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Commercial Smith Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking for a commercial quality smith machine for your gym? You are in the right place. 

Alongside the free weight and other resistance training devices, the smith machine is ideal for effective barbell training. Your gym will never be complete without a smith machine. 

For a gym owner, the use of a smith machine equipped with many safety specifications is crucial. 

Because you might be in doubt what features and models to choose from, we have prepared the following FAQ guide for you. Be sure to check it out before you finish your order. 

Let’s start.

Table of Contents

1. What is a commercial smith machine?

A smith machine is a sturdy weight device used by athletes to build and strengthen their muscle formations. This gym equipment is used for a wide weight training exercises, such as:

  • Squats
  • Bench press
  • Rows
  • Seated overhead press
  • Drag curl

The smith machine consists of a barbell fixed between two parallel rails which only allow up and down movements. 

Commercial Smith Machine 13

Figure 1 Commercial smith machine 

2. What is the structure of a commercial smith machine?

Smith machines have a simple structure consisting of 6 main parts. This training machine looks like a barbell attached to a support frame. 

The main components of the smith machine are: 

  • Mainframe
  • Sliding rail
  • Safety bars
  • Safety hooks
  • Stop pads
  • Barbell
Commercial Smith Machine 14

Figure 2 Main components of a smith machine

3. What are the types of smith machines?

Smith machines are delivered in two main versions: commercial smith machine and all-in-one smith machine.

Commercial smith machines are the high-end machines available in most gyms and fitness centers. This type normally comes already with a counterweight feature to help the lifting motion.  

The all-in-one smith machine is a mini-gym in itself. It was conceived for a full-body workout, with a wide variety of training available.  

Commercial Smith Machine 15
Commercial Smith Machine 16

4. What are the functions of a smith machine?

A smith machine can bring many pluses to your gym clients through many functions:

  • Improves stability and balance of the user 
  • Prevents injuries of shoulder, knees, back, and hips
  • Multi training options for targeting every muscle group  

5. What is the material of the commercial smith machine?

Commercial smith machines are made of strong metal to ensure stability, safety, and durability. 

High-end smith machines are made of stainless steel, with superior strength. 

Yanre Fitness has been a premium supplier of smith machines and other commercial grade gym equipment since 1997. We manufacture smith machines from stainless steel, with ergonomic design and enough strength to ensure a smooth workout.

All pipe material is Q 235 qualified pipe, which is a carbon steel pipe, superior material, and highly resistant. 

Commercial Smith Machine 17

Figure 5 Stainless steel smith machine 

6. What are the size and weight of the smith machine?

An average commercial smith machine has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 130 cm 
  • Width: 180 cm 
  • Height: 270 cm  

The average weight of a smith machine is about 120 kg (270 lb) or more. Thus, it is not easy to move across the gym. 

Commercial Smith Machine 18

Figure 6 The dimensions and weight of smith machines 

7. What is the material and diameter of the smith machine mainframe?

A commercial-grade smith machine main frame is made of strong circular metal pipe. The pipe normally has high strength and good fatigue resistance. 

The mainframe is built from several parts that are ulteriorly welded together. The average pipe diameter is about 90 mm. But, depending on the location of the frame, the diameter may vary.  

Yanre Fitness manufactures smith machines using only Q 235 circular pipe for the mainframe. We supply smith machines with the following diameters of the mainframe:

  • Mainframe circular pipe: φ89mm*3mm
  • Functional area circular pipe: φ76mm*3mm
  • Bottom circular pipe: φ180mm*4mm
  • Movement arms circular pipe: φ50mm*3m
Commercial Smith Machine 19

Figure 7 Smith machine circular pipe diameter 

8. What is the distance between the intermittent locking pins of the smith machine?

The locking pins are spaced along the rack at 20 cm (8 inches). These points allow the safety hooks to rotate over them and ensure the barbell doesn’t fall during exercise. 

Commercial Smith Machine 20

Figure 8 smith machine pin lock 

9. Are both sides of the smith machine equipped with slide rods?

Yes. To securely move and fix the barbell between the rails, both sides of the smith machine frame are equipped with slide rods. 

High-end smith machines deliver the slide rods in superior materials, such as stainless steel. 

10. What is the distance between the bar hooks?

The bar hooks, or weight plate holders, are located on the mainframe for weight plate storage. The minimal distance to ensure safety in between the hooks should be about 40 cm (16 inches). 

Some machines have only two hooks situated on the back part of the mainframe. However, a commercial quality smith machine has at least four, with a distance of a minimum 40 cm in between. 

Commercial Smith Machine 21

Figure 9 Weight plate storage 

11. What is the loading capacity of the smith machine barbell hangers?

The hangers situated on both sides of a commercial barbell machine have a loading capacity of up to 299 kg (699 lb). 

12. Are collar clamps important to smith machines?

Yes. The spring collar clamps are a safety measure helpful to prevent the weight plates from falling from the bar.  

If the bar is heavily loaded, it is recommended to secure the weight plates on the bar during the exercise. The collar clamps are ideal to avoid unpleasant accidents or injuries. 

Commercial Smith Machine 22

Figure 10 Spring collars 

13. What is the purpose of the safety pads?

The pads are set on one of the two safety bars and are permanently locked while the workout is undertaken. 

This is a supplementary safety precaution, in case the weight is dropped. Some athletes use the pads at the beginning of their exercise, to rest the weight just before they start training.

14. What is the difference between the smith machine and the power rack?

There are two main differences between the two equipment: restriction movement and safety.

The smith machine and power rack look alike and are both used to perform squats, shoulder presses, or bench presses. This is why it could be confusing to choose from them. Let’s see the differences: 

Restriction Movement

The smith machine can be used as a self-spotting device due to its ability to move the weight on a fixed track. 

The power rack has no mechanical parts moving, no fixed rail, thus, no restrictions on the barbell. This means the athletes can exercise freely. 


The smith machine is considered one of the safest options for barbell training, due to its built-in numerous safety features.

The power rack has safety as a bonus, the athletes must use a spotter arm to prevent accidents. 

Commercial Smith Machine 23

Figure 11 Smith machine vs power rack 

15. What are the safety features of a commercial smith machine?

The safety features of commercial smith machines are:

  • large footprint of the smith machine to avoid tilting and shifting
  • Light-gauge steel construction (also known as cold-formed steel) to make the smith machine smoother and stronger 
  • Spotter arm or locking pins that will not allow the bar to descend beyond a certain point
  • Safety hooks
  • Spring collar clamps  
  • Enough weight plates holders 
  • Safety pads 

16. Is the smith machine angled?

No. The smith machine has an adjustable incline, which is useful to match the bar path when athletes perform bench presses. 

17. Is the smith machine barbell counterbalanced?

Yes. Most commercial-grade manufacturers provide smith machines with built-in counterbalanced features. The barbell is counterbalanced to provide extra stability. 

This is also known as starting resistance. The rod system is counterbalanced, providing an initial weight starting with 6.5 kg (15 lb). Free-standing barbells also vary in weight, depending on size and type. Typical barbell weights start from 13 kg (30 lb). 

However, not all types of smith machines are specifically equipped with this feature,  so make sure you ask your supplier first. 

Commercial Smith Machine 24

Figure 12 Diagram of smith machine with counterweights

18. How much does the smith machine bar weigh?

The standard bar itself weighs about 20 kg. There are many opinions about the actual weight of the smith machine bar because once installed the bar on the machine, the weight changes. 

Smith machines can reduce the bar’s weight by 5 kg to 10 kg (10 lb to 20 lb). The construction of this device makes lifting easier due to its weight stabilization system. Whatever weight is loaded on the smith machine, is less than the standard bar. 

This makes the smith machine difficult to train at specific weights. In some cases, the smith machine is equipped with a counterweight that automatically reduces the weight of the bar. 

Most manufacturers agree that the weight of the bar can range from 6811 grams to 9530 grams (15 lb to 21 lb). Could be anything between 5 to 20 % of the weight.  

19. Is the barbell of a smith machine equipped with knurling?

No. The vast majority of the smith machines have simple bars, without knurling. 

The slide rail is secure enough to prevent unwanted accidents if the user loses the grip and drops the barbell. 

However, some smith machines use Olympic barbells, which are equipped with high-quality knurling. 

If this feature is the best option for the smith machines at your gym, just let us know. Yanre Fitness can deliver premium quality custom-made barbell and smith machines worldwide. 

Commercial Smith Machine 25

Figure 13 Smith machine bar with knurling 

20. Is the cable tension adjustable?

Yes. For the smith machine equipped with pulleys, the cable tension is adjustable. 

This is located within the cable routing of the machine. 

With the help of the adjustable cable tension, the athlete can increase or decrease the intensity of the cable tension. 

21. Is it necessary to replace the tension cable of the smith machine?

Yes. Periodic maintenance must be performed to the smith machine. You should consider replacing the cables if: 

  • There is noticeable wear to the cables 
  • If the coating is coming off 

Due to the highly resistant manufacturing material of the cable, this should not happen too often. However, each gym has a certain client frequency, and after each use, the cables must be inspected. 

22. Who can use a smith machine?

This training device has a simple structure and is suitable for all categories of athletes. 

Nevertheless, due to its numerous safety features, it is very good for trainees new in the weight area training. 

Beginner athletes will also experiment with quality barbell lifting securely and more easily. They will get used to the technique, the grip, and the lifting motion. 

23. Is it safe to use a smith machine?

Yes. Manufacturers mention that smith machines are better for weight training because of their stable weight and safety measurement. 

However, just like any other gym equipment if improperly used, can lead to muscle imbalances, weaknesses, or even injuries. 

Commercial Smith Machine 26

Figure 14 Smith machine muscle injury 

24. What to consider when buying wholesale smith machines?

Buying bulk smith machines can be challenging, this is why you must consider:

  • The quality construction of the smith machine 
  • The versatility of the performed exercises
  • Linear bearing for smooth motion of the bar
  • Commercial quality barbell rack
  • Durable pulley
  • Steel cable pull rope

Yanre Fitness delivers smith machines constructed from quality steel to ensure firmness and stability. With a high load-bearing barbell rack and tensile-resistant steel cable, Yanre Fitness offers excellent quality at wholesale prices. 

25. Which model of smith machine to choose for my gym?

When selecting the type for your gym, you must keep in mind: 

  • The size of your gym space 

A good-sized gym will properly accommodate the smith machine. This device is not small and requires space and high ceilings. 

If your gym space is not so big, you can consider a simpler and compact model of smith machines, with fewer physical features and smaller dimensions. 

  • Targeted training 

If you plan to buy the smith machine for general use or beginner athletes, any commercial smith machine will be great. 

If your sport centers are frequented by competition athletes, Olympic competitors, or specialty training athletes, you should consider a multi-trainer smith machine. 

The training options with an all-in-one smith machine are unlimited and it is suitable for a full-body workout. 

  • Budget 

Money is also a big issue when it comes to purchasing quality smith machines. Low quality is less expensive but can deteriorate fast or even cause injuries. 

Yanre Fitness supplies high-end smith machines and other fitness equipment and accessories at affordable prices for every gym owner. 

26. Are there any options available for a smith machine?

Yes. There are several options to complete the device, such as:

  • Incline/decline bench 
  • Leg developer attachment, for strengthening the knee and thigh muscles 
  • Pull up bar attachment, for pull-up and chin-up exercises
Commercial Smith Machine 27
Commercial Smith Machine 28
Commercial Smith Machine 29

27. Final Words

I hope the guide above has answered most of the important questions about commercial smith machines. 

Now that you have decided which type of smith machine you want to buy, contact Yanre Fitness sales team to offer you a quick quote! 

Make the bar lifting training easy and pleasant for every trainee at the gym! Let Yanre Fitness design your new weight training area.