A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk

Lacrosse balls are a simple but effective product. They have many uses & benefits.

But getting lacrosse balls in bulk is no easy task. They come in many shapes & sizes.  Choosing one from the variety available is difficult.

There is no need to worry, though.

I have compiled this article to make this choice easier for you. It contains all the relevant information about all kinds of lacrosse balls.

So, let’s get started!

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Lacrosse Balls Bulk

Lacrosse balls are widely available in the wholesale market. Even for bulk orders, it is easy to get your hands on some.

They are referred to by many names. Like, massage balls, mobility balls, myofascial release balls & more.

All of these names essentially mean the same thing.

A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 1

Figure 1 – Wholesale lacrosse balls

Uses of Lacrosse Balls

For such a simple piece of gym equipment, lacrosse balls have many uses. Apart from being used for sports, they help with flexibility & preventing injuries.

Lacrosse balls target specific muscle groups. They are used to loosen sore muscles post-workout.

They can also massage hard-to-reach areas, like, back & shoulder muscles.

They massage the muscles, increase flexibility & prevent any pain. Physical therapists & athletes all recommend the use of lacrosse massage balls.

A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 2

Figure 2 – Uses of a lacrosse ball

Benefits of Lacrosse Balls

The use of a lacrosse massage ball before & after a workout session has many advantages. It improves general fitness levels & prevents any potential injuries.

The benefits of using lacrosse massage balls include:

  • Pin-point massage
  • Increase in blood flow to the area
  • Flexibility
  • Protection from injury
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improvement in nerve function
  • Effect on mood
A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 3

Figure 3 – Benefits of using lacrosse massage balls

Pin-point Massage

Due to their round shape & small size, lacrosse balls can target small muscle groups with ease. These include the biceps, triceps, & more.  They are used to access hard-to-reach areas like the back & shoulder muscles.

Lacrosse balls are the perfect size for acupuncture as well. 

Increased blood flow to the area

Using a lacrosse massage ball promotes blood flow to the targeted area. Stiff muscles have less blood flow, which will result in pain & injury in the long run.

Massaging the muscles with a lacrosse ball increases the blood flow. It helps in the healing of sore muscles.


The use of a massage ball before & after a workout is the most beneficial. Lacrosse balls work on the knots in sore muscles & increase flexibility as well. 

A study published in 2019 found that the use of massage balls before exercise increased the flexibility of the muscles.

Especially if done in combination with stretching.

Protection from Injury

Massage balls prevent injuries by working on sore muscles. It is especially true for lacrosse balls as they target smaller & hard to reach muscles.

Newbies to fitness training benefit the most from the use of lacrosse balls. 

It is because they are still learning to use the gym equipment & are more prone to injuries.

Increased Range of Motion

Long-term use of lacrosse balls increases muscle flexibility & prevents injury. Increased flexibility leads to an increase in range of motion.

Flexible muscles increase in length faster. They can endure workout sessions without pain or injury.

Improvement in Nerve Function

Massage balls (lacrosse balls) help with nerve pain too. Research proves the effects of massage balls on sore muscles & nerves.

Professional massage therapists use lacrosse & other massage therapy balls on their patients often. 

For chronic nerve pain, it is better to go to a professional therapist. Using a massage ball, without professional help may worsen the injury.

Effect on Mood

Everyone knows that exercise causes the release of endorphins & serotonin. Lacrosse balls also result in higher levels of these feel-good chemicals.

Using lacrosse balls promotes relaxation, decreases anxiety, & has a good effect on mood.

The benefits of lacrosse & other massage balls have been researched in detail. Many athletes & therapists support their use.

Lacrosse Ball Bulk Materials

Many materials are used to make modern-day lacrosse balls. They include rubber, polyurethane, silicone, and TPE.

The rubber for lacrosse balls is vulcanized. It is a chemical process to increase the strength & resistance of the rubber.

Along with rubber, the second most common material used in lacrosse balls is TPE. Also known as Thermoplastic elastomer. It has the benefits of both rubber & plastic.

TPE lacrosse balls are stretchable, maintain shape & are long-lasting.

Some lacrosse balls are made of cross-linked polyurethane. They do not have fillers or oils in the formula. It prevents them from being greasy & too hard.

Silicon lacrosse balls have some rubber mixed in the formula. It makes them easier to grip & slip-resistant.

Standard lacrosse balls follow the specifications of: 

  • NOCSAE or National Operating Committee On Standards Of Athletic Equipment 
  • NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association

The inside of a lacrosse ball is the same as the outside. Lacrosse balls are of varying softness. Their uses include sports & physical therapy.

A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 4

Figure 4 – Construction of lacrosse balls

Specifications of Lacrosse Balls

The approximate specifications of a wholesale lacrosse ball are:

Diameter: Each lacrosse ball is 7.75 to 8 inches in diameter.

Weight: 142 – 156 grams approx.

Materials: Rubber, Polyurethane, silicon, TPE.

Color: Customizable

Logo font & design: Customizable

A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 5

                                                              Figure 5 – Specifications of lacrosse balls

Myofascial Trigger Points

When you look up massage balls online, the term myofascial trigger point is often used.

In simple words, myofascial refers to the tissue that protects our muscles. It is present all over the body.

Trigger points are sore spots in the body or muscles. 

Lacrosse balls are small & firm enough to properly target these points. The advantage is that they can be used without the help of a physical therapist.

Thus, improving fitness level as well as saving on therapist bills. Lacrosse balls target smaller muscles like the biceps, triceps.

A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 6

Figure 6 – Myofascial trigger points

Customization of Lacrosse Balls Bulk

You have the option to have your lacrosse balls customized according to your needs. The color can be changed to match your business’s theme.

Lacrosse balls are also custom printed with the client’s logo & logo design by manufacturers.

Customization is the way to go these days. Buying custom lacrosse balls in bulk will save you money. It will increase customer loyalty as well.

Yanre Fitness will customize the color, logo design, & label of wholesale lacrosse balls. You will have to provide a sample of your needs & specifications only.

A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 7

Figure 7 – Customization options for lacrosse balls

Lacrosse Balls Bulk & other Massage Balls

Many people get confused about the difference between lacrosse balls & other massage balls.

The simplest way to explain this confusion is that:

All massage balls (including lacrosse balls) perform the same function. They loosen sore muscles & relieve the tension in them.

Massage balls differ in shape, size, softness, presence & absence of texture. Choice of one over the other depends on the target muscle group & personal preference.

For an injured muscle, a softer massage ball is preferred. It will be gentler on the body. But for targeted muscle relaxation, a firmer ball like a lacrosse ball is the best.

A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 8

Figure 8 – A massage ball set

Lacrosse Balls versus Foam Rollers

In many ways, lacrosse balls & foam rollers are similar. Both aim to decrease or prevent muscle pain & soreness.

The similarities end here, though. 

Lacrosse balls are round, soft, & small. They target smaller areas of the body. They are also easy to move & apply less pressure comparatively.

A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 9

Figure 9 – Lacrosse balls vs foam rollers

Foam rollers are cylindrical & larger than lacrosse balls. 

They target bigger muscle groups. Foam rollers weigh more. They are less portable & apply deeper pressure.

Key Features of Lacrosse Balls Bulk

Lacrosse balls are very versatile. They may look like a simple sphere, but they are full of many key features.

Some of these key features are:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Grip
  • Density
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
  • Availability
  • Warranty


As mentioned, lacrosse balls have the perfect size to target small muscle groups. They are placed between the target muscle & the floor. 

Gentle rolling on the muscles releases any knots or sore spots.

A Definitive Guide to Lacrosse Balls Bulk 10

Figure 10 – Features of a lacrosse ball


Lacrosse balls are round in shape. Round massage balls are popular among users. 

They apply deeper pressure to the trigger points.


A lacrosse ball has a slightly sticky texture. It keeps the ball in place while it is in use. This firm grip on the floor prevents slipping & sliding of the balls.


Firm massage balls apply deeper pressure. Lacrosse balls have just the right level of firmness to be of benefit.

These balls are the best for focusing on myofascial trigger points.

In case of an injury, a softer massage ball is preferred. At least until the body has completely recovered from the trauma.


The benefits of a massage ball like lacrosse balls depend on how long & how well they perform.

Good quality wholesale lacrosse balls maintain shape, firmness & last a long time.


Affordable lacrosse balls can be bought in bulk. They are easy to find on the wholesale market. Choose a trusted manufacturer for high-quality lacrosse balls.

You will save yourself a lot of money buying in bulk. Lacrosse balls are not expensive as it is, & buying wholesale will bring the price down further.


You can buy lacrosse balls in bulk. Either way, there is no shortage of these balls in the market.

They are simple, effective, & easy to find. 

This easy access has its pros & cons, though. You can find lacrosse balls with most wholesalers. You will have to do proper research to find good-quality ones.


Like any gym equipment, a warranty is a must for lacrosse balls as well. Especially when you are buying them wholesale & in bulk.

You don’t want to end up with large quantities of low-quality inventory. Look into the manufacturer’s warranty duration before committing to an order.

Cheap lacrosse balls that lose shape & form fast. They are not beneficial for your business & clientele.

Buying Lacrosse Balls Bulk

It is no secret that buying wholesale & in bulk is affordable in the long run. As I have mentioned before, lacrosse balls are easy to find.

They are available locally as well as with overseas manufacturers & wholesalers. What you need to look for is good quality but at a low price point.

Let’s assume that you want to bulk-buy lacrosse balls. What are your options?

  • Local manufacturers
  • Online retailers
  • B2B sites
  • Overseas or Chinese manufacturers

Local Manufacturers

The advantage of ordering from local manufacturers is that they are easy to access & communicate with. You will not save much on the price, though.

Local factories have high labor & production costs. Which, of course, results in more expensive lacrosse balls.

Online Retailers

You can always choose to go with online retailers like Amazon, eBay, etc. 

That is if you are buying individual or few pieces of lacrosse balls. Buying in bulk is not an option you can avail with such online retailers.

B2B Sites

These include sites like Alibaba, AliExpress, Made in China, & more. Many manufacturers & wholesalers advertise their goods on these sites.

The main difference between these & online retail sites is that B2B marketplaces will accept bulk orders.

B2B sites also host many Chinese manufacturers. They have affordable, low-cost labor & higher production capacity.

Both of which affect the end product & pricing.

Overseas or Chinese Manufacturers

As beneficial as B2B sites are, there is no better option than ordering directly from the manufacturer.

Present-day Chinese manufacturers are easy to find. They have detailed websites & product pictures online.

All you have to do is thorough & proper research. Avoid any red flags & you will soon have multiple options to choose from.

Take Yanre Fitness as an example. The company has an in-depth website. It is present on all B2B marketplaces & has staff who can communicate in English.

The advantages of bulk buying your lacrosse balls from a Chinese manufacturer are:

  • Low labor costs
  • High production capacity
  • Experience in bulk production
  • Quality control for large orders
  • Customization
  • Easy port access
  • Factory visit option
  • Product samples, etc.


In conclusion, lacrosse balls are beneficial for both fitness & health. Their easy availability may confuse some of you about your choice.

You can’t go wrong if you pick a reliable manufacturer to place an order for your lacrosse balls in bulk.

Yanre Fitness is one such manufacturer. Visit our website to get detailed information about wholesale lacrosse balls. 

Make your choice.

And ask for a quote today!