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A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 1
A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 2


Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 3


Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 4

R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers

Commercial gyms require storage solutions to be more efficient & to free much-needed floor space.

Gym band hangers are one such solution.

A Gym band hanger is an effective storage option for all kinds of belts, bands, ropes, & chains.

Are you looking for gym band hangers for your commercial gym or business?

Well, look no further. This article will guide you about all the details of gym band hangers & how to get them.

Let’s start,

Table of Contents

Gym Band Hanger Definition

A gym band hanger is a simple but effective way to store all the bands, ropes, chains, belts & other small gym accessories.

It is a compact storage rack & takes up little to no floor space. The construction is sturdy & long-lasting.

A gym band hanger frees up much-needed floor space & organizes gym accessories, as well.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 5

Figure 1 – A wall mount gym band hanger

Types of Gym Band Hangers

There are three types of gym band hangers available for sale:

  • Standing gym band hangers
  • Wall mount gym band hangers
  • Multi-purpose storage racks

Standing Gym Band Hangers

These are free-standing gym band hangers. They have wheels at the bottom to make them portable.

Some portable gym band hangers have a storage tray at the top. It is to store other small gym accessories, like weightlifting collars or hooks.

It is a compact & space-saving gym storage rack. When not in use, it can be stored away in a corner with ease.

Some versions of floor-standing gym band hangers do not have wheels at bottoms.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 6

Figure 2 – A gym band hanger with wheels

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 7

Figure 3 – A gym band hanger without wheels

Wall Mount Gym Band Hangers

Wall mount band hangers are bolted to the wall. They do not use any gym floor space. They have a solid metal frame at the back, which is fixed to the wall with screws.

The front part has long or short prongs. These prongs are there to hang resistance bands, gym belts, gym ropes, & much more.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 8

Figure 4 – A wall-mounted gym band hanger

Multi-purpose Gym Storage Racks

These racks are not specific to hanging belts & bands only. They accommodate many other gym accessories.

Hence, the name multi-purpose storage rack.

They have hooks or prongs, either at the front or sides, for hanging gym bands & belts.

Multi-purpose gym storage racks are of two types:

  • Free-standing
  • Wall-mounted
A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 9

Figure 5 – A multi-purpose, wall-mounted  gym storage rack

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 10

Figure 6 – A multi-purpose, standing gym rack with band storage

Benefits of Gym Band Hangers

Gym band hangers are a small gym accessory, but they have many benefits. They are a part of the inventory in almost all commercial gyms.

The benefits of gym band hangers include:

  • Compact storage
  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Secure storage
  • Sturdy construction
  • Cost-effective

Compact Storage

Commercial gyms are always in need of versatile storage options. It is particularly true for small & medium-sized gym accessories.

Otherwise, they will clutter the gym floor, becoming a tripping hazard for gym users.

Gym band hangers are compact storage racks. They use little to no gym floor space. 

Even the standalone version doesn’t take up much space. It can be kept in a corner or next to a wall, out of the way.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 11

Figure 7 – A compact gym band hanger


All floor-standing versions of gym band hangers have wheels on the bottom. It makes it easy to move from one place to another without any trouble.

Portable gym band racks are usable anywhere in the gym. It allows for easy access to the accessories stored on them.


Gym band hangers are versatile & accommodate different types of gym accessories. It includes barbell locks, belts, small cable attachments, & much more.

The accessory has to fulfill only two requirements.

It needs to be within the weight capacity of the rack & have a hole or handle so that it can be hanged.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 12

Figure 8 – Versatility of a gym band hanger

Secure Storage

Gym bands, belts, & other small gym accessories create unnecessary clutter. In case of no storage solutions, they are put in a corner or placed over other gym equipment.

It is not the best practice as they become a tripping hazard & cause avoidable injuries.

There is the risk of them falling on the floor and getting damaged, as well. Gym band hangers prevent this from happening.

They provide a safe to store many small & medium-sized gym accessories as well as gym bands.

The angled ends of the prongs ensure that everything is secure in its place.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 13

Figure 9 – Safe & secure storage for gym bands & belts

Sturdy Construction

Gym band hangers are a simple & small gym accessory. The construction is of high-quality materials.

It is powder-coated for a long-lasting finish.

Gym band hangers need to have sturdy construction. Otherwise, they will fall apart in no time.

At Yanre Fitness, we use high-density steel for all our storage racks. Two layers of powder coating ensure a long-lasting & moisture-resistant finish.


The construction of a gym band hanger has a direct effect on its lifespan. High-quality construction ensures that your storage racks last a long time.

Don’t buy low-quality storage because it will be a waste of resources. The hangers will keep breaking down & require replacement.

Gym band hangers with sturdy construction will save you money & effort in the long run.

Gym Band Hangers Construction

The construction of a gym band hanger has three important parts:

  • Construction of the frame
  • Frame finish
  • Accessories

Construction of the Frame

The frame of a wall-mounted gym band hanger uses solid, 9 to 12-gauge steel. The backplate, along with the prongs, is a single piece.

There are holes in the backplate to accommodate the screws for bolting it to the wall.

The thickness & length of the prongs may vary depending on the type & manufacturer. Construction materials are similar for both standing & wall-mounted gym band hangers. 

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 14

Figure 10 – Construction of a gym band hanger

Frame Finish

For moisture & scratch-resistant finish, two layers of powder coating are used. The finish is either matte or glossy, depending on the client’s preference.


These include:

  • Wheels
  • Rubber footpads
  • Screws for mounting

Portable hangers have wheels underneath, while others have rubber footpads. The footpads provide grip & make the hanger scratch-resistant.

Gym Band Hanger Specifications

The approximate specifications of gym band hangers are as follows:

Wall-mounted Gym Band Hangers

Length:  17 to 23.5 inches

Width:   4 to 5.75 inches

Height:   3 to 4 inches

Weight:  4 to 5 pounds

Mounting holes:  2 – 4 mounting holes

Weight capacity: 30 to 40 pounds or above

Standing gym Band Hanger

Depth:  30 to 35 inches

Width:  35 to 36 inches

Height:  50 to 53 inches

Weight:  70 to 75 pounds

Shafts:  12 to 14 shafts

*These are approximate dimensions & may differ depending on the type of hanger & manufacturer.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 15

Figure 11 – Gym band hanger with two mounting holes

Gym Band Hanger Assembly

Gym band hangers require some assembly, once they are delivered to you. For standing hangers, assembly is as simple as putting the shafts in the mainframe slots & screwing them in place.

The wall-mounted gym band hangers have to be bolted in the wall, though.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 16

Figure 12 – Parts of a wall-mounted gym band hanger

A detailed instruction manual is added with every gym band hanger. It is simple to follow & easy to understand.

Prongs of a Gym Band Hanger

The prongs of a wall-mounted gym band hanger support all the weight of belts, bands, & more.

They are flat, wide, & taper at the end to prevent the gym accessories from slipping. The approximate width of a prong is 3 to 4 inches.

The depth is usually long enough to support a rolled yoga mat on top. The approximate depth is 5 – 8 inches.

The tapered ends measure about 0.5 to an inch in length.

The number of prongs on a wall-mounted gym band hanger depends on its length. Shorter hangers may have 4 to 6 prongs.

Whereas longer ones can have up to 9 prongs or more.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 17

Figure 13 – Prongs of a wall-mounted gym band hanger

Customization of Gym Band Hangers

Custom gym accessories are a great way to advertise your brand. Gym band hangers are no exception to that.

The color & finish of the frame of a gym band hanger is customizable. You can have your logo printed on the frame, as well.

At Yanre Fitness, we provide many options to customize wholesale orders for our clients. A gym band hanger is a long-lasting gym accessory & remains in use for years.

It is essential to have it custom-made according to your needs. So that it can support your brand & increase its standing.

A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 18

Figure 14– Custom gym band hanger with the brand logo

Key Considerations for Buying Gym Band Hangers

Before placing a wholesale order, there is a lot of research & planning involved. Below are some things to keep in mind when placing your order for wholesale gym band hangers.

These include:

  • Materials
  • Standing vs wall-mounted
  • Wheels
  • Mount holes
  • Number of prongs
  • Prong length
A Definitive Guide to Gym Band Hangers 19

Figure 15 – Multi-purpose gym band hanger


This one is pretty straightforward. High-quality construction means that your gym band hangers will last many years.

You will be saving money in the long run. 

Standing vs Wall-mounted

It is a matter of preference. A gym band hanger is a very compact gym accessory. The only difference between the two versions is that one is fixed while the other is movable.

Even the standing version takes up a small area of floor space.


If your wholesale order includes standing gym band hangers, then make sure they have wheels. 

Portability is top-quality for any gym accessory. It means that it is movable all over the gym floor. There is also no need to lift the whole rack to move it.

Mount Holes

Wall-mounted gym band hangers have either two or four mount holes. The more holes, the better.

Four holes are always preferable to two, as they provide a firmer grip on the wall.

Number of Prongs

One could argue that if the prongs are long enough, they can be loaded with many belts & bands. 

It is the wrong approach, though.

Each prong has a limited weight capacity. If too many accessories are loaded on the same prong, it will compromise the hanger.

It is always a prudent choice to get the gym band hangers with many prongs.

Prong Length

Gym band hangers have an approximate prong length of 5 to 8 inches. Longer prongs can accommodate other gym accessories, like folded yoga mats & more.

So, it is a better idea to choose longer prongs over shorter ones.  


A gym band hanger is a simple & versatile accessory. Its importance for commercial gyms cannot be denied.

With so many versions in the market, do your own research to choose the best ones for your business.

Yanre Fitness has an extensive portfolio of storage racks like gym band hangers. Visit Yanre & have a closer look.

Make your choice. 

Contact us & ask for a quote today!