Trap Shrug Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you shopping for strength equipment for your gym?

Then you definitely need to purchase trap shrug machines. What are they, and why do you need them for your gym?

This FAQ guide will introduce you to the popular trap shrug machine. We will also guide you on how to find the right trap shrug machines for your fitness center.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

Table of Contents

What is a trap shrug machine?

A trap shrug machine is a piece of strength training equipment used to isolate the traps. It is used by professional weightlifters and free weight trainees. 

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 1

Figure 1: How the traps (trapezius) muscles are developed through shrug exercise

The group of muscles that it develops is important for stabilizing the whole body when lifting, bending, reaching, and even aids proper sitting. These basic movements are very essential to the weightlifting professional.

Why do I need a trap shrug machine in my gym?

Fitness centers and gyms should have at least three shrug machines to cater to their weightlifting patrons. Aside from this, you need to have these machines if:

  • You are running a free weights training. Trap conditioning is a workout requirement for your trainees who want to succeed in weightlifting.
  • Your facility is offering HIIT training. Developing the traps of your HIIT trainees will help them in weightlifting workouts, kettlebell swings, and other workouts that require body stabilizing.
  • Since fitness centers are a magnet for every type of exerciser, you need to have almost every machine for everybody to use. Or else, your business lose potential customers.
Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 2

Figure 2: Shrug machines in gym

What should I look for in a trap shrug machine for my gym?

When selecting shrug machines for your gym, make sure it has these features:

  • Plate loaded with chrome weight sleeves
  • Sturdy, commercial-grade framing
  • Adjustable and comfortable seat
  • Ergonomic back support and mechanism
  • Hard chrome weight sleeves for light loading of plates
  • With mechanisms that allow for standing and seated shrugs

These features are spot-on in the shrug machines developed by Yanre Fitness. The trap shrug machines from Yanre Fitness have been crafted by its dedicated and competent R&D team. 

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 3

Figure 3: Top of the line plate-loaded shrug machine by Yanre Fitness

The manufacturer also has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to make sure the shrug machines are done in the topmost quality.

Are all trap shrug machines plate loaded?

Yes, most commercial-grade trap shrug machines are plate-loaded. Other machines will allow trap shrug exercises. However, they cannot isolate the traps as well as trap shrug machines do.

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 4

Figure 4: Patented selectorized shrug machine by Yanre Fitness

Does the trap shrug machine come with weight plates?

No, trap shrug machines don’t come with weight plates. You should separately purchase them. 

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 5

Figure 5: Shrug machine loaded with plates

Luckily, if you have a set of plates for dumbbells and barbells, you could spare some of those for the trap shrug machines.

What kind of weight plates does the trap shrug machine need?

Olympic plates are usually used for trap shrug machines. Though there may be others that can accommodate standard plates. But that’s rarely found.

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 6

Figure 6: Olympic weight plates for plate-loaded shrug machines

To make sure that you have the right weight plates for the trap shrug machine, always ask your supplier about it.

Does the trap shrug machine have transportation wheels for ease of moving it?

No, the trap shrug machines don’t have transportation wheels. This is because they are meant to be fixed to the ground. The weight of the plates and the equipment can quickly have an imbalance if there are transportation wheels beneath it.

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 7

Figure 7: Transport wheels used for easier movement of heavy exercise equipment

However, you can ask your manufacturer or supplier if transportation wheels can be added to your purchased trap shrug machines. Manufacturers like Yanre Fitness can accommodate such requests provided you approve their designs and pay for the extra cost in R&D and production.

How much space does the trap shrug machine occupy?

The largest trap shrug machine can take up 40 square feet of your gym space. 

Its dimensions range from:

  • 20” to 70” in width
  • 60” to 80” in length
  • 25” to 40” in height
Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 8

Figure 8: Sample dimensions of trap shrug machine

You can use these measurements to estimate the number of trap shrug machines that can fit your available gym space or warehouse. But remember to add at least 1 ft on each side for safe working space for your gym users.

How much does a trap shrug machine weigh?

One trap shrug machine can weigh from 200lbs (100kg) to 300lbs (150kg). The exact weight will depend on the make and model of the trap shrug machine.

You can use the maximum weight to estimate your costs for shipment. Prepare the necessary weight lifting equipment to move and fix the trap shrug machine according to this estimated weight.

Do I need to assemble the trap shrug machine when it’s delivered?

No, trap shrug machines come pre-assembled. 

Trap shrug machines are almost bare equipment. That means its primary part is its mainframe. Its framing needs to be precisely welded at the manufacturer’s factory. 

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 9

Figure 9: Main Frame of shrug machine

You may only need to screw its weight sleeves and seats. A task that is simple to do. Plus, there will be a manufacturer’s manual that you can refer to for screwing in the parts.

Are there any variations of the trap shrug machine?

Yes, trap shrug machines have three types of variations.

  • Standing trap shrug machine
  • Seated trap shrug machine
  • Deadlift/lunge/trap shrug machine

The standing and seated trap shrug machines can only be used while in an upright or seated position. However, there are trap shrug machines that allow for both positions like the one created by Yanre Fitness.

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 10

Figure 10: Seated and standing shrug machine by Yanre Fitness

Deadlift/lunge/trap shrug machines allow for a more versatile use of the equipment. The user can use this machine to do deadlifts, squats, trap shrugs, weighted lunges, tricep dips, or push presses. 

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 11

Figure 11: deadlift/lung/trap shrug machine

Can I get a trap shrug machine with a discount?

Yes, you can purchase trap shrug machines with a discount.  The discount would depend on which type of seller you will buy your trap shrug machines from.

But one thing is for sure. You can only get discounted prices of trap shrug machines when you buy them in bulk.

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 12

Figure 12: Shrug machines sold in bulk in Alibaba

What are my options for a supplier of trap shrug machines?

You have four options where to purchase the trap shrug machines for your gym.

  • Wholesaler,
  • Distributors,
  • Trading companies,
  • Or go straight to the manufacturer

Of these three, the manufacturer gives the largest discount for obvious reasons. But they can also demand a higher minimum order quantity. 

Yanre Fitness is a manufacturer of trap shrug machines that cater to gym owners, wholesalers, or distributors. You can strike a good deal with Yanre Fitness if you’re shrewd enough to negotiate the terms of the sale.

Where should I buy trap shrug machines in bulk?

As for the geography of your supplier, you can source your trap shrug machines from a 

  • Domestic supplier or
  • An international supplier

It’s better to see the advantages and disadvantages of sourcing trap shrug machines by geography to better select the route that’s right for your business.

Domestic Supplier

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 13

International Supplier

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 14

Whether you choose domestic or international suppliers for your trap shrug machines, don’t make the price the only selling point. Consider your target markets and their preferences, product quality, and conveniences you can enjoy for a profitable business.

How do I contact a supplier of a trap shrug machine?

Trap shrug machine suppliers can be usually reached through email or phone calls. But some open their lines through instant messaging like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and others.

Some points you need to remember when contacting suppliers for your trap shrug machines.

  • Always briefly introduce yourself, your company, and your purpose.
  • When communicating to them your needs for a trap shrug machine, be precise and direct to the point.
  • It’s better to have a list of inquiries noted before calling or contacting them. But don’t overdo it and have 20 questions in one call. Pick the most important ones you need to initially know like:
  • The availability of the trap shrug machine
  • Their required minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • The initial price for the trap shrug machine at MOQ
  • Production and delivery times
  • Their capability to ship trap shrug machines to your location

When you send them an email, make sure to follow it up with a call.

How can I find trusted suppliers of trap shrug machines in Alibaba?

Before diving into searching for trap shrug machine suppliers in Alibaba, you have to be aware that there are three kinds of suppliers that sell trap shrug machines on the website.

You can find:

  • Wholesalers/Distributors
  • Trading companies, and
  • Manufacturers

The type of supplier you engage with can have implications on the quality, price, and logistics of the trap shrug machines. Will get to this in a while.

Now, let’s learn how to search Alibaba for your trap shrug machine supplier.

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 15

Figure 13: Identifying worthy suppliers in Alibaba

Use these filters when searching for supplies in Alibaba:

  • Trade Assurance
  • Gold Supplier
  • Assessed Supplier
Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 16

Figure 14: Useful filters in Alibaba

The Trade Assurance filter gives you protection from:

  • Late deliveries of your trap shrug machine
  • Receiving poor quality trap shrug machines

When these instances happen, Alibaba will give you a full refund. You would need to show proof of purchase. 

You also need to establish that the trap shrug machines you received are not to standard or that they were delivered late with or without notice from the supplier.

Gold suppliers pay a premium of USD 10,000 to Alibaba to be on this elite list and take advantage of the comprehensive marketing tools that Alibaba has to offer. This way, you avoid dealing with scammers and fraudulent entities.

Assessed Suppliers are those that have submitted all the information to Alibaba’s Factory Audit team. They have shown papers for:

  • Product quality assessment report
  • Verified main products
  • Assessment reports for their factories or company

These three filters are very useful for you to find credible trap shrug machine suppliers. However, you still need to have due diligence in checking up the suppliers you come across in Alibaba. It’s better to be prudent than waste the precious capital.

What’s the difference between the type of supplier I find in Alibaba?

As mentioned before, the type of supplier you engage with will affect certain aspects of the trap shrug machine.

You may find suppliers that are:

  • Wholesalers/Distributors
  • Trading companies, and
  • Manufacturers


These suppliers are middlemen in the distribution or marketing of the trap shrug machines. Both wholesalers and distributors can have direct contact with the manufacturer of the trap shrug machine.

Trap Shrug Machine – The Definitive FAQ Guide 17

Figure 15: Distribution Channels with Wholesaler and Distributor as the direct contact and middleman

When engaging with these suppliers, logistics and the price of the trap shrug machine are impacted. 

Price point, you will have to absorb these costs:

  • Raw materials and production cost of the manufacturer
  • Logistics of raw materials and other miscellaneous costs of the manufacturer
  • Profit of the manufacturer
  • Logistics cost of the distributor or wholesaler
  • Profit margins of the distributor or wholesaler

Logistics-wise, longer delivery times are the reality. And you would have to wait alongside other retailers and direct end-users that engage business with the wholesaler or distributor.

The only consolation is, when you transact your business with a distributor, issues with the trap shrug machines you purchased can be resolved and be helped. 

Distributors closely work with the manufacturer of the trap shrug machine. And so, they can assist you in any trouble you might have with the equipment.

Trading companies

The nature of trading companies is similar to wholesalers. They can sell various kinds of products without restrictions. The difference is they don’t need to purchase and store the trap shrug machines. 

They simply have to find buyers for them.

The trading companies are paid a commission according to the volume of trap shrug machines you order. Their commission is added to the unit price of the trap shrug machines you purchased. 

Also, since trading companies can sell almost any kind of product, they don’t have control over the quality of the trap shrug machines they sell. You also won’t have customer service assistance if there are some issues with the trap shrug machines you purchased.


The manufacturers are the most favorable supplier type of all. 

They have complete control over the quality of their trap shrug machine. You will only have to pay for the production cost, logistics, and profit margin of the manufacturer. And you will have a direct line with the manufacturer if any issues arise regarding your purchased trap shrug machines. 

However, manufacturers can set a large quantity of trap shrug machines for your initial order. They would also not be responsible for the export or import of the trap shrug machine if you buy it from an overseas supplier.

Do I get to test the trap shrug machine from the supplier?

Yes, if you engage with the manufacturer, you can request a sample trap shrug machine for testing. But more often, there will be a fee when requesting such a sample. And also, you would likely shoulder the cost of shipment.

If you order from a distributor or wholesaler, they will likely have a showroom where you can inspect and test the trap shrug machine. If they are overseas, the scheme would follow the described procedure with the manufacturer.

Can I ask for a customized trap shrug machine?

You will have a chance to get a customized trap shrug machine when you purchase it from the manufacturer.

Yanre Fitness, a leading manufacturer of strength equipment has a competent R&D team to carry out the customization of your trap shrug machine.

Can I use my company’s logo on the trap shrug machines I buy?

Yes, you can ask the manufacturer to imprint your company’s logo on the trap shrug machines. The fee might vary depending on the complexity of your seal. 

Always ask this beforehand when doing the initial inquiry with the supplier. They might not have the capacity to do this. Or they don’t allow logo imprinting because of patent regulations.


Now, you are familiar with the trap shrug machine and its usefulness in your gym. You also have been informed on how to find suppliers for the trap shrug machines.

If you have further questions on trap shrug machines created by Yanre Fitness, you can call our sales team to assist you further. They can help you find the right trap shrug machine for your business.

So, call Yanre Fitness now and get a quote for your trap shrug machine requirements.