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  • Highly recommended for commercial gym due to long-term quality products
  • Company running for 24 years since 1997
  • Equipments are designed by professionals considering the movement angle

  • Boost muscle, strength, and endurance
  • Constructed with maximum stability and durability
  • Provide users with a more challenging workout
  • Designed ergonomically for comfort and safety
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At Yanre Fitness, Design Transcends Aesthetics.

It’s About Functionality.

Simple, But Significant.

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Advancing Fitness Technology

Yanre Fitness has channeled over $8M into technology development across two decades:

  • Established an expert-driven R&D center, converging fields from exercise physiology to technological innovation.
  • Unwavering focus on delivering uniquely designed, budget-friendly fitness equipment.
  • Engineered with distinctive movement angles and designs, our strength equipment excels in the professional arena.

Visitors consistently marvel at our manufacturing prowess during factory tours

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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Yoga Supplier – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Yoga has exploded and is fast becoming the biggest form of exercise throughout the world. 

Are you in search of a dependable yoga supplier? A supplier that can give you premium quality equipment at the best price, then stay tuned!

In this article we look at everything you need to know about yoga suppliers. 

Table of Contents

How to find the best yoga suppliers – step by step?

Sourcing a yoga supplier can be a daunting task, especially if you do not know where to start and who to trust? 

We look at a few methods on how to find them below. 

Direct search on Google

First, start by searching for the yoga product you need.

It is as simple as typing ‘bulk yoga mat supplier’ into the search bar. By simply typing the product name into google you will find hundreds of yoga suppliers and manufacturers. 

Then, narrow your search.

Try a variety of related keywords, like ‘quality wholesale yoga mats.’ This will help you find the right kind of supplier according to your product specs for your business.

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Figure 1: Direct supplier search on Google

Industry exhibitions and trade shows

Visit Industry exhibitions or trade shows, to find great suppliers.

At trade shows, manufacturers display a great variety of their equipment and accessories on offer. This gives you a chance at a first-hand experience with the product you are looking to order.

There are excellent annual trade shows hosted in China. 

The top ones are the FIBO exhibition that takes place in China, in March every year, and the CIHIE Fair that normally takes place around May annually. 

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Figure 2: FIBO Expo China

Who are the top yoga suppliers in China and why?

China is home to some of the best global yoga equipment manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. 

We went in search of the best wholesale and bulk suppliers in China. Below we list the top five.

Offers premium quality fitness equipment, professionally manufactured, and built to last. They manufacture, stock, and restock all gym and fitness equipment to ensure immediate bulk product availability, in every shape, color and size.

Manufacture a large variety of yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga bolsters and can supply small scale and bulk. 

Supply both equipment and clothing to fill up your yoga studio at great quality and affordable prices.

Offers fitness supplies with quality craftsmanship and the latest fashions and colors. 

Deliver integrated design, quality, production, and sales into a holistic shopper experience.

How to verify a yoga supplier?

When you want to secure a yoga supplier there are several important points to consider.

Focusing only on low costs when you set out to find a wholesale yoga supplier, can hurt your business in the long term. Also, pay attention to the below factors:

Quality and value of products on offer. 

Make sure your supplier has quality certifications.

List your supplier and equipment requirements before you set out to find a supplier. Request to see their supplier quality certifications to make sure it aligns to the ISO, QS, or other related standards. 

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Figure 3: ISO certification seal

Take care when reviewing equipment information. 

Specified product descriptions will ensure you order the right products.

Study the details of the products on offer. Descriptions, images, and videos will guide you to ensure that the supplier has the exact equipment you need for your gym or yoga studio. 

Request info on stock available.

This will validate that your supplier can provide the bulk supplies you need.

Ask to see a list of their available inventory on hand to make sure they can supply the quantities you need. Also enquire about the time it takes to manufacture a specific product, should their inventory run low. 

Trustworthiness of suppliers. 

Find a supplier you can trust! 

There are a lot of untrustworthy and unreliable companies out there, so do your homework on the company history and their contactable references. 

Validate your data. Follow up on any reviews or referrals you can find about the supplier, their service, and their product line, before you commit to placing an order with them.   

After-sales customer service.

Any issues that can arise with your order should be sorted out quickly.

Payment terms, scalability, and lead times on delivery is important when securing a supplier. But even more important, is the aftercare. 

Make sure you have a contact person who values your feedback and opinion. If anything goes wrong with your order, you can get it sorted out in no time.

What are the most popular products manufactured by yoga suppliers?

The average yoga practitioner spends $60 a month on yoga equipment and accessories.

Most popular items listed are yoga mats, towels, bolsters, blocks and straps.

Below we look at these accessories that you can find from the best yoga suppliers.

Yoga Mat

Mats provide padding to the surface you train on and support traction to your poses. Most suppliers stock mats in various thicknesses, colors, and the latest non-slip technology.

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Yoga Straps

Straps are used to better your poses and balance in yoga. Most beginners use straps to achieve poses that they struggle with. Advanced yoga practitioners use straps for deeper stretches and better alignment. Available from most wholesale manufacturers in an array of colors.

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Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks serve as an extension or a form of support. Blocks provide back, upper, and lower body as well as head support. They are manufactured from various materials from wood to foam and come in all colors of the rainbow.

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Yoga Bolsters & Balls

Bolsters and Balls are normally used for arm and back support and to widen your stretching. Mostly manufactured from an exceptionally durable material and can be ordered in a great variety of colors and sizes.

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Yoga Towels

Towels are used to absorb sweat. This helps with the increase of your grip on your mat and ensures that you have a lower risk of injury. You can order towels in bulk, in various sizes and colors from your favorite supplier.

What are the different materials used for yoga supplies?

Most yoga equipment and supplies are manufactured from high quality rubber, TPE or PVC.

There are some key differences to the various manufacturing materials used by suppliers, that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


  • Rubber is a heavier material.
  • Exceptionally durable.
  • Offers good traction. 
  • Creates a harder upper surface. 
  • Is natural and biodegradable.
  • Offers a great grip. 

Other than cork, rubber is the top choice for yoga users looking to go green.

Yoga 16

Figure 4: Rubber Yoga Mat


  • More lightweight than rubber.
  • Less durable material. 
  • Offers a softer top surface. 
  • Is biodegradable but man-made, not natural.

This material is a favorite with users who do not like the hardness and weight of rubber or the thickness and feel of PVC.

Yoga 17

Figure 5: TPE Yoga Mat


  • A thicker, heavier material than TPE.
  • Exceptionally durable material. 
  • It is a man-made, non-natural product.
  • Not biodegradable.

PVC is normally used in the manufacturing of more cost-effective equipment.

Yoga 18

Figure 6: PVC Yoga Mat

How to protect and care for my yoga equipment?

Regular cleaning and sterilizing of your yoga equipment with the right tools will ensure long standing use.

Materials to effectively clean my yoga supplies.

  • Clean all your equipment with a mixture of cold water, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid. 
  • Be careful not to use harsh chemicals as it may damage your equipment.
  • Yoga bolsters normally come with a removable, easily washable cover. Once cleaned these covers can just be placed back onto the foam part of the bolster.
Yoga 19

Figure 7: Cleaning your yoga equipment

How to store my yoga equipment.

  • Store equipment like mats, blocks, and bolsters in a cool, dry area. 
  • Mats should preferably be stored rolled up and not hung, to ensure that the material does not get disrupted. 
  • Blocks and bolsters can be stacked to support their shape. 
  • With more natural products like cork blocks or cork mats, it is strongly advised that you make use of organic cleaning materials. 
  • Also, store these natural products away from harsh sunlight.
Yoga 20

Figure 8: Storing yoga mats – rolled up in a cool dry area

Why Import yoga products from China?

Importing wholesale products and equipment from China is a lot easier than sourcing from local suppliers.

Purchasing from Chinese manufacturers offers guaranteed savings from 25% – 120%. Even if you factor in shipping cost, import duties, and quality control and specifications.

On top of that suppliers and manufacturers from China are much more flexible in terms of minimum order requirements and can produce larger volumes than most local manufacturers.

Should I buy yoga supplies through a sourcing company or a professional buyer? 

This is by far the safest way to import from China. 

Professional sourcing companies and buyers placed in China have the advantage of tapping into local databases and connections. They are certain to find suppliers according to your specs that you otherwise would not be able to.

How to import yoga equipment from Chinese yoga suppliers – Step by Step?

Want to import yoga equipment from a Chinese supplier, but don’t know where to start?

Below is a 9-step guide to assist you with this task. 

  1. Choosing the best yoga accessories to import.
  2. Finding the right yoga supplier in China.
  3. Requesting quotes from suppliers.
  4. Requesting samples of the products.
  5. Import directly from Chinese suppliers.
  6. Negotiate price and contract terms.
  7. Calculate landing costs.
  8. Shipping and logistics.
  9. Handle customs.
  1. Choose the best product to import.

Choosing the right yoga accessories and equipment is crucial to your business success.

Invest in yoga products that you love. If you are passionate about the fitness products you sell, your end users will be too. Also, invest in gym and studio equipment with a good quality spec that offers a retail value that will boost your bottom line.

Pay special attention to the product safety and the hazards in the various manufacturing materials used. This will also contribute to narrowing your search for the best yoga supplier.

  1. Find the right supplier in China.

Sort out your product specifications, country compliance requirements and packaging and labelling requirements.

Knowing what quality, material, and compliance requirements your county has will make it easier to find the right supplier to imports from.

Include specifics like type of material, dimensions, product descriptions, colors, packaging and labelling stipulations and quality certificates into your spec list.

  1. Request supplier quotes.

Getting competitive quotes on your stipulated specs is crucial.

Be concise and clear about the product you are searching for and include your detailed specifications. This will ensure that the RFQ’s and feedback from suppliers are aligned to give you the best possible options. 

  1. Request a sample of the product.

Samples in hand gives you a first-hand experience of the quality you can expect from your supplier.

If you cannot visit a trade show to meet suppliers face-to-face and experience the products first-hand, it is strongly advised to request a sample before you place a bulk order.

A delivered sample will also give you the opportunity to make sure the delivery process and packaging meets your requirements.

  1. Import directly from Chinese suppliers.

Make use of platforms like trade shows, Alibaba, Made in China, or Global Sources to import directly from suppliers. 

If you are looking to import in larger quantities, then ordering from suppliers at trade shows is advised.

  1. Negotiate price and contract terms.

Come prepared if you want to negotiate the best price and terms with Chinese suppliers.

Know your supplier details like factory location, distance to airport or harbors, bill of materials and product details. 

This will aid you in securing the best price and terms from your supplier.

  1. Calculate landed costs.

Landed costs is a clear guide to manage profitability and sustainability on imported goods.

This will also serve as a base if you need to negotiate better prices to ensure stable profit margins in the future.

  1. Secure affordable shipping and logistics.

Container shipping is the most cost-effective way to import wholesale or bulk supplies and equipment from China. 

Airfreight can be used for smaller quantities, or urgent orders. But if you are looking to increase your profit margins then shipping by sea is the most affordable option.

  1. Navigate Customs

Making sure you know what to expect from customs clearance is vital to the importing process.

Make sure you supply the correct required documents. If your documents are incomplete, your yoga equipment will be stuck in customs.

Make sure you know what, what import duties and clearance charges should be paid and what documents to submit.

Once again, we advise that it is safer to use a professional buyer or importer.

How to ensure consistent quality from my yoga supplier?

Professional quality control specialists can assist with keeping the quality from your yoga supplier constant.

If you do not have a professional buyer operating within China, then outsourcing your quality control process is highly advisable. There are plenty of quality control companies within China, like Asia Inspection. They specialize in ensuring the best quality products from raw material to shipment. 

Your business and type of product imported from China will determine the level of quality control needed.

Make sure to cover the three key steps in your quality control process.

Mid Production Inspection

The MPI is performed anywhere between the stages of 25% – 80% of the production. 

The inspector will select semi-finished goods at random to ensure that the quality is consistent and that the required goods will be ready for shipment by the agreed deadline.

Pre- Shipment Inspection 

The PSI takes place after more than 80 % or the entire order has been completed.

Inspectors will pull random samples to check the product specifications against the physical finished product. They will also check safety, packaging, and transport specifications to ensure best quality. 

Container Loading Inspection

The final phase in the QC process examines the condition of your shipping container.

This will ensure that none of your supplies or equipment gets damaged during the import process. 

Professional quality controllers will make sure that the quality of the goods you order and receive is up to standard every time.

Can I order different yoga products in different colors from my yoga supplier?

You can order an array of accessories and equipment in all colors, shapes, and sizes from your Yanre Fitness.

Yanre Fitness pride themselves in offering the widest range of products in almost every color you can think off. 

If you want to expand your product range or offer your customers a wider variety of colors, you are sure to find what you need from most of the reputable manufacturers.

Yoga 21

Figure 9: Different color and size yoga balls

Is it easy to communicate with my Chinese yoga supplier?

Yanre Fitness has customer care consultants that will be able to assist you in English.

It is however advised that you ensure that all the aspects of your order are checked and agreed upon before shipping the product to your country.

Double check the specifications of your desired product and make sure your supplier understands and agrees to the requirements.

Make use of a professional quality control agent to ensure you receive the best quality products. 

A reputable shipping company will help to make sure your goods are delivered on time and in mint condition.

Final Words

China is home to the best manufacturers and top suppliers of yoga equipment globally. 

We can ensure you of the best quality yoga supplies at the most affordable prices.

Want to import yoga supplies from China? Contact us Right now!