Boost Your Forearm Development with Our Waterproof Fat Grips Made in China

  • With over 24 years of experience in gym equipment manufacturing (established in 1997), Yanre Fitness is proud to offer a wide range of fitness products, including our popular fat grips.
  • Trust Yanre Fitness as your go-to source for all your fitness needs, including our top-of-the-line fat grips.

  • Our fat grips are no exception, featuring waterproof and antibacterial properties to make them easy to clean and maintain
  • Helps to develop grip strength and forearm muscles,
    Compatible with a wide range of gym equipment, making them a versatile addition to your fitness routine
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At Yanre Fitness, design is NOT just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.

Simple, But Significant.

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Technology Development

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development:

  • We built our R&D center with experts from exercise physiology, biomechanics, ergonomics, machinery, manufacturing and technology advancement. 
  • We have been focused on producing self-designed, affordable fitness equipment for our customers. 
  • We have created unique movement angles and equipment designs that enable our strength equipment to withstand stringent profession

The customers are always impressed with our production processes when visiting the factories.

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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

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