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Gym Accessories Wholesale – Definitive FAQ Guide

Besides the general gym equipment, it is helpful to have gym accessories in your commercial gym or display room. 

Gym accessories help trainers achieve their desired fitness levels faster. Since they help isolate specific target muscles better.

So, have you decided on the gym accessories you want to buy for your gym?

Well, here is a helpful resource. This guide covers the frequently asked questions about gym accessories.

Okay, let’s check this guide out.

Table of Contents

1. What are the most common gym accessories used in a commercial gym?

Gym accessories are items or attachments that offer support during exercise. And there is a wide range of gym accessories available for commercial gyms.

However, some gym accessories are a must-have for any gym. The gym accessories that are most common in gyms include:

  • Gym accessories that are versatile and can quickly be adapted for different exercises.
  • Gym accessories that make the trainers’ exercise experience more enjoyable.
  • Gym accessories that beginners can easily use.

Here is a list of the most common gym accessories:

2. What gym accessories help you to free up gym space?

Your gym space is an essential resource. So it is important to have gym accessories that help in the efficient use of gym space. The gym accessories and hacks that you can adopt for your gym to save space include:

2.1 Wall Mount Swiss Brackets 

Wall mount swiss brackets are ideal for storing medicine balls and are designed for mounting on the wall.

The wall mount swiss brackets usually come in pairs, and made from 0.1875″ thick steel.

You can also install the mounted medicine bracket on a strip.

The benefit of the wall mount swiss brackets is that their length can be customized to fit your gym space.

So, if you want to store more medicine balls, you don’t need to buy a new set of brackets. All you have to do is space the swiss brackets out and replace the pipes with longer ones.

These gym accessories cost $39.95. However, the pair will cost  $59.95 when it comes with pipes. 

Gym Accessories 24

Figure 1: Wall mount swiss bracket

2.2 Wall-mounted Exercise Mat Racks

Do you want to keep your gym floor free from the clutter of exercise mats? Then helpful gym accessories you can use are the wall-mounted exercise mat racks

The wall-mounted exercise mat rack is versatile and helps store exercise mats, yoga mats, and foam rollers.

These gym accessories are also adjustable. So, by expanding them, it is possible to customize them to store mats of different sizes. 

You can also customize them by adjusting the distance between the two rods.

The wall-mounted exercise mat racks are also made from metal to give them strength. They can hold up to 20lbs of weight. Also, wall-mounted exercise mat racks are wrapped with rubber to prevent scratching.

The average cost of a wall-mounted exercise mat rack is $11.90.

Gym Accessories 25

Figure 2: Wall-mounted exercise rack

2.3 Double-tier Dumbbell Racks

Are you looking for a safe and tasteful way of storing your dumbbells? Then double tier dumbbell racks are the gym accessories you need.

The double tier-dumbbell racks are durable gym accessories made from heavy gauge steel. The steel is also deburred to make it safe for users.

Besides, the feet of the double tier-dumbbell racks are also rubber capped to prevent scratching of the floor.

These gym accessories are also space-efficient and measure 34″H x 52″W x 23″ D.

The cost of the double tier-dumbbell racks ranges from $220 to $389. However, this cost varies depending on the model of the equipment.

Gym Accessories 26

Figure 3: Double-tire dumbbell rack

2.4 Wall-mounted Barbell Racks

The wall-mounted barbell racks are designed for storing Olympic or standard barbells.

The wall-mounted barbell racks are made from 7-gauge steel brackets that give them durability. They also have a protective plastic lining to protect the integrity of the barbell racks.

Besides, they come either as 3 bar racks or 6 bar racks.

The barbell racks weigh 15 lbs though the weight varies with the number of barbells the rack can hold. 

The barbell racks are available at prices starting at $52.50. Though, the racks having a plastic lining go for 98.50. However, there is also the option of buying the five-pack set at $485.00.

Gym Accessories 27

Figure 4: Wall-mounted barbell racks

3. Do you have gym accessories that help make exercising comfortable?

Yes, there is a variety of gym accessories designed for comfort.

Here are handy gym accessories that make working out more comfortable include:

3.1 Exercise Mat

The exercise mat is a pleasant gym accessory for stretching the back. It is also great for various on-floor exercises like yoga and pilates. 

What makes the exercise mats suitable is their two-layer material. That ensures comfort during exercise. 

The exercise mats also have a textured surface. That prevents sliding off while working out. 

The surface is also non-porous, and this quality makes the exercise mats non-absorbent to spill liquids and sweat.

Besides, the exercise mats are made from vulcanized rubber. That makes them strong and prevents them from curling when on the floor.

Besides, exercise mats are designed to be resistant to bacterial growth. They also have minimal odor.

These gym accessories come in thicknesses of 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″.

The exercise mats are available as individual mats. They can also be linked together to cover a large area.

Gym Accessories 28

Figure 5: Exercise mat

3.2 Gym Gloves

Gym gloves are handy gym accessories that protect palms. They are ideal for workouts like weight lifting and pull-ups.

Gym gloves feature an adjustable wrist to enable them to fit different wrist sizes. They also have padded palms and cut fingers to make them suitable for weight lifting.

Gym gloves are made from leather for durability. They also have a stretch mesh and nylon foam that makes them comfortable and breathable.

The gym gloves come in various sizes with an average cost of $16.99.

Gym Accessories 29

Figure 6: Gym gloves

3.3 Thick Fat Bar Grips

Thick fat bar grips are gym accessories that wrap around handles. To increase the grip diameter of handles, thus enhancing workouts. 

These gym accessories enhance work out by reducing discomfort in the elbow, wrist, and shoulders.

Thick fat bar grips are suitable for wrapping around barbells. Though, they are also ideal for chin bars, barbells, and cable handles.

The thick fat bar grips come in pairs and are made from high-density silicon rubber. They also have engravings that give them strength and make them secure to hold.

Thick fat bar grips come in multiple sizes. Though, those bar grips with a width of 3.8 inches and  5.3 inches are most popular. These two cost $16.99 and 27.99, respectively.

4. What kinds of gym accessories are suitable for rehabilitation?

Several gym accessories are suitable for rehabilitation. Though, their effectiveness depends on the nature of the injury. These gym accessories include foam rollers, straps, and wraps.

This range of gym accessories include:

4.1 Thera Bands

Thera bands are elastic tension bands. Thera bands are elastic tension bands ideal for preventing and recovering from injuries. 

Thera bands are latex-free to prevent skin allergies. 

They measure 5 ft long X 4 in wide. The width ensures that the skin is not damaged when stretching.

However, 75 ft dispenser packs are also available. That comes with a cutout for fast dispensing. 

Thera bands are made from plastic that ensures high elasticity and doesn’t slip.

They have different color-coded resistance levels. Below are the color-coded with their resistance levels:

  • The yellow color code has extra light resistance.
  • The blue color code has light resistance.
  • The green color code has medium resistance.
  • The black color code has heavy resistance.
  • The blue color code has extra heavy resistance.
Gym Accessories 30

Figure 7: Thera band

4.2 Foam Rollers

Form rollers are gym accessories for treating muscle tightness. They also help muscles to recover.

Foam rollers are highly versatile gym accessories. They are affordable, easy to store, and light. 

The foam rollers are ideal for use before exercise to promote better warm-ups. Besides, foam rollers can also be used after exercise to help muscles recover.

Foam rollers can be categorized by:

Type by material:

  • Polyethylene (PE) Rollers
  • Expanded polypropylene (EPP) Rollers
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

Types by density: (The foam rollers come in a range of densities to fit the needs of different trainers.)

  • Standard Rollers
  • Firm Rollers
  • Soft Rollers

Types by shape:

  • Full-size foam roller. This full-size shape is the most popular because of its versatile use. 
  • Half flattened roller. This type of roller is suitable for physiotherapy and yoga.
Gym Accessories 31
Gym Accessories 32

5. Are there gym accessories that protect you from injury?

Yes, there are gym accessories that ensure safety from injury during working out.

These accessories are essential for intensive exercises like weight training.  

The gym accessories that protect against accidental injuries include:

5.1 Muscle Rollers

Muscle rollers help prevent injury from stiffness.

Muscle rollers are also called massage sticks. They are made from industrial-strength material that makes them durable.

These gym accessories have a central steel core that has independent ABS rollers. At the same time, the handles are made with propylene. 

The muscle roller is lightweight and ultra-portable. It measures 44cm long and weighs 220g.

This gym accessory is user-friendly, thus making it ideal for both beginners and professionals.

The muscle roller also comes in a wide range of colors.

Gym Accessories 33

Figure 10: Muscle roller

5.2 Lock-jaw Barbell Collars

The lock-jaw barbell collars help lock weight plates firmly on a barbell. Thus preventing the plates from falling by accident.

Several materials can be used to make lock jaw barbell collars:

  • Nylon
  • Aluminum
  • Thermoplastic rubber
  • ABS plastic

Features of the lockjaw barbell collars:

  • Suitable for workouts with a 2-inch weight bar.
  • Have an internal rubber insert that helps to prevent slipping.
  • Come with a design that makes it easy to install and remove.
  • Have a net weight that ranges from 300g to 400g.

Outer diameter:  9cm Inner diameter: 50mm

Gym Accessories 34

Figure 11: Lock-jaw barbell collars

6. What is the cost of gym accessories?

The cost of gym accessories varies depending on the product and its materials.

 Here is a list of the most common gym accessories with their costs. 

6.1 Dumbbells

The dumbbells cost starts at $9.99 for the 5 lbs round head rubber dumbbell, to $745.00 for the 80lbs adjustable dumbbell set. The cost depends on the weight and material used to manufacture the dumbbells.

Gym Accessories 35

6.2 Kettlebells

The cost of kettlebells ranges from $15.00 to $246.00 each. 

Gym Accessories 36

Figure 14: Rubber kettlebell

6.3 Weight plates

Weight plates each cost as low as $10.00 for 2.5 lbs cast iron weight plates piece. To as high as $380.00 for the 55lbs urethane-coated weight plates. The cost varies with the material and weight of each weight plate.

Gym Accessories 37

Figure 15: Weight plate

6.4 Barbells

Barbells each have a cost that ranges from $69.99 for the 1-inch 10-pound barbell. To $1500 for olympic barbells. This range depends on the function and type of the barbell.

Gym Accessories 38

Figure 16: Barbell

6.5 Resistance bands

The cost of each resistance band ranges from $10.00 for level 1 resistance rubber resistance bands. To 119.90 for a set. The price depends on the size and resistance of the gym accessories.

Gym Accessories 39

Figure 17: Resistance band

6.6 Foam Rollers

The foam rollers each cost from $9.99 to $199 for vibrating foam rollers. The cost of foam rollers varies depending on the kind of material that is used to make them.

Gym Accessories 40

6.7 Medicine Ball

Medicine balls cost from $15 for PVC to $155.00 for 25lbs synthetic PVC medicine balls.

Gym Accessories 41

Figure 20: Medicine Ball

6.8 Jump Rope

The jump rope cost ranges from $4.99 for cotton cord jump ropes to $129.50 for PVC ones.

Gym Accessories 42

Figure 21: Jump rope

6.9 Exercise Mat

The cost varies from $69.00 to $219.95 for individual mats. This price varies depending on their thickness and size.

Gym Accessories 43

Figure 22: Exercise mat

6.10 Aerobic Stepper

The aerobic stepper each costs from $19.99 to $99.99, depending on the model.

Gym Accessories 44

Figure 23: Aerobic stepper

7. What material is used to make the gym accessories?

Various materials are used to make the different gym accessories. Here are materials used to make the common gym accessories:

7.1 Dumbbell

Cast Iron Dumbbells: Industrial gyms prefer cast iron dumbbells. They are painted to prevent rust.

However, they are not ideal for commercial gyms because the paint easily peels off. They are also noisy, and they easily damage gym floors.

Steel Dumbbells: Steel dumbbells are chrome plated to give them a gleaming appearance. The chrome plate also gives the dumbbells’ durability.

These dumbbells weigh between 1kg to 10kg. This weight range makes them ideal for women or beginners.

Gym Accessories 45

Figure 24: Chrome-plated dumbbell

Rubber Dumbbells: Many commercial gyms prefer dumbbells made from rubber. 

This preference is because they are durable and will not damage the floor. These gym accessories are also comfortable to grip. However, their lifespan reduces when they are exposed to sunlight.

Gym Accessories 46

Figure 25: Rubber dumbbells

Vinyl Dumbbells: Vinyl dumbbells are durable. They can be molded into various designs to appeal to female clients.

However, they can be slippery in sweaty hands.

Gym Accessories 47

Figure 26: Vinyl dumbbells

Polyurethane (PU): PU makes the best dumbbells.  These dumbbells are odorless, durable, and do not wear quickly. However, PU dumbbells are expensive.

7.2 Kettlebell

Cast Iron: This is the most popular material for kettlebells. Cast iron kettlebells are also cheaper compared to others.

Cast iron kettlebells come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Steel: Steel kettlebells are more durable than the cast iron ones. All sizes have similar handle dimensions. This durability makes them ideal for competitions.

However, steel kettlebells are more expensive than the cast iron ones.

Gym Accessories 48

Figure 27: Kettlebells

7.3 Weight Plate

Cast Iron: Cast iron is the most common material used for weight plates. Cast iron weight plates are cheaper than steel weight plates. 

There is an option of the plates being coated with rubber, urethane, chrome, or paint.

The disadvantage of cast iron weight plates is they have low durability, and they rust easily. These weight plates are also noisy.

Steel: Steel weight plates also have low durability, and they rust easily. These gym accessories are equally noisy.

There is also an option of coating them with rubber, urethane, chrome, or paint.

Gym Accessories 49

Figure 28: Weight plates

7.4 Barbell

The most popular material for barbells is steel. However, various types of steel can be used to manufacture barbells. 

The durability and strength of the barbell are determined by the type of steel used. The following are the types of steel, with the high-end spring steel having the highest strength.

  • A3 steel
  • 45 steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Low-end spring steel
  • High-end spring steel

7.5 Resistance Band

Latex: Latex is made from natural rubber. It is the most common material used for resistance bands. 

What makes latex resistance bands desirable is their wide range of resistance levels. This quality makes it ideal for both new and experienced users.

The disadvantage of latex is that it does not tolerate high temperatures. Latex may also cause allergies, and it has a strong odor.

Gym Accessories 50

Figure 29: Latex resistance bands

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE): This is a  synthetic rubber. It tolerates high temperatures well. TPE is also anti-allergy. Its main disadvantage 

Gym Accessories 51

Figure 30: TPE resistance bands

Combination of latex and fabric: These resistance bands are allergy-free. Their resistance is also effective, and they are biodegradable.

However, these resistance bands only provide high resistance. So they are suitable for experienced users. They are also not easy to clean.

Gym Accessories 52

Figure 31: Combined latex and fabric resistance bands

7.6 Foam Roller

Polyethylene (PE) foam rollers: PE foam rollers are fairly priced. They make soft rollers that are suitable for beginners. The PE rollers can be easily recycled. However, PE rollers have a short lifespan.

Gym Accessories 53

Figure 32: PE foam roller

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam rollers: These gym accessories have a price. EPP foam rollers are quite versatile, enabling many people to use them. 

Gym Accessories 54

Figure 33: EPP foam roller

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam rollers: The EVA foam rollers are durable. They can withstand frequent use without softening.

7.7 Medicine Ball

Polyvinyl Chloride: It is the closest option to natural leather. It is quite durable. Since it withstands wear very well. Generally, PVC medicine balls last for up to 3 years.

Gym Accessories 55

Figure 34: PVC medicine Ball

Polyurethane: Medicine balls made from PU have a great feel. Since PU has a close resemblance to leather, it does not withstand wear and tear very well.

Leather: An outer cover made from leather is the best option for medicine balls. It lasts  long and resists wearing the best.

Gym Accessories 56

Figure 35: Leather medicine Ball

7.8 Jump Rope

Cotton cord: They are light and easy to use. They are suitable for beginners.

Polyurethane (PU): These jump ropes are coated with PU to give them durability. They come with silicone handles.

Polyvinyl Chloride: These gym accessories are lightweight, affordable, and durable. they come with an aluminum handle

Gym Accessories 57

Figure 36: PVC jump rope

7.9 Exercise Mat

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): The PVC mats are slip-resistant. This gym accessory is easy to clean.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE): The PVC mats are slip-resistant. This gym accessory is easy to clean.

EVA foam: The PVC mats are slip-resistant. This gym accessory is easy to clean.

7.10 Aerobic Stepper

Polyurethane: This is one of the most popular materials or aerobic steppers. It is lightweight, sturdy, and durable.

Polyethylene: Polyethylene steppers are sturdy, making them ideal for users with a heavyweight.

ABS plastic: ABS plastic steppers are also quite durable.

8. How long do commercial quality gym accessories last?

Gym accessories have a different average lifespan. 

The longevity of a gym accessory will depend on how often it is used. Again the material used plays a significant role in the lifespan of gym accessories.

Here is a list of gym accessories with their lifespans:

  • Dumbbell- These gym accessories can last a lifetime.
  • Kettlebell- Kettlebells can last a lifetime.
  • Weight plate – These gym accessories can last a lifetime.
  • Barbell – Barbells are durable gym equipment that can last a lifetime.
  • Resistance bands – Resistance bands can last between 6 months and two years. The lifespan depends on the material and resistance levels.
  • Foam roller- Form rollers have an average lifespan of 1 year.
  • Medicine ball- These gym accessories last for one year.
  • Jump rope – Last for six months to 1 year, depending on the frequency of use.
  • Exercise mat- These gym accessories last for one year.
  • Aerobic stepper- It lasts for two years.

9. Will I be able to install the gym accessories that need mounting?

With some basic tools like a drill, mounting of the gym accessories is easy. However, you can also decide to use the services of a professional for this task.

10. Can I order gym accessories with customized color options?

Yes, most of our gym accessories have several color options. 

Or are you looking for unique customization? Kindly contact Yanre sales team to get detailed information.

11. What is the routine care and maintenance required for the gym accessories?

The routine care and maintenance of gym accessories vary. The variation in care and maintenance will depend on:

  • The material used to make the gym accessories.
  • How often it is used.

Here is the routine care maintenance of gym accessories:

Dumbbell, Kettlebells, and Other Metal Gym Accessories

 The daily care of metallic gym accessories include the following:

  • Wiping them up with drops of dish soap mixed with water.
  • Then wipe them dry with a clean piece of cloth.
  •  You can also rub them with mineral oil to keep them from rusting.

Exercise Mats, Foam Rollers, and Other PVC Gym Accessories

Spot clean-up for these gym accessories using adequately diluted dish soap. Some gym accessories may come with cleaners. So, it is good to confirm with the Yanre Fitness sales department if cleaners are available.

We have a comprehensive buyers guide to help in your buying process. 

12. Conclusion

Was the information in this guide helpful? At Yanre Fitness, the customer is king. So we strive to satisfy all your questions. 

Have you decided on the gym accessories you want to buy? Then contact Yanre Fitness, and we will give you a quick quote today.