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Commercial Dumbbell – Definitive FAQ Guide

Commercial dumbbells are the very basic gym equipment for fitness centers and recreation areas. If you plan to venture into the health and fitness industry, you need to have commercial dumbbells in your gym.

But don’t just purchase any dumbbell. Take time to know more about commercial dumbbells first. That way, you can wisely decide what your requirements are for commercial dumbbells. 

This FAQ guide will give you all the information you need to select the commercial dumbbells for your new business venture.

So let’s not wait any longer and get cracking.

Table of Contents

What are commercial dumbbells?

Commercial dumbbells are generally fixed weights. They come in one solid piece. Its weight heads are either welded or threaded into the handle and machine pressed.

Commercial Dumbbell 14

Figure 1: Fixed Weight Commercial Dumbbell by Yanre Fitness

Because of their solid build, commercial fixed dumbbells are very sturdy. They can absorb high impacts for longer periods. If you are a gym owner, this can save you some money for years.

They are also stable and user-friendly. So, fixed-weight dumbbells are safer for amateur users and are very easy to use.

What are the types of commercial dumbbells?

  1. Round commercial dumbbells
  2. Hex commercial dumbbells
  3. Tribell commercial dumbbells

Round Commercial Dumbbells

Round commercial dumbbells have circular weight heads. They are the “classic” dumbbells seen in gyms and recreation areas. Round dumbbells are usually rubberized, but there are some other coatings used for it too.

Commercial Dumbbell 15

Figure 2: Round Commercial Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness


  • Have more handle options.
  • They are usually made to higher standards.
  • Rubberized and will protect your floor from scratches.


  • They roll, and that can be a hazard.
  • They cost a lot more.
  • They require more space for storage.

Hex Commercial Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells have straight edges, like the hexagon shape. Although, hex commercial dumbbells that are released in the market may have more than six sides. Hex commercial dumbbells have several coating options.

Commercial Dumbbell 16

Figure 3: Hex Commercial Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness


  • They are cheaper.
  • They don’t roll, which makes them safer than round dumbbells.
  • It can be used for exercises that need stability.
  • A limited number of exercises can be performed.


  • It is not as common as round commercial dumbbells.
  • Usually only available in curved handles and not with straight lines
  • Its paint gets chipped off easily if the coating is not rubber.

Tribell Commercial Dumbbells

Tribell commercial dumbbells are a combination of hex and round commercial dumbbells. It has three sides that are shaped like arcs. They are the new kind of commercial dumbbells available in the market.

Commercial Dumbbell 17

Figure 4: Tribell Commercial Dumbbell


  • They don’t roll.
  • Most of the strength and warm-up exercises can be done using them.
  • Available to use for stability exercises.
  • It has more ergonomic handles.


  • It is harder to find than the hex commercial dumbbells.
  • Pricier than the round dumbbells.

What are studio commercial dumbbells?

Studio dumbbells are fully coated fixed-weight commercial dumbbells. They were made for aerobics classes and other exercises that only need a very little load for strength training.

Commercial Dumbbell 18

Figure 5: Studio commercial dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

What makes hex fixed dumbbells better for fitness studios?

Hexagon-shaped weight heads for fixed-weight commercial dumbbells are safer. 

Commercial Dumbbell 19

Figure 6: Hex commercial dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

Unlike circular commercial dumbbells, they won’t roll on the floor when accidentally dropped. Avoiding accidents from happening.

They also give more stability for certain weight exercises, which is a plus for gym users.

What material is used for the weight heads of dumbbells?

Cast Iron is used for almost all types of commercial dumbbell weight heads. The only difference is the layer of protective coating they plated with.

The other material is concrete. However, concrete dumbbells are not made for constant high-impact use.

What coatings are used for commercial dumbbell weight heads?

Dumbbell coatings:

  1. Paint
  2. Chrome
  3. Vinyl
  4. Rubber
  5. Urethane
  6. Neoprene

Paint Coating

Corrosion-resistant oil paint is generally used for weight heads. Commercial dumbbells use high-quality paints that don’t wear off for several years. But if it comes off, you can always paint it again.

Commercial Dumbbell 20

Figure 7: Paint Coated Dumbbells


Chrome finish is similar to paint with the added shiny, sleek look. Chrome plating makes the weight heads rustproof, but it can also wear off. Commercial dumbbells with a chrome coating are generally more expensive than painted ones.

Commercial Dumbbell 21

Figure 8: Chrome Plated Commercial Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness


Concrete weight heads are coated with vinyl. However, you would never see commercial dumbbells coated in vinyl. That is because concrete dumbbells are not very durable. Plus, it’s hard to be precise on the weight of plates. 

Vinyl is also used for coating studio dumbbells because of its shiny appeal.

Commercial Dumbbell 22

Figure 9: Vinyl Coated Studio Commercial Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness


Commercial dumbbells with rubber coating protect the weights from rust and the gym floors from being dented or scratched. They are more expensive than chrome or painted ones but will have a professional look. 

Commercial Dumbbell 23

Figure 10: Rubber Coated Commercial Dumbbells

The downside of rubber coating is that it gives off the rubbery smell for a while when newly bought. And it can stain your floor or the shirt of the user.

Other than that, rubber-coated weight heads are very good for fitness studios and fitness recreation facilities.


Urethane is the most durable coating among all protective coverings applied to commercial dumbbells. Because of this, urethane plated dumbbells can be quite on the pricier side. 

Commercial Dumbbell 24

Figure 11: Urethane Coated Dumbbell by Yanre Fitness

You will normally find this type of coating on selectorized dumbbells. But some manufacturers also produce urethane plated fixed weight dumbbells. 

Yanre Fitness is one of the few manufacturers that use urethane coating for commercial dumbbells. With its CPU urethane coating, you can be sure that Yanre Fitness’s commercial dumbbells are there to last.


Neoprene is a kind of rubber that gives commercial dumbbells a textured characteristic. This type of coating is usually applied to studio dumbbells.

Commercial Dumbbell 25

Figure 12: Neoprene Dumbbells by Yanre Fitness

Also, neoprene comes in many colors and gives off that chic look. An appearance that attracts members of studio classes.

What’s the weight range of commercial dumbbells?

Commercial dumbbells can range from 0.5kg to about 100kg. But this range will not apply to all types of commercial dumbbells.

Here’s the weight range of commercial dumbbells according to type:

  1. Fixed Weight Dumbbells – 1kg to 100kg
  2. Studio dumbbells – 0.50kg to 10kg

What material is used for dumbbell handles?

All commercial dumbbell handles are made of stainless steel. They are also coated with chrome or painted finish for protection from rust and other natural elements.

What is a good design for dumbbell handles?

The best dumbbell handles are designed to have the maximum grip possible.

Some commercial dumbbell bars are knurled or grooved. Others have arched handles together with knurled parts for better grip. And other manufacturers cover them with a sheet of urethane, neoprene, or rubber foam.

Commercial Dumbbell 26
Commercial Dumbbell 27
Commercial Dumbbell 28

What are the types of knurling for commercial dumbbells?

Commercial dumbbells can have a full knurl or partially striped knurls. 

Full-length knurling on the handle of commercial dumbbells gives the most grip security. But this can be uncomfortable for beginners. 

Partial knurling is more favorable for your amateur customers, but they can still slip if not handled correctly.

Are there accessories for commercial dumbbells?

You only need to add anti-slip protection accessories for your commercial dumbbells. That is to guarantee the safety of your gym users or guests.

Anti-slip protection accessories for commercial dumbbells:

  1. Anti-slip Grips
  2. Anti-slip protection tape

Anti-slip grips

These anti-slip protection grips are slid into the commercial dumbbell’s handle to give more grip. The anti-slip grips can be plastic, rubber, or foam. There are advantages and disadvantages to using each type. Check what your customers usually use and purchase that.

Commercial Dumbbell 29

Figure 16: Foam Anti-Slip Grip

Anti-slip protection tapes

The anti-slip tapes are roped around the handle of commercial dumbbells to provide more gripping capacity. However, the tapes will be worn off over time. And it will leave marks on your commercial dumbbells’ handles.

Commercial Dumbbell 30

Figure 17: Anti-Slip Protection Tape for Commercial Dumbbells

Do commercial dumbbells come in sets?

Yes, commercial dumbbells come in sets. For fitness studios or any health and fitness business, buying sets of commercial dumbbells will save you time and money. 

Another thing to note is that one set of commercial dumbbells means you get a pair of them with the same number and load of weights.

How much does a commercial dumbbell cost?

Commercial dumbbells can range from $1.50 to $2.00 per pound. 

Though you buy commercial dumbbells in sets, they will be priced depending on the total amount of their weight, excluding the dumbbell bars.

Here are some points you have to know about the price of commercial dumbbells:

  1. Basic dumbbells, without the fancy features, will not cost you more than $2 per pound.
  2. Rubber-coated dumbbells will always be pricier than other types of coatings.
  3. Round dumbbells are more expensive than the hex commercial dumbbells

How are commercial dumbbells stored?

Commercial dumbbells are stored in racks. You have two options for these:

  1. Horizontal racks
  2. Vertical racks

Fixed-weight dumbbells are normally stored in vertical or horizontal racks. These racks can hold 10 to 12 pairs of dumbbells. It will have either two or three tiers. 

Commercial Dumbbell 31
Commercial Dumbbell 32

Studio dumbbells do have their specialized racks too. Since they are smaller in size, the cells need to be narrower. They can also be stored in horizontal and vertical racks.

Commercial Dumbbell 33

Figure 20: Studio Dumbbell Rack

Does a dumbbell rack come with the commercial dumbbells?

No, commercial dumbbells are sold separately from the racks. However, you can tell your manufacturer to include a dumbbell rack in your order. 

You might get a discount if you do this. And you will also have the choice on the rack that you want for your commercial dumbbells.

What should I consider when storing my commercial dumbbells?

Factors to consider when storing commercial dumbbells:

  1. Number of dumbbells for storage
  2. Space
  3. Weight limit of your storage

How much space do I need for the storage of my commercial dumbbells?

Commercial dumbbells can take up an 8’ x 4’ of your gym, recreation or store area. This is usually the case for commercial dumbbells stored in horizontal racks.

Commercial Dumbbell 34

Figure 21: Commercial dumbbells stored in horizontal racks

For compact spaces, you can choose to keep your commercial dumbbells in vertical or A-frame dumbbell racks. These have dimensions of 2’ x 2’ and can store at least six pairs of commercial dumbbells.

Commercial Dumbbell 35
Commercial Dumbbell 36

How many commercial dumbbells can I store in a rack?

You can keep 6 to 42 pairs of commercial dumbbells in a rack. That would all depend on the size of your rack. 

You can store more commercial dumbbells in horizontal racks than vertical or A-frame ones.

Can I store all of my commercial dumbbells in one dumbbell rack?

This all depends on the maximum weight capacity your storage can handle.

Dumbbell racks can hold from 200 lbs to over 1000 lbs of weight. It will differ depending on the material of the frame and how solidly it was made.

Where to find high-quality commercial dumbbells?

China is the best place to find high-quality dumbbells with competitive prices. There are many gym equipment manufacturers there that produce prime-quality commercial dumbbells. 

One of these prominent manufacturers is Yanre Fitness. Yanre Fitness uses a state-of-the-art production line that’s computer-controlled. That way, you can be sure that the commercial dumbbells you purchase have the exact weight and are made to last.

Commercial Dumbbell 37

Figure 24: Yanre Fitness Premium Quality Dumbbells

Can I use my company’s logo on the dumbbells?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows buyers to use their logos for the commercial dumbbells they purchase. Make these arrangements before finalizing your order with us.


You now have all the information you need to wisely decide your requirements for commercial dumbbells.

Still, if you have other queries, you can contact our sales team. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

And remember, for prime quality commercial dumbbells, Yanre Fitness is the right choice. 

When you’ve decided on your commercial dumbbells requirements, call us. We will give you the best deal for excellently made and long-lasting commercial dumbbells.