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Standing Shrug MachineDefinitive FAQ Guide

A butterfly exercise machine is essential for all commercial gyms. It is a safer alternative to a dumbbell fly.

A standing shrug machine is a staple for any commercial gym or buyer. It is an effective and versatile strength trainer.

If you are looking for wholesale shrug machines then this FAQ guide is for you.

Its aim to simplify & clarify all the important information about wholesale commercial standing shrug machines.

You will find the answers to almost all the relevant questions here. It will help you streamline your research & make the best choice.

Let’s start from the top!

Table of Contents

What is a standing shrug machine?

A standing shrug machine is a piece of strength equipment. This machine is an alternative for a barbell shrug. It is mainly used to perform trap shrugs.

But it can also be used to do deadlifts, squats, & lunges.

Standing shrug machine profile:

Type of equipment: Strength trainer

Main muscle worked: Trapezius (Traps)

Other muscles: Shoulder, back

Mechanism: Isolation

Force: Pull (both sides)

Standing Shrug Machine 7

Figure 1 – A standing shrug machine

What are the parts of a standing shrug machine?

A wholesale standing shrug machine has the following parts:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Hard chrome weight plate sleeves
  • Weight storage pegs
  • Rubber coated base
  • Upper & lower, multi-grip handles

Weight plates are not included with a standing shrug machine. They have to be purchased separately.

Or use it with any weight tree you already have at hand. 

Standing Shrug Machine 8

Figure 2 – Parts of a standing shrug machine

What are the types of standing shrug machines?

A wholesale shrug machine has two versions:

  • A standalone version
    • For doing trap shrugs, deadlifts, partial deadlifts, etc.
Standing Shrug Machine 9

Figure 3 – A standalone standing shrug machine

  • A combo version
    • For doing trap shrugs, deadlifts, squats, lunges, etc.
Standing Shrug Machine 10

Figure 4 – A combination standing shrug machine

What is a trap/deadlift/lunge combo, standing shrug machine?

This is a commercial-grade shrug machine that can perform:

  • Deadlifts
  • Trap shrugs
  • Squats
  • Weighted lunges
  • Push-press
  • Triceps dips
Standing Shrug Machine 11

Figure 5 – A trap, lunge, deadlift combo standing shrug machine

It looks similar to a standing trap shrug. Some added parts that increase its functions & benefits.

These added parts are:

  • Squat ankle roller (foam padded)
  • Adjustable dual handles
    • Height
    • Angle
  • Extra-long weight pins

How versatile are the handles of a wholesale standing shrug machine?

There are different types of handles on a standing shrug machine. Each type has its function & purpose.

Upper & lower handles:

Upper handles are used for trap shrugs and partial deadlifts. Lower handles are for regular deadlifts.

Standing Shrug Machine 12

Figure 6 – Upper & lower handles of a standing shrug machine

Side by side handles:

These make the shrug machine adaptable for users with narrow & wide grips.

Standing Shrug Machine 13

Figure 7 – Side by side handles of a standing shrug machine

Adjustable handles:

The handles can be adjusted for: 


Adjustable angle allows us to easily shift from one exercise to another.


Adjustable handle height makes a shrug machine adaptable to users of various heights.


Allows for workouts both facing towards or away from the shrug machine.

Standing Shrug Machine 14

Figure 8 – Adjustable handles of a standing shrug machine

What is the advantage of doing deadlifts with a standing shrug machine?

Deadlifts can be done using free weights like dumbbells, barbells, etc. The advantage of using a standing shrug machine for deadlifts is:

  • A safer workout
  • No need for a spotter
  • Strength building almost the same as free weights
  • Versatile workout options
  • Better isolation 
  • Smaller learning curve
  • Adjustable starting position

How is a standing shrug machine different from the seated version?

At a glance, both of them look very similar to each other. There are some differences between these two versions of a commercial shrug machine.

Both types of machines target the upper traps for comfort & safety. The differences between the two are as follows:

Standing shrug machine:

  • No adjustable bench
  • The machine is used standing up (Ground base)
  • Maximum use of momentum from legs
  • More weight lifted compared to the seated version
Standing Shrug Machine 15

Figure 9 – A plate-loaded standing shrug machine

Seated shrug machine:

  • Bench with adjustable seat
  • The machine is used both seated & standing up
  • Minimum use of leg momentum in a seated position
  • Less weight lifted compared to the standing version
Standing Shrug Machine 16

 Figure 10 – A plate-loaded seated shrug machine

Is a standing shrug machine plate-loaded or pin-loaded?

Standing shrug machines are mostly plate-loaded. Plate-loaded equipment has a wider range of motion. The weight capacity is higher as well.

Yanre Fitness makes a selectorized shoulder pull-up machine. It can mimic a trap shrug exercise.

Trap shrugs can be done with a weight stack though. A cable machine is used to perform both seated & standing shrugs with an attached weight stack.

Examples include:

Standing Shrug Machine 17

Figure 11 – yanre Fitness shoulder pull-up machine

What are the benefits of a plate-loaded, standing shrug machine?

Wholesale plate loaded standing shrug machines have the following advantages:

  • Uses conventional round, weight plates
  • Flexible use
  • Versatile
  • Budget-friendly as compared to selectorized machines
  • Higher weight capacity
  • A safer alternative to a barbell shrug
  • Direct impact on upper traps
  • Easy to use
  • Ground base equipment
  • A functional & strength trainer

What are the dimensions of a commercial-grade standing shrug machine?

A standing shrug machine is compact compared to other plate-loaded equipment. Its approximate dimensions are:

L * W * H1520 * 1500 * 900mm
Frame pipes40 * 80 * 3.0 mm, Q235 qualified steel pipes
Machine weight110 – 160 Kgs approx.
Weight plate pins2 – 4 weight pins
Weight storage pins2 – 4 weight storage pins
Starting resistance20 lbs.
Weight capacity400 – 600 Kgs approx.

Is a standing shrug machine foldable?

No, it is not.

The framework of a standing shrug machine is welded and fixed. This makes the machine durable & long-lasting.

Is a standing shrug machine iso-lateral?

Hammer strength or plate-loaded equipment is almost always iso-lateral.

Iso-lateral training lets the user move both limbs together or individually. The limb movement could be in the same direction or alternate directions.

What type of padding and covers are used in a standing shrug machine?

A commercial standing shrug machine has few upholstered parts. As there is no seat or backrest, the padded parts include only the:

  • Ankle roller
  • Handle grips
  • Footpads lining the base

The ankle roller has high-density foam padding. The pad is covered with furniture-grade PU leather or vinyl.

Standing Shrug Machine 18

Figure 12 – Ankle rollers on a standing shrug machine

The handle grips are knurled and covered with high-quality plastic. Which is durable & long-lasting.

The base is lined with rubber foot pads to make it slip & scratch-resistant.

What are the safety features of a standing shrug machine?

A standing shrug machine is much safer than free weights because of the following safety features:

  • Weight plate storage
  • Self-spot
  • Adjustable starting position
  • Ground base
  • Fixed movement path
  • No stabilization needed
  • Wide base

Weight plate storage:

Free weights require separate storage racks or weight trees. Otherwise, they crowd the gym floor & can be the cause of potential injuries.

A standing shrug machine has weight storage horns built into the frame. The weight storage pegs are hard chrome plated for a lasting finish. The length is long enough to store multiple weight plates.

Standing Shrug Machine 19

Figure 13 – Weight pins & storage pegs on a standing shrug machine


A spotter is a must while using free weights. This is because you are the one stabilizing the weight. Even a small mistake can result in an injury.

A standing shrug machine spots the weight for you. If you reach failure, you can just let go of the weights because you are away from the path of motion.

Adjustable starting position:

Many standing shrug machines have this option. An adjustable starting point means that there is no need to fully bend down to pick up the weights. E.g., When doing regular deadlifts.

The handle height is adjustable to start from a more comfortable height. There is less chance of causing injury to the back.

Ground base:

A standing shrug machine is made for ground based training. Ground base equipment lets the user’s feet remain firmly planted on the ground.

This position increases stability and strength building.

Standing Shrug Machine 20

Figure 14 – Both feet firmly planted on the ground

Fixed movement path: 

Machines have a fixed movement path as compared to free weights. The arms or levers on a standing shrug machine are moved up & down.

A fixed motion path limits the muscle-building ability of strength machines. In the case of a standing shrug machine, this limitation is not as noticeable. 

This is because trap shrugs have a limited range of motion, to begin with.

No stabilization needed:

You don’t need to stabilize a standing shrug machine during use. As opposed to free weights which are unstable & require the use of stabilizer muscles.

Wide base:

The base of a standing shrug machine is wide & rubber-coated. This ensures that:

  • The machine is stable while in use
  • There is no wobbling
  • The base is firmly attached to the floor due to the rubber footpads
  • The rubber pads also prevent damage to the floor while moving the machine

Is it possible to customize a standing shrug machine?

Yes, of course.

One of the advantages of buying wholesale equipment is that it can be customized according to your requirements.

Your wholesale equipment manufacturer will inform you of all the available customization options.

Yanre Fitness will customize the following on your wholesale standing shrug machines:

  • The logo
  • Logo design
  • Frame color
  • Frame finish
  • Upholstery color, etc.

These modifications will be based on the sample files provided by you.

How are wholesale standing shrug machines delivered to you?

Almost all wholesale gym equipment is manufactured and delivered from overseas. This makes the process of packaging and safe delivery to your doorstep even more important.

Once you have placed an order for a wholesale standing shrug machine. The delivery process will include the following steps:

  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse storage
  • Easy port access
  • Shipping & delivery


The machines are packaged in wooden or plywood boxes. Most are semi-assembled for safety purposes.

This means that you may receive the standing shrug machines packaged in more than one plywood box.

Standing Shrug Machine 21

Figure 15 – Packaging and delivery process


This includes transportation from the factory to the storage warehouse. As well as the transport to the port.

Warehouse storage:

Due to limited warehouse storage, machines shipped from overseas are not fully assembled.

Easy port access:

Overseas factories have easy access to ports. This will make the delivery of your standing shrug machines timely & cost-effective.

Sipping & delivery:

The machines are shipped by freight & delivered to your provided address.


Shrug machines in general are necessary strength equipment. As there is not much of a difference in results compared to free weights.

A standing shrug machine is even more versatile & unique. 

I am sure that after reading this FAQ guide your interest in standing shrug machines has increased.

You can never go wrong with a trusted manufacturer like Yanre Fitness. Don’t waste precious time looking elsewhere.

Browse the versatile shrug machines at Yanre & ask for a quote now!