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Dumbbell China Manufacturer – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking to buy dumbbells from China?

Does the wide range of dumbbells confuse you?

Do you want to determine which type of dumbbells you should buy?

Are you looking for dumbbells made in China?

We completely understand that buying dumbbells requires a sound knowledge of the types and characteristics. Therefore, we have compiled a detailed FAQ guide for dumbbells. So, let us get started.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Dumbbell?

A dumbbell is an important piece of equipment in resistance and strength training. 

The following are some of the uses and benefits of dumbbells:

  1. They can be used for a variety of training such as resistance training, circuit training, and injury rehabilitation. 
  2. As compared to barbells, exercises can be performed in more natural motions while using dumbbells.
  3. They can be used for individual training of both sides of the body, which is something impossible with barbells or weight machines.  
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Figure 1. Dumbbells

2. What are the different types of dumbbells according to usage and style?

Fixed Dumbbells


  1. They have non-removable weights. 
  2. Weight ranges from 1kg to 100kg. 
  3. Usually sold in pairs. 
  4. Logo and weight can be printed prominently on them. 
  5. The best option for commercial gyms. 


  1. Require a lot of space for storage.
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Figure 2. Fixed dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells


  1. They have removable weights. 
  2. Best suitable for people with a tight budget or less storage space. 
  3. Weight can be modified easily. Small increments are possible. 


  1. Cannot fulfill the requirements of heavy weightlifters. 
  2. Weight loading and unloading might not be preferred by some users. 
Dumbbell China Manufacturer 20

Figure 3. Adjustable dumbbells

Selectorized Dumbbells

They are a modified version of adjustable dumbbells.


  1. The weight can be adjusted by moving a dial or a selector pin. 
  2. Easier to use as compared to adjustable dumbbells. 


  1. They are expensive as compared to other types of dumbbells. 
  2. They are heavy; therefore, it is difficult to move them around. 

Dumbbell Plate Sets


  1. Small removable plates are attached to a handle. 
  2. Efficient for saving space and cost. 
  3. Can be used for exercises in small increments. 


  1. Not recommended for commercial gyms. 
Dumbbell China Manufacturer 21

Figure 5. Dumbbell plates

Studio Dumbbells


  1. Small-sized dumbbells 
  2. commonly used for a resistance workout. 
  3. Usually colored coated according to the weight. 
  4. Rubber or neoprene coated to protect from damage. 
  5. Easy to grip. 
  6. Sold in pairs. 
  7. Weight ranges from 0.5kg to 10kgs. 


  1. Suitable only for light exercises. 
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Figure 6. Studio dumbbells

3. What are the different types of dumbbells according to shape?

The following are the different types of dumbbells according to shape.

Round Dumbbells

  1. They are the most common type of dumbbells. 
  2. Available in both fixed and adjustable types. 
  3. They are available in all types of material such as rubber, chrome, or urethane
  4. They might roll on the floor causing an injury. 
  5. Cannot be used for exercises such as dumbbell pushups. 
Dumbbell China Manufacturer 23

Figure 7. Round dumbbell

Hex Dumbbells

  1. Their heads are hexagonal. 
  2. They have excellent stability. 
  3. Since they do not roll over, they can be easily used for multiple types of exercises. 
  4. They do not necessarily need a rack for storage. 
  5. They can be stacked on top of each other. 
Dumbbell China Manufacturer 24

Figure 8. Hex Dumbbell

4. What type of materials do manufacturers use to make dumbbells in China?


Rubber dumbbells are the most common of all types. They are generally used in commercial gyms. 


  1. Dents and scratches are less prominent as compared to cast iron dumbbells.
  2. Do not damage the floor or rack.
  3. Make less noise when dropped. 
  4. They have a protective outer coating. 
  5. Can be customized to any color. 
  6. Logo and weight printing are easier on them. 


  1. If the quality is not good, rubber has a pungent smell. 
  2. Leave marks on the floor when dropped. 
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Figure 9. Rubber dumbbells


Polyurethane dumbbells closely resemble rubber dumbbells. However, there exist multiple differences between the two. 


  1. More durable than rubber dumbbells. 
  2. Resistance to scratches and dents. 
  3. Do not produce a smell. 
  4. Do not leave any marks on the floor, if dropped. 


  1. Expensive as compared to rubber dumbbells. 
Dumbbell China Manufacturer 26

Figure 10. Urethane dumbbell


These dumbbells are made up of steel and then electroplated with chrome. 


  1. Cheaper as compared to rubber and urethane dumbbells. 
  2. Available in 1 to 10 kgs
  3. Have an aesthetic appearance


  1. Not as strong as rubber and urethane dumbbells.
  2. Since their handle and head are joined using screws, they might loosen over time. 
  3. Scratches are readily visible on them. 
Dumbbell China Manufacturer 27

Figure 11. Chrome dumbbells

Cast Iron / Painted

These dumbbells are manufactured using cast iron which is then painted. 


  1. They are the cheapest of all types of dumbbells.


  1. The paint gets cracked easily. 
  2. Make a lot of noise if they fall to the floor.
  3. Can damage the floor
  4. Not suitable for commercial gyms. 
Dumbbell China Manufacturer 28

Figure 12. Cast Iron painted dumbbells


They are also made up of cast iron which is then coated with liquid plastic. 


  1. They are durable.
  2. Do not produce a smell. 
  3. Available in a variety of shapes such as round, hex, apples, bones, and flowers.


  1. Available as fixed dumbbells only. 
  2. Can be slippery after sweating. 
Dumbbell China Manufacturer 29

Figure 13. Vinyl dumbbells

5. What type of rubber is used to manufacture rubber dumbbells?

Rubber dumbbells are the most popular option in a commercial gym. However, there are available in different varieties. 

Therefore, you should know the type of rubber that manufacturers use to make rubber dumbbells to ensure that you are buying quality dumbbells.

The following are the three different types of rubber that are used to make rubber dumbbells. 

  1. Recycled Rubber
  2. Synthetic or styrene-butadiene rubber
  3. Natural rubber

Generally, all three types of rubber are used to make dumbbells in definite proportions. Moreover, the addition of calcium makes the rubber flexible. To ensure the quality of rubber, make sure that the manufacturer uses tire rubber instead of sole rubber. 

6. Which dumbbells should I buy from China?


Hex dumbbells are the best option in terms of shape for a commercial gym. 


For a commercial gym, rubber or urethane are the best options. 


Moreover, look for the following aspects about each type while deciding about the dumbbell type for your commercial gym:

Fixed Dumbbells

  1. They have an expansive weight range. 
  2. They are long-lasting and of better quality as compared to adjustable dumbbells.
  3. They can be easily customized. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

  1. They are best to save space. 
  2. They are budget-friendly. 
  3. They are not generally recommended for commercial use. 

Studio Dumbbells

They cannot be a substitute for heavy-duty dumbbells. This is because they are available in a very narrow weight range. And they are used only for light exercises. Therefore, studio dumbbells cannot fulfill dumbbell requirements in your gym. However, it is best to have them in addition to fixed dumbbells. 

Lastly, if you are a distribution center owner, you should have all types of dumbbells to satisfy the needs of customers. 

7. What is the average weight of dumbbells in a set?

For a commercial gym, you should buy a complete range of dumbbells. 

They are usually available from 10kg up to 100kgs with 5kgs increments. It is necessary to have the complete range. Otherwise, the weights would be too high for beginner users, and it would be too low for expert trainers. 

8. What is the average price of dumbbells provided by China manufacturers?

The average price of a dumbbell ranges from $1 to $2  per kilogram. 

However, the price of the dumbbell depends on its quality and type. Moreover, the price also decreases with the increase in weight per dumbbell. Therefore, the complete set of dumbbells will cost you less than the individual dumbbells.

Please contact us for a price estimate depending on the weight of your chosen set. 

9. What are the average weight increments in dumbbells?

Generally, weight increments of 2.5kgs are recommended. 

Carefully choose the weight increments according to the number of dumbbells you are ordering in a set. If you choose very small increments, you will have to buy a lot of dumbbells to cover up the weight range. On the other hand, if you choose large increments, trainers will not be able to advance to the next level of training because it requires a small increase in weight. 

10. What are the important features in the handle of the dumbbell?

The handle of the dumbbell is equally important as its head. This is because it is the part that will be used to carry out the exercise. The following are the different aspects of dumbbell handles that you should carefully analyze:


The handle of a dumbbell is made up of metal. It is durable and heavy-duty. However, you might find rubberized handles as well. You should avoid them at every cost since they are not durable and difficult to maintain. 


The diameter of the handle plays an important role in determining its grip. Thinner handles do not provide comfort because the weight is not evenly distributed in different points of grip. Generally, a diameter of 1 to 1.5 inches is considered efficient. However, for heavy-weight dumbbells, it can go up to 2 inches. 


The handle of the dumbbell should have knurling on it. It provides efficient grip and prevents slippage, reducing the chances of injury. Usually, every manufacturer provides dumbbells with knurled handles. But make sure to check it out. 

Besides, knurling can be deep or shallow. Shallow knurling does not hurt but it does not provide efficient grip. On the other hand, deep knurling gives perfect grip, but it can be tough on hands. 

This texture is very important, especially in heavy-weight dumbbells. The following are the different types of knurling that a dumbbell can have:

  • Volcano Knurling
  • Mountain Knurling
  • Hill Knurling
Dumbbell China Manufacturer 30

Figure 14. Knurling on the handle of a dumbbell

11. What are the important aspects of the quality of dumbbells?

They ensure the quality of the dumbbells, analyze the following aspects of dumbbell:

  • Check the difference between the marked weight and the actual weight of the dumbbell. Usually, an error rate of 3% is acceptable. However, quality manufacturers provide dumbbells with an error rate of 1% only. 
  • Check the smell of rubber. If it is too pungent, the quality of rubber is poor. 
  • Check the finishing of the dumbbell. In the case of rubber dumbbells, the thicker the coating, the more durable it will be. 

12. Does the dumbbell set come with a rack?

No, the dumbbell set does not come with a rack. However, some manufacturers might offer you discounted deals if you buy both items. Make sure that the size of the rack can hold all dumbbells in the set.

Horizontal or vertical stands are used for rubber, cast iron, or urethane dumbbells. These racks can hold approximately 10 to 12 pairs of dumbbells. Whereas studio dumbbells are stored in vertical racks having individual slots.  

Dumbbell China Manufacturer 31

Figure 15. Dumbbell rack

13. How much space do dumbbells occupy?

The dimensions of an individual dumbbell are 17 inches in width and 8.5 inches in height. 

However, for a commercial gym, you will be buying a complete set of dumbbells. The space occupied by them depends on the storage rack. The average dimensions of a dumbbell rack are 30 inches in height, 25 inches in width, and 52 inches in length. These dimensions are for horizontal racks. 

Please contact us to know the exact measurements to ensure that you allocated enough space in your gym for dumbbells. 

Dumbbell China Manufacturer 32

Figure 16. Dimensions of a dumbbell

14. Can I customize the weight range of dumbbells that I buy from the manufacturer in China?

Yes, you can customize the weight range of dumbbells that you buy from Yanre Fitness in China. 

Just let us know the weights you are looking for, and you would be happy to fulfill your requirements. 

15. Do manufacturers customize the logo on dumbbells?

Yes, Yanre Fitness offers logo customization services for dumbbells. 

Logo customization can be done on rubber dumbbells. Please contact us to know more details about this service. 

16. Do manufacturers customize the color of dumbbells?

Yes, you can customize the color of dumbbells from Yanre Fitness. 

Usually, fixed dumbbells are black. Whereas studio dumbbells are colored according to their weight. However, if you have any special color-coding requirements, please contact us to know if those colors are available. We assure you that you will find something that fulfills your requirements. 

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Figure 17. Colored dumbbells

17. Where can I find the best dumbbell manufacturer in China?

Yanre Fitness is one of the best dumbbell manufacturers in China. 

We are a trusted gym equipment supplier to commercial gyms and distribution centers. We follow the best environmental practices to make our products. Our factors make patented products by following standard operating procedures. 

You can get the best quality dumbbells at an affordable price. 

18. Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read our detailed FAQ guide. We hope that after carefully reading the blog, you have all the information about dumbbells. This information is necessary to choose the best dumbbell, which we think you are now ready to do. 

Yanre fitness offers a wide variety of dumbbells. Our different types of dumbbells are sure to accommodate the needs of all types of customers. 

If you are ready to make a purchase, contact us to get a customized price quote.