Wholesale Cork Yoga Blocks – Definitive FAQ Guide

In posing yoga postures, cork yoga blocks function safely and conveniently for you. But is it necessary for you to have such yoga blocks made of cork? 

This FAQ guide makes you feel the necessity of the cork yoga blocks and decides to buy them wholesale. 

Look over the below guides to have your decision over cock made yoga blocks at wholesale price.

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What are cork yoga blocks?

 Cork yoga blocks are weight blocks used during yoga for comfortable grip. 

Wholesale Cork Yoga Blocks 1

Figure 1: Cork yoga Blocks

Cork yoga blocks make the distance between the yogi and the floor closer. Cork yoga blocks help yogis pose with comfort. It extends your arms, supports your back and head in yoga poses.

What are the materials of cork yoga blocks?

Cork is made from the bark of woods. The substance is hydrophobic in type, which is cultivated for the commercial production of cork. 

Yoga blocks made of cork are more sustainable and lasting. These also give more stability and ease of use, as yogis suggest.

Yoga blocks made with this cock are sturdier and eco-friendlier than made of other materials. 

What are the sizes of cork yoga blocks?

You will find two sizes in common for rectangular-shaped cork yoga blocks.

One is 3”/6”/9” and the other is 4”/6”/9”. But, the blocks’ shape and thickness depend on the requirements of the yogis.

Wholesale Cork Yoga Blocks 2

Figure 2: Different sized cork yoga blocks

What are the uses of cork yoga blocks?

You are new to the yoga sessions or training to learn yoga poses and different postures.

You might have discovered yoga blocks in your yoga academy or studio. But still, you are finding ways to use those in better and effective ways.

You are in the right place to find purposes to use the cork yoga blocks in yoga sessions. Here are some objectives for which you need to use the cork block to find it beneficial to you.

Extension to arms

Cork blocks are helpful in yoga poses in many ways. In major, cork blocks are used as extensions of the arm.

An extension to arms in yoga, cork blocks support you to touch the ground or mat closer. Particular yoga poses need yogis’ hands to touch the ground powerfully.

To get flexibility in arms while making certain poses, yogis use cork blocks as an extension. Being closer to the ground, yogis can take different beneficial postures.

Staying near the ground for deep stretches

To have deep stretches, yogis need to get their heads and hands close to the ground. Some postures of yoga relax muscles and make tissues away from straining. Stretching is necessary for good blood circulation inside the human body.

Yoga blocks made with cork are better to have such stretching postures. It is needed to have space between the body and mat, stretching legs and hands in expected directions and positions. Cork-made yoga blocks have such particular stretching flexibility with ease of moves.

Building strength

Holding heavyweight yoga blocks such as those made of cork allows enhancing strength. This will ultimately build strength. The use of cork blocks having a heavyweight between legs and in hands standing helps grow stamina.

The commercial purpose of buying yoga cork blocks should focus on the benefits of blocks. Focus on the benefits will increase the use of cork blocks in yoga.

If you are doing yoga, you have blocks or bricks to support you. These are used as props. Cork yoga blocks support yogis to have more stability and firmness in comforting yoga poses.

How is a cork yoga block different from other yoga blocks?

It’s another fact to consider before buying cork yoga blocks at a wholesale rate. You may find visible differences in why most yogis use cock made blocks than those made of foam and other materials.

Cock yoga blocks are more sustainable, having more strength to the ground than foams. Also, they are long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain.

Wholesale Cork Yoga Blocks 3

Figure 3: Cork blocks vs. other blocks

Moreover, weighted cork yoga blocks are useful to build strength and enhance the stamina of yogis. The wholesaler must think over these benefits that cork blocks have over other types.

Is it mandatory to have cork blocks for yoga?

Not exactly cork-made blocks, but yoga blocks are mandatory for yogis.

Cork yoga blocks are better to use than made of other materials. This is because these are more firm, which gives access to increase the length of arms as an extension to the ground. Also, cork blocks tend to be more effective, which ensures perfect alignment in yoga postures.

In yoga, it’s a matter of balance and enhancing body strength by different positions and stretches. Cork yoga blocks are more helpful here.

How are cork yoga blocks useful for yoga centers?

Yoga poses are of several types based on the benefits each has on the human body. Before buying blocks for commercial use or sale, you must have proper guidelines for customers on how to use the cork yoga blocks.

Connecting this video will help to know different yoga poses using cork yoga blocks.

Wholesale Cork Yoga Blocks 4

Figure 4: Yoga Poses using cork yoga blocks

Here, you will find some different poses using yoga blocks. Cork yoga blocks help to proper yoga postures. The following postures as under: 

  • Triangle pose
  • Standing forward bend
  • Warrior III
  • Standing split
  • Forward bend with wide-legged
  • Extended side angle
  • Pyramid pose
  • Ground facing dog
  • Garland pose
  • Puppy pose
  • Seated forward bend
  • Pigeon pose
  • Supported bridge pose
  • Supported fish pose

Are cork yoga blocks available at wholesale prices?

Yes, yoga blocks are available at wholesale prices which are made of cork or wood. Depending on the quality and longevity with ease of flexibility of use, cork yoga blocks are more popular among yogis

Before buying yoga blocks for wholesale, the commercial purpose is to find their popularity among yogis. 

More adaptability in use, bringing better postures with strength enhancement, and ensuring a solid foundation are reasons behind wholesale buying of cork yoga blocks. These also are eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment.

Yanre Fitness is a trusted partner to ensure the best yoga blocks for your studio or training center. Please have to contact Yanre Fitness to get the best wholesale rate for yoga blocks.

So, as a wholesale business, you might go after buying cork blocks considering the popularity and flexibility. 

How to clean cork yoga blocks?

Proper maintenance and cleanliness of the cock yoga blocks help to use them for a long time. As a wholesaler, you must put a manufacturing instruction tag onto the packaging.

Wholesale Cork Yoga Blocks 5

Figure 5: Cleaning of the cork yoga block

Please find the steps to clean the cork yoga blocks:

  •  Find a clean cloth
  • Wet the cloth with water
  • Clean the stains and dirt on the cork blocks with the wet cloth.
  • If the stains are stubborn, use a wet cloth with a cleanser.

Follow this useful video tutorial on how to clean and maintain cork yoga blocks; you will find it easy to clean your yoga blocks.

What is the wholesale price of cork yoga blocks?

Normally, the wholesale rate extends from $1 to 5$ for a piece of a cork yoga block. 

Depending on the type of materials used in the yoga blocks, the price is different. Also, companies manufacturing such blocks have a price. They price based on the quantity the wholesalers want to buy and the type of cork blocks, regular or customized.

At Yanre Fitness, you can buy the cork yoga blocks at a reasonable wholesale rate as bulk orders from us.

What is the manufacturing process of cork yoga blocks?

The cork is the bark covering the tree woods. The outer layer is the cork material used sustainably to manufacture cork blocks.

There are some steps which are as follows:

  • Collection of raw materials.
  • Assemble raw materials with cork.
  • Mix well and process. 

You will have clear ideas after watching this video. 

Please find this link to know how cork yoga blocks are made.  

Can I customize bulk cork yoga blocks?

Yes, definitely. You may buy cork yoga blocks for any yoga studio or training school. The yoga blocks may have logos or in different sizes as well.

Wholesale Cork Yoga Blocks 6

Figure 6: Customized Cork yoga Blocks at Yanre

So, wholesale purchase of cork yoga blocks is better when Yanre Fitness provides customization in the manufacturing of cork yoga blocks.

For customized yoga blocks, please leave a query to Yanre Fitness.

How to find a cork yoga blocks manufacturer at a wholesale rate?

By searching through Google, social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, by taking part in orientation sessions are some of the ways to find a manufacturer of yoga blocks.

Usually, gym equipment manufacturers such as Yanre Fitness do provide wholesale services for commercial purposes.

We ensure all kinds of customization for cork yoga blocks. Besides foam and wooden blocks, we sell cork yoga blocks as well.

We would invite you to leave your bulk order through the following e-mail address. We will get back to you shortly.

Final Words

You may have gone through all the related questions to buying cork yoga blocks. 

I hope this FAQ guide has  provided the most informative and decisive answers so that you can make the decisions properly.

Please leave a query if you have further questions in mind. 

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