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  • We Manufacture Commercial Quality Kettlebells that are Built to Endure Long-Term Usage, Ensuring Durability and Reliability.
  • Our Kettlebells are Designed with a Professional Movement Angle for Optimal Workouts, Ensuring Effective and Efficient Training.
  • We Offer Competitive Pricing, High-Quality Products, and a Strong Brand Reputation for Maximum Customer Satisfaction.

  • Our Kettlebells are Made of Solid Cast for a Durable Handle that can Withstand Heavy Usage and Provide a Comfortable Grip.
  • The Kettlebells are Designed with a Flat Base for Easy Upright Storage, Saving Space and Ensuring Convenience.
  • We Offer a Wide Range of Kettlebell Weights to Suit Everyone’s Fitness Needs, Making it Accessible and Inclusive for All.
  • Kettlebells are a Great Option for Getting a Full-Body Workout, Enhancing Strength, Endurance, and Overall Fitness.
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YR Fitness has channeled over $8M into technology development across two decades:

  • Established an expert-driven R&D center, converging fields from exercise physiology to technological innovation.
  • Unwavering focus on delivering uniquely designed, budget-friendly fitness equipment.
  • Engineered with distinctive movement angles and designs, our strength equipment excels in the professional arena.

Visitors consistently marvel at our manufacturing prowess during factory tours

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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with YR Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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For more than 20 years, YR Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Kettlebell Manufacturers – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Kettlebells, or cannonballs, have increased in popularity in the last 20 years. Today, this fitness equipment is much appreciated by worldwide gym users. 

As a gym owner, you must please the thirst for kettlebell training. Kettlebell manufacturers provide variate models suitable for weightlifters, athletes, and fitness amateurs. 

Finding the right kettlebells manufacturer for your gym can be daunting. So we prepared this FAQ guide to help you find the right business partner. 

Let’s start.

Table of Contents

How to find a reliable kettlebell manufacturer?

Looking for a reliable kettlebell manufacturer can be difficult. You should keep in mind official sources, transparency, communication, and onsite visits. 

Official sources. Look for kettlebells manufacturers only on official web sources, such as: 

  • B2B websites
  • experienced gym manufacturers
  • official gym forums and customer reviews 
  • specialty trade shows or exhibitions

Transparency. For a reliable impression, a manufacturer must be transparent. You should look for facts about: 

  • Official data about the company (registration information, websites, social media platforms, call center)
  • The production in-sights
  • Raw materials
  • Shipment and costs

Communication. The basis of any future business agreement is to communicate straight and clear. Your supplier must know what are your expectations. This is why when choosing a kettlebell manufacturer, make sure:

  • Your supplier can communicate in at least two foreign languages, including English
  • Your supplier can help with your order through his website
  • Your supplier can solve any problem along the way or any last-minute issues
  • Your supplier maintains a professional tone at all times during your communication. 

Onsite visits. A decisive factor for choosing the right kettlebell supplier can be an onsite visit. Your manufacturer should be able to organize such visits. All reliable manufacturers must present to you the factory. 

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Figure 1 YR Fitness gym equipment factory in China

Where to find professional kettlebell manufacturers?

China is the largest kettlebell and other gym equipment manufacturer worldwide. It is also called the “factory of the world”. Chinese factories have been a key supplier and kettlebell forger for decades. China has a massive global production output that has surpassed its rivals. 

Manufacturers from China provide a mix of quality products at affordable prices. Kettlebell manufacturers in China work after the client’s requirements. Thus, you will find both low and high-quality products. 

YR Fitness is a premium kettlebell manufacturer. We are in the top 3 Chinese most renowned factories for gym and fitness equipment. You will surely want to consider us as a supplier for your gym.

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Figure 2 China, the factory of the world

What certifications should a kettlebell manufacturer have?

Reliable kettlebell manufacturers should comply with quality and health and safety certifications. 

Quality. SGS certification is the most prestigious quality certification for a kettlebell manufacturer. It is the leading international evidence of inspection, verification, and authentication method. 

An SGS certification shows if the manufacturer produces kettlebell at international standards.

Another quality certificate is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). This is an independent and international organization. They ensure standard quality and efficiency of products and services.  

Health and safety. For many kettlebell manufacturers, the OHSAS certification is a must. The occupational health and safety standard controls all possible risks. They also improve performance in the manufacturing industry. 

When selecting your kettlebells supplier, make sure he complies with all important certifications. This information should be public, easily reachable, and transparent. 

Kettlebell 14

Figure 3 ISO certified kettlebells 

What type of kettlebells do manufacturers produce?

There are two main types of kettlebells manufacturing: 

  • commercial cast iron kettlebells 
  • competition kettlebells 

The only difference between the two types of kettlebells is the handle diameter and the shape. While commercial kettlebells tend to be larger and rounder, competition kettlebells have smaller handle diameters, with a squarer design. This helps to get a better grip. 

Kettlebell 15

Figure 4 Commercial grade and competition kettlebells 

How do manufacturers produce kettlebells?

Normally, kettlebells are made by casting iron into standard-shaped molders. This can be made by two methods: 

  • The single piece casting, or lost foam casting
  • The two-piece casting 

Time showed that quality kettlebells are made by the lost foam casting process. It is safer, stronger, and more durable. The two-piece assembly is also commercial-grade kettlebell manufacture but its lifespan is shorter. 

In your search you may find kettlebells manufacturers that weld the handles on the bell. You should avoid any of these kettlebell factories. It greatly endanger your clients’ safety. 

What is the quality control process of the kettlebell manufacturers?

Quality control process is a must for any kettlebell or gym equipment manufacturer. This is the fundament for factoring quality equipment. The quality control process is essential for:

  • meeting the products quality specifications
  • complying with the legal regulation of fitness equipment manufacturing
  • fulfilling the clients’ requirements 
  • minimizing product returns

Manufacturers who achieve the best results divide the process into several steps. The manufacturers, operators, and engineers work together. They supervise the entire manufacturing process, rather than just at the end. 

Normally, a sample is produced first. If it passes the quality control, the manufacturer orders mass production. If the product is not good, the manufacturing process starts from the beginning. The manufacturer modifies where needed. 

High-quality kettlebell manufacturers follow strict guidelines:

  • Manufacture from superior materials, such as cast iron or steel
  • Use the single piece casting process
  • Use a single dimension of the bell, for all weights 
  • Apply quality coating for durability, chip, and rust-resistant
  • Have flat bottom finish 
  • Do not have visible seams, holes, or other construction imperfections

Low-quality manufacturers fill the holes with cheaper material. But, this procedure affects the overall weight uniformity of the kettlebell. Make sure you stay away from this type of manufacturer. 

Kettlebell 16

Figure 6 Example of quality control steps of kettlebells manufacturing 

What do the OEM and ODM stand for in the kettlebell manufacturer business?

OEM is the short version of the original equipment manufacturer statement. An OEM company can supply the design for the kettlebells. But licenses out a manufacturer to produce them.

ODM is the short version of the original design manufacturer. An ODM company can design, develop and manufacture kettlebells. Thus, no third parties were included. 

YR Fitness is a wholesale premium kettlebells and gym equipment manufacturer. We are self-design sports equipment experts. We have the capacity to:

  • provide full ODM services, according to your needs
  • manufacture high-quality kettlebells, in small or large quantities 
  • provide wholesale kettlebell prices worldwide

With a research and development department in Beijing, YR Fitness designs kettlebells in-house. YR supplies sports equipment to Olympic athletes, university sports teams, and government agencies. 

Kettlebell 17

Figure 7 OEM and ODM kettlebell manufacture 

Why buy kettlebells from China manufacturers?

Chinese kettlebell manufacturers have been the world’s main supplying center of kettlebells since the beginning of the 90s. The accumulated experience helps them provide:

  • Large production of kettlebells 
  • Cost-effective manufacture of kettlebells
  • All types of quality kettlebells
  • Effective exportation logistics
  • Fast delivery of kettlebells
  • Competent labor force
  • New product development capacity 
Kettlebell 18

Figure 8 Bulk kettlebells from Chinese factory

Where are the kettlebell manufacturers based in China?

The most known regions for commercial quality kettlebell manufacture are: 

  • Jiangsu Province 
  • Shandong Province 
  • Hebei Province

However, from the three regions above, the Jiangsu region is well known. Its superior manufacture of commercial kettlebells for gym and fitness centers is recognized.

Kettlebell 19

Figure 9 Gym Equipment industry plan in China

Where do China kettlebell manufacturers export the most?

The Chinese kettlebell market is oriented towards the large consumers. Most of their clients are based in the U.S.A, Europe, and Asia.

The interest in kettlebell training peaked last year, due to the pandemic situation. Thus, the export market rose even by 150%. America is one of the countries that doubled kettlebell sales. Europe found itself in a kettlebells shortage situation, without an available supplier. 

Kettlebell 20

Figure 10 Example of kettlebells market growth 

What is the wholesale price of kettlebell manufacturers?

As a gym owner, you must know that the price of kettlebells does not apply to pieces. Kettlebells are paid by their weight.

Kettlebell manufacturers should have the lowest prices on the market. Prices start as low as 1 $ per kg. The price is also flexible. It  depends on the final kettlebell quantity you want to buy. 

However, you should not always buy the cheapest product on the market. But consider quality too. Kettlebells made from quality cast iron or steel last a lifetime. Even if you might pay an extra penny, it will reflect on the quality of the kettlebell and its lifespan. 

Kettlebell 21

Figure 11 Kettlebells wholesale price 

Will the manufacturer provide the documents for exporting kettlebells?

Yes. The manufacturers will provide all necessary documents for a safe export process. You will find it in the shipment box. 

Normally, the required documents for export are:

  • Contract of sales
  • Invoice
  • Airway bill
  • Certificate of origin 
  • Insurance of the products 

Before placing the order, you should discuss with your kettlebell supplier. The export regulations are difficult. You should know exactly what he can and he cannot do for you. 

If any problems should happen with your pack, the manufacturer cannot solve it. The manufacturer is only in charge of the shipment, not the export process in itself. 

You must clear all custom issues with the help of a customs agent or hire someone. 

Kettlebell 22

Figure 12 Commercial invoice example 

What is the most helpful payment scheme to kettlebell manufacturers?

Most kettlebell manufacturers prefer to split the payment into several stages: deposit, quality control, and delivery. This is also the most beneficial payment scheme for gym owners too. It offers more control over the entire procedure, deadlines requirements, and payment plan.

Deposit. This is done before the kettlebell production starts. It is seen as a guarantee from buyers. Could be anything from 0 – 50% of the total price. Normally, this is about 20% of the price. 

Quality control. Some manufacturers prefer to receive more money after the quality control. If your kettlebells are standard, you will get a notice, with proofs. Payment could be between 30 – 50 % of the total price. 

Delivery. Your final payment will be made after the kettlebells are delivered to your country. You will inspect the equipment and make the final payment. Normally, it is about 30 % of the total price. 

Note that conditions can vary, according to the manufacturer. Some buyers need to pay 100% in advance. Others pay the full price after the kettlebells have been delivered to them. Payment terms can be negotiated.It depends on the order, the quantity, the price, and the business history. 

How can I establish a long-term relationship with my kettlebell manufacturer?

Good relationships with your kettlebell manufacturer is a win-win situation for both parties. To make long-term business agreements, you must:

  • Pay on time
  • Respect the contract
  • Have constant orders
  • Be reliable and honest

A good business relationship with your suppliers is preferable. It can bring: free samples, promotional products, or discounts.

Kettlebell 23

Figure 13 Long term business relationship 

Is it easy to return the order to my kettlebell manufacturer if I am not satisfied with the quality?

Yes. If you have a business agreement with your manufacturer, it should be easy to return your order. Just follow your contract clauses. 

If you just began the collaboration, you must clarify what are the return policies. 

Normally, only kettlebells that have factory imperfections must be returned. 

Kettlebell 24

Figure 14 Processing a return to the manufacturer

Can the kettlebell manufacturer personalize my kettlebells?

Yes. Kettlebells can be custom-made for any client worldwide. This will benefit your gym’s image. 

YR Fitness is a commercial expert-made gym equipment supplier. Kettlebells are manufactured by the lost foam casting. We can imprint your logo directly on the core of the bell. This gives a professional look to your kettlebells. 

Final words

I hope the above guide has answered most of the important questions about kettlebell manufacturers.  

If something is still questionable, contact YR Fitness sales team right now. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting kettlebells. 

We are here to help you with your business. Ask for a quick quote right now!