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Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you starting a gym or a physical fitness training center? 

But, you are not sure what kind of gym flooring equipment would be better for the gym floor surface.

This FAQ guide is helpful to decide upon the right choice of buying foam exercise mats for gym flooring.

So, let’s start!

Table of Contents

What is a foam exercise mat?

A foam exercise mat is gym equipment giving the floor of the gym a comfortable surface. The foam exercise mats are used as the floor surface.

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Figure 1: Foam Exercise Mats

Exercise mats are used to keep the floor surface of the gymnasiums safe for doing exercises. A foam exercise mat ensures safety from slipping on the floor and prevents injury as well.

Also, you can protect your floor surface and prevent heavy gym equipment (dumbbells, barbells. Weight plates, Etc.) from falling on them. Foam exercise mats save floor tiles or the surface to keep undamaged.

What are the raw materials of a foam exercise mat?

The foam exercise mats are made from different types of foams.

Yoga mats are usually made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) not foam.

Also, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foams are popular and better materials to make foam exercise mats.  EVA materials are best for gym flooring, which is made from dense foam. EVA foam is the most lightweight material for flooring in the gym.

Also, the cheaper material to make foam exercise mats is polyethylene foams.

Do the foam exercise mats contain harmful substances?

Yes, it does. But, the amount varies in the types of foams used in the exercise mats. Such as EVA foam mats are less having the number of harmful chemicals named Formamide.

Formamide is found in a liquid substance. When mats are manufactured by pressurizing the foams, such liquid is evaporated to make the mats soft and spongy. But the amount left on the foams is not harmful to you as tested by several countries.

So, a certain level of Formamide is not harmful to us, which is tested to be safe to use foam exercise mats.

Yanre Fitness ensures such safe foam exercise mats for your gym. The use of toxic chemicals like PVC and plastic materials are not used as raw materials at Yanre foam exercise mats.

How is a foam exercise mat different from a yoga mat?

An exercise mat needs to be different from a yoga mat. Because exercise or gym mats need to take more weight, a yoga mat requires only body weight. So, the way they are used is not the same.

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 19

Figure 2: Exercise versus Yoga Mats

How the two types of mats are distinct is summarized below. These differences will help you to identify how each is of a different purpose.

Foam exercise mats (gym flooring mats)Yoga mats
The foam exercise mats need to be thicker, 1 inch to 3 inches.The thickness of yoga mats is up to 1 inch usually.
Foam exercise mats are used in Gymnasiums for heavy workouts.Yogis for weight-free body postures use such types of mats.
Gym exercise mats made of foam are expensive.Comparatively, yoga mats made of foams and a cover of clothes are less costly.

What are the dimensions of a foam exercise mat?

You might know the purpose of having the perfect dimensioned exercise mats for your gym.

Based on the purpose, you may have two options for foam exercise mats in terms of dimension.

If your gym is for both yoga and fitness exercises, the standard dimension of the mats is 163cm X 61cm X 1cm(length X width X thickness).  This dimension is popular among gyms.

Another dimensioned foam exercise mats are training mats. The standard dimension is 150cm X 50cm X 1cm. 

These dimensions are standard sizes. Based on your gym floor size, Yanre fitness has customizable foam exercise mats.

You have the option to get properly dimensioned foam exercise mats according to your gym floor size to best fit.

What are the factors to consider before buying foam exercise mats as gym flooring?

Before you purchase foam exercise mats for gym flooring, some key properties are needed to decide upon.
Before buying the mats as gym flooring, below listed properties are keys to find the best flooring mats for your gym. 

6.1 Thickness of the mats

The thickness of the gym floor directly impacts the floor surface. The floor surface with thinner mats can damage the surface when heavyweights are dropped.

A half-inched thickness of floor mats is the safer option. Foam exercise mats with more thickness are suitable for safe gym flooring.

6.2 The edge of the foam mat tiles

The foam exercise mats’ edging is another property that needs to adjust the surface of the gym floor. Well-merged exercise mats surrounding the ground of the gym surface is safe for gym members.

6.3 Waterproof exercise mats

The waterproof mats are suitable for gym flooring to prevent sweat or moisture from absorbing. Waterproof exercise mats are easier to maintain clean and lasting.

6.4 Foam exercise mats colour

The gym flooring colour is to be neutral and in darker tones in the shade. It is easier to keep the mats clean and look clean as well.

Foam exercise mats when getting older after longtime use, darker coloured carpets look less to be older than lighter ones due to colour sustains.

6.5 Thermal Expansion and Contraction of gym floor mats

Another most essential feature of exercise mats is to consider the flooring’s sensitivity to temperature. Foam exercise mats are less sensitive, but it has the chance to expand or contract due to temperature absorption in cold or hot weather.

Experts suggest keeping the foam exercise mats lying down to a designated position on the floor. Before final adjustment to the floor, lying down will fix the mats flooring.

What are the different types of exercise mats?

Depending on the use of the mats, you can find below different types of exercise mats.

7.1. Pilates Mats

Similar to Yoga mats, pilates mats are thicker and longer. Pilates mats are manufactured with thermoplastic elastomers with closed-cell construction. The pilates mats are easy to clean which have at least a half-inch of padding.

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 20

Figure 3: Pilates Mats

7.2 Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are made of below any materials whose surface is sticky beneficial to Yogies for having different postures. 

  • Closed-cell PVC
  • Cotton
  • Mesh
  • Rubber

Yoga mats are thinner and easy to clean with soap and water. 

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 21

Figure 4: Yoga Mats

7.3 Fitness Mats

Fitness mats tend to be large and thicker, having a length of 5 feet with at least half-inch thickness. 

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 22

Figure 5: Fitness Mats

Heavy workouts need a safety flooring cover between the trainees and the floor. Fitness or exercise mats are made from closed-cell PVC. Fitness mats absorb the impact of shock and weights during exercises. 

7.4 Professional Fitness Mats

Having one or two inches thickness, professional gymnastics and fitness centers use professional fitness mats. 

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 23

Figure 6: Professional Fitness Mats

They are made of extra foam as padding, which prevents injury of knees, ankles, and dame of the floor. They are more oversized in size, and bulky can be stored as folded after use. 

7.5 Foam Mats

Foam mats are used in martial art practices, high-intensity training exercises. Foam mats absorb impact shock and are less harmful to joints of the body.

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 24

Figure 7: Foam Mats

Foam mats are usually two feet square-shaped with unlocking edges having a five inches thickness.

7.6 Floor Protectors

Floor protecting exercise mats have a quarter-inch thickness with feet length and 3 feet width. 

Floor protectors are used under heavy gym equipment or used as flooring in the gym. 

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 25

Figure 8: Floor Protection Mats

Is a foam exercise mat a better option for the gym?

Yes, foam exercise mats are better for gym flooring. 

As gym equipment for flooring, foam exercise mats are a better option for safe exercises and ease of maintenance.

EVA foam exercise mats are not suitable for areas to cover where heavyweights are dropped or used. But to protect the floor surface and comfort from cleaning and maintaining, EVA foam exercise mats are better for gym flooring.

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 26

Figure 9: Foam mats for gym flooring

Yanre Fitness offers the best toxic substance-free foam mats for gym flooring with high affordability and best for surface protection.

Is the foam mat flooring adjustable?

Yes, foam exercise mats are adjustable when you buy them as tiles edging.

While purchasing foam exercise mats at wholesale, gym owners should get some more foam mat tiles. Extra foam mat tiles will help to adjust the flooring surface properly where any gap is left.

How to store, clean and maintain the foam exercise mats?

To maintain and store the exercise gym mats, regular cleanliness is needed. This will increase mats’ longevity also.

The step-by-step process of cleaning the foam exercise mat is very easy to maintain in your gym.

10.1 Vacuum or sweeping

Sweeping with brushes will help to clean the mats with dry dirt. Also, you can use a vacuum to get rid of dry debris on the mat surface.

10.2 Damp-mop

Using a cleaner with a damp mop is helpful to clean the tiles of the foam exercise mats. Direct application of cleaner can be trapped inside the joints of the mat tiles.

10.3 Scrubbing 

Scrubbing the mats is needed when the exercise mat is not waterproof and liquid or sweats absorbent. EVA foam-made exercise mats from Yanre Fitness are waterproof and non-absorbent. So you don’t need to worry about scrubbing the gym floor mats with cleaner or water.

Please have a check on How to clean your gym flooring mats. As a pro gym owner, you can keep your gym floor mats clean.

Can you get a customized foam exercise mat in bulk?

Yes, for wholesale, you can get custom-made foam exercise mats.

Colours, variations in sizes, gym name, and logo, and other customized requirements are available at Yanre.

Customized floor mats for your gym make the floor feel safe and protected with the look you want to have. 

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 27

Figure 10: Customized logo in Foam exercise mats

Where are the best places in the gym to use foam exercise mats?

The workout areas are the best places in the gym to use foam mats.

Foam exercise mats work better where people do workouts and leave sweats and wreckages. Mats will keep the surface safe and protected from dirt and watery things such as sweating or water drops.

Using foam exercise mats with the required thickness will ensure floor surface protection and safe to work out.

Wholesale Foam Exercise Mats 28

Figure 11: Foam mats on Gym floor

What is the average cost of foam exercise mat at wholesale?

On average, usually, 24 square feet (6 tiles; each tile has 24” X 24” X 0.5”) with a weight of 0.3 KGs; each tile costs about $35 with a shipment charge. This cost is based on the average price to buy such a flooring exercise foam mat from Amazon online.

The price of foam exercise mats depends upon the thickness and dimension.

Yanre Fitness offers you the best wholesale rate with quality foam exercise mats. Please follow this link to get the best quote for the wholesale rate of gym flooring mats.

How to import foam exercise mats at wholesale prices?

You can import foam exercise mats for your gym from Yanre Fitness to your destination.

Buying gym equipment at wholesale requires the use of freight forwarders to deliver to your destination. Gym equipment can be exported to your country for a minimum order quantity. The charge is paid to the fitness equipment manufacturer if freight service is given with the product together.

We recommend below simple steps to know the basics when you want to import gym equipment or any product from China to your country at a wholesale rate.

  1. Identify the gym equipment to import

As a wholesale business, you want to import several gym equipment together. This will help to minimize costs with less shipping charge and getting goods together. 

So, first of all, you need to identify which goods you want to import.

  1. Finding supplier/manufacturer to import or buy 

From which country or supplier, or manufacturer you want to purchase or import is a tough decision to make. 

  1. Selecting freight forwarding company 

Freight forwarding companies support in-house goods to your warehouse or near your destination to a port. 

Some manufacturers or suppliers have their freight forwarding service, which is marginally cost-saving. You can get delivery from the manufacturer directly to your destination, which is a less costly way to import. 

Another common way is to contact the freight forwarders responsible for delivering the goods to your warehouse with all customs clearance issues. This is a bit more costly, but they are more professional and specialized in import/export.

Find the link of video instruction to follow simple tips to import gym equipment and any product from China to another country.

Follow this link to get your bulk package to import foam exercise mat at wholesale.

Final Words

We hope that this FAQ guide has answered most of the required questions in your mind.

We set these questions which guide you to choose foam exercise mats that are proper for your gym or commercial use.

Please contact Yanre Fitness to find the exact foam exercise mats.

Submit your query via the following contacts at Yanre Fitness to get the best quotation for commercial gym equipment.