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Seated Shrug MachineDefinitive FAQ Guide

A seated shrug machine is a versatile fitness machine. It is used for strength training of shoulder & back muscles.

Do you want to add seated shrug machines to your inventory? Then you are in the right place. I have put together this FAQ guide for you.

It will tell you,

  • All the facts, figures, & specifications, of seated shrug machines
  • Key features & qualities of seated shrug machines
  • The process of acquiring wholesale seated shrug machines

Let’s start from the top.

Table of Contents

What is the purpose of a seated shrug machine?

A seated shrug machine is used for doing trap shrugs from a seated position. It isolates the trapezius & the levator scapulae.

It is a variation on a dumbbell or barbell shrugs.

An adjustable weight bench is a part of a seated shrug machine. The upper traps are targeted from a comfortable position.

A seated shrug machine can be used to perform standing trap shrugs, as well.

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Figure 1 – Yanre Fitness seated shrug machine

What are the types of weight loads for a seated shrug machine?

There are two types of weight loads for a seated shrug machine.

  • A selectorized seated shrug machine

Plate loaded machines are used with conventional round-weight plates. Selectorized machines have fixed, weight stacks attached to the framework.

Yanre Fitness manufactures a wide range of plate-loaded shrug machines. There is also an originally designed selectorized version, similar to a pull-up shoulder machine.

Seated Shrug Machine 7
Seated Shrug Machine 8

How versatile is a seated shrug machine?

Apart from doing seated trap shrugs, a seated shrug machine is used to perform:

  • Standing tap shrugs
  • Bent over high row
  • Lunges
  • Shoulder pull-ups
  • Regular deadlifts
  • Partial deadlifts, etc.

What are the main parts of a seated shrug machine?

The basic parts of a commercial seated shrug machine are:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Bench with adjustable seat
  • Two hard chrome weight horns
  • Two to four weight storage pins
  • Movement arms
  • Handle (Single or dual)
    • Upper handles
      • Trap shrugs
      • Partial deadlift
    • Lower handle
      • Regular deadlift

What is the advantage of a plate-loaded seated shrug machine?

Most people prefer plate-loaded equipment over selectorized, for muscle building. This is because plate loaded machines have many advantages, like:

  • No fixed weight capacity
  • Alternative to free weights
  • Little to no injury risk
  • No spotter needed
  • Many effective exercise routines
  • More isolation
  • Safety stops
  • Built-in weight storage
  • Use of conventional, round weight plates
  • Cheaper than selectorized machines
  • Low maintenance

What is the construction of a seated shrug machine?

The construction of a seated shrug machine is as follows:

FrameworkHigh gauge steel
Frame pipesFlat, Q235 qualified
FinishElectrostatic powder coating or chrome coated
Weight plate sleeveAluminum, Hard chrome, Two
Weight plate storageAluminum, 2 to 4 in number
HandlesAluminum with chrome finish
Handle gripsHigh quality, made of slip-resistant rubber

What is the upholstery of a seated shrug machine made of?

The upholstery of a wholesale shrug machine is made of:

Padding (seat & backrest)High-density foam padding
Pad coversFurniture grade PU leather, Vinyl, or PVC

What are the specifications of a seated shrug machine?

The approximate specifications of a seated commercial shrug machine are:

Dimensions1300 * 1650 * 1160 mm (Assembled)
Weight110 – 160 Kg & above approx.
Weight capacity400 – 600 kgs approx..
Starting resistance10 – 11 Kgs or approx. 25 lbs.
Max. user weight150 – 200 Kgs
TypeStrength machine, plate loaded
SeatAdjustable height
BackrestFixed, padded for support
Movement armsIso-lateral
CustomizationYes (logo, frame & upholstery color, finish)

Why is it better to use a seated shrug machine to do trap shrugs compared to other methods?

There are many ways to work on traps, like, free weights, smith machine, cable shrugs, etc. The benefits of using a seated shrug machine to perform trap shrugs are:

  • Easy to use
  • Used sitting or standing
  • Perfect alignment for traps
  • Quick set up
  • Sturdy 
  • Space-saving & compact
  • Iso-lateral
  • Ground base
  • Effective workout
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Safe
  • Muscle isolation
  • Rehabilitation
Seated Shrug Machine 9

Figure 5 – Doing trap shrugs with a seated shrug machine is safer

Is there any weight plate storage available on a seated shrug machine?

Yes, there is.

Most plate-loaded seated shrug machines have a minimum of two weight storage pins or pegs.

Seated Shrug Machine 10

Figure 6 – Weight plate storage on a seated shrug machine

These storage pins are built-in to the frame so they are very sturdy. These are long enough to store multiple weight plates at a time.

The stored weight plates de-clutter the gym floor, making it safer to use. They also act as a counterbalance to steady the seated shrug machine, when in use.

Weight plates are sold separately though.

A plate-loaded seated shrug machine is cost-effective because there is no attached weight stack. It can be used with any existing weight tree in the gym.

Seated Shrug Machine 11

Figure 7 – Weight plates are not included with a seated shrug machine

Is the seat height and backrest adjustable, on a seated shrug machine?

The seat height is adjustable to make a seated shrug machine user-friendly & adaptable. Different machines have different ways to make the seat height adjustable, like:

  • Pop-pin
  • Pull-pin
  • Step ladder
  • Tilt & move up, etc.

The backrest on a seated shrug machine is fixed. The immovable nature of the backrest provides support & stability.

What makes a seated shrug machine stable while in use?

A seated shrug machine is compact compared to other plate-loaded equipment. Its stability during use is because of:

  • Wide base
  • Rubber coated feet 
  • Stored weight plates
  • Fewer adjustable parts, etc.

What is the advantage of buying wholesale seated shrug machines?

For commercial buyers buying fitness equipment, like seated shrug machines wholesale makes a lot of sense.

Buying wholesale fitness equipment has many benefits. Some of which are:

  • Wholesale pricing
  • Versatile inventory
  • Cost-effective
  • Quality & quantity
  • Customization
  • Quick delivery

Wholesale pricing:

When buying large quantities of commercial-grade fitness equipment, bulk wholesale order is the way to go. Wholesale prices are a lot cheaper than regular retailers.

Versatile inventory:

Wholesale factories like Yanre Fitness have extensive portfolios. You can order most types of exercise equipment from the same manufacturer.

This will give versatility to your inventory and save you money in the long run.


Buying seated shrug machines & other fitness equipment in bulk is cost-effective & efficient. You can negotiate the price with your manufacturer as well.

Quality & Quantity:

Wholesale manufacturers can easily fulfill large orders while maintaining the same quality throughout. 

The years of experience ensure that both quality & quantity are maintained.


This is the biggest reason to buy wholesale. A trusted wholesale manufacturer, like Yanre Fitness, will customize your shrug machines for you.

This will help promote your brand better and increase its standing with the customers. The logo, color of the frame, finish, upholstery, etc. can all be customized according to your wishes.

All you have to do is provide them with a sample of the customization you want.

Quick delivery:

Wholesale order is delivered on the agreed-upon deadline. Irrespective of the size. Prompt delivery of a bulk order means that you will save on delivery charges as well.

Wholesale manufacturers have easy access to ports and the logistics to make this happen.

Where is the best place to buy wholesale seated shrug machines?

There are many places from where you can buy commercial seated shrug machines in bulk. Like:

  • Local factories
  • B2B marketplaces
  • Overseas manufacturers

Local gym equipment factories:

The pros of this method are obvious. A local factory is closer to home. It is easy to track the whole manufacturing process and little to no travel is involved.

But local factories may not have high production capacity. High labor costs make the order more expensive in the long run.

B2B marketplaces:

This is another very popular option. B2B marketplaces have many wholesalers in one place. You can compare prices & equipment construction easily.

There is also the advantage of having a third party (B2B site) between you & the manufacturer you choose.

Some popular B2B marketplaces are:

As the retailers have to pay the B2B sites for showing their equipment. Prices may be slightly higher for the consumer (wholesale buyers).

Overseas manufacturers:

This generally means buying from wholesale Chinese manufacturers. There are many pros of placing your bulk order with experienced manufacturers like Yanre Fitness.

Seated Shrug Machine 12

Figure 8 – Place your orders directly with the manufacturer

Yanre Fitness has decades of experience. A factory with high production capacity and experienced staff.

The equipment portfolio is diverse & of the original design.

All these things will be a benefit. While fulfilling and delivering your wholesale seated shrug machines.

There are pros & cons to every method. Buying from an overseas manufacturer directly is the way to go. It is by far the most cost-effective method of getting wholesale seated shrug machines in bulk.


A seated shrug machine is a safer variation of barbell or dumbbell shrugs. It is a must for any commercial gym’s inventory.

If you are looking for wholesale seated shrug machines for your business. Then hopefully this FAQ guide was of some help to you.

The safest & most economical way of buying your seated shrug machines is to browse Yanre

There is a diverse range of quality commercial shrug machines to fulfill your business goals. You will get the best value for money.

So, don’t wait, tell us what you think.

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