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Commercial Elliptical MachineDefinitive FAQ Guide

The commercial elliptical machine is one of the most favoured exercise machines globally.  It is fast becoming the top choice for commercial gym exercise equipment.

The elliptical trainer is one of the only machines to offer a complete upper and lower body workout. The holistic cardio workout also places little stress on a user’s joints.

Are you looking for a commercial elliptical machine manufacturer? One that supplies premium quality gym and fitness equipment at wholesale prices. Then we have what you are looking for!

In this FAQ guide, we dive into everything you need to know about a commercial elliptical machine. 

Table of Contents

1. What is an elliptical machine?

An elliptical machine or elliptical trainer is an indoor, stationary training machine.

  • Offers users the same workout as running, climbing stairs, or walking
  • Has less impact on the joints
  • Low impact decreases a user’s risk of sustaining muscle or joint injuries
  • Great for athletes during recovery training
  • Excellent for athletes with special requirements
  • Offers unique workouts
  • Excellent for muscle rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Great for athletes who do not like working out on cycling or rowing equipment.

The commercial elliptical machine is a superb tool to add to a fitness studio or commercial gym. Yanre Fitness specializes in designing and manufacturing the highest quality elliptical machines. We can supply you with the best elliptical machine.

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Figure 1: Elliptical Machine

2. What are the benefits of an elliptical machine?

There are seven notable benefits of an elliptical machine. This makes it an outstanding tool to include in your fitness studio or gym.

Stamina and Cardio

A commercial elliptical machine allows users the benefit of cardio workouts and stamina training. All in one workout session. The cardio training assists users with the full development of heart and muscle fitness.

The elliptical training machine allows athletes to access a holistic cardio workout. All this whilst boosting endurance and stamina.

Calorie Burn and Weight-loss

The commercial elliptical trainer can burn up to 400 calories in a half an hour workout session. This is what makes this machine so popular in gyms and fitness centers around the world.

Less Pressure on Joints

The elliptical cross trainer allows injured athletes to continue training. It allows working out with less pressure on their joints.

Complete Body Workout

The commercial elliptical trainer targets all muscles. It trains your core, back, biceps, triceps, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. 

It is one of the few commercial cardio machines that offers users a complete upper body and lower body workout.

Better Balancing

The commercial elliptical cross-training machine is well known for improving athlete balance. When athletes train and release the handles, it pulls focus to their core muscles. This in turn aids to better their balance.

Injury Recovery

Training on an elliptical machine during injury recovery assists users to maintain fitness. It also helps to regain complete muscle strength and motion. All while placing little strain on the joints or injured muscles. The low-impact exercises help with cardio development. And stamina training is hassle-free with almost zero joint pressure.

Several Training and Resistance Options

Commercial elliptical training machines offer users a variety of adjustable, pre-programmed training routines. Most routines mimic outdoor exercises such as running, hill climbing, or speed training. The adjustable resistance ensures that users get the best workout required, every time.

3. What is the difference between a cross-trainer machine and an elliptical machine?

There is one distinct difference between a cross trainer and an elliptical machine. The cross trainer offers moveable handlebars while the elliptical machine has stationary handlebars.

Cross Trainer Machine

  • Works upper body as well as lower body
  • Moveable bars with pushing and pulling motion
  • Trains glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, lower shin, triceps, biceps, chest, and core muscles
  • Moveable handlebars make it more difficult to balance
  • Dual motion for forwarding and backward motion

Elliptical Machine

  • Works the lower body
  • Stationary bar
  • Trains only glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and shins
  • Easy balancing with a stationary bar
  • Adjustable incline to increase the difficulty

4. What is the difference between an elliptical machine and a recumbent elliptical machine?

The main difference between an elliptical machine and a recumbent elliptical is the seating position.

The upright elliptical offers users a holistic cross-training workout in a standing position. The pedals are underneath the user for a downward stepping motion. This training machine is tougher on the user’s muscles and joints. And it requires a bit more balance than the recumbent elliptical.

The recumbent elliptical offers users the same features as the elliptical machine. Only in a seated position. This machine is an excellent tool for athletes and users who struggle with balance or injury. The pedals are more to the front for a horizontal stepping motion.

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Figure 2: Elliptical Machine vs Elliptical Recumbent (Image src: Healthy O Healthy)

5. How do I lubricate a commercial elliptical machine?

To lubricate an elliptical machine is easy. If often done, it will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

Regular lubrication and maintenance of your machine are important for the following reasons:

  • All elliptical machines contain metal gears and metal parts
  • The motion of the elliptical has these parts and gears grinding against each other
  • These metal parts will become noisy and wear out if not lubricated and maintained
  • After a time, the machine can stop working completely
  • Maintenance and lubrication of your elliptical machine will extend the life and use of your machine
  • Only use commercial-grade lubricants on your machines

6. How do I connect the power on an elliptical machine?

The plug point or power connection of your elliptical machine is on the main hub of your machine.

Once you locate the side panel and housing unit, follow the clear instructions in your user guide. This will help you to connect your commercial cross trainer to the power outlet.

7. What makes the Yanre Fitness elliptical machine unique?

The Yanre Fitness commercial elliptical machine offers a dual cross-training function. There are very few other exercise machines that can offer this.

The moveable handlebars create a full-body workout. This combined with a forward and backward pedal motion give the user a total upper and lower body workout. The unique body resistance technology helps for more intense cardiovascular and stamina workouts.

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Figure 3: Use of an Elliptical Machine (Image src: Amazon)

8. What are the specifications of a quality commercial elliptical machine?

Yanre Fitness manufactures commercial elliptical machines with superior specifications for the best user comfort.

Only the best quality materials are used to manufacture our elliptical machines. This is to ensure durability and total customer satisfaction. Our unique designs ensure an effective workout, every time.

Our elliptical machines are custom designed to fit your needs and offer the following specs:

  • Self-generating machine
  • A-grade power system
  • Superior Magnetic Flywheel
  • Excellent adjustable resistance levels
  • 15+ level tension control
  • Heart rate display track
  • Can take up to 140 KG
  • Commercial Grade certificate

9. Is it easy to assemble an elliptical machine?

Yes, it is easy to self-assemble a commercial elliptical machine in your gym or fitness studio.

Elliptical manufacturers pre-assemble most of the parts in the factory. This helps with a quick and hassle-free assembly of the last parts in your gym or studio.

Follow the step-by-step instructions on the detailed user guide.

10. How to assemble an elliptical machine?

Take note of the below steps if you are self-assembling your elliptical trainer.

11. How to adjust the settings on a commercial elliptical machine?

It only takes a few seconds to adjust the training settings on your elliptical machine.

12. Where do I find the serial number of an elliptical machine?

The serial number of a commercial elliptical machine is on the hub or holding frame.

The serial number will be a series of letters and numbers. You will find it on a silver or white sticker next to your power connection. 

13. How to care for an elliptical machine?

There are three main areas to note when caring for your elliptical trainer. It is cleaning, maintaining, and lubricating.

Maintaining a commercial elliptical machine is not expensive, if done often.

Ensure that your elliptical machine undergoes general maintenance and regular cleaning often.

  • Wipe the edge of the elliptical belt
  • Wipe the areas between the mainframe and belt edge, to remove dirt, at least once a week
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any built-up debris or dust from inside the hood of your machine
  • Maintain and clean the elliptical rollers once every two months
  • Maintain and clean the guide rails once a month
  • Use a good lubricant on the rails and belt

Elliptical machines that look good and work well, undergo regular maintenance. This will ensure that your elliptical trainer operates at full functionality.

14. What is the wholesale price of a commercial elliptical machine?

Commercial elliptical trainers are available in bulk for as little as $1825.

At Yanre Fitness we pride ourselves in offering only the best elliptical trainers. Our custom-designed machines will be great in your commercial gym or fitness studio.

Order your premium quality, elliptical trainers, in bulk now!

15. Final Words

China offers some of the top manufacturers of great fitness equipment in the world.

We can ensure you of the best quality. Yanre Fitness offers only the best elliptical trainers at the most affordable wholesale prices.

Want to import commercial grade elliptical machines in bulk from China? Contact us Right now!