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  • Yanre Fitness aims to provide heavy duty rubber weight plates & cardio equipment & fitness accessories with top commercial quality.
  • Our products can bear long-term abusive use for your commercial gym: By applying solid material and advanced production process.
  • All products are self-designed to provide professional movement angle, which is acknowledged by many professional trainers.

  • Yanre Fitness rubber weight plates gives a well-designed angle movement, which is highly recognized by pro-level fitness trainers.
  • With a traditional style, Yanre pursues a simple and clean design without any extra parts.
  • All our rubber weight plate adjustable systems are easy & effortless to use.
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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking for rubber weight plates for your gym, although the demand for them is increasing worldwide? 

Then, this FAQ guide will help you choose your desired rubber weight plates for your gym or trading center.

Please have a look!

Table of Contents

What are the types of rubber weight plates?

There are five types of rubber weight plates for commercial use. These types are given below: 

  1. Standard rubber weight plates
  2. Olympic rubber weight plate
  3. Rubber training bumper plate
  4. Hand grips-virgin rubber weight plate
  5. Technique bumper weight plates

Standard rubber weight plates

Standard rubber weight plate is a round-shaped weight plate combination of adjusted dumbbells with rubber coating. Only 1” diameter hole is in the middle of standard rubber weight plates.

Standard rubber weight plates are made for home gyms. But at professional gym centers, it is very popular for its standard size. It is appropriate for beginners. 

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Figure 1: Standard rubber weight plate

Olympic rubber weight plate

Olympic rubber plates are that kind of plate, which is actually used at Olympic weightlifting competitions or events. That’s why it is called the Olympic rubber weight plate.

Olympic rubber weight plates are suitable for commercial settings. It has an extra layer of rubber coating which prevents cracks after dropping to the floor. 

The Olympic rubber weight plate has a 2” diameter hole in the middle. It is long-lasting, safe, and easy to clean.

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  Figure 2: Olympic rubber weight plates

Rubber training bumper plate

This kind of rubber plate is appropriate for a training session of weight lifting. It has a plain surface with rubber.

Usually, rubber training bumper plates are used to lift Crossfit. Yanre produces these plates with multi-colors because the color codes identify the weight of plates.

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Figure 3: Rubber training bumper plate color coding

Hand grips-virgin rubber weight plate

A handgrips-virgin rubber weight plate is three grips of rubber coating which prevent floor damage after falling. It is easy to handle and has excellent finishing.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 14

Figure 4: Hand grips virgin rubber weight plate

Technique bumper weight plates

Technique bumper weight plates are ideal for powerlifting. It can compete with any technique bar. It reduces the risk of bending while dropping on the floor. It is thick, durable, and rubber-coated with an average of 400mm diameters.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 15

Figure 5: Technique bumper weight plates

What are the raw materials of rubber weight plates?

Rubber weight plates are mainly rubber-coated. So its raw materials are:

  • Cast iron same as regular iron
  • Virgin rubber

These two materials are enough to make rubber-weight plates.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 16

Figure 6: Rubber coated weight plates

How can I find a trusted rubber weight plate manufacturer?

There are many ways to find the trusted rubber weight plate manufacturers. But online media is very popular among them. 

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Figure 7: Online surfing and ordering 


There are multiple ways to find rubber weight plates manufacturers online, such as:

  • Social Media
  • B2B website 
  • Search engine

Social Media

At present, people are interested in social media platforms. There are more than one social media to know about rubber weight plate manufacturers. 

Here is some advantage of social media for finding trusted a rubber weight plates manufacturer:

  • Online advertisement is always available on social media.
  • By social media, you can interact with many suppliers of manufacturing companies. 
  • From the Facebook pages of such companies, you can know about their product quality by the customer reviews. 

Besides Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Twitter, etc., always provide various information about manufacturing companies like rubber weight plate manufacturers.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 18

Figure 8: Social Media for finding rubber weight plates manufacturer

B2B Website

B2B means Business to Business. Many B2B sites actively sell rubber weight plates. Besides selling the rubber weight plates, these B2B sites also provide details about their supplier companies. 

So if you go through the websites like,

  • etc.

You can get information about rubber weight plate manufacturers. 

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 19

Figure 9: B2B marketing and selling diagram

Search engine

The search engine is one kind of software that is run by the internet. You can find information about anything by a search engine. 

So, you need to use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, Yandex and find trustworthy rubber weight plate manufacturers.

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Figure 10: Useful search engines

For more detailed information, you can visit Yanre Fitness.

In which countries are rubber weight plate manufacturers located?

According to surveys, most of the rubber weight plate manufacturers are located in Asia. But besides Asia, there are other manufacturers located on different continents.

So, the manufacturer countries are:

  • China
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Japan
  • USA
  • Slovenia
  • Vietnam and many other countries.

Why is China a vital industry cluster for rubber weight plate manufacturing?

China is one of the topmost vital rubber weight plate manufacturers. Most buyers are interested in getting products from China for the gym industry. 

The reasons are given below:

  • Less production Cost

China can attract customers by its lower production cost. Their cost of material, labor, packaging, and supply is low. 

So because of less production cost, China is an important industry cluster for rubber weight plate manufacturers.  

Yanre Fitness is also supplying quality rubber weight plates at wholesale prices.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 21

Figure 11: Rubber weight plates upper lifting

  • Cost-effective manufacturing

Rubber weight plate manufacturers of China follow the cost-effective manufacturing process. As a result, their quality of products is much better. Because due to low labor cost and material cost, they can focus on manufacturing a good quality product. 

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 22

Figure 12: Cost-effective diagram

  • Shipping on time

China manufacturers are more concerned about shipping their products on time. China can easily access its ports. So they try to supply products as soon as possible on their time.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 23

Figure 13: Rubber weight plates are ready to supply 

What are the differences between domestic and overseas rubber weight plate manufacturers?

Differences between local and overseas rubber weight plates manufacturers are:

Domestic ManufacturersOverseas Manufacturers
Can meet manufacturer in person
Hard to find the right manufacturer.
Can be expensive for meeting
Domestic products with imported production tools
Faster shipping but high labor cost
Lower shipping cost
Can see the products before receiving them in real
Domestic products are not always good.
Meeting online Easy to find for online
For meeting, there is no cost
Products and production tools all are from overseas
Can be lengthy shipping time but cheap labor cost
Shipping cost is higher than domestic
Can see them online 
With sincere research, you can get the quality product

When there is any chance to get better quality from overseas, buyers try to buy from them. Yanre is an overseas manufacturer for customers out of china. So if you want to purchase rubber weight plates from overseas, you can get the desired quality product from them.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 24

Figure 14: Manufacturing of rubber weight plates

How to choose a reliable manufacturer to purchase rubber weight plates?

Always remember the following things before choosing a manufacturer and place a large order:

Authentic Source

By which source you are contacting the rubber weight plate manufacturer has to be authentic. Before buying, you should verify the source and be sure about manufacturer authenticity.

Good quality of samples 

First, you should check the quality of the rubber weight plate sample. If sample quality is good, that will help you to know about packaging, color, and materials. 

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 25

Figure 15: Sample of rubber weight plates

Clear communication 

You should talk with a rubber weight plate manufacturer about all queries of the product. It should be clear communication. Do not place orders based on online research. You should talk with the person in their support system.

When you are sure about rubber weight plate quality, you can place an order now because clear communication can raise your trust in the manufacturer.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 26

Figure 16: Clear communication can enhance trust

Getting clear guidelines

Local or overseas manufacturers, you should take proper guidelines about product using and settings.

You should remember two things:

  1. If the manufacturer is local, then they should bring the product in person and provide the guidelines. 
  2. If the manufacturer is from overseas, then they should provide a soft copy of clear guidelines. Sometimes you will get it from their product page or website.

So, before placing an order, you should remember these things.  

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 27

Figure 17: Follow the guidelines 

Does high-production capacity affect the manufacturing quality of rubber weight plates?

No, high-production capacity does not affect the manufacturing quality of rubber weight plates. The reasons behind this are given below:

Experience of manufacturing

High-production capacity usually depends on the long experience of manufacturing like Yanre Fitness manufacturer. For more than 20 years, they have been manufacturing rubber weight plates with high-production capacity.

So, when experience is longer with high-production capacity, you can get better quality products.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 28

Figure 17: Manufacturing equipment

Application of high technology

Technology is everywhere. Nowadays, without technology, there is no quality manufacturer. When the application of technology increases production capacity, the quality of manufacturing rubber weight plates is also growing.

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 29

Figure 18: Technology in manufacturing

What are the factors to avoid when choosing a rubber weight plate manufacturer?

When choosing a rubber weight plates manufacturer, you should avoid the following factors:

  • Rush to take a decision
  • Only depending on the domestic manufacturer
  • Priority of pricing

Rush to take a decision

When you are choosing a rubber weight plate manufacturer, don’t rush to make a decision. If you are in a hurry, you can skip essential queries about the product or the manufacturer. So, while making a decision, you should keep in your mind the following things:

  • Research about manufacturer whom you have chosen for purchasing rubber weight plates for your gym or training center
  • Compare the quality of the rubber weight plates with other manufacturers
  • Please take a look at their warranty policies 
Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 30

Figure 19: Ask yourself, is it risky or safe?

Only depending on the domestic manufacturer 

You should not be dependent only on domestic rubber weight plate manufacturers. You can find a better manufacturer from overseas who is ready to deliver your required products for your gym. 

Priority of pricing

Pricing is important to purchase any product. But while choosing a manufacturer, don’t give much priority to price over quality. 

First, you should be sure about the quality, then you can think about pricing. 

When your pricing of rubber weight plates is matched with quality, you can finalize and purchase from a trusted manufacturer. 

Rubber Weight Plates Manufacturer 31

Figure 20: Price should match the quality 


We have tried to answer all of the questions in your mind regarding rubber weight plate manufacturers. 

Do you have any further queries? 

If no, hurry up for a quick quotation of prices. 

Contact for detailed information.