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For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Commercial Power Rack – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you searching for the best quality and heavy-duty power rack for your commercial gym?

If yes, then you have arrived at the right destination!

There are various power rack manufacturers that can provide a range of quality options. Some power racks offer a variety of available features and add-on facilities, and some offer very limited options.  

There will be features that you may already be familiar with, and there will also be some that you have ignored at first. Either case, this FAQ guide will help you in selecting the most suitable power rack while providing the most important questions and answers related to this gym equipment. 

So, let’s get stared!

Table of Contents

1. What is a Power Rack?

A power rack (aka. power cage, squat cage, or rig) is a piece of gym equipment that lets you perform barbell related exercises in a convenient way.

A power rack usually consists of four rods overhead, three stabilizing rods at the bottom including two adjustable horizontal safety bars or straps. The rods are made of steel or high- quality metal, etc. 

Unlike a smith machine, a power cage allows you to do barbell exercise without any movement restrictions. And exercises performed by power racks are considered more functional than smith machines. Because you will not only push up or pull down the weight, but also control and balance it. 

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Figure 1 -Showing a Power Rack (image src – bodysolid-europe)

2. How is a power rack different from a smith machine?

Smith machine is used as a self-spotting device as the weight moves on a fixed track. While on the other hand, a power cage comes with no movement restrictions. 

Note: There are some hybrid power racks available now that include both power rack and smith machine in one machine.

Commercial Power Rack 9

Figure 2 – Smith Machine vs Power Rack (image src – fitnessgallery )

3. Why are power racks used in the gyms?

Power racks are used in gyms to provide flexibility to perform various strength exercises such as:

4. What is the height of a commercial power rack?

The height of a commercial power rack is usually 90’’ to 95’’. 

5. What is the width of a commercial power rack?

The width of a commercial power rack is usually 48’’ to 50”. 

6. What is the depth of a commercial power rack?

The depth of a commercial power rack is usually 48’’ to 51’’. 

7. What are the dimensions of a commercial power rack?

The dimensions tell about the total space a commercial power rack will take. And the average dimension of a commercial grade rack is around 50”x55”x90”. 

Commercial Power Rack 10

Figure 3 – Showing dimensions of a commercial power rack (image src – Pinterest)

8. What is the meaning of power rack depth?

The term power rack depth means the dimension from the back of the back mounting post to the front of the front mounting post.

Commercial Power Rack 11

Figure 4 – Showing Power rack depth (image src – pinterest)

9. What are different types of power racks available?

The most common types of power racks or power cages are as under:

  • Full power racks (aka. power racks)
  • Half power racks (aka. squat racks) 
  • Squat stands 
  • Sumo racks 
Commercial Power Rack 12

Figure 5 – Showing various power rack types

10. How much weight can a commercial power rack hold?

An average commercial grade power rack can handle a racked weight of up to 1500 pounds.

11. What material is used to manufacture commercial power racks?

A commercial level power rack uses a high quality, heavy duty and thicker steel in its construction. 

12. How much space is needed for a commercial power rack?

The total space required for a power rack will vary according to its type. But you will need a space something around 12′ wide by 9′ deep and by 9′ high for a standard commercial power rack.

Commercial Power Rack 13

Figure 6 – Showing a power rack in gym space (image src – totalgymsolutions)

13. What is the difference between power rack and squat rack?

Commercial Power Rack 14

Figure 7 – squat-rack-vs-power-rack (image src – garage gyms)

Both power racks and squat racks offer similar movements. However, there are some noticeable differences between these two equipments that are as under:

Commercial Power Rack 15

14. Why to consider power rack over squat rack?

As compared to squat rack, power rack offers more:

  • Flexibility 
  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Compatibility
  • Adaptability  

15. How to keep your power rack from moving in the gym?

You can keep your power rack from moving in the gym by following these steps:

  • Keep a loaded barbell on j-hooks 
  • You can also purchase weight storage pegs
  • Assemble these weight storage pegs
  • Place a few heavy and solid weight plates on them
  • That’s it!

Now, your power rack will remain intact from being moved.  The more weight you will add, the better. 

16. How to choose the best power rack for a commercial gym?

Following are the most important considerations in order to select the best power cage for your commercial gym.

Select the Most Appropriate Type

Always try to choose the most appropriate type of power rack. Currently, there are 2 most popular options to choose from. 

  1. Modular system
  2. Fixed package system

By choosing the first type, you will only need to buy the base rack of a power cage. After that, you can buy attachments as per your gym requirements. This is considered to be a savvy way because you will not spend money on the attachments you don’t want right now. 

The 2nd option is to go with the fixed package system where you will have to bear the included stations and accessories. 

Select the Right Attachments

Selecting the right attachments for your commercial power cage will offer you max possible exercise combinations you will ever need in one simple system. The following are some common power rack attachments and accessories that you should consider for your gym:

  • Smith machine attachment
  • Adjustable monolift attachment
  • Flying pull-up attachment
  • Plate storage attachment
  • Power rack landmine attachment
  • Chin up bars
  • Monkey bars
  • Knee holder for lats
  • Lat pull down
  • J-hooks
  • Cable crossover
  • Lat pull down seat
  • Plate holders
  • Benches
  • Bar holder attachment
  • Safety Bars/Straps
  • Step-up plate attachment 
  • Band pegs
  • Dip handle
  • Dip Attachment
  • Upright extension
  • Resistance band pegs attachment
  • Rope anchor attachment
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Lever Arm Kit

Double-check the Weight Capacity

It is also recommended that you double-check the weight capacity before buying a commercial power cage for your commercial gym. It is better that you pick up a rack that offers 1500 pounds (at least) static rating weight capacity.

Don’t Forget the Safety

Since buying a commercial grade power rack is a big investment you are going to make. Hence, it’s necessary that you must also check its safety. 

The best and high quality power cage come with some great safety features such as:

  • Ability to easily attach/detach the cage to the floor
  • Solid welds and premium materials (box steel)
  • Safety spotter arm attachments
  • High quality and thick gauge steel construction
  • And safety sling attachments

Finishing Is Important as Well

Some gym owners neglect the finishing when buying a new power rack. Remember, it’s also an important thing to consider. Ask yourself what type of finishes you will prefer for your commercial rig. What kind of color, metal, and design will remain suitable for your gym. 

It is to note that some power racks come with powder coated whereas some come with paint on them. 

Without a good finish, a cage will easily batter with time. Mostly athletes and weigh lifters prefer powder-coated cages. Though it is comparatively pricey, it will remain in a solid condition even after heavy use. 

Better finish also makes sure that you will require less maintenance and less repair. 

Check the Product Dimensions

You should also keep the dimensions in mind while buying a new power rack for your gym. Especially when buying a modular one, try to double-check that you keep the rack in that place where you can easily attach additional stations and accessories in the future. 

Check for Convenient Adjustment

The best power cage will offer compatible and convenient fittings from position to position. Pins must safely set up to the structure.

Check the Hole Spacing

Hole spacing is crucial to ensure your desired length of each post. 5 mm is the common size of the hole of a rack’s post. This spacing is a very important feature to keep the J-hook accurately. 

Westside hole spacing is also available in a few rigs. This spacing type is crucial for the ideal positioning of the J-hook and safety bar. 

Keep the Budget in Mind

You should also keep the budget in mind while buying a power rack. There are some low-quality cages available in the market. Though they seem inexpensive during the buy, they will cost you more in the long run. So, it’s wise that you think twice before spending money on these cages. 

One more important thing to note here is that you will need to buy additional attachments later. And so you may go wrong with the calculations. In this case, you must consider what type of attachments and stations you will buy later and calculate the total cost well before.

If possible, check the power rack in wholesale. This way, you can save even more. 

Read the Warranty

It is also very crucial that you check the warranty of this costly gym equipment. Generally, good quality racks come with the best warranties. Cheap racks, on the other hand, don’t offer structural warranty.

17. How to assemble the commercial power rack?

To assemble a commercial power rack, you will need to read the manual that comes with the equipment. The power rack manual provides the step-by-step instructions how to assemble/reassemble the product. In addition, you may also require it when you will attach additional stations and attachments. 

Here is a sample video showing how you can set up a light commercial power rack 5.1 by Bells of Steel. 

18. Does a commercial power rack come with plate holders?

Yes, most of the commercial power racks come with the plate holders. 

Commercial Power Rack 16

Figure 8 – commercial rack with plate holders (image src – fitness superstore)

19. Does a commercial power rack come with cable crossover and lat pull down?

Not all commercial power racks come with cable crossover and lat pull down. However, some commercial grade and high-quality power racks come with these accessories. 

Despite all, power racks provide the option of adding the extra stations and attachments later. 

Note: It is recommended that you check what is included with the equipment during buy. 

Commercial Power Rack 17

Figure 9 – commercial rack with cable crossover and lat pulldown (image src –  youtube)

20. How much does a commercial power rack cost?

Generally, the price of a full commercial grade power cage starts from 1000USD and goes just over 3000USD. The prices of a commercial power rack vary depending on various factors i.e. type, brand, and attachments you buy. 

21. Can I get customized power racks? 

Yes, you can get the customized power racks. Yanre fitness provides a range of high quality and rigid power racks for limitless performance. 

We provide power racks on wholesale at the best possible prices. 

Commercial Power Rack 18

Figure 10 – Showing a custom power rack (image src – elitefts)

22. Where should you keep the power rack in the gym?

Though you can put the power rack anywhere in the gym. However, as a gym owner you should keep the gym equipment like power racks at the corner side of the gym. This way, you can keep your gym space organized. 

23. Final Words

We hope this commercial power rack FAQ guide has answered most of your questions. We tried hard to include all the questions that you are curious to know related to commercial level power racks. 

By reading these important FAQs, you can find the best power rack for your gym. Use this guide to see if the Yanre Fitness Power Rack is right for you.

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