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Wholesale Gym Equipment & Accessories

  • Looking for a fitness wholesaler that supplies wholesale gym equipment and accessories?

We, at Yanre Fitness, are one of the best fitness wholesalers in China, offering a range of commercial gym equipment & accessories. We mostly partner with various businesses like gyms, hotels, and even hospitals, so that people can benefit from Yanre exercise tools to the max.

  • It’s no secret that wholesale fitness gear comes cheaper than the ones available at your local stores.

With Yanre gym equipment, wholesale buying will save you a lot of money. This is especially true for gym owners needing to equip their studio with solid, state-of-the-art machines.

  • We have strict quality control policies to avoid the common practice of giving out cheap rip-offs that won’t last their worth.

Our premium quality products, from wholesale dumbbells to huge multi-station machines, are hence comparable with top brands such as Life Fitness. If you’re in need of exercise essentials for use by multiple individuals such as in a gym or community center, it’s best to look for reliable wholesale fitness equipment suppliers. Wholesale gym equipment, such as the self-design exercise machines by Yanre, is affordable yet sturdy enough to withstand years of use by multiple people.

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Don’t fall into the above categories but would still like to qualify for wholesale Gym Equipment buying?

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Why Choose Yanre Fitness?

Premium Quality

Our commercial-grade equipment is made with modern designs and techniques for effective fitness gains. It’s also built to last, even with hundreds of uses each day.

Exclusive Price

Stocking and restocking has never been simpler. With an exclusive rates, our equipment will keep your visitors coming back for more at a nominal price on your part.

Marketing Support

Stay up-to-date with our latest products, and get pre-made marketing materials, including the product images, videos, and even catalogues…

Shipment Guarantee

Our warehouse and staff are fully equipped with efficient logistics operations & damage-proof packaging skills to prevent any damage or delays during shipment.

Many distributors of wholesale fitness accessories falsely market their products to be what they aren’t. Testimonials and references can be helpful in your decision on whether to trust a gym equipment wholesaler.

Need a sample product before placing a formal order? We’ll be more than glad to deliver. ​

What Our Clients Say

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Blake Fisher

Gym Owner from Malaysia

The machines are arrived. We are really satisfied with them, they're look cool and such a good quality. We're 100% sure will order again. I'll send the new list soon.

Wholesale Gym Equipment 17

Jay Dang

Gym Owner from Australia

Our members love using this. Super strong with top engineering. Great quality at an affordable price. Smooth to operate, can handle big weights and hits the target muscle. We are very satisfied for these gym machines! We plan on opening another gym once the virus is over.

Wholesale Gym Equipment 18


Gym Owner from USA

Commercial quality. Well made. I feel it is just as good as the other top brand benches we have at our club eg Technogym, Matrix etc, but is so much more affordable. All of my order arrived on time and the sales manager was awesome to communicate with. Highly recommend!!!

Wholesale Gym Equipment 19


Distributor from Poland

The Quality is very nice, I really like them. All my clients are happy with my new equipment. I will work hard to promote them in Poland.