Commercial Weight Tree – Definitive FAQ Guide

A professional weight plate tree is ideal for storing multiple size plates and eliminating security risks for gym owners. When you complete your list of gym equipment purchases, make sure you include the Weight Tree in your order. 

You may have possible questions about Weight Trees, so we have created the following FAQ guide.

Let’s begin.

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What is a weight tree?

A commercial weight tree is a well designed storage rack for gym owners to sort their weight plates. This ingenious equipment has a metal structure with rising pins, which makes it ideal for hanging plates and discs.          

Commercial Weight Tree 1

Figure 1 Standard Commercial Weight Tree

Why is it important to have a weight tree? 

As the owner of the gym, when it comes to storing your weight plates, keep in mind four main things: organisation, security, space and aesthetics. 

Organisation: small weight plates, large, heavy or easy, with the help of a weight tree, you can organize it in one place. This means that your gym will be neat, clean and you will properly store your gym equipment for longer. 

Safety: In a gym, safety is not a joke and there is a high risk of hurting your toes or even tripping on plates scattered on the floor. The weight tree is a great way to avoid all safety issues and keep your athletes safe. 

Space: A lot of plates take up a lot of space from your floor, which could end up messy and narrow. So to keep your gym aerated and gain some extra-space, a weight tree is your best option. 

Aesthetics: Another great way to use a weight tree is for advertising purposes. Have you noticed how attractive your plates are displayed on a modernly designed weight tree? 

Commercial Weight Tree 2

Figure 2 Organization, Security, Space and Aesthetics

Who can use a weight tree?

A commercial weight tree is especially relevant for gym equipment distributors, dealers and gym owners because of the number of plates they own. 

Although many people can use it, only specialized shops or gyms can give it a zest. 

Commercial Weight Tree 3

Figure 3 Olympic Plate Tree

What type of plates can you store on a weight tree? 

Plates are available in different sizes and weights. On a commercial weight tree, you can store several plates, as long as you know each plate diameter of the center hole.

For example, the Olympic weight plates and their subdivisions, rubber weight plates, bumper weight plates and lifting plates, have a standard size of 50,6 mm (2 inch). 

Other plates you might be interested in are standard weight plates (25 mm), studio discs (30 mm) and fractional weight plates (50,6 mm).

Commercial Weight Tree 4

Figure 4  Weight Plates 

What are the main characteristics of a weight tree?

A commercial weight tree is designed to withstand heavy plates. It is built on a metal center pole and a frame with welded pins on each side, for handling the plates.

How many types of weight trees are there?

Weight tree manufacturers produce three main types of commercial weight trees, with different applications.

The vertical plate tree is mainly used for storing bumper plates, has a metal core and long pegs to hang stable. 

A frame plate tree is the oldest model on the market, allowing for a diversity of Olympic plates storage. 

Single sided plate tree has a total of ten pegs for different plates and two Olympic storage bars.

Commercial Weight Tree 5
Commercial Weight Tree 6
Commercial Weight Tree 7

What are the main differences between weight tree models?

The main differences between weight tree models are the shape, size and storage capacity.

While A frame weight tree is smaller but wider, the vertical and single sided weight trees are narrower and higher. 

As for storage capacity, A frame weight tree can take plates of different sizes but store overall less weight. The vertical and single sided weight trees can store up to 450 kg.

Commercial Weight Tree 8

Figure 8 Main Weight Tree Models

What is the most popular model of a weight tree?

The A-frame weight tree is the most popular model due to its large scale application both for home and professional gyms. 

Can I store multiple-size weight plates in a single weight tree?

Yes. A-frame weight tree is generally preferred by gym owners because of its ability to store different size plates. 

However, single sided trees are an excellent way to store the Olympic plates in six pins and smaller increments in four pins.

Commercial Weight Tree 9

Figure 9 Classic Weight Plate tree 

Can I only store bumper plates on a weight tree?

Yes. The vertical weight trees are specially designed for storing bumper plates, with up to six holders.

Commercial Weight Tree 10

Figure 10 Bumper Plate Weight Tree 

How relevant is the length of the pin and the distance between them? 

The length of the pins determines the number of plates that you can store. Because the weight plates are wide, shorter pins mean less space to hang. 

The distance between the pins determines the size of the plate to be loaded. Less distance means smaller plates or discs to hang up.

Commercial Weight Tree 11

Figure 11 Pin length and distance 

What commercial weight tree Model should I buy? 

The gym owners often choose their weight tree based on the number of weight plates and the size they have. 

Smaller gyms may be fine with one A-frame weight tree, considering a limited amount of plates. Larger gyms may need two or more commercial Weight Trees for storage and for different gym placements.

Commercial Weight Tree 12
Commercial Weight Tree 13

Will I scratch my weight plates on bolts or holders?

In the weight tree factory, manufacturers use high-quality materials for the construction of gym equipment. There are minimal possibilities to scratch your plates in construction bolts or holders. 

However, throughout the history of weight tree use, some substitutions have been reported.

Commercial Weight Tree 14

Figure 14 Weight Tree Bolt 

Can I store weight discs on the bar?

Yes. You can store plates on the bar but you have to keep it on the floor. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your bar.

Commercial Weight Tree 15

Figure 15 Weight Plate Tree and Bar Holder

How much weight can be stored on commercial weight trees?

The storage capacity of a weight tree ranges from 130 kg to 450 kg (300 lb to 1000 lb).

Where to buy a weight tree in bulk in China?

In China, bulk commercial weight trees can be bought from weight tree suppliers. They manufacture professional equipment for gyms, gym equipment dealers and distributors. 

Commercial Weight Tree 16

Figure 16 Bulk Weight Trees

Where do you place the weight tree?

If you do not use it frequently, for safety reasons a weight tree is better placed near the wall. If your athletes often need the weight tree, then it is better to place it in the training area. 

Commercial Weight Tree 17

Figure 17 Placement of the Weight Tree

Is it necessary for the weight tree to rest on a wall to be stable? 

No. The weight tree is independent and has a strong metal base on which to rest.

Will the weight tree slide on the ground? 

No. With its reinforced metal base and triangular configuration, a weight tree will never fall, slide or break onto the ground.

Commercial Weight Tree 18

Figure 18 Weight Plate Tree

Will the weight tree cause any harm during use? 

No. A commercial weight tree is designed to be easy, secure and for everyone to use. The pins allow easy removal and loading of the plates, being the best way to avoid injury.

Commercial Weight Tree 19

Figure 19 Use of Weight Tree

What are the dimensions of a weight tree?

The commercial weight tree is, if not otherwise specified, compact and medium size. Due to its space economy, gym owners can easily change location around the gym. 

Commercial Weight Tree 20

Figure 20 Weight Tree dimensions 

How much does an empty weight tree usually weigh?

An empty weight tree can weigh up to 15 kg, being ideal for international shipping. 

Commercial Weight Tree 21

Figure 21 Empty Weight Tree

Are weight tree accessories available?

Yes. To completely optimize your weight tree, you can request certain accessories such as wheels and bar storage.  

Optional wheels are available for better mobility in your gym space.

The storage of Olympic bars could be an important feature to diversify training exercises.

Commercial Weight Tree 22

Figure 22 Weight Tree with wheels 

Final Words

Weight tree is a professional gym equipment essential to all gym owners. I hope that the information contained in the above guide will explain many of your queries. 

Should you have any further questions about the product, please contact our customer support team. 

 For perfectly organized plate storage, choose our high quality Weight Tree design.