10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 1
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When it comes to an ideal workout experience, you need flawless equipment. This also applies when you are going to buy the best commercial rowing machine. 

These machines have high-quality parts, which ensure a top-class workout experience. A lot goes into when you are choosing a perfect rower machine. 

In order to make things simple, we have created a list of the 10 best commercial rowing machines. However, before moving ahead, let’s take a look at the things to consider when making such a purchase.

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1. What to Look for When Buying the Best Commercial Rowing Machine

No doubt, commercial rowing machines are capable of offering the best performance. If you are a gym owner, only the best cardio equipment should be your priority. 

This is possible only if you buy the best commercial rowing machine. To assist you, here are the things to look for when buying such equipment. 

1.1 Resistance

The most common resistance systems include magnetic, air, hydraulic, and water. Each of these resistance options offers a different rowing experience.

Air and magnetic resistance are the best possible options due to quiet operation. Besides, rowing machines with these types of resistances offer the best performance. 

Hence, such machines are quite popular among commercial gyms. Another preferred option is water resistance. The rowing machines with water resistance offer the most natural rowing experience. 

However, such machines are louder than the other options. So, consider all these aspects when choosing the most suitable resistance system.

1.2 Console

Modern rowing machines come with high-tech consoles. This feature allows the user to monitor different metrics. For instance, you can track your distance, speed, and calories burned. 

A few of the most high-end machines also offer time elapsed and stroke count. Hence, make sure to look for a console that offers maximum features.

Apart from this, the size of the monitor is also important. It must be large enough to provide a clear view of the displayed metrics or information. 

1.3 Size or Dimensions

A commercial rowing machine must accommodate the users with variable height. This is essential, as proper rowing requires the exercisers to straighten their legs.

A rower with perfect dimensions is comfortable too. It helps to maintain a proper posture to prevent back injury. Besides, the user can practice with a proper rowing form.

So, consider the machine with sufficient length, width, and height. It will ensure to offer an excellent rowing experience to your gym members.

1.4 Price

This is another key factor that requires your attention. Simply put, the price of a rowing machine must fall within your budget. Usually, the top-quality rowing machines are expensive (reaching up to $3000). 

The least amount to keep in mind should not be less than $1000. If you need a performance-oriented rowing machine, do not choose a cheaper option. 

1.5 Available Space

A commercial rowing machine is bigger than the residential one. Therefore, it would be appropriate to measure the actual available space. In most cases, gym owners dedicate a specific area/space for such equipment.

This aspect is important if you have limited space. To avoid any issue, know the exact dimensions of the rowing machine you are buying. In addition, consider going for foldable machines, as they are easy to store. 

1.6 Warranty

Usually, commercial rowers come with a better warranty. However, the term of warranty may differ from brand to brand.  Therefore, look for the best warranty when buying a rowing machine. 

Settle for a warranty, which includes both stationary and moving parts. If a brand fails to offer such a warranty, it might not be offering a true commercial rower.

Now that you know what to look for when buying the best commercial rowing machine, it’s time to invest in your gym’s cardio equipment.

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2. 10 Best Commercial Rowing Machines

Not all commercial rowing machines are the same. Hence, you need to choose the most appropriate option depending on your requirements. It will help to deliver the desired fitness results.  

The list below will help you choose the best commercial rowing machines. We have tried to provide the most essential and credible information. This can help you make an informed purchasing decision.

2.1 NordicTrack RW900

NordicTrack is a well-known brand, popular for offering treadmills and exercise bikes. Besides, this company also offers top-quality rowing machines. Here, we are talking about the NordicTrack RW900 rower. 

The most impressive feature of this rower is the dual resistance system. It allows you to choose between air resistance and digital resistance. 

The rower can automatically adjust the resistance depending on your workout program. On the contrary, you can also adjust the resistance. The air control is located on the wheel, making it easy to adjust the resistance. 

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 2

Figure-2 NordicTrack’s RW900

The machine also features a 22-inch HD touchscreen. Here, you can find a huge library of workout programs. It is compatible with iFit fitness app. 

Through its stat-tracking feature, the user can collect the most essential workout data. As a whole, NordicTrack’s RW900 is capable of offering the best rowing experience.

Key Specifications

NordicTrack RW900 specifications are as under. 

  • Industrial-grade construction
  • Up to 250 lbs. weight capacity
  • Dual resistance-Digital and Air 
  • Interactive console
  • 22-inch HD touchscreen


Here are the features you will get with NordicTrack RW900 rowing machine. 

  • Easy-to-use air control 
  • Automatic and manual resistance 
  • Access to iFit’s library
  • Built-in Bluetooth audio


  • Interactive workouts 
  • Easily folds up
  • Impressive design


  • Pricey

2.2 Hydrow

If you are looking for the best commercial rowing machine, this can be a viable option. It stimulates the natural rowing experience. This is possible due to its patented drag technology.

The computer-controlled electromagnetic resistance gives the best possible rowing experience. Besides, this machine is quiet too. It would help to maintain a bearable noise level within the gym. 

Its large 22 inches LCD allows a perfect view of the displayed information. So, you can easily check your workout progress. In addition, the seat is comfortable too. 

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 3

Figure-3 Hydrow Rowing Machine

The ergonomically designed seat allows performing extensive workouts. Hence, you can burn max calories without any fear of injuring your back.

This rower consists of industrial-grade aluminum and steel materials. Hence, the Hydrow proves to be a sturdy and durable rowing machine. However, the price of this rowing machine might exceed your budget.

Key Specifications

Now check out the key specs of Hydrow rowing machine. 

  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • 22” display 
  • Secure gliding mechanism
  • Electromagnetic resistance


Features of this machine are as under. 

  • Super quiet
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Large Monitor


  • Extensive workout programs 
  • Smooth strokes
  • Quiet
  • Comfortable seat 


  • Expensive 

2.3 WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is a suitable option for almost every gym. The best feature of this machine is the availability of water resistance. 

This gives you a feel as if you were rowing on the open water. The flywheel creates a strong resistance by pushing the water stored in a tank. It also delivers the actual sound of rowing on the water. 

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 4

Figure-4 WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

The harder you row, the stronger the resistance. It is possible to increase the resistance by simply adding water to the machine’s tank. Furthermore, maintaining this machine is not that hard. 

Its comfortable seat allows you to perform extensive workouts. The seat rolls smoothly due to its dual rails. The overall build quality is outstanding. Therefore, the company offers an extended warranty on this product.

Key Specifications

Let’s check out the most important specifications of the WaterRower natural rowing machine. 

  • Strong wooden frame
  • Digital console
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Weight capacity: 700 lbs.
  • Comes with a reasonable warranty


The natural rowing machine by WaterRower provides the following features. 

  • Onboard monitor
  • S4 monitor 
  • Comfortable seat
  • Smooth rowing handles  


  • Looks gorgeous 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Whooshing sounds
  • Open-water rowing experience 


  • Small monitor
  • Not foldable

2.4 Avari A350-700 Stamina Rower

The A350-700 Stamina Rower is a powerful rowing machine. It offers 12 workout programs to suit the needs of every user. Hence, gym members can diversify their workouts. 

The backlit LCD monitor keeps the user motivated. It helps to track a variety of metrics including:

  • Calorie count
  • Time
  • Distance Pulse rate
  • Strokes per minute 
  • Wattage

Using the console is easy. Besides, it also allows tracking the heart rate. This machine has a compact design. Hence, space would not be an issue while installing this machine. 

Similarly, the noise produced is minimal too. The machine automatically adjusts the magnetic tension. With these varying resistances, you can row at different pace levels. 

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 5

Figure-5 Avari A350-700 Stamina Rower

The seat is comfortable and sturdy. It moves smoothly along the beam. Being a foldable rowing machine, storing it requires less space. 

It consists of high-quality aluminum. The industrial-grade construction makes it a viable option for commercial gyms. This means the A350-700 Stamina Rower can withstand extensive usage. 

Key Specifications

The key specs of Avari A350 are:

  • Aluminum construction 
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Backlit LCD Monitor 
  • Chest Strap


And you will get the following features with this nice stamina rower. 

  • 12 workout programs 
  • Fitness monitor 
  • Foldable 
  • Comfortable seat


  • Makes less noise
  • Easy to store
  • sturdy construction


  • Limited workout programs

2.5 Yanre Fitness YR400 Air Rower

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Yanre fitness tends to be a reliable brand. The YR400 Air Rower is among top-of-the-line commercial rowing machines listed here. 

This particular machine has a sturdy frame, which consists of durable steel. The center beam takes its strength from high-quality aluminum. With air resistance, this rower offers a smooth and quiet rowing experience.  

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 6

Figure-6 Yanre Fitness YR400 Air Rower

The interactive LCD console provides all the information that you need. It offers more than 5 workout metrics. With the availability of transport wheels, moving this machine is a breeze. 

The foldable design makes it easy to store this rower within a limited space. To conclude, the Yanre Fitness YR400 Air Rower is a great option for commercial gyms. 

Key Specifications

The key specs of this great rower by Yanre Fitness are:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Regular LCD
  • 10 resistances 
  • Transport wheels
  • Aluminum alloy track


YR400 offers the following features. 

  • Multiple-metric display
  • Adjustable resistance 
  • Quiet operation
  • Foldable
  • Easy to store


  • Affordable 
  • User-friendly 
  • Smooth 


  • Seat needs improvement

2.6 Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

The BodyTrac Glider 1050 is a small yet heavy-duty rowing machine. Apart from its compact design, it can help you perform an extensive workout. This is so, as the machine comes with a hydraulic resistance system. 

A manual control dial helps to adjust the resistance for various workout settings. The smooth-gliding seat is comfortable enough to let you row for an extended time. 

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 7

Figure-7 Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

It also offers versatile arm movements. It has two arms for a complete range of motion. With this rowing machine, you can enjoy a natural rowing experience. The sturdy steel frame aligns with the aluminum beam.

Due to its sturdy construction, the BodyTrac can withstand weight exceeding 250 lbs. Assembling this machine is simple. Moreover, it folds up quickly, making it easy for you to store it.

Key Specifications

Here are the key specifications associated with this rowing machine. 

  • Durable steel construction 
  • Aluminum center beam
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Electronic monitor
  • Hydraulic resistance


Listed below are the features of Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 rowing machine. 

  • Manual control dial
  • Independent arms
  • Folding design


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Requires less space


  • Less stable 

2.7 LifeSpan RW1000

LifeSpan’s RW1000 is a strong and high-performance rowing machine. The commercial-grade construction of this rower makes it an ideal choice for gyms. 

It comes with a 16.5-pound flywheel. Besides, the machine relies on the Eddy Current Drive System. It offers a quiet and smooth feel. Hence, the user feels the natural rowing experience.

The sturdy steel construction allows this machine to withstand a weight up to 300 lbs. It comes with three LCDs on a single console. It offers all the information that you need to assess your workout.

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 8

Figure-8 LifeSpan RW1000

If you prefer a smooth and quiet rowing experience, this can be a perfect option. The Eddy Current Drive System ensures the quietest operation. It stays cool even after intense workout sessions.

The manually controlled resistance gives a perfect workout experience. You can turn the knob to switch between different resistance levels.

Key Specifications

Here are the key specs of the LifeSpan RW1000 machine. 

  • Steel construction
  • Eddy Current Drive System
  • Max user weight: 300 lbs.
  • 14-inch injected foam seat 
  • 5 Resistance levels 


Features of this rower are as follows. 

  • Quiet operation
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Battery operated monitor with 3 LCDs
  • Padded hand grips


  • Affordable
  • Smooth
  • Comfortable seat  


  • Limited workout programs

2.8 Sunny Health and Fitness Rower Machine

This machine by Sunny Health & Fitness is a heavy-duty rower. It can withstand the harsh environment of a commercial gym. It features a multifunction LCD console. It helps the users to track their workouts. 

The most distinctive feature of this rower is its magnetic tension system. It offers 8 different resistance levels. You can adjust the resistance depending on workout requirements.

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 9

Figure-9 Sunny Health & Fitness Rower Machine

With the availability of large footplates, you can also perform an upper body workout. It has a non-slip handle, which ensures a secure and comfortable grip. 

In addition, moving this machine is a breeze. It has small transport wheels at the front for hassle-free movement. With all these features, this machine can be the right choice for your commercial gym.

Key Specifications

Now let’s check the core specifications of the Sunny Health & Fitness Rower. 

  • Dual function rower
  • Magnetic resistance 
  • 8 resistance levels with versatility.
  • Large footplates 
  • Ergonomically designed seat
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Good warranty


Features of the rowing machine are listed under. 

  • Foldable design 
  • Transportation wheels
  • Manual resistance controller 
  • Wider & comfortable seat
  • LCD monitor


  • Easy Transport
  • Cushioned handgrips
  • Quiet and smooth


  • Displays one reading at a time

2.9 Ergatta Connected Rower

The Ergatta Connected Rower is top-quality fitness equipment. This machine offers outstanding features, making it a great option for commercial gyms. 

The large onboard screen offers on-demand workouts. You can follow the goal-based plans to improve your workout. Besides, this machine is aesthetically pleasing. Hence, it can add value to your gym’s interior.

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 10

Figure-10 Ergatta Connected Rower

Surprisingly, the manufacturer has used Cherry wood for its construction. The rower has a water rowing system. Hence, the user can enjoy the natural rowing experience with pleasing whooshing sounds.

It offers a complete body workout. With its disguised gaming experience, you can perform extended workouts. Hence, it is one of the most enjoyable rowing machines. 

Key Specifications

Here are the key specs of this fantastic rower. 

  • Cherry wood construction
  • 17.3-inch HD touchscreen
  • Water resistance 
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Interactive workout programs


Ergatta Connected Rower comes with the features as listed below. 

  • Aesthetically designed
  • Video game-inspired exercise programs
  • Durable frame
  • Requires less maintenance


  • Exquisite design 
  • Foldable 
  • Easy to store


  • Expensive

2.10 Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

The Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine is a durable and sturdy option for commercial gyms. With its smooth gliding motion, the users can perform workouts without any stress. 

It consists of aluminum front legs and steel rear legs. The strong structure can withstand 500 pounds of weight. With its impressive air resistance mechanism, you can experience powerful strokes. 

10 of the Best Commercial Rowing Machines for 2024 11

Figure-11 Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

The built-in damper allows you to adjust the resistance levels. Although rowers using air resistance are noisy, the Model D proves to be fairly quiet. Hence, the rower can still enjoy the music while performing the workout.

The performance monitor is easy to read. It offers 5 different performance metrics. In addition, the built-in programs and games keep you motivated. These features make it a viable option for commercial gyms. 

Key Specifications

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine offers the following specifications. 

  • Steel and aluminum construction 
  • Air-resistance 
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Digital monitor


Features of this outstanding rower are given below. 

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Backlit LCD 
  • ANT+ compatibility
  • Offers key metrics


  • Smooth gliding operation
  • Ease to assemble 
  • Large size 


  • Requires more space 

3. Final Words

The above list contains some of the best commercial rowing machines. You just need to carefully read the features and specifications of these machines. Asides, also take into account the price. 

If a rowing machine does not fall within your budget, simply pass it. This guide contains different options depending on their price and features. Hence, choosing the most suitable rowing machine won’t be hard for you.

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