:

Following things need to avoid:

  • multi power rack, which lacked steel gauge and dimensions.
  • The standard length is 14 gauge, 12 is minimum.
  • Low weight capacity multipower rack.
  • Multipower rack which has more than 2 inches hole.
  • If you do not have a gym in your basement, choose a 7′ high stand.

What are the accessories provided with a multipower rack?

Yare provides the following accessories with a multipower rack:

  • 52*60.2*84.3- inch power rack
  • A cable lat pulldown machine
  • A pull-up bar
  • A pair of spotter’s arms
  • A couple of safety bar catches
  • A lat pulldown bar and a low row bar

Note: Bars, weight plates, and bench are not included

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Figure-9: Showing the accessories of a multipower rack

Should I buy a modular or fixed package power raking system?

Multipower rack has two types of available options to choose multiple alternatives. One is a modular system that allows purchasing the base rack first. Then the buyer can select the attachments they want. It has benefits that you don’t have to pay, which you do not like. 

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Figure-10: Showing the modular power racking system

Another type is the fixed package system, where specific attachments are included. You have no choice to choose what you want. We recommend you purchase a modular multi power rack.

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Figure-11: Showing the fixed power racking system

What are the attachments I should consider while choosing a multipower rack?

If you want a straightforward system in your gym, selecting the right attachments will give you the possible combinations of workouts.

Here are some standard attachments that can help you reach your weight lifting goals:

  • Chin up bars
  • Monkey bars
  • Lat pull down seat
  • Lat pulldown and low row
  • J-Hooks
  • Band pegs
  • Core trainers
  • Dip handle
  • Plate holders
  • Benches

How much does a multipower rack cost?

Generally, the price of a complete multi power rack starts from 320USD and goes just over 445USD. The prices of a multipower rack vary depending on various factors, type, brand, and attachments you buy.

Are the multipower racks of Yanre scratch-resistant?

Yes, a scratch-resistant coating finish is used to increase the aesthetic and durability. 3*3-inch heavy-gauge steel is used, and four non-skid rubber feet keep the multipower rack stable for all kinds of exercises.

Can the multipower racks materials pass the chemical test?

Yes, the multipower rack of Yanre can pass the chemical test. We use a steel tube, PU leather, a stainless tube that is clinically tested after production.

Do multipower racks come with safety bars?

Yes, Yanre multipower racks have integrated safety systems for more efficient movement. Intelligent lock design allows us to adjust safety pins faster and easier.

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Figure 12 – Showing safety pin of a multipower rack 

Do multipower racks of Yanre have a spotter’s arm?

Yes, the spotter’s arms have thick rubber pads to decrease noise. They also protect the barbell from damage. Besides, the shortened front design allows the bar to stay safely in the rack.

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Figure-13: Showing the spotter’s arm of multipower rack

Where should you keep the power rack in the gym?

The bulk weight of a multi power rack has an impact on the floors. So, we always recommend that you set your gym upon a ground floor – preferably in a garage or basement – and not upstairs. 

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Figure-14: A multipower rack in real gym space

You’ll need to add at 84cm or 50cm to the total width required for a commercial grade multi power rack. But this largely depends on the bar you purchase with a multipower rack.  

The right bar will ensure you have enough for the weight bar sleeves on either side.

Final Words

We have tried our best to answer all the questions. If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact our team mentioned below.

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