Order Custom Gym Equipment from Yanre Fitness, China

Order Custom Gym Equipment from Yanre Fitness, China 2

Need some personalized workout equipment for your fitness business? We are here to make it happen!

Private label workout equipment has several benefits for any gym or fitness brand. Whether you have an innovative logo you need to mark on your equipment or a unique design in mind, you’re at the right place.

At Yanre Fitness, we offer customization in two ways:

Custom-Made Equipment Design

Do you visualize something unique for specific training requirements? If you have imagined a design that you want us to replicate, our custom gym equipment services are meant for just this purpose.

Yanre is already a self-design gym equipment manufacturer offering innovative and ergonomic machines at wholesale prices. Our professionals can collaborate with you to create new designs for gym equipment according to your unique needs.

Equipment Branding with Franchise Name/Logo

Need some pieces from our available equipment range with some form of branding? Yanre can provide company logos on gym equipment and fulfill whatever printing requirements you have. We can mark dumbbells, weight plates, gym tiles, mats, and more with your brand sign. You can also get custom cardio, strength, and CrossFit equipment.

Why Customize Gym Equipment?

A custom touch on gym equipment, such as your university/company name or your business logo, has several advantages. Here are a few:

The ‘Wow’ Factor

Having your brand name over fitness machines and gym accessories can impress your visitors at first glance.

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Get Taken Seriously

Custom gym equipment can help make people take your brand seriously. It adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism when you get personalized workout equipment.

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Increase Brand Recognition

Mentioning your name or logo over equipment can casually introduce your brand to your visitors. Your equipment users are likely to remember your logo and associate your brand with their positive workout experiences.

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Build School Spirit

In case of school or college gyms, customizing gym equipment with the institution logo or mascot can add to school spirit. It can create a sense of belonging among your gym users over time. Those touring your campus will likely be impressed by this added touch. Your students can learn to appreciate your logo and be proud of being associated with it.

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Advertise Your Business

Whether you’re reselling or handing out free accessories on whatever occasion, your logo can be of great value. If people like the products, they might want to know where they can get more!

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The Different Types of Custom Labeling to Consider

You can customize gym equipment in the following ways:

  • Custom-colored frames or upholstery on machines
  • Adding decals on equipment surfaces
  • Installing custom panels on weight stack towers, if the equipment allows

In some cases, gym owners can’t afford to equip their entire facility with customized equipment. We then recommend only getting a few custom pieces that have the most prominent placement.

Our Popular Custom Gym Equipment

Yanre is one of the top choices for custom gym equipment for private label reselling. We also have many gym owners among our clients, who have built widespread brand recognition through equipment customization.

While our customization services are mostly requested for accessories like yoga mats, weight plates, and dumbbells, you can ask for whatever personalization or branding you need for any equipment type. Personalized markings on gym floor tiles, for instance, can help you sectionalize your gym floor whichever way you prefer.

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Wholesale Gym Equipment

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Why Choose Yanre

In case you still remain unconvinced, here are just a few reasons to choose us:

Over Two Decades in the Industry

It’s always reassuring to deal with manufacturers who are experts in their field of work. Yanre Fitness is a self-design gym equipment manufacturer since 1997. We have over 20 years’ experience creating premium gym equipment for clients worldwide.

No Compromise on Quality

Yanre has built a reputation as a premium gym equipment supplier and a trusted name across the globe. We value our position as top manufacturers in the industry and therefore are determined to provide the very best standards. Our gym machines and accessories offer optimum durability and smooth functioning.

Market-Competitive Prices

At Yanre Fitness, we have plenty of packages to equip gyms of various types and sizes. We also offer customized packages to suit the unique needs of clients.

Wide Equipment Variety

Yanre Fitness offers everything from strength, cardio, CrossFit, gymnastics, and yoga machines and accessories. Our state-of-the-art equipment can cater to all the most popular training types. Our free weights and fitness accessories are also gym must-haves!

Get A Quote Now for Bespoke Equipment Pieces

Need to start branding or creating your own equipment design? Our professionals are always looking for new challenges. We can assist you in making the kind of gym space you have always visualized. Our team won’t be ready to give up until you are fully satisfied with your order.

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