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For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Commercial Treadmill – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking to import commercial treadmills from China? Do you have a high demand for commercial treadmills in your gym or distribution center? Do you want to buy commercial treadmills for a gym in bulk quantity? If your answers to these questions are yes, you came to the right place. 

In this FAQ Guide, we will discuss the most important aspects of a commercial treadmill. It will help you in understanding the technicalities and choosing the right product. 

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What is a commercial treadmill?

The high-quality treadmills designed for continuous use are known as commercial treadmills. They are used for walking, jogging, or running in commercial gym centers.  

Treadmill 13

Figure 1: Commercial Treadmill

What are the different types of a commercial treadmill?

Based on the motor availability, the commercial treadmill can be divided into two types. 

Manual Treadmill

Motor: No

Belt: Yes

Rollers: Yes

Electricity: Not required

Angle: Can be inclined, declined, or flat 

Durability: Not designed for commercial use, so does not last long in a gym.

Treadmill 14

Figure 2: Manual Flat Treadmill

Motorized Treadmill

Motor: Yes

Belt: Yes

Rollers: Yes

Electricity: Required

Angle: Can be inclined, declined, or flat 

Durability: long-lasting

Additionals: Can be used to determine running pace.

Treadmill 15

Figure 3: Motorized Treadmill

Based on foldability, we can give commercial treadmills into two types. But please note that foldable treadmills are designed only for home gym owners. Therefore, it is impractical to buy them for commercial use. 

Foldable Treadmill

Motor: Yes

Belt: Yes

Rollers: Yes

Electricity: Required

Angle: Can be inclined, declined, or flat 

Durability: Not designed for commercial use so does not last long in a gym.

Additionals: Can be folded to save space.

Treadmill 16

Figure 4: Foldable Treadmill

Non-foldable Commercial Treadmill

Motor: Yes

Belt: Yes

Rollers: Yes

Electricity: Not required

Angle: Can be inclined, declined, or flat 

Durability: long-lasting

Additionals: heart-rate monitor, constant use for up to 12 hours a day, digital screen.

Treadmill 17

Figure 5: Non-foldable commercial treadmill

Lastly, commercial treadmills can be divided into three types based on their angle. 

Curved Treadmill

Motor: No

Belt: Yes

Rollers: Yes

Electricity: Not required

Angle: Curved

Durability: long-lasting

Additionals: Burn more calories as compared to a flat treadmill.

Treadmill 18

Figure 6: Curved Treadmill

Inclined Treadmill

Most manual and motorized treadmills can be inclined to a specific degree:

Motor: both types are available 

Belt: Yes

Rollers: Yes

Electricity: May or may not be required 

Angle: Inclined (up-hill)

Durability: long-lasting

Additionals: Burn more calories as compared to a flat treadmill.

Treadmill 19

Figure 7: Inclined treadmill

Declined Treadmill

Both motorized and manual treadmills can be declined to a specific degree. 

Motor: both types are available 

Belt: Yes

Rollers: Yes

Electricity: May or may not be required 

Angle: Decline (down-hill)

Durability: long-lasting

Additionals: Burn more calories as compared to a flat treadmill.

Treadmill 20

Figure 8: Declined Treadmill

What should be the motor horsepower of my commercial treadmill?

The average CHP of a treadmill motor is between 2.25 to 4.25. CHP is the abbreviation for Continuous Horsepower. 

It is the measure of the power of the motor. The higher the horsepower of the motor, the higher will be its efficiency. The average recommended power is as follows:

Running: 3 CHP or higher

Walking: 2 CHP or higher

Jogging: 2.5 CHP or higher

At your gym, you can expect your treadmill to be used continuously. Therefore, we recommend you choose the highest horsepower motor. This is because a low-power motor will wear out quickly during continuous use.

For gym equipment dealers/distributors, offering a variety of machines in your display room is always feasible. 

What should be the belt size of the commercial treadmill machine?

The average belt of a commercial treadmill is 20 inches wide and 55 inches long. 

The preferred belt measurements of a treadmill depending on its usage. Besides, you should also keep in mind the available space in your gym before choosing one.

Treadmill 21

Figure 9: Belt/Track size of a commercial treadmill

How do I check the quality of the commercial treadmill track?

Belt thickness

2 ply or 4 ply belts are better than 1 ply belts. Thicker belts last longer and are quieter when used. Hence, this is an important factor in belt durability. However, commercial treadmills with 2 or 4 ply belts are more expensive than 1 ply belts.

Speed of belt

Generally, the highest required speed is 10mph. Most commercial machines are capable of reaching this speed. However, some trainers might want to exercise at 12mph but that is a rare case.

Track cushioning

This feature is important for your customer’s safety. Track cushioning reduces the chance of injury and exercise impact. Commercial treadmill machines allow users to adjust cushioning effects according to their requirements.

Track rollers

The average diameter of track rollers is 2.5”. They are responsible for track movement. Track rollers with large diameters prevent the belt from wear and tear. It also prevents excessive stress on the motor. 

What is the average user-weight capacity of a commercial treadmill?

The average weight capacity of a commercial treadmill is around 250 to 400 pounds. If they are used by people heavier than this weight range, the motor will wear out very quickly. 

The higher the user weight, the higher the quality of the motor and belt. Commercial treadmills that can tolerate up to 500 pounds are usually available. 

Do commercial treadmills require maintenance? 

Treadmill belts are required to be properly maintained. You need to lubricate them in your gym to increase their life. However, many commercial treadmills are automatic. They do not require any maintenance. These machines are equipped with lubricants such as silicone. 

Are there any additional features in a commercial treadmill?

Heart-rate monitor

Commercial treadmills are used for cardio-training. Therefore, a heart rate monitor is an important feature in treadmills. Make sure to analyze your customer requirements before investing in them.

Work-out programs

These programs are usually built-in to the machines. They are an efficient way to help your customers plan their exercise without the help of a trainer. 

Water bottle holders

This is an important feature for long-term trainers. 

Mobile phone holders

Many people like to entertain themselves while working out. A mobile holder can be a great help in that case. If you have a distribution center, we highly recommend having this feature on your treadmills.

Treadmill mats

If you have gym flooring that does not go well with your chosen commercial treadmill, these mats are a great help. they will help in keeping your machine in place.

Treadmill cleaner

Cleaning your gym equipment is essential to ensure longer life. Therefore, buying treadmill cleaning equipment is always recommended.

What are the safety features of a commercial treadmill?

Holding rails

These handrails are used to avoid the risk of a fall. Users can hold them for stability.

Treadmill 22

Figure 10: Holding Rails of commercial treadmill

Slow start

Commercial treadmills usually have an automatic slow start feature. It means that the machine will slowly gain speed up to the selected level.

Safety key

It allows the machine to automatically stop if the runner falls. One end of this key is attached to the treadmill and the other end can be attached to the user. In case the user falls, the magnet will get detach and the machine will stop automatically. 

Treadmill 23

Figure 11: Safety Key in a commercial treadmill

What type of shock absorption is used in a commercial treadmill?

Springs or variable durometer elastomer cushion is used for shock absorption in a commercial treadmill. 


Treadmills that are equipped with the deck having spring shock absorption are not generally recommended. This is because springs compress and bounce back. As a result, that force hits the body.

Variable-Durometer Elastomer Cushion

Most commercial treadmills are equipped with these cushions for shock absorption. Unlike spring, they absorb some of the energy due to the striking impact. 

Above are the two different types of shock absorption systems. This system is important to reduce the impact of exercise on your body. It reduces the risks of injury. 

Which material is used for the frame of a commercial treadmill?

The frame of a commercial treadmill is made of steel or aluminum. 

Steel is usually preferred over aluminum. This is because steel frames give a bouncing feel during exercise which makes exercise easier. Although Aluminum frames are also strong and long-lasting. 

You should always check the quality of the frame as it should be robust and should remain stable during exercise. 

What material is used in the belt of a commercial treadmill?

Rubber or PVC is used in the belt of a commercial treadmill. But the manufacturing material also depends on the type of belt. 


Rubber is used to make the single-ply belt of a commercial treadmill. In high-quality belts, PVC rubber is used.


In a double-Ply belt, the upper layer is made up of PVC rubber. And the lower layer can apply different materials such as polyester, monofilament, cotton, or urethane. 

What material is used in the deck of a commercial treadmill?

Most manufacturers use MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board) for the decks of a commercial treadmill. The size of the deck ranges from 0.7” to 1”. 

What is the maximum speed that a commercial treadmill can provide?

The average speed of a commercial treadmill should be at least 10mph. But in a gym or distribution center, you can always expect high-level trainers so it is recommended to buy a treadmill that can go higher than 10mph. 

How much does a commercial treadmill cost?

The price of a commercial treadmill ranges from $600 to $900. This price depends greatly on the quality and power of the motor, belt, rollers, and additional features. Contact our sales department to get a customized price quote for your commercial treadmill. 

What is the average size of a commercial treadmill?

Length: 81”

Width: 34”

Height: 55”

These are the average dimensions of a commercial treadmill. However, these measurements differ depending on the type and the manufacturer of the treadmill. 

Treadmill 24

Figure 12: Average Size of a commercial treadmill

What is the average weight of a commercial treadmill?

The weight of a commercial treadmill ranges from 200kg to 250kg. It depends on the type and quality of the treadmill.

It is very important to know the exact weight to estimate shipping costs. Contact Yanre fitness to know the exact weight of a commercial treadmill. 

What is the difference between a curved treadmill and a flat treadmill?

  • The curved treadmill is self-powered, therefore, low risk of injury
  • The curved treadmill has a low fire hazard because of no heat generation
  • The curved treadmill is non-motorized, so more environment friendly
  • The curved treadmill is long-lasting as compared to motorized treadmills
  • A curved treadmill has no technical components involved in its usage
  • Using a curved treadmill can burn a higher number of calories in the same amount of time
  • A curved treadmill has high running performance because of low impact on joints

All these features are the reason behind its increasing popularity. We recommend you buy a curved treadmill on a priority basis. However, if you have a budget, buying each type of commercial treadmill can result in diversity. 

Can I customize the logo on my commercial treadmill?

Yes, you can. Yanre Fitness allows you to customize your logo on the commercial treadmill that you buy. Please contact us to know more details. 

Can I adjust the commercial treadmill belt easily?

Yes, you can adjust the commercial treadmill belt if required. It helps in a better user experience. It is usually required when the belt gets loose after continuous use. 

Can I replace a commercial treadmill belt on my own?

Yes, you can replace a commercial treadmill belt. Typically, an average commercial treadmill belt costs around $200 to $300. 

It is necessary to ensure that your gym customers get the best experience with your equipment. With regular use, the belts start to curl up the corners or cracks appear in them. That is when you need to replace it.

Treadmill 25

Figure 13: Commercial Treadmill Belt

Does the commercial treadmill come pre-assembled?

No, you can rarely get a pre-assembled commercial treadmill. This is because 99% of the commercial treadmill manufacturers do not provide pre-assembled treadmills. 

Similarly, Yanre Fitness does not ship pre-assembled commercial treadmills due to high shipping charges. It is in your best interests to buy an un-assembled machine to reduce shipping costs. 

Is it easy to assemble a commercial treadmill?

Yes, commercial treadmills are very easy to assemble. You can follow the guidelines given in the user manual to do that. 

Besides, professional services for machine assembling are also available at minimal charges. 


We hope that this FAQ guide would have answered all your questions regarding a commercial use treadmill. We recommend you keep in mind all these features before buying them. Are you looking to buy commercial grade treadmills at wholesale prices in China? Please have a look at our curved treadmill to know more and get an instant quote now!