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Shoulder Press Machine for Sale – Definitive FAQ Guide

Do you want to buy equipment for your gym that will help your clients isolate and develop powerful shoulder muscles? 

Then go for the shoulder press machine that is for sale at Yanre Fitness. 

This guide has a lot of details on the shoulder press machine’s features, and here you will find answers to your questions about the shoulder press machine, including information on the shoulder press machine starting weight.

Okay, let’s jump in and check out the frequently asked questions on the shoulder press machine.

Table of Contents

What is a shoulder press machine?

A shoulder press machine is the ideal gym equipment to help you target and develop your deltoid or shoulder muscles.

The shoulder press machine goes by several names. For instance, It is also called double arm overhead shoulder press or Shoulder press dual track.

What are the types of shoulder press machines?

There are several ways of categorizing the shoulder press machines. One way is to categorize them based on the exercise position:

  • Seated shoulder press machine. The seated shoulder press machine allows you to exercise your shoulder muscles while in a seated position.

This gym equipment has excellent mechanical and ergonomic features to ensure that you mainly focus on isolating your shoulder muscles.

  • Inclined shoulder press machine. This shoulder press machine enables you to work on your shoulder muscles while in a comfortable inclined position. 

This position makes this gym equipment ideal for beginners.

  • Standing shoulder press machine. The standing shoulder press machine enables you to perform your repetitions while standing upright.

The shoulder press machine can also be categorized based on the weights in use. In this way you have:

  • Plate loaded shoulder press machine. The plate loaded shoulder press machine uses weight plates to offer resistance during your workout.
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  • Pin loaded or selectorized shoulder press machine

The pin loaded shoulder press machine uses a weight stack to vary resistance when doing your reps. 

A weight stack usually consists of weight plates that are rectangular in shape. These plates have an arrangement of one on top of the other thus forming the weight stack. 

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Shoulder Press Machine 15

How many cables are used in the shoulder press machine?

The number of cables the shoulder press machine uses can either be one or two. And this number will depend on the type and model of the machine.

It is important to note that cables are only found in the pin loaded shoulder press machine. And the benefit of cables is that they provide constant tension as you work out.

Double cable: In this situation the shoulder press machine will have two cables. Each one of the cables provides resistance to each arm.

Both the seated and standing shoulder press machines can have the double cable.

Single cable: The single cable will normally be found in the seated or inclined selectorized shoulder press machine. 

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What is the breaking strength of the cable used in the shoulder press machine?

The shoulder press machine uses aircraft cables with a breaking strength of either 1905kg or 907kg. These breaking strengths are found in the or 4.8mm cables respectively. 

These cables consist of a 3/16 inch stranded wire to make them stronger and more flexible. They are also coated with nylon that makes them smooth and also protects them.

What is the starting resistance of the shoulder press machine?

The starting resistance of the shoulder press machine ranges from 1.5kg to 5kg. 

This resistance varies depending on the types of weights used. It will also depend on whether the shoulder press machine is iso-lateral or not.

Can people of different sizes effectively use the shoulder press machine?

Of course yes. The shoulder press machine has hand grips that are positioned in a forward and frontal plane. 

These positions allow a variety of users to use the shoulder press machine comfortably. The handgrip design helps to prevent straining of the lower areas of the back. It also ensures that your wrist is comfortable as you work out.

Though, the design of the handgrip will depend on the type and model of the machine.

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Which are the best handles for the double cable shoulder press machine?

The D handles give the best exercise experience when using the double cable shoulder press machine.

The reason for them being suitable is that they enable you to have move and rotate your shoulders naturally.

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Figure 16: D handle with snap hook

Does the shoulder press machine have a high net weight?

The net weight of the shoulder press machine varies. It can be as low as 150 kg, while other types can have a net weight as high as 400kg. 

Generally, the standing shoulder press machines are heavier than the seated ones.

What is the maximum load capacity of the shoulder press machine?

The maximum load capacity of the shoulder press machine ranges between 100kg to 300kg. 

The maximum load capacity will depend on the type, model and size of the gym equipment.  Though the plate loaded shoulder press machines tend to have a higher maximum load capacity.

Can you adjust the shoulder press machine?

Yes it is. The shoulder press machine is adjustable. 

With these adjustments the gym equipment is able to fit people of different shapes and sizes. The shoulder press machine has a seat pad that is adjustable. 

For the seat, users are able to adjust it to eight different height positions. 

Though, your capacity to adjust the seat depends on its model and  type. Adjusting the seat is easy. All you have to do is raise it.

You can change the height of the seat using the lock. located below the seat pad. After unlocking the seat, adjust it to the height that best fits you. Then you lock it back again.

This makes the plate shoulder press machine ideal for people of different heights. 

Can I assemble the shoulder press machine on my own?

Of course, yes. The shoulder press machine is easy to assemble on your own. This is despite its excellent biomechanical features.

This gym equipment has a user-friendly manual to help you. The machine also has high-precision bolts and nuts to make assembling the machine easy.

So, is this the first time you are buying the machine? If so, you will be amazed at how the shoulder press machine will be ready for use.

The shoulder press machine comes with an easy user manual. This manual will walk you through the steps of assembling the machine.
Though, you have the option of getting a professional to assemble the mahine for you.

Can the shoulder press machine withstand water and rust?

Yes, shoulder press machine’s finishing protects it from rust. It also makes the machine waterproof.

The shoulder press machine finishing includes a coat of polyethylene. The polyethylene is to prevent corrosion and rust. 

The frame is given a powder coat to give it a pleasant look. The powder coat is made permanent by using heat or ultraviolet radiation. 

It is important to use high quality material. Since the quality of the materials determines their capacity to resist rusting and scratches. 

At Yanre Fitness we believe in using only the best quality materials. These materials are long lasting and are resistant to abrasions and rust. 

What type of material is used in the shoulder press machine?

The shoulder press machine is built from materials that ensure an enjoyable experience. 

The machine is designed with state-of-the-art engineering. 

Its mechanical and ergonomic features ensure maximum focus on the shoulder muscles. The materials include:

Steel frame: The shoulder press machine is made from commercial 100 X 50 mm tubes. It is this feature that makes the machine sturdy while giving it a rugged appearance.

Seat and backrest. The seat and backrest are made from durable upholstery. The upholstery gives them a pleasant appearance.

The seat of the shoulder press machine also has spring-loaded cushions. 

Besides, the seat and backrest of the shoulder press machine have ergonomic precision. 

This ensures that your back gets supported while you are working out. It also guides you to the correct position while doing your repetitions. 

Rubber feet: The plate shoulder press machine has a base with high-quality rubber feet. The rubber feet are shock absorbing while preventing the machine’s frame from sliding.

The rubber feet are also helpful in preventing damage on the floor due to scratching, or by abrasion.

Weights stack cover. The plate shoulder press machine is made from durable abs material. This abs enable the cover to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Do you need more information to guide you in buying the shoulder press machine? Check out the buying guide at Yanre Fitness. It is quite helpful.

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Figure 17: Shoulder press pin loaded machine

Does the seated shoulder press machine come with a footpad?

The shoulder press machine’s model and type will determine if the machine has a footpad.

 Generally, most shoulder press machines do not have a footpad.

Shoulder Press Machine 22

Figure 18: Shoulder press pin loaded machine

Can I get additional accessories with the shoulder press machine?

Yes it does. The shoulder press machine has the following accessories:

  • Integrated storage. This feature enables you to store your personal items at arm’s reach on the shoulder press machine. For instance, your personal effects are easily accessible. For instance, like your towel, phone and water bottle.
  • Towel locking device: This device enables you to attach your towel on the shoulder press machine.
  • Smart pin: This is a feature that is included on top of the weight stack. 

It will enable you to choose an extra weight plate that is half the weight of those in the rest of the stack. The smart pin will conveniently let you increase your load gradually.

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Shoulder Press Machine 24
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Does the shoulder press machine you have for sale come with instructional placards?

Yes, the shoulder press machine we have for sale has an informative placard. 

This instructional placard shows details of the exercise movements. These details of the motions on the shoulder press machine are in large diagrams. Such that you will be confident to perform the workouts alone even as a beginner.

The placard also has a QR-code for video instructions. The video instructions will help perfect your repetitions. All this is from the comfort of your phone.

Shoulder Press Machine 26

Figure 22: Instructional Placard

How much does the shoulder press machine cost? 

The shoulder press machine has a range of prices that range from $400 to $3399. This price will depend on the size, model and type of the machine.

The price will also depend on the number of pieces of the machine you want to buy.

So, do you want to buy the shoulder press machine for sale at Yanre Fitness? Kindly contact us with your specifications. And we send you a quotation.


Was this FAQ guide useful to you? It is our joy to know that our answers satisfied your questions and concerns on the shoulder press machine. In case you need more detailed answers, please send us an email. So, do you want to purchase the shoulder press machine in bulk? Then reach us through our contact page to get a quick quote today.