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Gym Storage Rack – Definitive FAQ Guide

Commercial gyms are filled with all kinds of fitness equipment. This makes good quality storage a priority.

From all the different versions up for sale, which gym storage rack should you pick?

The answer to this question depends on many factors.

This FAQ guide explores all those factors and makes them easier to understand. So that your choice of the best gym equipment storage rack becomes streamlined.

Let’s start from the top,

Table of Contents

1. What is a gym storage rack?

A gym storage rack is a shelf or holder for gym equipment. Accessories like weight plates, gym balls, dumbbells, barbells, etc. are stored in gym storage racks.

These can be standalone units on the floor or wall-mounted.

Gym storage shelves declutter the gym floor. Increase the available space, as well as, prevent accidental injuries. (Tripping on a random, discarded weight plate, etc.)

Gym Storage Rack 12

Figure 1 – A wholesale gym storage rack

2. What are the types of gym storage racks available wholesale?

As storage is essential for any commercial gym setup. There are many different versions of gym storage racks available wholesale.

Some are meant for only one type of gym accessory while others can store different types at once.

These include:

  • Dumbbell gym storage racks
  • Barbell gym storage racks
  • Weight plate gym storage racks
  • Exercise ball gym storage racks
  • Wall-mounted gym storage racks
  • Multi-purpose gym storage racks, etc.
Gym Storage Rack 13

Figure 2 – Different kinds of wholesale gym storage racks

3. What is the function and different types of a dumbbell gym storage rack?

A dumbbell storage rack is specifically to store dumbbells when they are not in use. This type of storage rack is available in three types:

  • Triangular or A-frame storage rack
  • Horizontal dumbbell storage rack
    • 2-tier frame
    • 3-tier frame
      • Straight
      • Angled

Triangular or a-frame Dumbbell Storage Rack

  • The frame is triangular or shaped like an A
  • Compact
  • Space-saving
  • Cost-effective comparatively
  • Holds fewer dumbbells
Gym Storage Rack 14

Figure 3 – Yanre Fitness A-frame dumbbell rack

Horizontal Dumbbell Storage Rack

  • The frame is horizontal
  • 2-tier or 3-tier shelving
  • It may be straight or angled
  • Requires floor space
  • Costs more than the A-frame version
  • Stores more dumbbells
Gym Storage Rack 15

Figure 4 – Horizontal, 3-tier, Yanre Fitness dumbbell storage rack

4. What is a dumbbell gym storage rack made of?

A dumbbell storage rack has a heavy-duty steel frame. The frame has an electrostatic powder-coated finish.

The base has rubber footpads for stability & grip.

A dumbbell storage rack needs to be well constructed and sturdy. Because it is used to store heavyweights.

Sub-standard construction will cause damage to the dumbbells & break the frame of the rack as well.

Gym Storage Rack 16

Figure 5 – Construction of a dumbbell gym storage rack

5. What are the features of a dumbbell gym storage rack?

The important features of a dumbbell storage rack are:

  • High-gauge Steel Construction
  • Powder-coat Finish
  • Welded Frame
  • User-friendly
  • Rubber Feet for Stability
  • Multiple Levels
  • Weight Capacity of 200 Lbs or Above
  • Compact Storage Solution

6. What are the types of barbell gym storage racks?

A barbell has four types. Which are:

  • Triangular Barbell Storage Rack
  • Horizontal Barbell Storage Rack
  • Adjustable Barbell Storage Rack
  • Vertical Barbell Storage Rack

Barbell storage racks store both straight & curly barbells. 

Triangular Barbell Storage Rack

  • Triangular or A-shaped frame
  • Stoppers to prevent barbells from falling
  • Small footprint
  • Incline shelf design
  • Multiple tiers
  • Extensive storage
Gym Storage Rack 17

Figure 6 – A triangular barbell gym storage rack

Horizontal Barbell Storage Rack

  • Single-sided storage
  • Stores 5 or more barbells
  • Compact & space-saving
  • Angled frame design
  • Weighs approximately 50 Kgs
Gym Storage Rack 18

Figure 7 – A horizontal barbell gym storage rack

Adjustable Barbell Storage Rack

  • Two separate pillars
  • Can be moved closer or apart with ease (free standing)
  • Stores all types of barbells
  • Adjustable
  • Spotter-arms
  • J-hooks
Gym Storage Rack 19

Figure 8 – An adjustable barbell storage rack

Vertical Barbell Storage Rack

  • Strong steel base
  • Stores up to 9 Olympic bars
  • Some versions have to be bolted to the floor for stability
  • Dimensions: (L * W * H) 18*26*10.5 inches
  • Stores both straight & curly barbells
Gym Storage Rack 20

Figure 9 – A vertical barbell storage rack

7. What are the materials used to build a barbell gym storage rack?

The frame of a barbell gym storage rack is made of heavy-duty, reinforced steel. This makes it durable & long-lasting.

Barbell storage racks at Yanre Fitness have industrial-grade, welded, steel tubes. Which have an electrostatic, powder-coated, finish.

Stability is provided by rubber stumps at the base. The rubber stumps make the storage rack scratch & slip-proof.

Gym Storage Rack 21

Figure 10 – Construction of a triangular barbell gym storage rack

8. What is the difference between a dumbbell rack and a barbell gym storage rack?

The differences between a dumbbell storage rack & a barbell storage rack are:

Has shelves to store dumbbells
No need to secure the dumbbells
2 or 3-tier shelves
High weight capacity
Heavier than a barbell rack
Has hooks for barbell storage
Barbells are secured with J-hooks
5 or more barbell storage
Less weight capacity comparatively
Lightweight comparatively
Gym Storage Rack 22
Gym Storage Rack 23

9. How is a fixed gym storage rack different from an adjustable one?

The differences between a fixed gym storage rack & an adjustable gym storage rack are:

Fixed frame
Bigger in size
Welded frame
Low maintenance
Sturdy & long-lasting
Adjustable frame
Movable parts
High maintenance
Expansive comparatively
Movable parts can wear out 

10. What is a weight plate gym storage rack?

A weight plate storage rack has an upright frame with weight pins at various angles. This type of storage racks can store all kinds of weight plates, like:

  • One-inch weight plates
  • Two-inch Olympic weight plates
  • Bumper plates, etc.

A Weight plate storage rack is also called a weight tree. Because it resembles a tree with branches. These are available in different shapes, sizes, & weight capacity:

  • D-shaped weight tree 
  • Triangular weight tree
  • Vertical weight tree, etc.
Gym Storage Rack 24

Figure 13 – Weight plate gym storage rack

11. What are the advantages of a weight plate gym storage rack?

A weight plate gym storage rack has the following advantages:

  • Available in many shapes
  • High weight capacity (1000 lbs & above)
  • Stores all types of weight plates
  • Equally spaced weight horns
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Floor & wall-mounted versions
  • Q235 qualified, flat & oval pipes
  • Anti-rust, hard chrome coated finish
Gym Storage Rack 25

Figure 14 – A D-shaped wholesale  weight plate gym storage rack

12. What is the function and different types of an exercise ball gym storage rack?

This type of gym storage rack is to store various types of exercise balls.

Exercise balls are not only large but also prone to rolling around. Even if they are stored in a corner, there is always a chance that they may end up in the middle of the gym floor.

Hence, the need for storage.

An exercise ball storage rack has many types, like:

  • Vertical storage
  • Wall-mounted storage
  • Ball-base

An exercise ball storage rack is made of steel or PVC. It is a lightweight & compact storage rack.

It can store multiple balls at a time & is easy to access by all users. Because it is so lightweight, it can be moved around or stored with relative ease.

13. What is a wall-mounted gym storage rack?

Wall-mounted gym racks are hung on the wall. Commercial gyms that are low on space can opt for wall-mounted gym storage racks.

Gym wall storage racks are designed to be compact & have a small footprint. 

These types of racks are bolted to the walls and don’t use any floor space. All the gym storage racks mentioned above have a wall-mounted version.

Some of these storage racks are foldable as well. So, they occupy even less space. Gym wall racks have a very heavy-duty construction & a high weight capacity.

Wall-mounted storage racks are the best for crowded gyms, low on space.

14. What is a multi-purpose gym storage rack?

Gym storage racks are usually for only one type of gym accessory. But a multi-purpose gym storage rack has slots to store multiple types of accessories together.

The advantages of using a multi-purpose gym storage rack are:

  • Versatility
  • No need for multiple racks
  • Space-saving 
  • Cost-effective
Gym Storage Rack 26

Figure 17 – A multi-purpose gym storage rack

15. How are wholesale gym storage racks beneficial for a commercial gym?

The benefits of wholesale gym storage racks are as follows:

  • Compact Storage
  • Organization
  • Promote Safety
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Versatility
  • High Weight Capacity
  • Easy Assembly
  • Foldable & Adjustable

Compact Storage

Gym storage racks have a small footprint. This is true for both the floor & wall-mounted versions.

They provide ample storage for all gym accessories. Features like slanted shelves, etc. make them even more compact & easy to move.

The wall-mounted storage racks use no floor space at all.


Storage racks help organize the gym equipment & floor space. A well-arranged gym appears more professional & pleasing to the eyes.

Gym storage racks allow you to make maximum use of the gym floor space. While preventing injury & harm.

Promote Safety

If gym accessories, like, dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, etc. are left lying around on the gym floor. They will be an injury hazard.

Gym storage racks prevent this from happening. By storing all the accessories on a rack, tripping hazards are avoided.

Barbell storage racks have J-hooks for safety. These prevent the barbells from slipping & falling to the floor.

Gym Storage Rack 27

Figure 18 – Anti-slip & scratch-proof rubber pads at the base

Sturdy Construction

A quality gym storage rack has high-gauge steel construction and rust, scratch-proof finish. These racks are used to store many gym accessories at once.

This raises the weight load considerably. Poorly constructed gym storage racks are prone to wear & tear very quickly.


Gym storage racks are very versatile. They have many versions to choose from. And they can store pretty much any kind of accessory used in a commercial gym.

High Weight Capacity

Most gym racks have high weight capacities. This is because they store multiple free weights at a time.

Storing weights higher than the rack’s weight capacity is not advisable. This will cause damage to the rack & the weights may fall on the users, causing injury.

Easy Assembly

Wholesale gym equipment is usually shipped from overseas. The same is true for gym storage racks.

They will be delivered to you semi-assembled. The good thing is that storage racks are relatively simple & easy to assemble.

Just follow the instructions manual provided & you will be good to go.

Foldable & Adjustable

Gym storage racks become even more compact because they are foldable. So, when a storage rack is not in use, it can be folded & moved.

Some racks are adjustable. Where the columns on the sides can be moved independently of each other. This also saves on space when the rack is not being used.

16. Conclusion

The necessity of quality gym storage can’t be denied. Don’t get confused by all the variety available though.

I have put together this FAQ guide to make the ultimate choice of gym storage racks easier for you. Hopefully, you found it helpful & informative.

Yanre Fitness is a trusted manufacturer of gym storage racks. You can’t go wrong with its originally designed range of versatile racks.

So, head on to Yanre Fitness.

And make your choice today!