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  • The medicine ball is made with high-quality rubber that can bounce off hard surfaces without losing shape.

  • The textured finish provides an excellent grip, making it easier to hold and use during workouts.
  • The design is also non-slip and comfortable, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience.
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Yanre Fitness has channeled over $8M into technology development across two decades:

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Wholesale Medicine Ball – Definitive FAQ Guide

Buying the medicine ball in wholesale can surely help you in adding a pretty useful and versatile fitness gear to your gym.

So let’s go through these questions regarding medicine ball for making the best choice:

Table of Contents

What is a medicine ball?

Medicine ball is a weighted exercise ball designed for strength training, functional muscle training and cardio training exercises. Medicine ball is an ideal fitness gear for developing balance, endurance and coordination.

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Figure 1: Medicine Ball

What are the alternative names of the medicine ball?

A medicine ball is also called a med ball, an exercise ball or a fitness ball.

Why is a medicine ball called a medicine ball?

Medicine ball has been given this name for its original use in the field of medicine. Medicine ball has been used historically by doctors and physicians for the rehabilitation of their patients

Medicine ball workouts facilitate recovery from certain injuries or surgeries by improving balance, coordination, endurance and muscle strength.

What is the medicine ball used for?

Medicine ball is useful in a number of ways:

  • It is used for different sorts of exercises like squats, sit-ups, trunk twists, presses, ab workouts and much more. 
  • It is a great choice for explosive exercises and core strengthening. 
  • It is used for improving the physical fitness of athletes and helps in preventing sports-related injuries.
  • It is used for balance, endurance and coordination training of athletes.
  • It is used by physicians for treating sports-related injuries.
  • It is also used for physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises. 
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Figure 2: Medicine Ball Workouts

What is the difference between a medicine ball and a yoga ball?

Medicine ball and yoga ball differ in the following ways:


Yoga Ball – Yoga balls are much bigger as compared to medicine balls. Yoga balls come in different diameters ranging from 22 to 36 inches. 

Medicine Ball – A medicine ball, on the other hand, is not more than 14 inches in diameter.

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Figure 3: Yoga Ball


Yoga Ball – Yoga balls are lightweight, air-filled exercise balls. Exercises are done while balancing on yoga balls and they’re used for balance training, stability training and stretching exercises.

Medicine Ball – Medicine balls, on the other hand, are weighted exercise balls. Exercises are done by holding the medicine ball in your hands and they’re used for muscle strengthening exercises.  

What are the different types of medicine balls?

There are 3 types of medicine balls:

  1. Vinyl Medicine Ball – Shell of these medicine balls is made of flexible vinyl also known as PU leather or PVC leather. It’s a durable material that is soft to touch and provides an easy grip on the vinyl medicine ball. 

Nylon thread, being durable, is used for stitching vinyl medicine balls. The double stitching method further reinforces the stitching and makes vinyl medicine balls even more durable. Vinyl medicine balls don’t bounce back when slammed on the ground but can be used for wall throws.

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Figure 4: Vinyl Medicine Ball

  1. Rubber Medicine Ball – Rubber medicine balls have a hard shell made of dense rubber. These Rubber shells of medicine balls are highly durable. 

Shells of rubber medicine balls are always designed with a texture or patterns for a slip-resistant grip. Rubber medicine balls also have the quality of bouncing back so they’re a great choice for explosive and coordination exercises.

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Figure 5: Rubber Medicine Ball – Yanre Fitness

  1. Roto-Molded Vinyl Medicine Ball – Roto-molded vinyl medicine balls have a pliable yet durable shell that mostly comes with a textured surface for easy gripping. These medicine balls are also called soft medicine balls for their soft and flexible Roto-molded vinyl shells.

Some of the roto-molded vinyl medicine balls are filled with a special gel to make them weighted, so they are also known as gel-filled medicine balls. These balls don’t bounce back like the rubber medicine balls, so it limits the choice of exercises with this type of medicine balls.

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Figure 6: Roto-Molded Vinyl Medicine Ball

What is the diameter of a medicine ball?

Vinyl medicine balls have the same 13.7 inches diameter for all weight options.  This similarity in size of the vinyl medicine balls helps in progressing comfortably to more weighted medicine balls. 

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Figure 7: 13.7 Inches Diameter Vinyl Medicine Balls

The diameter of rubber medicine balls is different for different weight options. So the diameter of the smallest one which weighs 2 lb is 5 inches in a few brands and 8 inches in some others. The size keeps increasing with the weight of the medicine ball. The size of a 30 lb rubber medicine ball can go up to 9 inches or 11.25 inches, depending on the brand.

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Figure 8: Rubber Medicine Balls with Different Diameters

What is the weight of a medicine ball?

You can get medicine balls in different weight increments ranging from 2 lb to 30 lb. Medicine balls come in multiple weight options in both lb and kg. The available weight options for any type of medicine ball can vary slightly for different brands.

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Figure 9: Weight Options in Medicine Ball

Can you get custom medicine balls?

Yes, you can get custom medicine balls. Most of the medicine ball manufacturers offer custom logo printing on their medicine balls while selling them in bulk. So you can easily get your gym logo printed on wholesale medicine balls.

What is the wholesale price of medicine balls?

The wholesale price of medicine balls varies based on the quality of the material used for manufacturing them. It also depends on the size, weight and type of the medicine ball. 

You can get a decent quality rubber medicine ball in wholesale for somewhere between $4 to $20 per piece. The price of a good quality vinyl medicine ball however starts at $8 per piece and goes up to $30 per piece.

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Figure 10: Medicine Ball Wholesale

What is the warranty on the commercial medicine balls?

You’ll get a 1 to 2 years warranty on commercial medicine ball from a trusted medicine ball manufacturer

Are there any storage racks for medicine balls?

Yes, you can get storage racks for your medicine balls. These racks are mostly made of steel and are powder coated for a neat and scratch-resistant finish. 

There is a nice variety of designs available in the storage racks for medicine balls. There are some wall-mounted storage racks for medicine balls and a few tree-style storage racks too. You can get medicine ball racks in both horizontal and vertical styles and even portable ones with wheels.


You can now easily find the best medicine balls with all the quality features of your choice. 

Medicine balls are surely going to be a versatile and worthwhile addition to your gym’s equipment.Want to buy the wholesale medicine ball? … Contact us for any queries or price quotes.