Top Gym Owners Forums, Groups, Discussion & Message Boards You Must Follow

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The online community for fitness enthusiasts, instructors, and gym owners is growing with each passing day.

And joining these fitness communities can be helpful in several ways.

For instance, gym owners or fitness trainers can share new and effective ways to promote their brands by reaching the target audience.

Besides, these forums can also provide relevant guidance about the latest marketing trends as well.

In this blog post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of top 20 gym owners’ forums, discussion boards, groups, and websites.

Let’s check them out.

Table of Contents

1. The 4 Great Facebook Groups for Gym Owners

Below are some of the platforms where gym owners share their experiences and grow together as a community.

Facebook groups are used to an interest-based interaction among the members. By offering the relevant content, a Facebook group can serve as a strong platform for sharing relevant information.

This medium also engages fitness enthusiasts and gym owners.

Following are the Facebook groups where gym owners interact with each other.

1.1 Next Generation Cheer Gym Owners Group

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Figure 1-  Next Generation Cheer Gym Owners Group

This particular group is for gym owners. If you want to grow your gym and generate more revenue, joining this community can be helpful. Here, you can get experts opinions on gaining members and managing staff.

Next Gen offers innovative solutions that help you to run your fitness facilities successfully. This group talks about all those key aspects that allow you to take control of your business.


1.2 Gym Owners Network

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Figure 2- Gym Owners Network

This group provides a common forum for gym owners, where you can discuss gym and fitness-related matters. It’s a fun way to share your experiences and ideas.   

For instance, talk about sales, technology, staffing, marketing, and challenges that you might face as a gym owner. Besides, you can also access the latest articles and videos created by professionals. 

Members can interact with globally renowned fitness experts and learn from their advice. If you own a gym, you should think about joining this Facebook group.


1.3 Gym Owners – Victoria Network

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Figure 3 –  Gym Owners – Victoria Network

The Gym Owners Victoria Network is one of its kind platforms. This group is especially created for gym owners, which is the best thing about it. Moreover, the content posted and shared is quite inspirational.

It is a mentoring program where associated members can exchange valuable ideas and insights. Joining this group makes it easy for you to manage your businesses perfectly.

You will get necessary guidance about the use of the latest technology for registration and staff recruitment. Hence, you can learn to use your resources and get best outcomes.


1.4 Gym Owners

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Figure 4 – Gym Owners

It’s another thriving Facebook group for personal trainers, fitness club/gym owners. The group talks about a variety of aspects that can help you grow your fitness business.

There is a load of information available and many you can get through daily posts. So, by joining this group, you can learn about the latest techniques and ideas popular in the industry.

As a result, you can run a gym or fitness club professionally and get the most out of it. Just like any other Facebook group, you need to follow the group guidelines.


2. The 5 Inspirational LinkedIn Groups for Gym Owners 

As we all know, LinkedIn is a popular social media platform. It can be benefecial for gym owners and fitness professionals, as it is the biggest professional network. 

Following are a few of the well-connected LinkedIn groups.

2.1 Gold’s Gym

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Figure 5 –  Gold’s Gym Group

Gold’s Gym is a trusted name in the fitness industry. The LinkedIn group of this brand is popular too. Here, gym owners and industry professionals can learn the latest and innovative ways to feed their passion for fitness.

This group can help you transform your life by gaining authentic knowledge. You can find a variety of content in the shape of articles, videos, updates, and news. If you want to build a perfect gym, think about joining this group. 


2.2 Anytime Fitness

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Figure 6 –  Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is the fastest-growing chain of gym/fitness facilities. The LinkedIn group created by this fitness franchise is popular too. 

It provides the latest information on how to run a fitness business. Hence, you must stay connected to this group and learn trusted ways to run a gym or fitness club. 


2.3 Gym Owner Monthly

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Figure 7 –  Gym Owner Monthly Magazine

This digital publication is dedicated to health/fitness professionals and gym owners. The Gym Owners Magazine group offers an equal opportunity for those who have the true potential within them. 

By joining this group, you can gain the required experience and knowledge. This will enable you to boost your fitness business and enjoy great results. 


2.4 Crunch Fitness

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Figure 8  –  Crunch Fitness

Crunch is a world-renowned fitness club chain. The LinkedIn group of this franchise is popular too, as it provides information related to the fitness industry. 

This particular community is for all those people who have specific goals. Even the fitness persons can get max benefit by connecting via this group.

So, you can share your thoughts and find impressive ways to run your business.


2.5 24 Hour Fitness

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Figure 9 –  24 Hour Fitness

The LinkedIn group of 24 Hour Fitness helps gym persons to stay connected. Especially, gym owners can gain some major benefits by going through the info shared via this group.

The experts linked with this platform also assist gym/fitness club owners and help them boost their business. As a whole, a fitness community like this one can help you overcome your daily challenges.


3. The 3 Best Subreddits Gym Owners Should Subscribe on Reddit

Subreddit is a unique and impressive forum that is dedicated to a specific topic started on Reddit. One can’t deny the importance of this platform, especially when it comes to sharing relevant content.

Below are the subreddits where gym owners can interact with each other and find new ideas.

3.1 Bodybuilding

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Figure 10  –  Bodybuilding

This is a community for bodybuilding and gym lovers. And so, you can join this subreddit and be a part of this forum. 

The flow of information can guide you in a better way. This allows you to grow your fitness business in line with the current trends and preferences. 

Through regular interactions with other gym owners, you can stay up to date with the most viable business models. So, joining this subreddit can be beneficial in a variety of ways. 


3.2 Gym Owner Network

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Figure 11  –  Gym Owner Network

This is a perfect platform where gym owners can share their fitness business ideas. It is a closed group forum that lets you talk about commercial gym equipment, marketing, technology, sales, and staffing.

As a group member, you can also discuss the routine challenges that you might face. But, you are not allowed to post content that isn’t relevant to gym owners.


3.3 Gym Owner

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Figure 12  –  Gym Owners

No matter whether you are planning to own a gym soon or recently owned a gym, you can find this sub quite helpful. Here, you can talk about some of the best ways to manage a gym.

Even though this subreddit isn’t an ultimate option for the gym owners, yet it provides a decent platform for the community to share cool ideas. So, just take a look at Gym Owner and see for yourself what it offers. 


4. The 3 Reputed Resources for getting the Recent Industry News

Want to be a successful gym owner? To achieve this goal, make sure to stay updated with the latest industry trends and gym equipment upgrades. 

To assist you, here are the most authentic fitness & bodybuilding sites/magazines that you need to visit frequently. 

4.1 Gym Owner Monthly

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Figure 13  –  Gym Owner Monthly

Unlike any other fitness and health-related magazines, the Gym Owner Monthly provides a great place for gym owners to stay updated. So, if you run a gym or fitness facility, you can be a part of this online community.

You can seek expert advice for achieving your goals and overcome the current challenges. There might be many reasons for joining this community; however, a few of the most prominent ones include:

  • It offers exclusive interviews with gym owners and entrepreneurs 
  • Keep you updated with the latest news linked to fitness equipment industry 
  • Relevant articles for gym owners on gaining and retaining their members
  • Subscription is free


4.2 Club Solutions Magazine

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Figure 14  –  Club Solutions

This magazine is one of the best resources for health and fitness-related businesses i.e. gyms and fitness clubs. After its launch in 2003, Club Solutions continued to empower and educate gym owners and fitness professionals.

It provides the latest news and updates about upcoming events/happening in the fitness industry. Also, the authentic content published by the experts provides necessary guidance to the gym owners.



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Figure 15  –  IHRSA

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) is a global community consisting of fitness and health professionals. The members of this forum are committed to improving the health and wellness of their communities. 

Besides, IHRSA also aims at helping the health & fitness industry to grow and flourish. If you own a gym, health club, sports club, and spa, this is the site to visit.


5. The 5 Awesome Gym Owners Forums & Discussion Boards to Consider

Forms and message boards can serve as a way to get the required information on almost any topic. Being an owner of a gym or fitness facility, you can try reaching out to the relevant forums or discussion boards.

This might be helpful in knowing the topics that attract the attention of your members. To start with, check out these popular fitness forums/discussion boards.   


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Figure 16  –  Bodybuilding is a renowned message board, dedicated to bodybuilders and fitness lovers. It provides loads of information on almost every topic that relates to bodybuilding and fitness training. 

The key areas of focus include personal training, workout programs, nutrition/supplements, gym equipment, latest technology, and bodybuilding products. 


5.2 CrossFit Discussion Board

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Figure 17 – Crossfit

Although this board offers a lot for fitness enthusiasts, gym owners can surely get their takeaway. A section of this board is dedicated to the gym equipment, devices, vendors, and suppliers. 

You can take part in the discussion and share your experience. The fitness community is growing at a rapid pace, and being a part of it can be beneficial in many ways. 

Hence, it is advised to join platforms like CrossFit and gain industry-related knowledge/expertise.


5.3 Bodybuilding Forums

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Figure 18  –  EliteFitness

Technically speaking, this might not be a gym owners forum. However, it offers a comprehensive platform for bodybuilders, fitness trainers, and gym owners. Bodybuilding Forums offer a wide range of solutions to help the fitness community. Here, you can access the latest posts regarding supplements, weight lifting, bodybuilding, and stuff like that. 

Experts regularly share updates about products and technology in their articles and podcasts. Therefore, being a part of this community can prove beneficial for fitness enthusiasts and gym owners. 


5.4 FitDay Discussion Boards

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Figure 19  –  FitDay Discussion Boards

This board features discussions, trends, news, and information related to bodybuilding and fitness activities. The areas of interest include diet, weight loss, bodybuilding, motivation, and other similar topics.

It also allows you to take part in debates and discussions that relate to supplements, gym equipment, and workout programs. 

Being a gym owner, knowing the requirements of your members is crucial. Therefore, joining groups like this one can help you stay up to date. 


5.5 WorldFitness Training Forum

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Figure 20  –  World Fitness Training Forum

This forum consists of an active community, which cares for the health and fitness of others. If you own a gym, you can take advantage of this forum and get as much information as you can.

Most of the fitness professionals are available to answer your queries. Besides, you can also share your thoughts and experiences with other people associated with the fitness business.  


6. Final Words

After having gone through this comprehensive post, you can now be a part of one or more of these online forums/communities. These platforms have one thing in common and that is mutual benefit. 

Like-minded people know the needs and preferences of each other; hence, they can benefit each other when connected via an online forum. 

So, stay connected and continue your journey to success.

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