Gym Jump BoxDefinitive FAQ Guide

The gym jump box is an important piece of equipment in the world of cross-fit training. Therefore, you should have it in your gym or your gym equipment shop. If you have decided to buy them or are looking for some detailed insights, you are at the right place.

In this FAQ guide, we will provide you detailed information about a commercial jump box and what you should look for before buying them.

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What is a gym jump box?

It enables your customers to do the following exercises:

  • Tricep Dips
  • Incline Push-ups
  • Toe Taps
  • Step up and step down. 
  • Glute bridges and many more.

They are very important and of high demand in any gym. Always expect customers who want to do these exercises? Contact us to buy gym jump boxes and fulfill their demands now!

What is the average size of a gym jump box?

The average size of a commercial gym jump box is 20” * 24” * 30”. But this size is recommended for average-level trainers. While, in your wholesale business or gym, you can always expect beginner-level trainers. Therefore, buying a smaller jump box is also essential. The gym jump boxes are usually available in 12, 16, 20, 24, and 30 inches height. But the height for high-level trainers can go up to 48”.

Figure 1: Gym Jump Box Dimensions

What should be the height difference between gym jump boxes?

Starting jump box height for women is 16”, while for men it is 20”. However, for short-heightened and bulky beginners, this height is even smaller. Whether you are a gym owner or a wholesale business owner, we always recommend you buy a variety, so your customers never go empty-handed.

As for increments, the jump boxes should have a height difference of 4 inches.

Besides, a stackable jump box is also a good choice. You can easily customize the height using them.  

How should I check the quality of a gym jump box?

  • The corners should be rounded. This is because sharp corners have high chances of injury, so most buyers are likely to avoid them.
  • It should be closed from all sides to ensure stability if you are buying a wooden gym jump box.
  • Make sure that all screws are deep inside the box. Because any screws on the surface can cause injury. This is an important feature that determines the quality of a gym jump box. 
  • They should not be slippery and suit your gym flooring style in case you are buying them for your gym. 
  • They should be lightweight. Lightweight jump boxes are always preferred over heavyweight gym jump boxes. This is because they will cost you low shipping charges and they are easy to move from one place to another. 

Where can I buy quality gym jump boxes in china?

There are multiple wholesale gym equipment manufacturers in China. Contacting them directly is always recommended. If you are looking for quality gym jump boxes at a wholesale rate, visit our website and get a customized quote. 

What is the average price of a gym jump box?

A wooden jump box can cost you around $50. While a foam jump box is available for $100. Lastly, a steel jump box usually costs $90. If you buy these boxes in sets, you can get them at an even lower price. Contact us to get a price quote for a commercial gym jump box. The price of a gym jump box depends on its measurements and quality.

What are the gym jump box types by material?

Steel Gym Jump Boxes: 

  • Have rubber feet for stability. 
  • Usually available in a wide range of height.
  •  They are stackable so you can save space for storage in your gym.

Figure 2: Steel Gym Jump Box

Soft Plyo Gym Jump Box:

  • Filled with soft, compressed, and shock-absorbing foam. 
  • The outer surface is made up of vinyl that provides grip.
  • Best for beginners. 
  • Can be stacked to customize the height. 

Figure 3: Soft Plyo Gym Jump Boxes

Wooden Gym Jump Box:

  • They are internally reinforced. 
  • Also called 3 in 1 because they can be flipped over to any side to customize the height.
  • Used by high-level trainers for speed training. 
  • Usually unavailable over 30” because of instability.
  • You need to have rubber flooring in your gym otherwise your customers would not be able to use them. 

Figure 4: Wooden Gym Jump Box

We recommend you buy the type that is in high demand in your locality. But remember to ensure versatility. 

What is the average weight of a gym jump box?

Foam boxes weigh 7 to 27lbs while wooden boxes weigh 15lbs to 58lbs. Buying a lightweight gym jump box can save you some shipping charges. Besides, they are easy to move around. The weight of a gym jump box depends on its type and height.

Do wooden gym jump boxes come in different styles?

Yes, wooden gym jump boxes come in two different styles i-e 3-in-1 or traditional style. 3-in-1 boxes are rectangle-shaped boxes that can be used from any side to customize the height. Meanwhile, traditional gym jump boxes are narrow from the top and wide from the bottom. 

Figure 5: Traditional Style Wooden Gym Jump Boxes

Figure 6: 3-in-1 Wooden Gym Jump Box

Why should I buy gym jump boxes in different heights and which heights are usually required?

We recommend you buying complete sets of gym jump boxes because they will be more budget-friendly as compared to individual ones. The reason behind this recommendation is that you can expect a different level of customers at your gym or shop. Therefore, to fulfill the requirements of a diverse group of people, buying sets is always economical. 

For expert trainers 24” to 48” height is required. While beginner-level trainers use a gym jump box of 12” to 24”.

You can also buy a stackable foam box, but it is not a guarantee that all trainers would like to use them. Besides, the height increments cannot be exactly according to one’s requirements.  

Figure 7: Stackable Soft Plyo Gym Jump Boxes

Should I buy a pre-assembled or flat-shipped gym jump box?

These options are generally available when you buy a wooden gym jump box. And the choice depends on your personal preferences and budget. Pre-assembled are ready-to-use boxes while flat-shipped are flat boards that need to be combined. 

Figure 8: Flat Shipped Wooden Gym Jump Box

The assembling process will require some time investment, but you can reduce shipping charges because of space. Besides, pre-assembled gym jump boxes are a little expensive. In case you want to buy a flat-shipped gym jump box and assemble it yourself for your gym or your business customers, here is a short video to help you understand the process.

Can I get my logo and height printed on all types of gym jump boxes?

Yes, you can get your logo and height printed on all gym jump boxes which you buy from us. Contact us and we will be happy to fulfill your requirements. 

What colors of gym jump boxes do you offer?

We offer a variety of colors for gym jump boxes. Please contact our sales department to know which colors are available and how you can customize them


We genuinely hope that after reaching this point of the blog, you got answers to all your questions regarding gym jump boxes. 

You do not need to go anywhere to buy them. This is because you can get them right here!

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