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Commercial Adjustable Weight BenchDefinitive FAQ Guide

No matter you are a gym owner or not, if you want to import gym equipment from China, you may have encountered the below questions at the start:

Where to buy gym equipment in China? You may need to know the gym equipment industry regions first to get a general idea. Below four provinces are home to most of China’s commercial gym equipment manufacturers:

Table of Contents

What is a commercial adjustable weight bench?

A commercial adjustable weight bench (also known as FID) combines both flat, incline, and decline benches. 

While exercising, users can alter the back rest’s angle to target different muscles from each angle. It can be used in the gym as a flat, incline, and decline bench. 

The bench may have an adjustable seat that prevents you from sliding off the bench when you’ve angled the backrest steeply.

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 10

Figure 1: A commercial adjustable weight bench

Adjustable weight benches are heavier and bigger, with more movable parts. Most of them have wheels that make it easy to tip and roll them into any position.

For quality commercial adjustable weight benches, get in touch with Yanre Fitness. 

We produce the best adjustable workout benches for commercial purposes.

Is a commercial adjustable weight bench versatile?

Yes, a commercial adjustable weight bench is quite versatile. Apart from weight lifting, the bench can be used for Crossfit, cross-training with cardio, and bodyweight work. 

It is also suitable for bench pressing, flyes, and curls.

What is the difference between an adjustable weight bench and an incline bench?

An incline bench can be used for flat bench presses and incline exercises for the upper body muscles. It is often adjusted to a 30 to 45-degree angle to allow for comfortable upper body exercises.

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 11

Figure 2: Incline bench

An adjustable bench, on the other hand, has three adjustable settings for flat, incline, and decline exercises. 

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 12

Figure 3: An adjustable bench

While an incline bench back pad can be adjusted in six different positions, an adjustable bench allows for one extra set for the decline workouts.

What is the best width of the back pad of a commercial adjustable weight bench?

The best width of a back pad for commercial adjustable weight benches is between 11.5” and 12.5”.

For better results, avoid benches with too wide or too narrow back pad widths. When the width is too narrow, the user’s shoulder blades will spill over to the sides while bench pressing. This puts them at risk of experiencing shoulder issues.

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 13

Figure 4: Back pad width of a commercial adjustable bench

On the other hand, a bench with a broader back pad width may not be comfortable for certain exercises. 

However, if you need an adjustable bench for incline use only, you can pick one with a back pad that is at least 10 inches wide. 

For customers who perform heavy decline pressing, stick to back pads that are 12 inches wide.

What is the ideal height of a commercial adjustable bench from the ground?

A commercial adjustable weight bench should be 16.5” to 17.5” tall from the ground to help users achieve a strong leg drive.

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 14

Figure 5: Ideal adjustable bench height from the ground

Anything taller than 17.5 inches isn’t good for lifters who are 5’9” tall because they’ll not manage to put their feet flat down on the floor.

Is a commercial adjustable weight bench sturdy and durable?

Yes, a commercial adjustable weight bench is quite sturdy and durable. 

Although they come from different brands, most commercial adjustable models are built to be sturdy and durable. This is so they can endure regular workouts and heavy weights.

Yanre Fitness makes its commercial adjustable benches from quality, robust materials that last long. All the models have steel frame tubing of up to 2” by 3”.

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 15

Figure 6: Sturdy and durable steel frame

Some have smaller tubing in other parts of the frame, which is ok if balanced well.

As for the frame gauge, always get a bench that is built with 11 gauge steel. Some high-end commercial adjustable weight benches are built with thicker, 7 gauge steel. 

Any of these two will serve you longer, depending on your gym setting.

Yanre Fitness lets you choose the most suitable commercial adjustable bench for your gym. Its sales agents provide support, advice, and the best pricing on their products.

What Adjustment Mechanisms are used on a commercial adjustable weight bench? 

There are two common mechanisms of adjustments used for commercial adjustable weight benches.

Apart from the flat, incline, and decline adjustability, adjustable weight benches also have ladder type and pin type adjustment mechanisms.

The ladder adjustment mechanism is the simplest to use where a bar in the bench support rests in grooves cut out. 

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 16

Figure 7: Ladder-adjusted bench

The pin type adjustment mechanism is where you’ll put the spring-loaded pins out and adjust them before letting them pop back into the holes that have been drilled in the bench support. These are a bit complex to use.

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 17

Figure 8: Pop-pin adjustment mechanism bench

Here’s a video link to help you understand this mechanism better:

This will provide a smooth transition from one training session to another. It is also safer according to the way the benches lock into position. 

You can also make minor adjustments by placing one or two plates under the bench’s feet.

To make sure the back and seat adjust appropriately for maximum stability and comfort, the adjustable bench should be able to tilt the seat portion up too.

Is the back pad support of a commercial adjustable bench strong?

Yes, the back pad support of a commercial adjustable bench is robust.

A quality commercial adjustable weight bench often has a robust support structure to hold the back pad onto the mainframe and support the user and the weight they’re pressing. This support structure is known as the spine.

The spine includes posts that run lengthwise down the center of the back pad together with lateral supports that run across its width.

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 18

Figure 9: Strong back pad support of an adjustable bench 

Yanre Fitness uses thick steel on the spine to make sure it supports most of the weight. Such robust reinforcement also helps the spine to support itself as it carries heavy loads.

Are wheels important when choosing a commercial adjustable bench?

Yes, wheels are essential. A commercial adjustable bench with wheels will make it easier to move it freely around, especially when cleaning your gym. 

Without wheels, you’ll have to drag it around and mess up the floor and base of the bench. You may also have to lift it and carry it around, which is near impossible because of its weight.

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 19

Figure 10: Wheels for an adjustable bench

Yanre Fitness produces wheeled adjustable benches with plenty of features that allow users to enjoy different workouts.

Does a commercial adjustable weight bench need foot rubber pads?

Yes, a commercial adjustable workout bench will work better with foot rubber pads. 

Here’s how this bench will benefit your fitness center: 

  • First, the rubber pads or wheel guards will protect the metal feet from scratches, rust, and overall damage.
  • The pads will prevent the floor from getting scratched.
  • Load bearing pads will enhance the stability of the adjustable bench and minimize or prevent wobbling on uneven floors.
  • The rubber pads will prevent the bench from shifting during the training sessions, thanks to the anti-skid rubber properties.

Yanre Fitness produces high-end commercial adjustable workout benches designed with foot rubber pads. Its sales agents will discuss their best quotes with you on request.

What material is the back pad frame of a commercial adjustable weight bench made of?

The back pad frame of a commercial adjustable bench is made of the heavy-gauge steel frame. This helps to keep it stable, solid, and long-lasting. 

Not all manufacturers will tell you the gauge of your bench frame. Some will indicate the weight of the bench. If it weighs about 35 to 40 lbs, you should know that it’s made of very thin steel.

But if your adjustable weight bench weighs 75 lbs or more, then it’s manufactured with heavy gauge steel, giving you a solid, durable bench that will serve you for a very long time. 

Yanre Fitness designs its commercial adjustable benches with high tensile steel frames that are welded together to enhance stability.

How does the gap between the seat and the back of a commercial adjustable bench affect its performance?

The pad gap is a significant flaw in almost all adjustable weight benches. The gap often affects the flat and decline positions.

The design of the hinged benches lets the bench go to incline positions, leaving an open gap. If the gap wasn’t there, the bench would not manage to adjust to high incline levels because the two parts would bump into one another, preventing any movement.

Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench 20

Figure 11: The pad gap between the seat and backrest

The problem is that when one lies on the bench, they feel uncomfortable and weird when a part of their body is placed in the gap or across it. 

The good news is that Yanre Fitness has designed zero-gap commercial adjustable bench models that are more comfortable to use.  

What is the average cost of a commercial adjustable weight bench?

An excellent commercial adjustable weight bench comes at a price between $200 and $1000.

For mid-range commercial adjustable options, you can get one from $120 to $160 with load support of approximately 500 lbs.

To Sum Up

From this FAQ guide, it’s pretty clear that your ideal commercial adjustable weight bench should have certain features and characteristics that will benefit you and your customers. 

Choose wisely and put much consideration into your needs, budget, and customer satisfaction.

Yanre Fitness saves you time and money by providing custom commercial adjustable benches for every need. All you need is to pick up the phone and call their office for more details and price.