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Commercial Flat Weight Bench – Definitive Guide

Are you looking for a commercial flat weight bench?

Do you want to know the important features of a commercial weight bench?

Do you want to buy a commercial flat bench?

Do you want to educate yourself about how you can determine the quality of a flat bench?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then lucky for you, you are at the right place! 

In this ultimate guide on a commercial flat weight bench, we have discussed the multiple features, types, and components of a commercial flat bench. 

So, without further delay, let us get started!

Table of Contents


 A commercial flat bench is a horizontal gym bench that can be used for a variety of exercises. This simple piece of gym equipment is commonly found in commercial gyms. 

The average price of a commercial flat weight bench is $200. However, it depends a lot on the quality and types of the bench. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 10

Figure 1. Commercial flat weight bench

Uses of Flat Weight Bench

A flat weight bench can be used to perform the following exercises:

  1. Dumbbell presses 
  2. Dumbbell pullover
  3. Dumbbell fly
  4. Decline push-ups/ incline pushups
  5. Lying leg raises
  6. Hyperextension

Multiple other exercises can be performed on a flat weight bench. These exercises target the upper and lower chest muscles, shoulder muscles, deltoids, triceps, rhomboids, and back muscles of your body. 

Types of Commercial Flat Weight Bench

Commercial flat weight bench has 2 broad categories. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading to know about them. 

Flat Bench

A flat bench offers a flat fixed surface. It can be used for multiple exercises using dumbbells and barbells. Besides, they can also be used with other types of gym equipment such as smith machines and power racks. Moreover, flat benches can also be used for weight exercises such as bench dips and seated leg raises. 

The biggest advantage of a flat bench is that it is very strong. Since it is not adjustable, it adds to the strength of the bench. They are cheaper than the other types of gym benches. They are small in size, therefore, it is easier to move them from one place to another. 

The only disadvantage of a commercial flat weight bench is that its angle cannot be adjusted. Therefore, it limits the types of exercises. For example, only horizontal dumbbell presses can be performed on this bench. Moreover, while performing shoulder presses, the user cannot have back support. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 11

Figure 2. Flat bench

Olympic Flat Bench

The Olympic flat weight bench is a much better option when it comes to barbell exercises since it comes with a racking system. Having an Olympic flat weight bench saves the users from the hectic task of moving the flat bench under a power rack. 

Olympic flat benches are used with standard Olympic bars of 2.2 meters. They have J-hooks to hold the weight between sets. They have strong and heavy construction that ensures that these benches last a long time. 

Most of the racking systems in Olympic flat weight benches are adjustable. It means that users can adjust the level of J-hooks according to the length of their arms. Some manufacturers might offer non-adjustable racks that you should always avoid buying since it makes the bar-racking during exercise very dangerous. 

The uprights of the racking system are so far apart that they cannot hold short fitness bars. Moreover, they might get in the way of dumbbell exercises. 

Additionally, Olympic flat weight benches also have storage space for bars and weight plates. It helps in keeping the gym organized. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 12

Figure 3. Olympic flat bench

Important Features of a Commercial Flat Weight Bench

There are multiple important features of a commercial flat weight bench. It is equally important to know the complexities involved in all these features as important as knowing the types. So, let us have a brief look at them.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a commercial flat weight bench refers to the weight of the exercise equipment and the user that the bench can safely hold. The commercial quality benches are designed to hold a much larger amount of weight as compared to ordinary ones.

The weight capacity of a commercial flat weight bench can be related to the following parts of the bench:

  1. Back support or the overall bench
  2. Uprights
  3. J-hooks


The commercial flat weight benches come in a variety of sizes. Generally speaking, simple flat benches are smaller than the Olympic weight benches. Make sure that the available space in your gym is larger than the size of the bench to ensure sufficient surrounding area that needs to be left empty. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 13

Figure 4. Size of a commercial flat weight bench

Weight of the Bench

The weight of the bench depends on its quality. Lightweight benches are cheaper and easy to move, but they are not very long-lasting and their weight holding capacity is also low. Therefore, we recommend buying a heavy bench that can hold maximum weight in a commercial setting. 


The stability of the bench is an important factor in determining its quality. Make sure that your commercial flat weight bench does not wobble during exercise as it can impact the quality of the exercise. Since flat benches are fixed, stability is an uncommon issue in them. 

Size of the Uprights

Make sure that the height and width of the uprights are according to standard. It will ensure that bars can be safely placed on them and the weight plates can be easily loaded and removed. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 14

Figure 5. Olympic weight bench with uprights

Height of the Bench

The height of the bench should be appropriate so user can put their feet on the ground easily. If the bench is too high, it will exert additional pressure on the lower back that can cause injury. 

Some manufactures offer flat weight benches at different heights. They are mainly differentiated as normal and short. You can buy one that fits the requirements of users in your commercial gym. 

Padding Thickness

The upholstery of the flat bench should be thick and comfortable. Padding that is too hard will be uncomfortable. Whereas very thin padding will be unstable. 

Moreover, the padding should be covered with high-quality material. Leather is generally used for this purpose. Besides, it should be easily replaceable and cleanable. 

Frame Finishing

The finishing of the flat bench frame ensures that it does not corrode after usage. Generally, there are two options when it comes to finishing. It can either be painted or powder coated. 

Painted frames are cheaper, but it wears off very quickly. Whereas powder-coated frames are long-lasting and offer better protection from corrosion. 


It is an important factor in the utility of the commercial flat bench. Flat benches are usually picked up to be moved from one place to another. However, some manufactures also offer benches with wheels at the rear end and a handle at the front end. In that case, the bench can be easily rolled from one place to another. 

Besides portability, excellent quality commercial flat benches can be stored in a vertical position, reducing the space occupied by them. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 15

Figure 6. Wheels of a commercial flat weight bench


Commercial flat weight benches are shipped unassembled to reduce the shipping charges. Therefore, you should make sure that the assembly process of the bench is not very complex and does not involve a lot of loose parts. 


Multiple accessories are available for commercial flat benches. It includes preacher curl, leg extension, and leg curl attachments. Remember that these upgrade options are not compatible with all flat benches. 

However, it is not generally recommended to add these extras to flat benches since their quality can decrease exponentially under this additional weight. 

Components of a Commercial Flat Weight Bench

A commercial flat weight bench is a simple piece of gym equipment with only a few components. However, as simple as it may sound, the quality of these components is very important. Here is a brief description of the different components of a commercial flat weight bench.

Seat Covering

The covering of the flat bench seat is usually made up of leather. There are three different types of leather I-e PVC leather, PU leather, and recycled leather. All types have their advantages and disadvantages. To generally check the quality of leather, make sure that it is flexible and does not have a pungent smell. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 16

Figure 7. PU leather


The padding of the commercial flat weight bench should be 2 to 3 inches thick. It ensures that the user does not feel the hard bench during the exercise. 

Some manufacturers allow you to choose from multiple options of padding thickness. In that case, choose one that fits your requirements and the budget. 

There are two types of materials used to make the padding of a flat weight bench.

Regeneration Foam

Regeneration foam is a low-quality cheaper solution for padding. This is not the ideal padding material since it compresses permanently after heavy usage. However, some manufacturers use it to reduce manufacturing costs. You should always avoid buying a flat bench that uses regeneration foam padding. 

High-density Foam

High-density foam manufactured using PU foaming material is the best padding material. Benches containing this type of foam are expensive but long-lasting. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 17

Figure 8. High-density foam


The frame of the commercial flat weight bench is manufactured using steel pipes. The quality of the steel greatly determines the overall quality of the flat weight bench. 

Steel pipes are available in a variety of shapes. However, for a commercial flat weight bench, rectangular or square pipes are used. The following are the few features of steel pipes that you should keep in mind to determine their quality:

  1. The standard of pipes differs according to the country. For example, in China Q235 standard pipes are used for gym equipment. These pipes have excellent flexibility and welding properties. 
  2. The thickness of the pipe should not be less than 3mm. Some manufacturers use 2.5mm pipes but it greatly reduces the strength of the equipment. 
  3. The length and width of the pipes is also an important factor in determining its quality. The accepted standard measurement is 40mm * 80mm
Commercial Flat Weight Bench 18

Figure 9. Square steel pipes


Commercial flat weight benches are usually shipped unassembled. Therefore, it is easier to check the quality of screws. Always check that the manufacturer supplies anti-loose screws and gaskets. It ensures that the screws do not loosen over time. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 19

Figure 10. Anti-loose screw

Rubber Footpads

Rubber footpads are used under the flat weight benches. It ensures that the gym mats and the subsequent floor do not get damaged due to the flat bench. Make sure that the quality of rubber is excellent so that it does not break after some usage. 

Commercial Flat Weight Bench 20

Figure 11. Rubber foot pad

Maintenance of a Commercial Flat Weight Bench

A commercial flat weight bench does not require a lot of maintenance. Regular cleaning of the bench with a damp cloth with water or mild cleaning solution is sufficient. 

Never use any harsh chemicals as they can damage the leather as well as the finishing of the flat bench. To prevent corrosion, keep the weight bench away from humidity and in case of spillage clean it as soon as possible. 


Congratulations on reaching the end of our ultimate guide on flat weight benches. We hope that you got answers to all your questions related to the commercial flat weight bench. Make sure to understand all the important features that are important to make the best purchase. 

Yanre Fitness offers the best quality commercial flat weight bench at an affordable price. We also offer color customization and logo customization services. If you have any queries or want a customized price quote, please feel free to contact us. 

Yanre Fitness looks forward to supplying you with the best gym equipment!