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Commercial Leg Curl Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

A commercial leg curl machine is an important part of any gym or distribution center. Are you looking to buy one? Do you want to know every detail about a commercial leg curl machine? Do you want to buy a commercial leg curl machine in bulk quantity? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place!

The following detailed FAQ guide will help you get the answers to all the questions you have. So, without further delay, let us get started.

Table of Contents

1. What is a commercial leg curl machine?

A commercial leg curl machine is an exercise machine that targets different muscles of the legs. The main target muscles are the hamstrings and quadriceps. They are the muscles of the upper thigh region. 

This machine helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of these regions. It is required to build a balance between the front and back of the leg thus prevent injuries.

Commercial Leg Curl Machine 10

Figure 1: Hamstrings and Quadriceps muscles

2. What are the different types of a leg curl machine?

There are two different types of a leg curl machine:

Seated Leg Curl Machine

While using a seated leg curl machine, the user can remain in a sitting position while performing the exercise. This type of machine allows different knee-bending positions at a 45-degree, 90-degree, or fully bent position. 

The difficulty level varies with each knee bent position.

  1. 45-degree is  the easiest
  2.  90-degree is  harder 
  3. full bent position is the hardest position with maximum gain

This type is more secure and stable, especially for beginner users.

In this position, the leg is in a lengthened position. Thus, it targets all 3 muscle fibers of the hamstring, leading to greater gain.

Lying or Hammer Strength Prone Leg Curl Machine

In this type, the user is in a lying upside-down position, placing the backs of their ankles underneath the pads.

This machine places the hamstring at a shortened position and the hip is almost at a neutral position. It leads to lesser gain as compared to the seated leg curl. However, the lying leg curl position helps to minimize lower-back stress.

Standing Leg Curl Machine

While using this type of leg curl machine, the user must stand with the roller pads at the back of their ankle. It also includes pads on the front for users to place the arms. The Standing Leg Curl machine is used to target the muscles of buttocks, calves, and hamstring. 

Seated / Lying (Dual) Leg Curl Machine

This type of leg curl machine provides dual functionality. Its seats can be adjusted to allow users to enjoy both seated and lying positions.

Commercial Leg Curl Machine 11

Figure 5: Seated/ Lying (Dual) leg curl machine

3. What is the average price of a commercial leg curl machine?

The price of a leg curl machine varies from $350 to $3000 on average. However, the price may differ for different types or brands of the machine ranging from high or low. It depends on the type, the material used, and any extra features included in the machine.

The price may also vary according to the weights that come with the machine. They may be included with the machine or have to be bought separately.

4. What is the average weight of a commercial leg curl machine?

On average, the weight of a commercial leg curl machine varies from around 400lbs to 700lbs. However, the Standing leg curl machines generally weigh less. It ranges from around 120lbs to 250lbs.

The weight of the machine may vary depending on the type of leg curl machine and which brand you are buying it from. Please contact our sales department to know the exact weight of our commercial leg curl machine.

5. What are the space requirements for a commercial leg curl machine?

Length 25 to 50 inches

Width 37 to 49 inches

Height 60 to 125cm inches

However, these figures may vary according to the brand and the type of machine.

Additionally, at least a 40” safety zone on all sides of the machine should be left to give enough room to the user.

6. Does a commercial leg curl machine have handles?

Yes, a commercial leg curl machine is equipped with handles. Most commercial leg curl machines have rubber comfort grip handles on the sides. Users can hold them for better stability and safety.

Commercial Leg Curl Machine 12

Figure 6: Handles in a commercial leg curl machine

7. Does a commercial leg curl machine provide back support?

Both Seated and Dual-function leg curl machines always have back pads. It provides back support to users while sitting. It minimizes pressure on the back, and ensures the body is aligned correctly. The lying leg curl machines are designed only for lying down position and thus there is no back support.

8. Do the roller pads of a commercial leg curl machine are adjustable?

The roller pads or leg rests are self-adjusting. It means that users can adjust the position according to their height or preference. Roller pad adjustments may vary from 4 positions to 9 position adjustability.

In a seated leg curl machine, the roller pads can be set higher or lower depending on the position the user is aiming for. Most of the seated leg curl machine also comes with an adjustable backrest to fit all size users.

Commercial Leg Curl Machine 13

Figure 7: Roller pads in a commercial leg curl machine

9. What material is used to make the pads of a commercial leg curl machine?

To ensure the long life of machines and ease of the users, the manufacturers use tear-resistant and comfortable padding. The different materials used include high density, thick, or regeneration foam.

10. What material is used to make the cables of a commercial leg curl machine?

Mostly the material of the cables is lubricated and nylon-coated. It ensures tension and durability. Depending on brands and manufacturers, the cables can be made up of many different materials.

11. Does a commercial leg curl machine have wheels?

It depends on the manufacturer from which you buy the machine. This feature is not present in all leg curl machines. But is a bonus feature that some manufacturers provide in some of their models. It helps to easily move the machine and minimizes the  chances of damage or breakage.

Please contact our sales department to know if our commercial leg curl machines are equipped with wheels or not.

12. What type of weights can a commercial leg curl machine hold?

Every commercial leg curl machine comes with a built-in weight stack. But it can hold additional weights. The kinds of weights that can be added to the stack depend on the type and brand of the machine.

Contact our customer care staff for details on what types and range of weights a commercial leg curl machine allows.

Commercial Leg Curl Machine 14

Figure 8: Weight Stacks of a commercial leg curl machine

13. What is the maximum weight capacity of cables used in commercial leg curl machines?

The commercial leg curl machine by Yanre Fitness comes with a cable that can hold 1400kg. however, this may vary in different types of machines. Therefore, we recommend you contact our customer care department for detailed information regarding each product.

14. Can a commercial leg curl machine be loaded with additional weights?

Most leg curl machines come with an adjustable weight stack. Most machines come with a pre-set minimum weight stack. It can be upgraded with additional weight stacks of 200-lb to 300lb. The additional weight stacks may be provided or you will have to purchase separately. 

15. Does a commercial leg curl machine come pre-assembled?

No, most of the manufacturers do not offer to ship pre-assembled equipment. This is because shipping an assembled machine increases the risk of breakage and damage and costs are relatively very high. Thus to ensure safe delivery and to reduce shipping charges, pre-assembled commercial leg curl machines are not shipped.

16. Is a commercial leg curl machine easy to assemble?

Most machines come with a step-by-step assembly guide which can easily be followed while assembling the machine. However, as these machines are composed of a complex design, you might require the help of a professional to ensure proper assembly of the equipment.

17. Can I customize a commercial leg curl machine with my logo?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows you to customize your logo on the commercial leg curl machine. Please contact our sales department to know more about the details and to communicate your requirements.

18. What color options are available for a commercial leg curl machine?

You can completely customize the color of your commercial leg curl machine through Yanre Fitness. However, the generally adopted color scheme is brown or red leather seats and black roller pads. 

19. What care & maintenance does a commercial leg curl machine require?

Daily inspections are essential to ensure the safety of users and maintenance of the machine. It must be verified that all hardware including grips, adjustment pins, weight stack pins are intact. Cables must have tension and remain properly connected

20. Conclusion

Hopefully, this FAQ guide comprehensively covered all of your queries regarding a commercial leg curl machine. If yes, then you’ll be ready to buy the machine for your gym or distribution center.

Yanre Fitness provides the finest quality and affordable commercial leg curl machine. It has all the essential components that make a machine perfect to use. Place an order or contact us to get a customized price quote.