Iso-lateral Incline Chest Press


Iso-lateral Incline Chest Press


This Iso-lateral Incline Chest Press is designed to handle any gym/fitness center setting.  The frame is constructed with premium quality pipes with a durable, scratch-resistant powder coat paint finish. The padding also offers excellent resistance to moisture and wear in tough environments.


Iso-lateral Incline Chest Press 7

Incline Chest Press, Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Chest Press

Need to get serious about training upper pecs? Yanre Fitness has the perfect incline chest press for sale at a wholesale price. With over two decades as a leading self-design fitness equipment manufacturer in China, Yanre has developed a reputation as a trusted supplier offering premium-quality gym machines and accessories.

Incline Chest Press Basics

What is an incline chest press machine? It is a seated gym machine used mainly for training your upper pectorals. It offers independent converging and diverging movements of the arms while holding on to the grips. Plate loaded iso-lateral incline chest press machines use weight plates as their primary source of resistance rather than having cables or weight stacks.

Plate Loaded Chest Press Functions

  • Upper Body Training

While the iso-lateral incline press mainly targets your upper chest, it also works your triceps, shoulders, and abs to some extent.

  • Balanced Strength Development

Distinct weight horns on the hammer chest press enable independent movement in both (diverging and converging) directions for even development of strength.

  • Low Maintenance Equipment

Instead of using cables and weight stacks, the plate loaded chest press machine employs weight sleeves, fulcrums, bearings, and pivots that aren’t costly to maintain.

  • Suitable for All

The counterbalanced movement, coupled with the customizable weight, makes it perfect for everyone, from beginners and elderly individuals who need a low starting resistance to more advanced users.

Hammer Strength Chest Press Features

Buy the best hammer strength chest press machine for your commercial gym from Yanre Fitness. Our durable units are built to last, made from only the best quality components, to offer secure training. Blueprinted from your natural movement, the iso-lateral incline press has separate weight horns to enable muscle stimulation variety. It offers balanced strength development on both sides, targeting the upper pectorals for serious mass and strength gains.

The chrome plating on the weight sleeves further avoids rusting of the equipment, a common occurrence in cheap quality machines. The ergonomic design offers comfort along with optimal biomechanics to maximize efficiency.

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