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Commercial Incline Bench – Definitive FAQ Guide

A commercial incline bench is a must-have equipment in every fitness center or gym setting. 

This guide is to help you find not just any incline bench but the best one that comes fully equipped with the necessary components and accessories.

Keep reading for insights on how to select the right product for commercial use.

Table of Contents

1. What is a commercial incline bench?

A commercial incline bench is a sturdy machine used in gyms and other fitness settings for upper body exercises. 

It focuses on developing upper chest muscles. Incline press exercises include dumbbells, kettlebells, and Barbells.

A fixed incline is often static and inclined at a 30 – 45 degree angle. But there are other adjustable inclines with up to 90-degree angles.

Commercial Incline Bench 15

Figure 1: Incline Bench

2. What are the features of an incline bench?

The incline bench has excellent features to necessitate different kinds of exercises.

They include:

  • An adjustable seat and backrest to target different muscles.
  • A preacher attachment for attaching weight plates for bicep and forearm curls.
  • A storage rack for weights and a barbell rack with a height adjuster.
  • A raised front stabilizer that keeps the feet firm.
  • A leg press attachment for calf raises and leg presses. 
  • A leg developer attachment for leg extensions and curls.
  • High pulley stations are meant for pulldowns, abdominal crunches, pushdowns, triceps, and other movements.
Commercial Incline Bench 16

Figure 2: Incline Bench with features (adjustable seat, backrest, preacher attachment, and more)

3. What makes the padding of a commercial incline bench so comfortable?

A commercial incline bench’s padding is comfortable because it consists of the base, padding, and upholstery. 

The base – The base of the pad is designed to be flat and hard in order to give support to the padding. 

The padding – The padding, on the other hand, has to be well cushioned to offer comfort to the user. A 2 to 3-inch thick padding is more comfortable. It should be firm for back support, especially when one is pressing heavy weights.

With enough compression, the padding will provide sufficient comfort. That’s why the best pad is made with high-density foam such as neoprene, which is rubberized.

The Upholstery – Excellent incline bench pads are wrapped with vinyl upholstery to hold them together. This upholstery often has an incredible basic texture to provide a grip to the user and reduce sliding off the bench. 

With quality stitching, the pad will stay together for long without ripping at the seams.

Commercial Incline Bench 17

Figure 3: Bench Padding

4. What is the weight capacity of a commercial incline bench?

A commercial incline bench should have a weight capacity of up to 1000 lbs or more.

The weight capacity rating of the commercial incline bench is calculated based on the body weight of the product and the pressed weight (user’s weight plus the free weight used).

More capacity is better since your facility accommodates users with different levels of exercise, including powerlifters.

Also, incline benches with high maximum weight capacities have other advantages like high-density padding, better upholstery and stitching, smooth inclining, and excellent designs.

5. What is the average width of the back pad of a commercial incline bench?

The average width of the back pad of your commercial incline bench can range between 11.5 to 12.5 inches. This is according to IPF specifications.

An incline bench pad isn’t supposed to be too narrow or too broad since the machine is used for many exercises. 

A 10-inch wide option is good, too, especially if the bench is for incline exercises only.

6. What is the importance of knowing the width of your incline bench’s back pad?

Knowing the back pad width of your commercial incline bench is very important for the comfort and safety of the user.

Don’t go for a bench with a too narrow pad because it will make the delts and shoulder blades spill over the sides. 

This can be uncomfortable for the user. It will also render them unstable, weaker, and at risk of developing shoulder problems.

7. What is the ideal height for a commercial incline bench?

The ideal height for a commercial incline bench is from 16.5 to 17.5 inches high.

The bench height is the distance from the floor to the top of the pad when the incline bench is flattened. 

A height up to 17.5 inches will accommodate all users, including those who power lift. It also helps to achieve strong leg drives.

Taking a bench with a taller height will not help shorter users. They may not be able to comfortably plant their feet flat on the floor.

8. How much space is required for a commercial incline bench?

An 8 feet wide and 10 feet long room is enough to hold a commercial incline bench.

When planning for space for your commercial incline bench, you should also consider the room needed for exercising. 

Your area should include several feet of open room around the bench – a space of approximately 2 to 3 feet on both sides and a few feet on each end for adjustments. 

Besides the incline bench, you may need a few dumbbells, barbells, and a power rack. These will require at least 35 to 50 sq. feet more.

When you add the training area and free weights space together with the size of the bench, a room at least 8 feet wide by 10ft long will do.

9. Does the shape of the pad affect the performance of a commercial incline bench?

Yes, the shape of the pad can affect the performance of the bench.

First of all, people use incline benches for many different workouts. 

The shape of the pad is essential, especially for exercises such as bench dips and hip thrusts which require straight bench edges. 

Rectangular back pads are more comfortable to use for various exercises, if not all. Some pad shapes may be suitable for a few workouts but uncomfortable for other workouts requiring level or even back support to lift weights.

When considering different pad shape options, a tapered seat pad will be ideal for your flat to incline bench. 

The seat will get narrower towards its end to allow users to comfortably position their legs off the end of the bench in a narrow and natural stance. 

Commercial Incline Bench 18

Figure 4: Various incline pad options 

10. How many back pad settings should a commercial incline bench have?

A commercial incline bench has at least 6 back pad settings that provide users with the best angles to perform different exercises.

Ideally, the more back pad settings your incline bench has, the better for the users. Multiple back pad settings allow them a variety of exercise variations that target different upper muscles.

From a flat back pad setting to the highest incline settings, you can adjust your bench up to 80 to 90-degree incline angles.

11. Which is the best leg support for a commercial incline bench?

Quality incline benches must be designed with solid leg support to accommodate the heavy weights used during exercise. The legs create a sturdy base that will not compromise the safety of the user. 

For excellent leg support, your commercial incline bench must have:

Steel Construction

Legs play a trivial role in the stability of the incline bench since they endure the weight of the equipment, the person training, and the free weights. That’s why they should be built with sturdy, heavy-gauge, quality steel. 

It’s better if the legs are welded instead of bolted. Welded legs are more robust, and they pose no risk of loosening up and causing injuries (which is likely to happen with bolts). 

At Yanre Fitness, we stock quality commercial incline benches that are built to last. Our sales agents are on hand to give details of each product we have.

Commercial Incline Bench 19

Figure 5: Tripod Incline Bench built with Steel legs

Leg Stability

The number of legs matters too. Most quality benches have three legs (tripod) and not 4. Do you want to know why?

A bench with three support points offers extra stability and support while preventing the wobbling effect. The location of the third leg is usually at the bottom end of the bench and is placed in between the two legs in the rear. 

When bench pressing, the user places their feet close to the centerline and uses the leg drive without any obstructions.

12. Conclusion

A commercial incline bench is a versatile machine that attracts many customers who want to strengthen their body muscles. This comprehensive guide is meant to answer all the queries you have regarding this product before you decide to have it in your facility or shop.

Yanre Fitness offers excellent quality and cost-efficient commercial incline benches with all the necessary parts needed to provide comfort to users. 

Order your equipment now or call our sales team for more details and a customer-friendly quote.