A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear

Yoga has gained popularity in recent years as an effective way to maintain fitness & functionality.

This popularity, in turn, has increased the demand for comfortable & practical wholesale yoga wear & accessories.

If you are someone interested in acquiring high-quality yoga wear, then look no further. This article is for you.

It will tell you all that you need to know about yoga apparel, its properties, & how to find the best wholesale yoga clothing for your business.

Let’s begin,

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Types of Wholesale Yoga Wear

Wholesale yoga wear is of two types:

  • Wholesale yoga wear for women
  • Wholesale yoga wear for men
A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 1

Figure 1 – Wholesale yoga wear

Both of these types generally include three parts:

  • Yoga tops
    • T-shirts
    • Tank tops
    • Vest tops
    • Sports bras
    • Yoga sweaters & jackets
  • Yoga bottoms
    • Long pants
    • Leggings
    • Shorts
  • Yoga accessories
    • Headbands
    • Wristbands
    • Gloves
    • Socks

Materials of Wholesale Yoga Wear

Wholesale yoga wear makes use of three types of materials:

  • Natural or organic materials
  • Synthetic materials
  • Blends

Natural or Organic Materials

These include materials like cotton, bamboo, wool. All these materials are obtained from natural sources. 

Organic yoga clothing wholesale is much better for the environment in the long run.


Organic cotton has a soft feel to it. It is comfortable to wear during a yoga session. Cotton is a breathable fabric, but it is highly absorbent.

Sweat tends to make it wet & heavy. It, in turn, makes it difficult for the body to cool down fast & makes the fabric cling to the body.

Organic cotton yoga wear is good for the farmers & for the environment. Pure cotton is not stretchable, though.

It may lose its shape with time unless some synthetic material, like spandex, is added to it.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 2

Figure 2 – Organic cotton yoga pants


Bamboo is a good choice for wholesale yoga wear. It is a soft, comfortable, & breathable fabric.

Bamboo is processed & made into rayon or viscose.

Unlike cotton, bamboo actively repels moisture. It keeps the fabric dry & makes it easier for the body to cool down after a yoga session.

The fact that it doesn’t get wet prevents the fabric from smelling bad. Bamboo is good for the environment & lasts a long time.

It is usually mixed with other materials like spandex, cotton, wool to make it more versatile.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 3

Figure 3 – A bamboo yoga outfit


Wool is another organic material for yoga wear. Lightweight wool is a breathable material. It can absorb sweat & move it outside to keep the body dry & comfortable.

It is better for the environment, as it is biodegradable.

Lightweight wool yoga wear is stretchable, as well. It allows the users to have a full range of motion with ease.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 4

Figure 4 – A merino wool yoga outfit

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials are not naturally occurring. They include polyester, nylon, and spandex. 

Some synthetic materials may not be as good for the environment as organic materials.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 5

Figure 5 – Synthetic yoga wear


Polyester is a popular choice for synthetic yoga wear. It is cost-effective, long-lasting, & keeps the moisture away.

It can be recycled, as well.

Polyester yoga wear needs to be washed regularly, as it is prone to the build-up of bacteria. It will cause the clothes to smell bad after use.


As synthetic fabrics go, nylon is preferable to polyester. It has many benefits that polyester lacks.

Nylon is a softer material comparatively. It is much less likely to cause friction burns. 

Nylon is used in combination with other materials (Spandex) for wholesale yoga wear. It is also stretchable & long-lasting.


The main benefit of spandex is that it is very elastic. Spandex has a rubbery feel to it; hence, it is not usable for yoga wear on its own.

It is combined with other materials to utilize its ability to stretch effectively.

Spandex remains dry during use. It also doesn’t smell bad after use. If taken care of properly, yoga wear made of this material lasts a long time & keeps its shape with ease.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 6

Figure 6 – Polyester, Nylon, & Spandex, synthetic fabrics


Blended fabrics utilize the benefits of both organic & synthetic materials. Most of the yoga outfits available today are made of a mix of fabrics.

Take a cotton-synthetic blend as an example. On its own, cotton is not stretchable at all & prone to losing its shape over time.

Mixed with a material like spandex, it becomes more elastic, maintains its form, & lasts longer.

Blended fabrics are hard to recycle because they have more than one type of material in the same piece of clothing.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 7

Figure 7 – Blended fabric yoga wear (Nylon & Spandex)

Difference between Wholesale Yoga Wear and Gym Clothes

Wholesale yoga wear & regular gym clothing are not the same & shouldn’t be substituted.

Yes, Yoga is a form of exercise as well but it is not similar to other gym fitness routines. The clothes that you wear for gym sessions are not the same as wholesale yoga wear.

Regular gym clothes provide support. Even if they are loose-fit & breathable, the material is stiff.

Yoga requires a lot of movement. Yoga wear is breathable, stretchable, & made of softer fabrics.

It allows the body to remain dry & cool during the session. The flexibility prevents the material from ripping due to the extensive range of motion.

Wholesale yoga wear is tighter around the waist & hips. It prevents the clothes from riding up during different poses.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 8

Figure 8 – Gym wear

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 9

Figure 9 – Yoga wear

Female Wholesale Yoga Wear

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 10

Figure 10 – Yoga wear for women

Wholesale yoga wear for females includes:

Yoga Tops

Yoga tops include T-shirts, tank-tops, vest-tops, sports bras. The function of all of these tops is the same.

That is, to provide a comfortable & effective yoga experience.

The choice of one type over another is based on the user’s preference. Wholesale yoga tops are longer than other tops & fitted around the waist & hips.

It allows the clothing to remain in place while doing different yoga poses. It is essential for concentration as well.

Clothes that won’t stay in place & ride up or sideways are distracting.

The tops are also made of flexible & breathable materials to accommodate all the yoga poses. 

Sports bras are worn either by themselves or under a t-shirt. The purpose is to provide support during more active yoga sessions.

Yoga Jackets & Sweaters

Yoga tops may be sleeveless or have a low back. It is fine during the yoga session, but once it is over & the body starts to cool down.

It can get chilly & uncomfortable because of the air conditioning. 

It is where a cover like a jacket or a sweater comes in handy. Yoga jackets & sweaters use thinner fabrics & provide an extra layer to keep warm.

Yoga Bottoms

The bottom part of a yoga outfit includes yoga pants, shorts, & leggings.

With all the stretching of different joints & body parts, it is easy for the fabric to rip. Thus, for all types of yoga bottoms, flexibility is the key.

Yoga pants have a slightly looser fit compared to leggings. They also have different lengths. From full length to mid-calf, there is a selection to choose from.

Yoga leggings have a tighter fit. With leggings, the main concern is the coverage because yoga requires bending down & stretching.

Yoga leggings use full coverage, stretchable materials for ease of use.

Yoga shorts are as form-fitting as leggings. The length is much shorter, though. 

It ends at mid-thigh.

Male Wholesale Yoga Wear

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 11

Figure 11 – Wholesale yoga wear for men

Wholesale yoga wear for men includes the following pieces:

Yoga Tops

Yoga is a popular form of exercise for both men & women. Yoga tops for men are either a T-shirt or a yoga tank-top.

The requirement for men’s yoga tops is the same as for women. These need to be breathable, sweat-repelling, fitted, & long-lasting.

Yoga Jackets

A cover for the yoga top post-session is a necessity. It is either a light jacket or a zipped sweat jacket for men.

Yoga Bottoms

Yoga bottoms for men include pants, shorts, & leggings.

The yoga pants are either full-length or cropped. Both types are fitted at the hips & have tapered ends to prevent them from riding up.

Wholesale yoga shorts for men are either fitted or two-in-one. The two-in-one shorts have a fitted layer inside & a looser layer outside.

It serves the same purpose. It prevents the shorts from bunching or riding up & being a distraction during the workout session.

Yoga leggings are fitted. They are either worn by themselves or under wide-leg yoga pants.

Wholesale Yoga Pants vs Leggings

Both of these options are popular choices for commercial gyms. They are not the same item, though.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 12

Figure 12 – Yoga pants versus yoga leggings

Yoga pants & leggings have different benefits and uses. Some of which are:

Yoga Pants:

Yoga pants are available in two lengths:

  • Full
  • Cropped

They have two types of fits, as well.

  • Narrow or fitted pants
  • Wide-leg pants

Yoga pants use thicker materials. Apart from that, most yoga pants have reinforced many areas with a double layer of fabric.

It ensures better coverage during use.

Yoga pants are usable outside of a yoga session with ease. They are available in various colors & styles. 

Wholesale yoga pants are comfortable & hold their shape better. These also cost more than a pair of leggings.

Yoga Leggings

Leggings have four options for length & style:

  • Ankle length
  • Calf length or Capris
  • Stirrup style (Extend under the heel)
  • Footed (look similar to tights)

 The fabric for yoga leggings is much thinner than the fabric used for yoga pants.

Leggings are form-fitting. Their use is limited to yoga & it is not practical to use them for other gym activities.

The coverage is also much less than yoga pants.

Yoga leggings are worn under wide-leg yoga pants for extra coverage & layering purposes, as well. 

Wholesale Yoga Accessories

Yoga wear also includes various yoga accessories. All of these help in making yoga sessions comfortable & worthwhile.

Wholesale yoga accessories include:


Headbands are a handy accessory to have during a hot yoga session. They not only keep the hair out of the way but absorb sweat & keep it from getting into the eyes.

Yoga headbands are thick & elastic. They come in a variety of colors & designs. These headbands are versatile & can be used for all kinds of fitness activities.

Your wholesale yoga headband order is customizable. You can have it printed with your logo & color scheme.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 13

Figure 13 – Yoga headband


Wristbands keep the hands dry during a yoga session. They are soft & absorbent. Similar to headbands, wristbands are also very versatile.

They can be used for all types of gym activities as well as yoga.

By keeping the hands dry, wristbands prevent slipping & sliding during different poses. Wholesale wristbands are elastic & fit most users with ease.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 14

Figure 14 – Yoga wristbands

Yoga Gloves

Yoga gloves are usually fingerless gloves. The palm area is padded & textured. The padding provides comfort, whereas the texture is for a firm grip.

Yoga gloves keep hands warm, prevent calluses & blisters. They also repel moisture to keep the hands dry.

Dry hands are necessary to avoid slipping & sliding during the yoga session.

Some yoga gloves come with wrist straps. These straps prevent undue stress on the wrist joint & provide support, as well.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 15

Figure 15 – Yoga gloves

Yoga Socks

Yoga socks have textured soles & the main reason for their use is to get more grip.

Yoga is an intense workout. There is a lot of sweating involved. 

Sweat makes the yoga mat slippery. There are many ways to avoid that. The least distracting of which is yoga socks.

Yoga socks keep the feet warm & clean. These prevent any slipping or sliding on the yoga mat.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 16

Figure 16 – Yoga socks

Benefits of Wholesale Yoga Wear

As I have mentioned above, yoga wear is different from other gym clothing. The design of yoga wear is specific for performing all types of yoga sessions.

The benefits of wholesale yoga wear include:

  • Coverage
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Size options
  • Fit


The choice of designs & materials for yoga wear aims to provide full coverage. Yoga requires a lot of bending, twisting, & stretching.

It is why yoga outfits usually use blended fabrics. The use of more than one type of fabric makes yoga wear versatile.

Many parts have double layers of fabric to provide extra protection. The fabric stretches during use but not enough to appear sheer.

Full-coverage fabrics last longer & maintain their shape better. These are cost-effective, as well.


One can argue that yoga is also a type of exercise & regular gym clothes are a substitute for yoga wear.

Though it sounds plausible, it is not adequate for a relaxing & beneficial yoga session.

Normal gym wear is designed to provide support. The material is stiff & less elastic than the material used for yoga wear.

It will hinder the range of movement & may cause friction burns & injuries.


Wholesale yoga wear mixes materials like spandex, nylon, etc., with organic materials. It ensures maximum flexibility during use.

It is one quality no yoga wear wholesale manufacturer compromises on.

Flexibility is a synonym for yoga wear. Clothes with low levels of elasticity are not beneficial in the long run.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 17

Figure 17 – Flexibility of yoga wear

Size Options

Versatile sizing is another benefit of wholesale yoga wear. Commercial yoga wear accommodates both regular & plus-size users.

It means that all the benefits of wholesale yoga wear are available to all, irrespective of user size.

A Definitive Guide to Wholesale Yoga Wear 18

Figure 18 – Size options for wholesale yoga wear


Yoga is such an active fitness routine that the fit of the yoga clothes matters a lot. Yoga wear is usually fitted at the waist, hips, & ankles.

It prevents the clothes from moving, bunching, & riding up. It helps during fast & vigorous yoga sessions at the gym.

You can place your order with a yoga clothing wholesale supplier or manufacturer. Either way keep the above-mentioned points in mind before committing to anything.

Customization of Wholesale Yoga Wear

Wholesale yoga wear is an effective way to advertise your brand. It will not only give extra exposure to your brand name but increase its visibility, as well.

Wholesale yoga clothing is customizable in many ways. You can have it match the colors of your business.

There is also the option to have your logo printed on the clothing. It can either be printed, embroidered, or embossed.

You can have your business motto printed on the yoga wear, as well.

Custom yoga wear is beneficial for commercial gyms as it keeps your brand in front of your customers all the time.


Wholesale yoga wear is widely available in the market. The trick is to get your hands on high-quality yoga wear at an affordable price.

That is easier said than done, though. The simplest way is to choose a trusted wholesale manufacturer.

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