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Decline Bench Press Machine – The Ultimate Guide

Decline bench press machines are one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment. Any gym or fitness center would be deemed incomplete without incorporating these machines into their training modules.

Their popularity is still increasing because of continuous advancements in this technology.

Hence, we have prepared this guide to discuss all aspects of these machines to help you out in your purchase decision. 

Let’s take a look and figure out why decline bench press machines should be your next investment.

Table of Contents

1. Definition of Decline Bench Press Machines

 A decline bench press machine is a bench that declines from an angle of 15 to 30 degrees. It is an advanced variant of the flat bench press machine. 

These machines are supplementary equipment for the training programs that cannot be performed on a standard incline or flat bench press machines. You’ll have to install flat bench press machines for initial training.

2. Purpose of Decline Bench Press Machines

Decline bench press machines are primarily involved in intermediate and professional chest training modules. 

The main purpose of these machines is to develop lower pecs and pectoralis majors. These muscle developments can only be achieved on a decline angle that is provided by this machine.

Another purpose of this machine is to exert less pressure on shoulders than its counterparts. This is to avoid shoulder and chest injuries.

Decline Bench Press Machine 12

Fig 1 Decline Bench Press Machine

3. Advantages of Decline Bench Press Machines

Following are a few of the advantages offered by decline bench press machines:

  • These machines can be used for both combined movements as well as isolated movements. You can develop upper-body muscles for mass gains but also target specific muscle groups for clarity and definition.
  • These machines are extremely versatile and can be employed in multiple fitness programs involving strength training and muscle buildup plans. 
  • Another advantage of these machines is that they provide a specific angle to activate certain back muscles that are otherwise difficult to trigger on a straight angle. 
  • Muscle memory produced by monotonous fitness plans hinders further development of muscles. These machines bring variations to your plans, thus preventing your fitness progress from slowing down.
  • Switching to a decline bench press machine from a flat bench elevates your concentration levels and increases your mental focus. This mechanism will ultimately help in improving the blood flow in your muscles. 

The advantages of installing these machines have increased after the integration of modern specs and features that increase the operational capacity of these machines.

4. Types of Decline Bench Press Machines

Three main types of Decline Bench Press Machines are currently available in the market. These types are differentiated based on their operational capacity. 

Non-adjustable Decline Bench 

This is the basic type of decline benches. It has a fixed decline angle that cannot be adjusted because of an immovable frame. This type of decline bench is the most economical option for gym owners. 

You can find variations in the basic design of these benches. For instance, an additional frame for holding chest press rods may also be permanently attached to the main body frame of a decline bench. 

Decline Bench Press Machine 13

Fig 2 Non-adjustable Decline Bench Press

Adjustable Decline Bench

This type of decline bench has a lot more operational capacity than its fixed counterpart. It is an adjustable bench that can be used at an angle according to its user preferences. 

The seat on the main body frame can be adjusted in multiple positions, including an upright straight position. Therefore, you can use this type of decline bench as an incline bench press machine.

Decline Bench Press Machine 14

Fig 3 Adjustable Decline Bench Press Machine

This type of bench press may also have an additional frame for holding chest bars. Thus, making the design even more practical for its users. Also, there are several other designs in the adjustable bench press category.

Decline Bench Press Machine 15

Fig 4 Adjustability

Advanced Decline Bench

An advanced decline bench is equipped with several gym equipment items, making it the most operational type. For instance, multiple cable pulleys might be integrated into an advanced bench press for a cable workout.

This is the most popular type of gym equipment and is vastly installed in lots of gyms and fitness centers. This is because conventional bench press machines can only be used to perform certain chest exercises. But this type of bench press can be used to perform a full-body workout.

5. Durability Factors

Before you buy the best gym equipment for your business, you have to ensure that it’s of the highest standards, especially with regards to its durability. Following are the durability factors of decline bench press machines:

  • Main Frame Build Material: The most important element of a decline bench press is its main body frame.  It is usually made up of solid stainless steel so that it can handle the maximum weight put on the machine. In very rare cases, this frame is built from wood, which is slightly less durable. 
  • Foam Quality: The foam is installed on top of the frame and is exposed to the most wear and tear. A high-quality foam will ensure that the machine has an optimal useful life while requiring less maintenance.  
  • Paint: Single or multiple paint coatings are put on the bench press machine to save it from rust and dust. It ensures that your machine can perform in difficult climate conditions, especially mold and moisture. 
  • Padding: All types of decline bench press machines have paddings to increase the comfort of operating the machines. These paddings are weather-resistant to be more durable. 
  • Useful Life: The overall useful life of these machines is generally identified by most manufacturers. These figures are great indicators of the durability that the machines have to offer. 

6. Comfort Factors

There are a bunch of factors that increase or decrease the comfort levels of the declining bench press machines that you are looking to buy. These factors make it easy for the users to operate these machines and make the machines safer and reliable. 

  • Safe Design: Adjustable machines are a lot more preferable than non-adjustable machines. Many gym owners prefer this type as these are more convenient and user-friendly. Several male, female, young, and old users can adjust the angles according to their preferences. 
  • Seat Covers: Plastic seat covers are not great with sweat and high temperatures. Also, various grades of plastic are used to address this issue and improve the declining machine’s user experience. Before you buy one, make sure that it’s soft and reliable. 
  • Upholstery For Knees and Ankles: Upholstery for knees won’t be present in all types of decline bench machines. Rather it will only be available in the advanced type. It is rare, still, it is significantly important that it is composed of comfortable, yet reliable materials. 
  • Right Size For Male and Female Users: The size is integral for the application of these machines. Not only sizes are suitable for male and female users. You’ll have to identify the physical requirements of your businesses’ clients before you place your order. You can install hybrid versions of these machines that can provide service without gender limitations. 
  • Ease of Setting up: Setting up a decline bench press in a gym is a crucial stage. It should be placed at the right place and the right angle. Also, this machine is supposed to be utilized in a combination with several other pieces of gym equipment. Therefore, it should also be easily and quickly customizable after the initial setup to accommodate a diverse range of users.  
  • Ease of Utilization: The machine should be easy to operate for all types of users including beginners and amateurs. All adjustments should be made without the expense of extra time and energy. 
Decline Bench Press Machine 16

Fig 6 Comfort Factors

7. Average Weight and Size

The weight and sizes of decline bench press machines do not depend on their types. Rather they vary according to their build quality and design. 

  • Simple Non-Adjustable and adjustable Machines can weigh somewhere between 30-50 Pounds
  • Advanced machines with heavy-duty steel frames and added tools can weigh more than 100 pounds

8. Average Weight Capacities

The weighing capacities of decline bench press machines also vary according to the built-quality and design elements of the machines. Note that a simple non-adjustable machine can handle more weight than an advanced machine. 

The average weighing capacity of these machines ranges from 330 Pounds, all the way up to 1000 Pounds. Always make sure that you buy the right weighing capacity equipment for your gym members. You can not save your purchase costs and avoid any unwanted experience. 

Decline Bench Press Machine 17

Fig 7 Average Weight

9. Installation Process

Decline bench press machines don’t require special installation skills, especially in simple, non-adjustable, and adjustable machines. However, you have to be careful regarding heavy-duty equipment, including the advanced types of machines.  

Some machines can be folded to save space in the gym. Others come in pre-assemble intact products and the essential tools to save time and resources on lengthy installations. 

You have to ensure that the machines are easily accessible and adjustable for all of their users. Make sure that neither the user is injured nor the machine is damaged during the installation process. 

Decline Bench Press Machine 18

Fig 8 Installation

10. Maintenance Procedures

All types of decline bench press machines should be regularly maintained so that you can achieve maximum useful life out of their utilization. Always follow the guidelines mentioned in the user manual that is provided with the product. 

You have to be careful regarding their weight limits and their operational capacities. You shouldn’t regularly employ the machine weighing limits as mentioned by the manufacturers. Also, avoid using them in extreme conditions as it will hasten up their depreciation process. 

If your machine shows signs of wear and tear, immediately fix these issues before accumulating over time. 

11. Customization Options

Yanre Fitness customizes clients’ declining bench press machines to increase marketability on top of durability and comfort. We offer customizations relevant to the brand name, color, and logo of your business. 

You’ll have to identify your preferable type of machine along with other physical measurements before asking for these particular customizations. 

12. Commonly Used Accessories

There are quite a few accessories that are commonly used with decline bench press machines. Note that the operational capacity of the machine depends upon its design; therefore, these accessories may not be utilizable with specific machines.

  • Barbells: Barbells are the most commonly used equipment with these machines. Barbells are used to put constant and dependent weight on both arms, soldiers, and chest. They help in distributing equal weight on both sides of the body.
  • Dumbbells: Dumbbells are heavily involved in various fitness programs relevant to chest muscle growth. This is why they are considered an essential accessory to be used on decline benches. Dumbbells distribute independent weight on both sides for free lifting. 
  • Plates: Plates are generally used to engage core muscles on a decline bench. These plates are used to fully utilize the benefits of the decline angles offered by these machines. 

13. Average Prices

Due to the variations in the types, durability, comfort, and operational capacity of decline bench press machines, these are offered at variable prices. However, the advanced type of these machines is generally the most expensive, followed by the adjustable and non-adjustable type.

The average prices of these machines start from $70-$100 and go all the way up to $250-$300. Note that the customizations are going to cost you more money on top of the purchase price of these machines. 

14. Conclusion

We have explained the importance of installing decline bench press machines and how they can create value for your business.

We have also discussed various technical features of these machines so that you can choose the right equipment.

Yanre Fitness supplies premium-quality decline bench press machines customized according to your business marketing requirements.

Contact us to get further information about our products and services and get instant quotations for your orders.