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Butterfly Bench Press Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

A butterfly bench press machine is simple & versatile. It is a safe alternative to a dumbbell or barbell press.

Free weights are injury-prone & have a steep learning curve as well.

A butterfly machine is a useful piece of equipment for commercial gyms. It accommodates beginners as well as people with injuries.

This FAQ guide has all the relevant information about butterfly bench press machines. Delivered in a simple, detailed & easy to understand format.

Let’s learn about butterfly bench press machines,

Table of Contents

1. What is a butterfly bench press machine?

It is an alternative to the standard bench press. Which is performed with dumbbells or barbells. A butterfly bench press machine is safer & easier to learn than free weights.

This machine is also called a pectoral fly, pec-deck fly, chest press machine, or a seated lever machine.

A butterfly bench press machine isolates the muscles of the chest wall.

Equipment: A butterfly bench press machine

Type: Strength equipment

Primary muscle: Pectorals (Major & minor)

Secondary muscle: Deltoids, abdominals, triceps

Joint: Shoulder

Function: Isolation

Level: Beginner & advance

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Figure 1 – A plate loaded butterfly bench press machine

2. What are the parts of a butterfly bench press machine?

A butterfly bench press machine has the following parts:

  • Seat
  • Backrest or chest pad
  • Weight stack
  • Weight plate sleeves
  • Weight plate storage pins
  • Pulleys & wires
  • Movement arms
  • Safety stop
  • Handles
  • Pop-pins or pull-pins, etc.
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Figure 2 – Parts of a butterfly bench press machine

3. What are the types of butterfly bench press machines?

There are many types or versions of a butterfly bench press machine. Such as:

  • Based on the position
    • Seated butterfly bench press machine
    • Standing butterfly bench press machine
    • Flat butterfly bench press machine
  • Based on the weight load
    • Plate loaded butterfly bench press machine
    • Pin loaded butterfly bench press machine
  • Based on the type of movement arms
    • A pec-fly bench press machine
    • A pec-deck bench press machine
  • Based on the function
    • Standalone machines
    • Combination machines
      • Pec-fly / rear-delt machine
      • Pec-station
      • Multi-gym bench press machine

4. What are the functions of a butterfly bench press machine?

A butterfly bench press machine is a versatile machine with many functions. Some of which are:

  • Complete Upper Body Workout
  • Iso-lateral Training
  • Adjustable Resistance Levels
  • Safe & User-friendly

Complete Upper Body Workout

There are many versions of a butterfly bench press machine available. It isolates almost all the muscles of the upper body.

Including the pectorals, the deltoids, the triceps, etc.

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Figure 3 – A pin loaded butterfly bench press machine

Iso-lateral Training

The movement arms can be moved independently. This allows for equal muscle isolation on both sides.

Adjustable Resistance Levels

The resistance levels on a butterfly bench press machine are adjustable for light to heavy, weight loads.

Resistance levels can be adjusted for pin loaded as well as plate loaded machines.

Safe & User Friendly

A butterfly bench press machine is simple & easy to use. There is little to no learning curve. It is also much safer for the users compared to free weights.

5. What are the different versions of a butterfly bench press machine based on the user’s position?

There are three position options available in butterfly bench press machines. Seated, standing, & lying flat on your back.

Although, all three positions isolate the pectorals. Secondary muscle groups vary from machine to machine.

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Figure 4 – A seated butterfly bench press machine

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Figure 5 – A standing butterfly bench press machine

6. What is the type of weight load for butterfly bench press machines?

Butterfly bench press machines are mostly selectorized. But plate loaded versions are also available.

Selectorized machines have attached weight stacks. These are complex machines so they cost more than the plate loaded version.

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Figure 6 – A selectorized butterfly machine

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Figure 7 – A plate loaded butterfly bench press machine

Whereas, plate loaded machines are usable with standard 2-inch Olympic plates. 

As these weight plates have to be purchased separately. The machine itself tends to be more cost-effective comparatively.

7. Are there different types of movement arms for butterfly bench press machines?

Yes, there are.

Based on the version & manufacturer. Different machines can have different types of movement arms.

The movement arms can be straight or bent with elbow pads. Combination machines have adjustable movement arms to alter between two different exercises.

Like, a pectoral fly & rear deltoid exercise.

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Figure 8 – A pec-deck machine

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Figure 9 – A pec-fly machine

8. Are the pec-fly and pec-deck butterfly bench press machines the same?

No, they aren’t.

In a pec-fly bench press machine, the user’s arms are parallel to the floor. And it targets the outer pectorals.

Whereas, in a pec-deck bench press machine, the elbows form a 90-degree angle with the gym floor. It mainly targets the inner pectorals.

9. What are combination butterfly bench press machines?

Combination machines are two-in-one machines that target the same muscle group. In this case the upper body muscles.

Like, a pec-fly & rear-delt machine. It allows the user to isolate the pectorals and the deltoids. 

By making minor adjustments to the equipment users can alternate between the two.

10. What are the attachments used with butterfly bench press machines?

Attachments are gym equipment bought separately to upgrade a fitness machine. The attachments for a butterfly bench press machine are:

  • Standard Olympic weight plates
  • Weight storage trees
  • Incremental add-on weight, etc.
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Figure 11 – A weight plate rack

11. What is the benefit of an iso-lateral butterfly bench press machine?

An iso-lateral bench press machine copies the natural movements of the human body. The movement arms on both sides work independently. Which means that they can be moved:

  • In the same direction
  • In the opposite direction of each other
  • With the same weight on both arms
  • With different weights on both arms

The iso-lateral movement ensures equal muscle development on both sides of the body.

12. What are the specifications of a butterfly bench press machine?

The approximate specifications of a butterfly bench press machine are:

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*The above measurements may vary depending on the type of machine & manufacturer.

13. What are the accessories of a butterfly bench press machine?

Accessories are included with exercise machines to make them more convenient to use. Some of the accessories for butterfly bench press machines are:

  • Bottle holders & phone holders
  • Instructional placards
  • Towel & key hangers

Holders & hangers give a sense of security to the users. Because they have a place to put their belongings.

Instructional placards are easy-to-read manuals. These provide information to first-time users. (i-e) About the butterfly bench press machine & its uses.

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Figure 12 – Instructional placard

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Figure 13 – Bottle & cellphone holder

14. What are the important features of a butterfly bench press machine?

The important features of butterfly bench press machines are:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple & safe setup
  • Improves posture
  • Accessories
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable chest-pad (for combo machines)
  • Consistent resistance levels
  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable upholstery

15. Is a butterfly bench press machine safe to use?

Yes, it is.

A butterfly machine is much safer than free weights. Because it provides balance & support to the user.

Multiple factors make a butterfly bench press machine safe to use. For beginners as well as advanced users. For example:

  • Seated position
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Safety stops
  • Rubber padded base
  • Counterbalance weight
  • Weight storage pins, etc.

16. What is the difference between a barbell press and a butterfly machine bench press?

The difference between a barbell press and a machine bench press is as follows:

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Figure 14 – An Olympic bench press

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Figure 15 – A butterfly bench press machine

17. How is the resistance level adjusted in a butterfly bench press machine?

There are multiple ways to adjust the resistance in fitness machines. You can adjust the resistance level in a butterfly bench press machine as well. 

This is done by adjusting the weight load.

The resistance level for the pin loaded version is easy to adjust. You just have to insert a pin to choose the desired weight load.

Plate loaded machines have hard chrome, weight plate sleeves. That accommodates low to high weight loads.

18. What are the benefits of buying wholesale butterfly machines from China?

Most of the fitness equipment these days is made & delivered from overseas, (e.g., China). There is a good reason for that.

The benefits of ordering wholesale butterfly bench press machines from Chinese manufacturers are:

  • Low production costs
  • Cheap labor
  • Good quality machines
  • Original designs
  • High production capacity
  • Extensive experience
  • Onsite visit
  • Samples
  • Well placed logistics
  • Easy access to ports, etc.

19. How to choose a manufacturer from China for your butterfly bench press machines?

There are many gym equipment manufacturers in China. Not everyone is above board. To avoid being scammed, do your research properly.

Choose a gym equipment manufacturer with the following qualities:

  • Detailed official website
  • Good communication skills
  • Presence on B2B sites
  • Proper paperwork
  • High-quality construction
  • Original designs
  • Extensive portfolio
  • Factory visit
  • Product samples
  • Experience

20. Conclusion

Are you looking to order butterfly bench press machines wholesale? But you have no idea how to go about it.

This FAQ guide will help you streamline your research. So that you can choose a butterfly machine best suited to your needs.

Don’t lose hope. Browse through the full range of butterfly bench press machines on Yanre Fitness. You will find the one for you in no time.

So, what are you waiting for?

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