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Commercial Bench Press Rack – Definitive FAQ Guide

A commercial bench press rack is a very popular type of workout equipment. The demand for this equipment in gyms is increasing lately. 

This FAQ guide will help you to understand the details of the commercial bench press rack. You can make a smart buying decision after reading this FAQ guide.

Table of Contents

What is a commercial bench press rack?

A commercial bench press rack is a popular piece of workout equipment for both barbell workouts and dumbell workouts.  

Commercial bench press racks are made  of  a combined steel cage in which you can mount a bench to execute bench press exercises. 

Bench racks are standard in professional gyms, but they’ve grown in popularity in garage and residential gyms as well. You may also add  extra equipment including landmine modifications or pull up platforms. This is attributable to the fact that they are getting more affordable and safe.

Commercial Bench Press Rack 7

Figure 1 – Commercial Bench Press Rack

 What are the types of commercial bench press racks?

There are mainly three types of commercial bench press rack available for doing physical exercises and bodybuilding in every gym. These three types are as follows: 

  • Flat bench press rack
  • Incline bench press rack  
  • Decline bench press rack

What are the differences between the incline bench press rack and the decline bench press rack?

Incline commercial bench press rack and decline bench press rack have a different effect on the body while doing gym. 

Incline bench press rack is used for mainly workouts comprising upper parts of the body. On the other side, the decline press rack is used for the exercises of lower body parts.

Incline bench press rack helps to build up the upper fiber situated in the pectoralis major. For people seeking a solid and controlled build, a chest with a slim body, an incline bench press rack is the best option for them to build the upper part of the body.

Commercial Bench Press Rack 8

Figure 2 – Incline Bench Press Rack

Decline commercial bench press rack focuses on the lower pecs of the body and helps to build a bigger and buffer chest. 

People who are looking to build up the lower pecs of their body can choose the decline bench press rack.

Commercial Bench Press Rack 9

Figure 3 – Decline Bench Press Rack

What is the average weight that a commercial bench press rack support?

The average weight of the ideal bench press rack should be around 30lb to 45lb for men and women.

The weight of a commercial bench press rack may vary from brand to brand. 

Why is a commercial bench press rack different from a power rack?

The versatility of a power rack is much more than the bench press rack. Whereas a bench press is limited for a few work-outs. But, for workouts like barbell and dumbbell, a commercial bench press rack is highly recommended.

If we consider looking at their features it will be more clear to you. 

There are mainly two types of commercial bench press racks available in the market. One is fixed and another one is adjustable. Each of them is equally popular in the market.

Both of them generally provide three racking positions at best. The main objective of using bench press racks is for:

  • Dumbbell bench press and 
  • Barbell bench press.
Commercial Bench Press Rack 10

Figure 4 – Commercial Bench Press Rack

On the other hand, a power rack serves you with a whole lot of exercising facilities. You can use it for so many workouts comprising –

  • Deadlifting.
  • Bench press and shoulder press and
  • Squats and heavy rows.
Commercial Bench Press Rack 11

Figure 5 – Power Rack

What are the functions of a commercial bench press rack?

Commercial bench press rack helps to build up the upper and lower portion of the body.

This equipment generally builds up the upper fiber in the pectoralis major.

Commercial Bench Press Rack 12

Figure 6 – Workout With Bench Press Rack

It gives the upper portion of the body a fuller look by building upper chest muscles. 

The commercial bench press rack also helps to build up a developed chest with properly shaped lower pecs.

Commercial Bench Press Rack 13

Figure 7 – Exercise With Bench Press Rack

It helps to decrease the stress over the shoulder and back parts of the body. It increases the activation in the lower pecs by building up those too. 

You may follow this video to find the uses of a commercial bench press rack –

If you want to build up the muscles, using a commercial bench press rack daily and necessary is essential. 

Either you should use the bench pressing daily, or you should skip it. Irregular use of the bench press rack will not bring any good results to your body.

What is the main material of a commercial bench press rack?

The best quality commercial bench press rack is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel. The range of steel gauge used in making the commercial bench press rack is from 10 to 12. 

Commercial Bench Press Rack 14

Figure 8 – Stainless Steel Bench Press Rack

What are the advantages of having multiple bar holders in a commercial bench press rack?

Installing a commercial bench press rack with multiple bar holders will provide more comfort to the users. 

Commercial Bench Press Rack 15

Figure 9 – Bench Press Rack with Multiple Bar Holder

It makes spaces for many people to use the instrument simultaneously. So, using multiple bar holders can lead to less injury.

Can you practice a half rack for the commercial bench press rack? 

Yes, you can safely do exercise with a half rack in a commercial bench press. 

In a half rack, chest, lunges, and squats can be made quickly as it provides adequate support to the users.

What is the average price of a commercial bench press rack?

Good quality and featured commercial bench press rack will cost around 300$ to 1000$. 

There are different manufacturers of the commercial bench press rack, and the price varies depending on the manufacturers.  

Yanre Fitness is one of the most renowned brands of commercial bench press racks. You will get the most durable commercial bench press rack at competitive price. 

What is the importance of a spotter in a commercial bench press rack?

Barbell lift is one of the bench press rack’s primary exercises, which is also really dangerous performing without a spotter.

If you are not careful, this bar may even drop on your body and severely damage your organs as those bars are very heavy. 

Commercial Bench Press Rack 16

Figure 10 – Use Bench Press Rack on the Presence of A Spotter

It may even cause death due to the impact of a fallen bar on your body. So, you must not use a commercial bench press rack without the presence of a spotter.

How to do the maintenance of a commercial bench press rack?

The maintenance of the commercial bench press rack should be as stated below – 

  • Clean the guide rods with a piece of clean cloth.
  • Apply dry or silicone lubricating oil on them.
  • Clean the bench with some deodorizing spray.
  • Ensure steel frames are always cleaned and
  • Don’t use chemically harsh on the flexible sides of the machine. 


This FAQ guide was intended to sort out all your queries. Hope all of your questions have got their answers through this FAQ guide.
If you want to know more details about the commercial bench press rack, please contact the following information.

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