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For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development:

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For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Commercial Flat Bench – Definitive FAQ Guide

A commercial flat bench is a simple but very resourceful component to any fitness center or gym. It supports different full-body or targeted workouts that build muscle size, strength, and endurance. 

If you are planning to get one for your facility, you need to know all the details about this device. Our detailed guide below will assist you to understand the commercial flat bench better.

Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

1. What is a commercial flat bench?

A commercial flat bench is, just as its name suggests, a flat weight bench. It has a simple design and is made of a rock-solid steel frame and soft, thick foam padding.

The flat bench is used in many settings, including gyms and fitness centers, for different strength exercises. 

Its stability allows users to sit, stand, or lie on it in the proper position in order to perform different workouts with a great range of motion.

Some weight benches are built flat, while others can be adjustable (inclined) to allow for more angled exercises.

Commercial Flat Bench 16

Figure 1: A commercial flat bench

2. What is a commercial flat bench used for?

A commercial flat weight bench is an all-round device built to be stable and firm enough to withstand many different workouts. Working on the bench entails performing bench presses, shoulder presses, weight flyes, and more.

It is also an excellent platform for pushing exercises such as barbell and dumbbell presses, plyo-box jumps, seal rows, box squats, and bird-dog rows or dips.

Users can combine free weights like barbells, kettlebells, weight bars, fatbells, and dumbbells with other flat bench exercises.

3. What is the average width of a flat bench?

The best commercial flat bench should be between 10 to 12 inches wide. Generally, there’s no need for a bench that is wider than 12 inches. What is important is that you can move your limbs freely, something that a wider bench can’t offer. 

There are 14 inch flat benches, but they may interfere with your arms’ range of motion on the eccentric motion. The shoulder blades need to be retracted. 

4. How much space does a commercial flat bench occupy?

Ideally, a non-adjustable flat bench doesn’t take up much space. Since it lies flat without any adjustment, it will occupy a 6 feet square area. This will give users ample space to move while doing exercises.

On the other hand, an Olympic flat bench will need a room about 6 feet long and 10 feet wide. This is because it requires weight plates and a 9-feet long barbell. Therefore, it has to have a barbell rack to help load and unload the plates.

5. How much weight can commercial flat bench support?

Commercial flat benches are built with different weight capacities. In the market, you’ll find commercial flat benches that support from 100kg to 770 kg of weight. 

There are those with a weight capacity of 250 kg, ideal for beginners doing bench pressing.

Weight benches with a 400kg or more weight capacity are usually meant for people who want to move larger weights. Powerlifters often use workout benches that hold up to 770kg.

Getting a commercial flat bench with a higher weight capacity will be great for your gym since customers have different intentions and expectations.

6. Is it easy to assemble and set up a commercial flat bench?

Yes, a flat bench is one of the easiest machines to assemble and may take you only 30 minutes. The package comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual to help you set the machine up. Some may require an extra helping hand.

These here are all the components of a commercial bench that need to be assembled.

Commercial Flat Bench 17

Figure 2: A commercial flat bench disassembled

Here’s a video link showing you how to assemble a flat bench:

7. What accompaniments can be used alongside a commercial flat bench?

A commercial flat bench can be used with other portable equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and more.


Dumbbells are used to perform static muscle training and other workouts on the flat bench. They come in pairs so one can hold them in each hand. They are available in 1kg weights or more. 

Commercial Flat Bench 18

Figure 3: Dumbbells


Kettlebells look like flat-bottomed cannonballs with handles (U-shape). They come in weights starting from 2kg to 40kg.  

They are suitable for exercises like single-arm deadlifts and two-arm swings.

Commercial Flat Bench 19

Figure 4: Kettlebells


Barbells are adjustable dumbbells with a more extended bar where plates sit on. They come in 15kg or 20kg weights and varied length bars. Gym barbells have 7ft bars.

Commercial Flat Bench 20

Figure 5: Barbells

Weight Plates

Weight plates are adjustable and come in a variety of sizes. 

Commercial Flat Bench 21

Figure 6: Weight plates

8. What makes a commercial flat bench stable and durable?

A flat bench is stable and durable because of its solid construction. 

Base: The base is made with heavy-duty steel construction. With a solid bench, bar rest, and shoulder stands, the flat bench is built to withstand years of regular heavy weight lifting

Foot design: Most commercial flat benches have a double-footed design with welded angled legs. Other models have the legs slightly angled outward to give them stability.

Commercial Flat Bench 22

Figure 7: A flat bench with angled legs

Frame: A solid, overbuilt frame (up to 3 inches of heavy-duty steel) will keep the bench firm on the ground as one presses heavy barbells or dumbbells. It should be fully welded with strong metal bolts. Stability can be improved when the flat bench is bolted to the floor.

Commercial Flat Bench 23

Figure 8: A stable commercial flat bench

Coating: The steel build is often coated with corrosion and scratch-resistant powder coating to withstand wear and tear.

Yanre Fitness recognizes the importance of these features. That’s why the company sources its products from renowned brands.

9. Is a commercial flat bench safe and comfortable to use?

Yes, a commercial flat bench is very safe and comfortable.


A flat bench is very safe to use. Since it’s built with steel from the frame to the base, the bench is solid and stable. The sturdy steel base ensures its stability to the ground. The bench will not wobble about when exercising. Most benches have anti-skid foot rubber pads that enhance their stability and prevent them from shifting when training. 


When a flat bench is installed in the gym, they make sure there’s enough space around it to allow people to lie comfortably while working out. 

The flat bench has quality thick, firm padding with a plywood bottom and vinyl upholstery. This makes it comfortable to lie on while maintaining your posture without causing pain or discomfort to the waist, neck, or back. It is wide enough to support the user and allow full range movement without impingement.

Since it’s built with quality materials, the flat bench is not lightweight. It also comes with safety catches and spotters to ensure the safety of users.

10. Is a commercial flat bench adjustable?

No, a commercial flat bench is often non-adjustable. 

11. Can a commercial flat bench support many users?

Not at all. A commercial flat bench supports only single users. They have no moving parts, only a solid frame, and a one-piece backrest.

12. What is the average cost of a commercial flat bench?

The average cost of a commercial flat bench varies from $40 to $300.

For an entry-level fixed workout bench, you can purchase one for as much as $40 to $70. This is for a 500 lbs bench. Mid-range flat benches are available at a price range between $80 – $130 for a load capacity of about 1000 lbs. High-end options come at a price between $130 and $300.

However, prices vary with brands or models of the device. The quality of construction material, load limit, level of support, durability, and additional features also come into play during the pricing.

Contact Yanre Fitness for more information about pricing and related details. The company has an extensive inventory with commercial flat benches for all levels of workouts.

13. What is the best care and maintenance for a commercial flat bench?

A flat bench doesn’t have too many parts, and since it is solidly built, it won’t take much time to clean and is easy to maintain.

To keep the upholstery in good condition, clean it using a cleaning and deodorizing spray. The spray will clear off any oil, kill bacteria, and deodorize the surface.

For the steel frame and base, wipe them down using cloth and warm water mixed with dish soap. You can also use a spray cleaner. Wipe the steel surfaces with a dry rag to prevent rusting. 

Use spray cleaners moderately, especially on rubber surfaces. Strong chemicals tend to eat away the rubber. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid any damages.

14. Conclusion

A commercial flat bench is generally a fantastic muscle workout equipment for building muscles, strength, and endurance. It gives one the versatility to carry out various bodybuilding exercises and movements.

An excellent commercial flat bench should be stable, sturdy, safe, and comfortable – one that you can be assembled quickly too.

Yanre Fitness stocks only quality commercial Flat benches that can withstand intense workouts and heavy weights. Talk to customer support for the best choice of commercial flat bench for your needs.