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Commercial Cable Attachments – Definitive FAQ Guide

Cable attachments are considered one of the most vital accessories in any gym. The problem is, these types of accessories are usually overlooked.

On the other side, you may don’t know how many cable attachments are available in the market. 

You may also don’t know that all the cable attachments are not the same. Some are used for general home use, while some are specially designed for commercial purposes. 

And hence it’s also necessary that you research thoroughly to see what kind of attachments you can buy for various kinds of machines in the gym. 

This FAQ guide will cover all the aspects related to commercial cable attachments. 

So, let’s get started. 

Table of Contents

1. What are the different types of commercial cable attachments?

No doubt, a cable machine is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for every commercial gym. These machines are operated with a wide array of cable attachments. Below are some of the most common cable attachments.

1.1 Straight Bar

A straight bar cable attachment is widely used in commercial gyms. It is almost 20 inches wide and has a strong grip. Normally, it is used while performing multiple exercises including curls, shrugs, upright rows, horizontal curls, straight bar pressdowns, etc.

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Figure 1 – Showing a Straight bar cable attachment (image src – mifitness)

1.2 Lat Pulldown Attachment

This type of commercial cable attachment is straight in the middle but has downward bends on both sides. These bends offer a natural and secure grip. 

It is a relatively wider attachment that you can use with any cable machine. A Lat Pulldown attachment is normally used to perform those exercises that improve shoulder and back muscles. 

Cable Attachments 14

Figure 2 -Showing a Lat Pulldown cable attachment (image src – americanbarbell)

1.3 Stirrup Handle

If you are looking for a combo of cable machine and dumbbell, a stirrup handle is the option to consider. It is a cable attachment that is operated single-handedly. 

Meaning thereby, you can exercise with one hand at a time. A stirrup handle allows you to perform several single-arm exercises. 

Cable Attachments 15

Figure 3 -Showing a Stirrup Handle cable attachment (image src – aliexpress)

1.4 Cable Rope Attachment

It is one of the most common attachments that are used with any cable machine. The cable rope attachment is thickly threaded and usually comes with rubber stoppers.

This kind of commercial cable attachment is used for a variety of exercises including face pulls, tricep pressdowns, overhead extensions, and rope curls. 

Cable Attachments 16

Figure 4 -Showing a Cable Rope Attachment (image src – ncfitness)

1.5 Tricep V Bar

As the name suggests, this attachment is a perfect choice for performing tricep exercises. A tricep V bar allows you to perform tricep overhead presses, face pulls, and tricep pressdowns. You can also use it as a cable curling bar.

Cable Attachments 17

Figure 5 -Showing a Tricep V Bar cable attachment (image src – amazon)

1.6 Double D Handle Attachment

This particular cable attachment is a V-shaped handlebar. It is normally used with a seated row station. However, you can also use it with other machines. The exercises that you can perform with this commercial cable attachment include close-grip lat pulldowns, standing rows, face pulls. 

Cable Attachments 18

Figure 6 -Showing a Double D Handle cable attachment (image src – amazon)

1.7 Curl Bar 

It is slightly different from a regular straight bar. This commercial cable attachment has a wavy bar, which offers a natural position. With a curl bar, you can do curls with variable widths.

Cable Attachments 19

Figure 7 – Showing a curl bar cable attachment (image src – yorkbarbell)

1.8 Ankle Strap 

With an ankle strap, you can easily perform a lot of leg exercises. To do this, you just need to attach an ankle strap with a cable machine. It not only improves your angle but also protects you from any injury. 

Cable Attachments 20

Figure 8 – Showing an ankle strap cable attachment (image src – strengthshop)

1.9 Pulley D handles 

You can use Pulley D handles by attaching them to any cable machine. This attachment helps you to perform a wide range of single as well as dual-arm exercises. These handles are made with nylon straps and plastic grips.

Cable Attachments 21

Figure 9 – Showing a Pulley D Handles (image src – strengthshop)

1.10 Multi Exercise Bar Attachment

This commercial cable attachment is a universal piece of equipment for almost every gym. It allows you to perform different exercises such as triceps extensions, biceps curls, and seated rows. 

Cable Attachments 22

Figure 10 – Showing a multi exercise bar attachment (image src – fitnessexpress)

1.11 Crunch Harness

A crunch harness is a highly comfortable cable attachment. It protects your shoulders, neck, back, and chest from stress and discomfort. Hence, you can pay more attention to your exercise. It is normally used when performing crunches. 

2. What are the major benefits of having cable attachments in the gym?

A cable machine is an integral part of every gym, yet it won’t serve much in absence of cable attachments. There are numerous benefits of having cable attachments in a gym.

You can perform multiple exercises on a single cable machine with these attachments. Furthermore, commercial cable attachments are specifically designed to offer the best results. 

These attachments are safe to use and are effective too. Hence, athletes and bodybuilders prefer them when performing different exercises on a cable machine.     

3. What things to consider while buying commercial cable attachments?

You might find it hard to choose the right cable attachment. However, by paying attention to some important aspects, you can get your hands on the best one.

To assist you, here are the factors that you must keep in mind while buying a commercial cable attachment. 

3.1 Build Quality and Durability

Usually, commercial cable attachments are regularly used in a gym. This results in the wear and tear of these attachments. Hence, make sure to buy those attachments that are built to sustain the rough and harsh gym environment. 

Most gyms prefer steel cable attachments, as they are durable and require no maintenance. Moreover, when buying attachments that are made of fabric or nylon, pay attention to the materials and finish of such a product.

3.2 Positive Grip

Another aspect to consider when buying a commercial cable attachment is the “Grip”. Some steel attachments also come with nylon or rubber grips. These grips are comfortable to grasp, yet there are some durability issues. 

The most preferred option is the steel handles with a knurling pattern. These handles will ensure a perfect grip even in moist conditions. 

3.3 Cleaning and Maintenance 

Since gym equipment is used consistently, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. The cable attachments with foam or rubber handles are hard to clean. Besides, you need to replace the grips frequently. 

On the contrary, solid steel handles are easy to clean and don’t require maintenance. Similarly, make sure that the cable attachments made with fabric or nylon are also easy to clean and maintain. 

3.4 Ergonomics and Biomechanics

This factor is essential, as it can affect the overall performance of the user. When buying a commercial cable attachment, try to choose one with rotating handles. It helps to minimize the stress on your shoulder, elbows, and wrist joints. 

3.5 How it looks

The finish is another aspect to consider. A good quality chrome finish offers a clean and sleek look. Try to avoid the decorative chrome finish that gives a shiny appearance but doesn’t last for long. 

4. What is the average cost of commercial cable attachments?

Depending on the type of cable attachment, the price of a cable attachment ranges between $15 to $80. 

5. Should I buy the cable attachments in bulk for my gym?

Yes, it is advisable. However, your budget plays a decisive role in this respect. If you are in a position to buy commercial cable attachments in bulk, it can save you a considerable amount. 

Besides, having the spares in your inventory allows you to make instant replacements of the faulty attachments.

6. Can I get customized cable attachments?

Yes, you can buy customized cable attachments. Yanre Fitness offers customization options related to color choice and logo placement.

7. Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this FAQ guide for commercial cable attachments, including cable machine attachments names. We tried hard to include all important FAQs that you may think of regarding commercial cable attachments.

Contact us today to get a quick quote for any type of commercial grade cable attachment.