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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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Weight Plate Logo – Definitive FAQ Guide

Just thinking about importing a weight plate for your business and waiting to meet the best supplier? 

Don’t worry; you are on the right path. You will have all the pros and cons peeping in your mind to import a weight plate.

So, hurry up! Get details of the following relevant FAQ guide regarding weight plates to import for your business.

Table of Contents

What is a weight plate?

A weight plate is a round disc or set of dishes made of cast iron or high-quality urethane that people use to do physical exercise.

The weight plate is adjusted with barbells or dumbbell bars for the perfect combination to do weight training.

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Fig:1: Weight plate

What are the types of weight plates?

Different types of weight plates are available in the market for doing different kinds of physical exercise. All of them are available in separate materials and other colors. These are given below;

  1. Olympic weight plates: Olympic weight plates are made of resilient rubber which is available in the form of a bumper plate. There are numerous specific types available in olympic weight plates like; competition, bumper, training, and technique. 
Weight Plate Logo 19

Fig: 2.1: Olympic weight plate

  1. Standard weight plates: They cost less than the Olympic weight plate. It has a 1-inch hole which is suitable for home use, not for commercial use. 
Weight Plate Logo 20

Fig: 2.2: Standard weight plate

  1. Rubber weight plates: Rubber weight plates are also known as plastic weight plates or studio plates used for group exercises. The main component of rubber-weight plates is iron which is covered by rubber or plastic
Weight Plate Logo 21

Fig: 2.3: Rubber weight plate

  1. Cast Iron weights plates: The most budget-friendly weight plate available in the marketplace. It is made of iron that makes it more durable than the other. But it can damage the surface. 
Weight Plate Logo 22

Fig: 2.4: Cast iron weight plate

  1. Urethane weight plates: Urethane weight plates are the most long-lasting weight plates and are made of urethane, which has commercial-grade though costly. 
Weight Plate Logo 23

Fig:2.5:  Urethane weight plates

What are the dimensions of the weight plate?

Weight plates are available in different dimensions. Typical dimensions of the weight plate are given below:

Regular weight plate

  • Weight: 2.5Ibs to 45Ibs
  • Hole: 1 inch

Olympic weight plate:

  • Weight: 2.5Ibs to 45 Ibs
  • Hole: 2 inches

Bumper weight plate:   

  • Weight: 10Ibs to 55Ibs
  • Hole: 2 inches

Fractional weight plate:

  • Weight: 1Ib
  • Hole: 0.5 inches to 1 inch

Urethane weight plate:  

  • Weight: 1.25Ibs to 45Ibs
  • Hole: 0.4 inches to 1.3 inches
Weight Plate Logo 24

Fig: 3: Dimensions of weight plate

What kinds of logos can be put on the weight plate?

A customized weight plate is like love at first sight.  A logo can gain attractiveness on a weight plate.

Logos that can put on the weight plate are given below:

  1. Printed logo: Printed logo is a type of logo that can manage complicated artwork in a better view. It is cleaner than the other logos with highlighted colors that are used in the weight plate.
Weight Plate Logo 25

Fig: 4.1: Printed logo

  1. Sticker Logo: Different stickers can be put on the weight plate as a logo. A sticker logo is a paper containing gum on its back and an object on its front.
Weight Plate Logo 26

Fig: 4.2: Sticker logo

  1. Monogram logo: Monogram logo is the logo that is covered by a letter in 2 to 3 words. Different monograms can be put on the weight plate as a logo.
Weight Plate Logo 27

Fig: 4.3: Monogram logo

  1.  Abstract logo: An abstract logo is a unique pictorial logo present through an image. Different abstracts can be put on the weight plate as a logo.
Weight Plate Logo 28

Fig: 4.4: Abstract logo

What is the process of attaching a logo with a weight plate?

In general, three steps can be taken to attach a logo to the weight plate. These steps are given below;

  1. Create the print: At the 1st step, create the desired printing method for the logos, blocks, letters, color codes, or any gross point.
  2. Attach the print: At the 2nd step, print the desired logo/blocks/letter or color codes onto the weight plates.
  1. Cover the print: At the last step, cover the printed surface of the weight plates with rubber/ urethane or polyurethane. The logo/block/letter or color codes can see through the layer of rubber/ urethane or polyurethane.

Here is the video link for details information about attachment of a logo with a weight place: 

Where can I order a weight plate?

People around the world are choosing their product from online, business websites and other media. The details are given below: 

Business websites: 

Nowadays business websites are more rich than offline media because there are a lot of products available online. There are a number of varieties too. The top class online media is listed below: 


Alibaba is the largest online platform where you can choose your desired products more easily. There are several top class producers that are affiliated with Alibaba. You can order your weight plate with a logo after comparing prices from suppliers of Alibaba. 


You can also purchase your product for gym centers from Amazon. It is also a trusted source of finding products at reasonable prices. It has a shipping facility also. 

Business websites: 

You can directly communicate with the suppliers from their business website. Most of the suppliers display their products in specific categories in their business websites for attracting target customers. You can choose your expected weight plates for your business center from several alternatives. Yanre Fitness is the top class gym equipment manufacturer in China. They are supplying fitness products around the world at reasonable prices. 

Weight Plate Logo 29

Fig: 6: Finding  the weight plate with logo suppliers

Why should you purchase a weight plate with a logo over a weight plate without a logo?

The difference between a weight plate with a logo over a weight plate without a symbol is given below in a table;

Weight plate with a logoWeight plate without a logo
A weight plate covered by a logo is more attractive to watch.A weight plate without a logo is ordinary to watch.
It is easier to grab.It is hard to grab.
It can be easily identified.Identification is much more challenging.
It does not damage the gym floor.It may damage the gym floor.
Weight Plate Logo 30

Fig:7: Weight plate with logo and without logo.

Can I customize the weight plate with a logo?

Yes! You can easily customize the weight plate with different logos, letters, blocks, stickers, and others.

You can send your own made desired logo for customization, and we will attach it to the weight plate. 

You can also order us to customize the weight plate with the logo which Yanre Fitness has in their stocks and will attach it and deliver it to you.

Weight Plate Logo 31

Fig: 8: Customize weight plate

How can one remove the logo from the weight plate if necessary?

If you want to remove a logo from the weight plate or add another symbol on the weight plate, it’s easy.

Just take some drops of cleaning lubricant and scour on the logo with a 400 grit/600 grit/1000 grit sandpaper or metal brush, then polish through towel or dremel will altogether remove the logo if the weight plate is made of metal.

If your logo is on the rubber weight plate, it can be removed by removing the whole layer.

Weight Plate Logo 32

Fig: 9: Ingredients of removing the logo from the weight plate.

Final words

So have you got all your queries regarding the weight plate? 

Now hurry up! 

Order your customized super quality weight plate with a logo from Yanre Fitness. 

Are any questions unanswered? 

Contact us through direct visit / over the phone / mail or visit