Gym Mat Rack – Definitive FAQ Guide

Looking to buy top quality gym mat racks for your gym?

You are looking in the right place. 

In this FAQ section, we’ll try to answer all your possible questions related to gym mat racks. So that you have all the information you need before getting a new gym mat rack.

Table of Contents

1. What is a gym mat rack?

Gym mat racks are storage units where you can keep your exercise mats organized. It is like any other storage unit for your gym. 

Its job is to keep all your exercise mats in one place. This helps the gym members and trainers to find and use the exercise mats easily.

Gym Mat Rack 5

Figure 1: Gym mat rack

2. What are gym mat racks made of?

Gym mat racks are made of industry-standard gym mat storage racks are made of steel. As a result, the gym mat racks are sturdy. These can usually hold up more than their recommended weight.

Gym Mat Rack 6

Figure 2: Industry-standard gym mat rack

3. What are the types of gym mat racks?

There are several types of gym mat racks available in the market. But the following are the most suitable for gyms. 

3.1 Wall-mounted Gym Mat Rack

  1. Rack for rolling mats: Wall-mounted gym mat racks are exactly what they sound like. Just screw these gym mat racks on your walls and that’s it! These are ready to use. 

These types of gym storage racks are best for gyms that don’t have much available space or don’t want to use much space for storing gym mats. 

Gym Mat Rack 7

Figure 3: Wall-mounted mat rack

  1. Rack for hanging mats: These gym mat storage racks are also mounted on walls but these are for hanging mats. 

This type of gym mat racks has two hooks connected to a single panel. You screw the panel into the wall and use the hooks to hang gym mats. 

These gym mat racks are also great for gyms that do not want to use much space for storing gym mats. 

Gym Mat Rack 8

Figure 4: Wall-mounted mat rack for hanging mats

3.2 Standing Mat Rack for Hanging Mats

Standing gym mat racks are sturdy metal frames with two hooks on each end of both sides. These hooks are used to store hanging mats in the rack.

These gym mat storage racks take up more space but these can hold more than 20 mats. These are more suitable for gyms that have more people coming in and having enough available to keep these around. 

Gym Mat Rack 9

Figure 5: Standing gym mat rack

3.3 Multi-purpose Storage Rack

Multi-purpose gym mat storage racks are rather big. These gym mat storage units can hold a large number of and all sorts of gym mats. These can also be used to store other lightweight gym equipment as well. 

Gym Mat Rack 10

Figure 6: Multi-purpose gym mat storage rack

4. Can I move gym mat racks around my gym?

Yes, if you are talking about multi-purpose gym mat racks. These have wheels, so you can easily move them around. You can move around standing gym mat racks as well.

However, wall-mounted gym mat racks can’t be moved around. You have to unscrew them from the wall to mount them somewhere else.

5. Do I have to assemble my gym mat rack?

No, if you are getting wall-mounted and standing gym mat racks. These are pre-assembled. 

However, for multi-purpose gym mat racks, you have to assemble it yourself. You don’t have to worry because you’ll get an assembly guide to make the process easy.

6. How to choose the best gym mat rack for my gym?

What type of gym mat rack is best for you is dependent on two factors. These are:

6.1 Budget

If you have a low budget allocated for gym mat racks, wall-mounted gym mat storage racks are the best option for you. These are less expensive.

Standing gym mat rack and multi-purpose gym mat storage racks are rather expensive. These are an excellent choice if you have a rather big budget. 

6.2 Available Space

If you have ample space, and a big gym; standing gym mat racks and multi-purpose gym mat racks are best for you. These can hold more gym mats.

But if you have a small gym, wall-mounted gym mat racks might be the best option for you. These take up less space.

Gym Mat Rack 11

Figure 7: Different types of gym mat racks

7. How do I clean my gym mat storage rack?

Cleaning your gym mat storage rack is quite easy. 

  • You spray some water on your gym mat storage rack
  • Wipe it down


  • Take a wet cloth 
  • Wipe down your gym mat rack

8. Can I keep all sizes and types of mats in one gym mat storage rack?

Yes, you can keep all sorts of mats in Multi-purpose storage racks. 

However, you can only keep hanging mats in the hanging mat racks. And rolling mats in the rolling mat racks.

9. How durable are these gym mat racks?

Industry-standard gym mat racks are highly durable. With proper care, these can last for decades. These are made of steel. So they do not break or bend easily. 

10. How do I take care of my gym mat rack?

  1. Do not keep anything other than gym mats in your gym mat racks. 
  2. Keep it dry and clean.
  3. Do not try to use gym mat racks for hanging mats as pull-up bars. 

Wall-mounted gym mat racks for hanging mats may look similar to the wall-mounted pull-up bars. But the functions of these units are not similar.  

  1. Do not put heavy gym equipment in the multi-purpose gym mat racks. These storage units can only hold lightweight gym equipment. 

11. Can I Customize my gym mat rack?

Yes, you can. At Yanre we offer customization.

You can put your gym logo or the colour of your choice in the gym mat storage rack to boost your brand identity. 

12. Final Words

We hope that we have answered most of your questions related to gym mat racks in this FAQ section. If you still have any questions unanswered or want to know anything else, feel free to contact us. 

Hopefully, this will help you choose the best gym mat rack for your gym. Contact us to get a quote today!